[iOS/Android] Helix Waltz


Helix Waltz a European court style dress-up game, developed by Crossingstar Studio and published by uBeeJoy. The game was officially released on 13 November 2018.

About the Game

You play as Magda, a beautiful blue-eyed girl born from the slums of Finsel. Adopted by the your mother, Eliza Ellenstein, you enter into the noble society of Finsel as you navigate your way through political intrigue and help the Ellenstein Family regain its former glory.


The game revolves around dressing up for balls and obtain information from characters of various fractions in the world of Finsel. Befriend the characters to obtain various advantages in the game!

The Bavlenka Family

Duke Bavlenka | Lou | Nyx | Harson | Biggus | Willow | Leslie

The Olineaux Family

Balfey | Zoe | Vicky | Duchess | Hamilton | Rincole | Lord Hugh

The Sakan Family

Juven | Asteria | Barbara | Barris

The Jorcastle Family

Tillia | Gonzalo | Lynna | Lawrence | Alminas

City Assembly

Alan | Linglan | Andre


Ivan |  Xavier | Maggie

The Sky Church

Florna | Heather | Cleric Pan


Helena | Giulolo | Brala | Coco | Diane | Motiti | Shana | Black Glove |

Foggy | Hosta | Matthew | Starr

Merc Corps

Shatina | Carlos | Gocheau

Lionheart Kingdom

Bergnya | Barbalius | Lucilia

Republic of Royorca

Rebecca | Marvelia | Kelly


Nahr |Gedanh


Lady A | Lady B

Thoughts So Far

Played for about two weeks and I really love how there is so much stories and secrets to discover in the game. Every character in Helix Waltz has an interesting secret that you can discover through their side stories. While there is no confirmation on whether you can romance any of the characters yet, the world building and plot is enough to keep me playing.

If anyone would like to join me and play Helix Waltz, you can add me at Elliee, friend code 100300.

Have fun playing!


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