[iOS/Android] Dangerous Fellows Walkthrough/Guide

Dangerous Fellows is a mobile otome game published by lucydream and was released on 4 November 2018. The game has a total of 7 endings, 1 normal ending, an ending each Ethan, Harry, Zion, Eugene and Lawrence and an alternate ending. The alternate ending can only be obtained after finishing three endings in the game (excluding the normal ending).

I will also be doing up a review of the game once I’m finished with getting all characters’ endings.

EDIT: My review on Dangerous Fellows is now up! You can read the review here. You can also join the official fan-operated Lucydream discord here to discuss your favourite characters.

General Guide and Tips

  • There are several character’s endings that are harder and much more expensive to unlock.
  • Some characters such as Ethan only require you to increase his affection through items to get his ending. Characters like Lawrence are only obtainable if you have succeeded in at least all CRITICAL and purchased all his paid answers.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be:

(From the easiest and cheapest to the hardest and most expensive)

Normal -> Ethan -> Harry -> Zion -> Eugene -> Lawrence

  • You can obtain character specific items by doing repairs around the school.

Items obtained include:

Athletic Tape (Ethan), Plant Kit (Harry), Lined Paper (Zion), Kaleidoscope (Eugene), Lens Wipe (Lawrence) and general items like Candy Bar and Water Bottle

  • Increase a character’s affection for you by giving them items in their classrooms. Note that each item can only be used once for each character per play through.
  • Swap your extra puzzle pieces for rubies! Each play through should give you enough puzzle pieces to swap for 30 rubies in the Dawn of the Dead event.
  • You can receive rubies daily by logging in (10 rubies) and watching ads and downloading games from tapjoy.
  • Doing CRITICAL and answering the correct answers increases affection for all characters.
  • To obtain the alternate ending much more easily, I suggest to finish Ethan, Harry and Zion’s endings.

Dangerous Fellows Walkthrough/ Guide

Episode 1

Yeah, thanks.


How about you? Are you hurt? (Harry)

Well, if you don’t feel like it.

I just wanted us to get along. (Eugene)

I just wanna know your name.

Episode 2

Uh, yeah. (Lawrence)

…Not really.


the symptoms arise within 24 hours.

the symptoms arise within an hour. (Ethan)

the symptoms arise within 10 minutes.

I found some weapons.

I found some medicine.

I found some food. (Ethan)

Episode 3

Squeeze the trigger.

Pull the safety pin. (Ethan)

Hold out the nozzle.

I know, right? (Zion)

I didn’t want people to get hurt.


Episode 4

Oh well. Why not?

I’m not too sure…

Why should I? I’m going back! (Ethan)

I’ll take the schoolyard. (Harry)

I’ll take the rooftop.

I’ll take the lab.

Episode 5

I’ll still be inside the building. Should be fine.

Of course I am scared.

Well, if you could help me… (Eugene)

Episode 6

Of course I did,

I’m not saying anything.

Haha, no way! C’mon! Let’s go. (Zion)

—– Receive Puzzle Piece x 1 ——

CRITICAL – ( Comfy Sweater | 450 gems )

Let’s look carefully… (ALL)

Nothing will help much.

I’m too scared

…it’s gone?

I wonder where it’s headed now.

I just hope it’s not back to the front door. (ALL)

Okay, it’s unlocked. But I’m still afraid to open it…

There’s no time to contemplate! Just start running! (ALL)

I can’t…I’ll get caught.

Episode 7

Must be a lot of work being a leader.

Like what? I could’ve helped. (Lawrence)

You should’ve just got some rest.

Nah, who cares.

You wanna switch with me? (Eugene) – 100 gems

You must have been so disappointed. (Harry)

paid their dues.

It must have been difficult for you.

Nightwatch (Optional)

Episode 8

(Does he not wanna talk to me?)

(Look out the windows together)

Don’t worry. They’ll be back soon. (Ethan)

So, how did that turn out?

What’d you do that for?

Next time, I’ll be the one bringing lots of food. (Zion)

Tell the truth. (Lawrence) – 100 gems

Dodge the question.

Episode 9

What makes you think I did it? (Harry)

Well, I have a problem with you too.

You got any proof that I did it?

I don’t even want her stuff.

No way! (Lawrence)

What if I did?

Well, what can you do?

What do you think?

I’m not okay! I’m pissed! (Eugene)

Episode 10

Thank you for taking my side.

Yeah, can’t get any better. (Zion)


Episode 11

You really don’t talk much.

Although you rarely talk…

You’re always so quiet, but… (Ethan)

Yes, even if I’ll have to go alone.

Yeah, I really wanna go. (Lawrence)

Of course I am.

—– Receive Puzzle Piece x 1 ——

Episode 12

Aww, so cute!

It’s not for looking. It’s for playing! (Eugene) – 100 gems

CRITICAL – ( Sporty Jacket | 450 gems )

its hideously twisted leg,

its half-skinned off head. (ALL)

its yucky, rotting arm.

● (ALL) – 3 Times

Episode 13

This is Jay’s.

This is Judy’s. (Zion)

This is Sue’s.

She didn’t leave voluntarily.

I don’t wanna be blamed anymore. (Harry)

There’s someone behind all this.

Trust me.

Yes. (Zion)

Why would I do such a thing?

Episode 14

That’s not like you, Harry. (Harry)

But it’s too dangerous.

Got any plans?

Umm… I think we should really get back.

Sure, what’s up? (Zion) – 100 gems

You asked where I’d been? (Ethan)

You asked how old I was?

You asked how I managed to survive?

Episode 15

Roll to the left! (Harry) – 100 gems

Roll to the right! (Zion) – 100 gems

Just fall down.

Go help him! (Harry)

I don’t know what to do!

Episode 16

Yes. A hundred percent. (Lawrence)

Sorry, but I agree with them.

I know it’s awful but I’m too scared.

I don’t wanna be alone

I just like being here.

To see you. (Eugene)

—– Receive Puzzle Piece x 1 ——

Episode 17

(I nod) (Lawrence) – 100 gems

(I look away)

I, I was just…

Cuz I needed to stop her. (Eugene)

It’s better than doing nothing.

Want me to help stay awake? (Ethan)

You’re such a sleepyhead.

You wanna stay here?

Episode 18

I grab his arm. (Zion)

I block him.

Stop it, Zion!

No, you did what you had to do. (Harry)

Sorry…it’s all my fault.

What’s done is done, Harry.

No, I agree with you.

Yeah. So, calm yourself down. (Eugene)

I don’t know.

As long as I feel safe here.

No. (Ethan)


Episode 19

I totally understand.

We must be more careful. (Ethan)

We should still have trust.

Hey, it’s okay. I’m fine. (Eugene)

You’re sorry?

(Wait for him to finish)

No, I was mistaken.

I saw a person. (Lawrence)

It’s probably nothing.

Okay. (Lawrence)

But how could you?

How about now?

If you wanna cry, you can. (Harry)

Take care of yourself.

What do you mean?

I feel safe here. (Eugene)

Leave with you?

I got nothing to give him.

You want a candy bar? (Ethan) – 100 gems

Patrol (Optional)

Episode 20

You’re being rude.

You can watch your tone. (Eugene)

Yes, you did.

It won’t be long. You know I can run fast.

We might find useful drugs. (Lawrence)

Yeah, please?

Just me? How can I do that?

I’ll leave with you! (Harry)

It’s too late!

Episode 21

That doesn’t matter.

You went too far.


Sorry… (Ethan)

It was a zombie…

Nothing happened.

—– Receive Puzzle Piece x 1 ——

Episode 22

No, I shouldn’t. (Lawrence) – 100 gems

I’m leaving.

Episode 23

I’ll try.

I’ll tell you later. (Zion)


I think it’s worth trying. (Lawrence)

Yes, I do.

I’m sure it’ll be better than here.

Episode 24

The whole story. (Eugene) – 100 gems

Just get to the point.

You did the right thing. (Eugene)

But why are you telling me this?

Oh, I’m impressed you didn’t tell him.

(show him the button) (Zion)

What did you do today?

Let me see your clothes.

CRITICAL – ( Cute Jumper | 450 gems )

Let me go…

No. (ALL)


I miss it.

I can’t reach it.

I grab it. (ALL)

I miss it.

I swing the bat. (ALL)

It slips.

Episode 25

I’ll follow Lawrence. (Lawrence) – 100 gems

Nah, never mind.

Zion (Zion) – 150 gems unlocks both options

Eugene (Eugene) – 150 gems unlocks both options

Never Mind.

Ethan’s classroom. (Ethan) – 150 gems unlocks both options

Harry’s classroom. (Harry) – 150 gems unlocks both options

the auditorium.


  • Obtain Character Ending CG.

1/1 EDIT: Added Review link, updated the requirements needed for Lawrence and alternate ending and answers for CRITICAL 2 and CRITICAL 3.

6/2 EDIT: Added answers for CRITICAL 1 and changes to obtain rubies from tapjoy.