[iOS/Android] Story Jar – Shall We Date? is released!

Story Jar – Otome game / dating sim #Shall we date is a free-to-play app published by NTT Solmare Corp. The app was officially released on 20 December 2018 and supports OS Versions:Mobile (Android : 4.4 or later / iOS: 9.0 or later)

About The Game

Story Jar by NTT Solmare Corp is a new app that follows the latest series of Choices: Stories You Play game apps that combines multiple stories into a single app. Currently, Story Jar contains some of their older Shall We Date? + games as well as their paid Shall We Date apps. The available otome stories inside the app are:


Become Elite

You’re the modern-day my fair lady! Can you survive the harshest lessons to become the most sophisticated woman?!




Lost Island

You are in charge of a secret experiment! On the deserted yet beautiful island, you make acquaintance with attractive men and zombies.



Mononoke Kiss

The story of true love in the world of spirits!



Pretty Awesome (Diamond Boosting now!)

Where lies are hidden, that’s the Queen F Contest… Will you be able to survive through to get on the throne?! It’s about time!






Which ship would you get on? The Navy, the pirates or the ghost ship?




Welcome to Niflheim, the world of the death! 1000 years of sleep have done no harm on your beauty.


About The Game System

With multiple stories to choose from, read any story you like by using passes. The max number of passes you can hoard is only 2. Passes allows you to read a single chapter and regenerates every 2 hours with the exception of prologue which is free. Login daily to collect diamonds. Diamonds are used in every chapter of the story.

For every choice you make in every chapter, you can either choose the option that does not require diamonds and get a normal ending or the “correct” options that you pay with diamonds to obtain a happy ending with your male lead.

Some of the ways you can obtain diamonds for free are through:

  • Login Daily
  • Choosing to read Diamond Boosting stories to obtain bonus diamonds.
  • Earning S-Points via Tapjoy and converting the points to diamonds. 20 S-Points is equal to 1 diamond.

Thoughts About The Game

I was pretty meh about this game app with such expensive usage of diamonds – it takes at least 12 diamonds to select one good choice. Was going to uninstall this app but …WAIT.  O.M.G. What did I see?!

Game: Wand of Fortune. Found this image on their Story Jar App on Google Play Store.

Looks like NTT Solmare has managed to obtain the english publishing rights for Wand of Fortune and The Beastmaster and Princes under the Story Jar app!!! For those unaware, Wand of Fortune and The Beastmaster and Princes are otome games under Otomate, a video game developer known for their games such as Hakuoki, Amnesia and Code: Realize.

Unfortunately, Wand of Fortune and The Beastmaster and Princes are not yet released on Story Jar. However, we can hope for the game to be released very soon on Story Jar.

In the meantime, I will slowly read through the stories and hoard my diamonds. (Wand of Fortune, I’m coming for you ~~)

EDIT: Both Wand of Fortune and The Beastmaster and Princes have been released in the app.


Press Release: http://www.nttsolmare.com/e/press/2018/e1220.html

Official App Website: http://shallwedate.jp/en/bundle/bundle_002.html

Official Instagram Page: https://www.instagram.com/story_jar_solmare/

Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nttsolmare.game.android.anime&hl=en

App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1424754060?mt=8