[Event] Helix Waltz | The Sound of Music has started! + Walkthrough/Guide

Helix Waltz’s second event, The Sound of Music is now out! The event starts from 24 December 00:01 till 30 December 23:59 game time. Obtain exclusive theme costumes with Beer Coins. Beer Coins can be obtained from competing against other players in the Tavern or using Diamonds.

Helix Waltz’s Sound of Music exclusive event costume include:

Aria in G | Theresa’s Tricks | Goddess’ Messenger | Romantic Chanson | Margo the Girl | Amanda’s Celebration | Maiden Chorale

General Guide

  • Compete with other players daily in Beauty Contest to collect Beer Coins at the Tavern. Win 6 Beer Coins when you win and 3 when you lose. You can enter the Tavern thrice daily.
  • You can obtain 1 event costume for every 20 Beer Coins/ 150 Diamonds spent. Spend a total of 600 Beer Coins/ 4500 Diamonds to exchange an event costume of your choice for free.
  • All leftover Beer Coins after the event are brought forward to the next Helix Waltz event.

If you need help with competing with PVPs in the Tavern, feel free to friend me! My friend is ID: 100300.

Sound of Music Story Walkthrough/Guide

1. Musical Exchange

Objective: Talk to Willow about music in the [Music Appreciation]

Ball: Music Appreciation

Faction: The Bavlenka Family

Tag: Golden

Guests: Lawrence |  Lynna | Nyx | Lou | Harson | Willow

  • Talk to Willow about Music Appreciation
  • Answer: Accordion
  • Challenge and beat Lynna in Beauty Contest

2. The Player

Objective: Talk to Rincole at [Olineaux Music Banquet]

Ball: Olineaux Music Party

Faction: The Olineaux Family

Tag: Golden

Guests: Duchess Christie | Lord Hugh | Zoe | Balfey | Rincole | Vicky

  • Talk to Rincole about Music
  • Answer: Time Flies
  • Answer: Chase
  • Answer: No
  • Answer: Confusion

3. Quartet I

Objective: Go to the [Bavlenka Party] and beat Nyx in the Beauty Contest.

Ball: Bavlenka Party

Faction: The Bavlenka Family

Tag: Black

Guests: Nyx | Grand Duke | Harson | Leslie | Lou

  • Win against Nyx in the Beauty Contest.

4. Quartet II

Objective: Win hearts from the Sakans and and start a conversation about the Quartet.

Ball: Sakan’s Ball (Recommended)

Faction: The Sakan Family

  • Talk to members of the Sakan Family, in particularly Asteria

5. Quartet III

Objective: Choose carefully and beat Lynna in the Beauty Contest. *

Ball: Senate Feast

Faction: Senate

Tag: White

Guests: Lynna | Lawrence | Tilla

* You can avoid going against Lynna in the Beauty Contest by choosing the answers below.

  • Talk to Tilla
  • Answer: About the Reputation
  • Answer: Persuade

6. Quartet IV

Objective: Come back to convince Balfey after you talk to Hugh about the Quartet.

Ball: Olineaux Party

Faction: The Olineaux Family

Tag: Black

Guests: Zoe | Balfey | Lord Hugh

  • Talk to Zoe first about the Quartet.
  • Next, talk to Lord Hugh about the Quartet.
  • Finally, talk to Balfey about the Quartet.
  • Choose your partner: (You can only choose one amongst the four)

Choose Nyx -> Piano Player Nyx

Gonzalo -> Cellist Gonzalo

Juven -> Saxophone Player Sakan

Hugh -> Violinist Hugh

Helix Waltz Sound of Music.jpg

— End of The Sound of Music Story —