Otome Game Review: Dangerous Fellows by Lucydream

This is going to be my first review to start the year. Have a happy 2019 everyone!

Do note that this review contains spoilers.

If you have yet to complete the game, you might want to look at the walkthrough here.

If Train to Busan was a movie about surviving a zombie outbreak inside a train, Dangerous Fellows is about surviving a zombie outbreak inside a school and living alongside with a psychopath.


Dangerous Fellows takes place in South Korea where the zombie outbreak occurs. The zombie epidemic disrupts the main character’s (MC) ordinary life and forces her to move around abandoned houses to survive. She notes that a zombie infection occurs through transmission of fluids, blood and zombie bites and an infection causes a person to transform into a zombie within an hour. However when MC goes looking for food in an abandoned shop, she attracts the attention of a zombie. As the zombie narrows in towards her… Harry and the boys saves you. The group proceeds to run away from the increasing horde of zombies that give chase. After much struggle, the group finally enters the school safely.

MC soon meets the rest of the survivors staying in the school. Apart from Harry and the boys, there are Jay, Hailey, Sue, Scarlett and MC’s good friend Judy. Scarlett’s hostility towards MC causes the group to decide whether should MC stay or leave. But MC proves herself useful by putting out the sudden fire in one of the classes and is officially now part of the team. But MC’s arrival causes many strange incidents to occur within and outside of school…


Ethan’s stoic and quiet nature means he is a man who proves his words through action. MC sees Ethan as a strong and dependable guy that mostly protects the team from zombies.

In Ethan’s ending, as the team tries to leave the school to head towards the Safe Zone, the school bell rings and a horde of zombies rush towards the group. Hailey is the first to be taken down by zombies. As the group tries to escape back to the classroom on the second floor, the group realises that Harry is missing. MC and Ethan return only to find Harry struggling. Having to be bitten by zombies, Harry tells MC and Ethan to abandon him.

When MC and Ethan returns, Zion is unable to accept the death of his friends and runs back for revenge. Eugene chases after Zion, telling MC and Ethan that they will return. As night falls, realising that both Zion and Eugene will never return, MC relies on Ethan for emotional support. Ethan comforts MC and confesses that he will always be there to protect her.

Dangerous Fellows Ethan
MC found love in a hopeless place.

Both MC and Ethan are constantly on the run within the school as no matter where they escape, zombies would soon appear. MC notes that it is as if the zombies were controlled by someone. They finally reach the school’s rooftop, staying inside a storage room. When our couple cuddle, MC asks Ethan if it is possible to make it to the Safe Zone. Ethan tells her they can try. He will risk it all to protect and get her safe.


Gentle and nice, Harry gives everyone in the group the benefit of the doubt and dislikes jumping into conclusions.

In Harry’s ending, Hailey is the first to be attacked by zombies. The group flee and takes shelter in one of the classrooms. Zion notes that Lawrence has gone missing.  Harry spots the supposingly closed gates of the school are now opened. Harry volunteers to check if they can flee by the gates and MC stubbornly persists to tag along. When MC and Harry are on their way to check the gates, the music becomes louder causing the zombies to be more agitated and violent. Sounds start coming from the classroom where Zion, Eugene and Ethan are at. They reach the back gates realising that all the zombies have entered the school compound. When MC and Harry race back to the classroom, they find themselves facing a horrible sight. They see blood traces around the classroom.

Being in danger of the zombies nearby, MC and Harry regretfully flees from the school. After a few days, our couple finally enters the Safe Zone and live alongside with a small number of survivors. MC stays in the Safe Zone guarded by the military and starts thinking about the group. MC becomes overwhelmed by survivor’s guilt and starts to lose her will. Harry tries to comfort her only for MC to snap at Harry for not grieving the loss of their friends. Harry reveals that if he grieves, he would not be able to take care of MC. All these while, Harry has been trying to be strong for MC. He proceeds to put on a ring given by his mom to MC as he reveal his painful past of being abused by his dad.

Dangerous Fellows Harry

He confesses his selfish desire of wanting MC to have the willpower to live on together with him and hugs you. Harry makes MC promise not to blame herself for the death of the group and they settle nicely in the Safe Zone.

Few months later MC reveals that a new vaccine is created and wonders if the group could have survive if it was developed earlier. Now, MC and Harry is just thinking about how they will face their future together.


Arrogant and brash, Zion is stands up for what he thinks is right. He is good friends with Eugene.

In Zion’s ending, MC sees it with her own eyes as Hailey and Eugene are mauled by zombies. Ethan and Zion urges her to flee while Ethan and Harry stay to buy time. Ethan tells the group that he intends to find Lawrence before meeting MC at the Safe Zone. Zion takes MC along to get out of the school building and worries for the surviving group members. As they wait beside the school building, an explosion occurs putting the building in flames killing both Ethan and Harry. Despite both MC and Zion struggle to accept the death of their friends, they have to leave the school. Zion tries to make MC snap out of her misery and denial, leaving MC guilty that she failed to bring the group together to the Safe Zone safely.

Dangerous Fellows Zion

Zion holds on to MC as they run towards the direction of the Safe Zone. As they reach nearer to their destination, our couple encounters zombies. Zion protects you and tells MC to flee first as he buys time. He confesses that he was never nice to her since he never wanted to show his true feelings towards MC. Just when the zombie lunge towards Zion, the zombies get killed by a bullet shot. Our couple hug and find out that they have reached the Safe Zone safely. MC believes as long as she’s with Zion, everything would be alright.


Eugene is grumpy cute kid who is just too shy to show it. Occasionally mean at times, he doesn’t really mean it.

In Eugene’s ending, both Hailey and Zion are the first to be mauled by zombies. Eugene quickly grabs your hand and takes you away from the zombies. He tells MC it is useless to try saving the rest. Not wanting to lose MC, Eugene just wants both MC and himself to get out safely. However, MC feels guilty for leaving behind the group and wants to save the rest. Eugene tells MC to put the blame, guilt and selfishness on him despite struggling with his own emotions as well. With zombies nearing towards them, Eugene tells MC that they should head to the Safe Zone. He confesses that all he wanted is to reach the Safe Zone safely with MC and cannot imagine a life without her.

Dangerous Fellows Eugene

Eugene and MC leaves the school compound, searching for the Safe Zone for several days. Our couple moves around from one empty house till another until Eugene spots military soldiers around the area. Despite being saved, MC still feels emotionally broken by the fact she left the group to die. Eugene consoles MC and they leave the house. MC observes the town is different now but they are finally safe.


Kind and considerate, Lawrence is the leader of the group. He oversees everyone’s well-being and safety. Behind his kind facade however, is his psychopathic obsession with MC.

In Lawrence’s ending, Hailey is the first to be taken down by zombies. In panic, Harry yells for the entire group to spread out. MC tries to run up the stairs but ends up being surrounded by zombies. Thinking to herself that she is going to die, she braces herself to the zombie’s attack – only for Lawrence to swoop in and save her. He proceeds to bring her down the staircase next to the cafeteria. But MC notes that this area was suppose to be a forbidden place overrun by zombies. She questions Lawrence about the rest of the group and where they are heading towards. Lawrence answers ambiguously causing MC to feel unsettled. They reach the basement and MC sees abundant food and supplies surrounding the place.

Despite asking Lawrence where the others are, he ignores MC’s questions and tells you he’s not sorry the others are dead. He confesses that ever since MC gave Lawrence an umbrella at a bus stop in the midst of a rainy day two years ago, he had taken a liking to MC. It is just MC and Lawrence now. He promises to keep MC safe and reveals that he was the culprit to the strange incidents. Shaken, MC is horrified of what Lawrence has done. Lawrence brings MC closer to him and tells himself that as long as MC is here with him, nothing else matters. MC feels hopeless and despair being stuck together with the psychopath as he hugs her.

Dangerous Fellows Lawrence
That creepy smile tho.

Let’s Survive Together

This alternative ending can only be attained if you manage to finish at least three endings, excluding the normal ending.

In this alternative ending, MC wakes up in the classroom where everyone in the group is still alive. She tries to make amends by protecting Judy and reveals the basement being filled with food and survival supplies. Zion suggests for the group to move down to the basement. However, Lawrence tries to raise suspicion and create disharmony within the group. The group’s decision is undecided. Zion and Lawrence end up arguing, with Zion wanting to move down the basement and Lawrence refusing to.

Having to anticipate the sound of zombies attacking, the next day, MC wakes up early in morning to start packing supplies. She tells Judy that they should head towards the basement. Suddenly the school bells start ringing and zombies appear. Ethan saves MC and Judy from the zombies and tells her to head down to the basement, where most of the group are at. With everyone in the basement except Lawrence, Sue finally divulges that Lawrence is the culprit to all the strange occurrences. But MC refuses to leave Lawrence behind. After all, he has yet to harm anyone.

The group comes to an agreement and Ethan, Zion, Harry, Eugene and MC goes towards the Broadcasting Room to save Lawrence. However, Lawrence tells them to leave him to die. Pissed, Zion gives Lawrence a punch while Ethan stops the ringing in the Broadcasting Room. It is then revealed that Ethan and Lawrence having been doing experiements on the zombies to understand well enough what Lawrence has done to control the zombies. MC begs Lawrence to change his ways and gives him a second chance. Finally relenting, Lawrence calls the group a bunch of dumbheads and devises a plan to get the group back into the basement safely.

MC tells the group about the Safe Zone. In the next scene, the group is in the Safe Zone, Harry is reunited with his mother. Judy exclaims the abundance of food. Zion goes telling the military information about the zombies. Eugene tells Ethan to take out his radio and blast the music. All is well.

Game System

The game relies on choosing the best choice amongst the 3 options to gain affections through your interactions with characters. Items obtain from repair also provides a boost to your characters affection as well.

Despite Dangerous Fellows being a very ruby intensive game, it is possible to achieve all endings if you are willing to grind your way through endings and ads to pay for paid rubies options. Lucydream also has provided an option for players a pay for a bundle where you can pay a one-time transaction to complete the entire game and view Nightwatch scenes at $36.

Main Character

Maybe I have been playing too much doormat heroines but MC is one of the better main characters I have seen so far. The main character tries her best to solve problems and actually has a genuine female friend! I also like how she has no qualms in putting up a fight with Scarlett to stand up for herself. Her weakness and emotional guilt was understandable enough as well considering the ordeal she went through.

Overall Thoughts

Dangerous Fellows Lawrence Psycho
What a psycho.

What a psycho. It took Lawrence two years, one umbrella and nine dead humans to confess to MC his love for her. Not very romantic I must say.

Overall, Dangerous Fellows was a decent game with decent graphics and music. The game’s plot is engaging enough to follow through if you are willing to turn a blind eye to occasional grammar and typo errors. However, do not expect romantic scenes between MC and the male characters as most of the endings are generally quite bleak despite MC and your chosen male characters being together.

Also, if you would like to save yourself from being frustrated by constantly being bombarded by ads and buying more rubies, you can consider paying the bundle set to complete the entire game.

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