[Update] Helix Waltz includes new features and quests

Helix Waltz has just released a big update on the 16th January. The update includes new chapter quests as well as additional features such as Finsel Prestige, Family Affairs, Costume Collection. To celebrate this huge update, Helix Waltz has also updated the game with new time-limited events, Alma’s Memory and Daybreak.

New Features

New Main Quests

Chapter 7 has been included into the main story quests. There are a total of 14 quests in Chapter 7.

Finsel Prestige

With Finsel Prestige, any character that have achieved max Favor can now convert their additional Favor points into Prestige. Collect enough points to obtain Prestige costume items. The first Prestige set requires a total of 50,000 points to complete.

Prestige can be found under Info -> Prestige.

Family Affairs

Family Affairs provides Magda the chance to interact with various Helix Waltz characters. In exchange for stamina, obtain items randomly such as Hearts, EXP, Clothing Egg, Material Egg (10x) x1 and Favor. Items are given out based on the answer selected amongst the four options given.

Family Affairs can be found under Quests -> Affairs.

Costume Collection

If you always wanted to find out how you could obtain a certain costume, Costume Collection is the feature you need. This feature not only allows you to see what you have or have not owned but also allows you to find out how you can try to get the costume.

Costume Collection can be found under Gallery -> Collection.

Time-Limited Events

The latest update also includes time-limited events such as Underwater-Themed Alma’s Memory and Daybreak.

Alma’s Memory is a quest-based event. Complete one quest per day to receive one part of the costume. The event starts from 16th January to 22th January. The event quest can be found under Event Center -> Alma’s Memory Banner.

Daybreak on the other hand, is a diamond consuming event. Receive one Daybreak costume design for every 500 diamonds spent in the diamond gacha. Pay a total of 3500 diamonds to obtain the full costume design set for Daybreak. The event starts from 16th January to 20th January.

Find out more about other Helix Waltz updates below:

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/HelixWaltz

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