[iOS/Android] The First Lady Diaries: Affairs of State by Arithmetic is now available!

The First Lady Diaries: Affairs of State is a brand new otome game out on Android and iOS and is published by Arithmetic under Arithmetic Love Series. The game was released on the 29 January 2019.


You’re going to become the First Lady!?

You play as a character attending a job interview at the center of government: The White Palace, but when you accidentally uncover a state secret, you’re given no choice but to enter a political marriage with the President himself!

Although your union is built on a lie, you find yourself thrust into the true role of First Lady, entering an entirely new world of politics and manoeuvring.
When the dust settles will you be left grappling with the sad truth, or will you find true love amidst the lies?

Current Playable Characters


Souji Kurosawa

Voiced By: Tomoaki Maeno

You can find Souji Kurosawa’s walkthrough here.


Yuuya Touno

Voiced By: Junya Enoki

You can find Yuuya Tuono’s walkthrough here.


Dean F.Irving

Voiced By: Tomokazu Sugita

You can find Dean F.Irving’s walkthrough here.

1st Lady Diaries_Midori Kyouizumi.jpg

Midori Kyouizumi

Voiced By: Ryota Osaka

You can find Midori Kyouizumi’s walkthrough here.

The game is currently having a seven-day login bonus campaign starting from today. ( EDIT:The bonus campaign has ended.)

So if you are interested, go over to Google Play or App Store to get the game!

You can also use my invite code: SHvuk8 to get 3,000 Marks in-game.




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