[iOS/Android] Hanayome: The Sacrificial Bride is finally released!

Hanayome: The Sacrificial Bride or Hanayome for short, is published by Abracadabra Games. The otome game was released on Android on the 30th January 2019. The game is slated to be released in App Store on the 6th February 2019.


The Kanamura Village is situated in an island known for granting luck in romance. As a magazine writer, you travel to the island to conduct an interview about the place. Unbeknownst to you, the place is shrouded by secrets…

Hanayome Character routes

Itsuki Kanamura

hanayome_Itsuki Kanamura

Itsuki Kanamura is the village chief of Kanamura Village. He is the eldest son within the Kanamura Family.

You can find Itsuki’s walkthrough here.

Tatsuki Kanamura

hanayome Tatsuki Kanamura

Tatsuki Kanamura is the doctor that resides in the village. He is the second son within the Kanamura Family.

You can find Tatsuki’s walkthrough here.

Yamato Mitsurugi

Hanayome Yamato Mitsurugi

Yamato Mitsurugi is the police officer in the village. He ensures the safety of the residents living in Kanamura Village.

You can find Yamato’s walkthrough here.

Iori Kitami

Hanayome The Sacrificial Bride Iori Kitami

Iori Itami is the butler that serves the Kanamura Family in the village.

You can find Iori’s walkthrough here.

Kaname Yomoda

Hanayome The Sacrificial Bride Kaname Yomoda

Kaname Yomoda is a professor that resides in the village.

Tokito Tsukinaga

Hanayome The Sacrificial Bride Tokito Tsukinaga

Tokito Tsukinaga is the priest of the village.

Below is a short trailer about the game.

Hanayome: The Sacrificial Bride Trailer


Get the game on Google Play and App Store now!

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AbracadabraGamesOfficial/

Official Tumblr: https://abracadabragamesofficial.tumblr.com/

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