[Update] Onmyoji Heian memoirs gets an English version + new upcoming story in MyLovely App!

Onmyoji Heian memoirs is now available to play in English in Hunex’s MyLovely App. Each story has a total of 20 chapters. As of now, Abe no Seimei and Chihaya’s routes are currently playable.

In the Heian Era where ladies should act proper and elegant, Ayame Tachibana is a lady who engages with wooden swords rather than clothes and makeup. When an evil spirit disrupts a gathering, Ayame tries to fight it off only to be saved by a mysterious person. At the same time, she becomes the centre of attention of beautiful men…







Another upcoming MyLovely story would be Shinobi Kakuran Musou. Not much details are out yet, but we can look forward to character details to be out very soon.

In the meanwhile, you can play Onmyoji Heian memoirs by downloading MyLovely app via Google Play or App Store.

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