Ayakashi: Romance Reborn for Android and iOS arriving this Summer 2019

Voltage Inc now called Otome Romance, has announced their newest upcoming otome game Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. The game will be coming to Android and iOS this summer 2019 and features Japanese voice actors such as Jun Fukuyama, Yuki Kaji and Kenji Nojima.


Your once peaceful life is turned upside down when a mystic wand awakens your latent powers as an Onmyoji Diviner. However, the Capital is under attack from evil creatures known as Wraiths. Only you and your Ayakashi Spirit comrades have the power to save the Capital and end the Wraith scourge! Strengthen your bonds, protect those you love, and discover the secrets that bind you all together.

The Ayakashi ikemen are divided to multiple factions, The Dawn Faction, The Twilight Faction and The Night Faction. Otome Romance is hinted to have added new features in this otome game.

Watch the game video teaser below.


Currently there is not much information regarding the characters and features of the game. However, you can still follow Ayakashi: Romance Reborn by checking out their website , Twitter and Facebook.


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