[iOS/Android] Love Plan by Ciagram now available!

Love Plan is a brand new mobile otome game published by Ciagram. The game was officially released on the 1st March 2019.


You have finally started to work as an Editor at LUMINOUS, a company that does fashion magazines. As part of your new project, you start working with model Haruto Ukita. However the project leads you to encounter new people and situations…

Playable Character Routes

Seiya Asai

CEO of a major bookstore chain
“I have decided that you will become my wife.”

Haruto Ukita

“Just be quiet and look only at me.”

Kyotaro Katakura

Magazine photographer
“Now you’ve got me… A woman’s tears are my weakness.”

Toma Ishida

“You were the one who said you’d hear me out, right?”

Minato Sanada

Fashion designer
“I think I know an even better way to have fun.”


Players can read a total of seven short story parts per day by using ‘Hearts’. Five ‘Hearts’ are automatically replenished daily while two ‘Hearts’ can be obtained through watching all six ads to collect Heart Fragments. Players can also reread story parts of chapters they have passed and switch routes freely.



Currently only Seiya Asai, Toma Ishida and Minato Sanada’s route are available. Love Plan can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.



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