1st Lady Diaries | Our Stolen Moment is now on!

1st Lady Diaries has released their first limited-time story event, ~Our Stolen Moment~. This autumn-themed event happens from 7th March 05:00 till 17th March 04:59 EST. Read through your favourite character routes and collect Poise to pass through missions and obtain various avatars. The available characters include Souji, Yuuya, Midori, Dean*, Mikoshiba* and Aoi*. Clear through routes to obtain early completion bonuses and purchase Epilogue Scenarios with your favourite ikemen!

*Only available on the 11th March.

General Tips

  • Always read through a character’s route till the end. Each completion gets you a event exclusive Full Health Drink.
  • Always read through Romantic End before reading through Fabulous End. The Poise needed to pass through Fabulous End is always higher as compared to Romantic End.
  • Hoard Health Drinks and use them during Fever Times.
  • Take advantage if Fever Times to increase Poise so you can pass through Suite Missions easily.
  • Poise Achieved Bonuses are optional. If you are Free-to-Play player, do consider if you have the necessary resources (Health Drinks and Iced Cookies) and time to grind and obtain the item.

Sounds interesting? You can head over to Google Play or App Store to participate in the event!



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