[Android] Popular Chinese dating sim game ‘Love & Producer’ now out in English

Love & Producer, also known as 恋与制作人 is a Chinese dating sim and visual novel app developed by Paper Games and published by NIKKI. The game’s release in China in 2017 took female players by storm, with players charmed by the game’s plot, graphics and charismatic male characters. The game uses various game mechanics such as card gachas, energy as players continue to read through the chapters.

Now Love & Producer has finally localised itself as Mr Love: Queen’s Choice in English. The English version is published by Paper Games and Elex. The game was released on 20th March 2019.


You play as a TV producer for your own company. As producer for an unpopular show called Miracle Finder, you scramble to find ways to save the show from being discontinued. Doing whatever you can to save your company, you end up uncovering more secrets about yourself…


Mr Love Queens Choice Lucien.jpg

Mr Love Queens Choice Gavin.jpg

Mr Love Queens Choice Victor.jpg

Mr Love Queens Choice Kiro.jpg


Each chapter has several film scenes and the main story. Hearts are used to complete film scenes to collect items used to improve your Karma cards. Karma cards can be obtained through the game’s gacha system that ranges from SSR to N cards. Upgrade rare Karma cards to reach 3 crowns of each film scene easily. The game gacha currency uses both gems and gold, with gems being than main microtransaction currency.

Mr Love game system

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice also allows players to message the four characters through moments, messages and calls. Each reply increases your Intimacy with a character. The higher the Intimacy, the more stories players can read through of their favourite male character through Dates. The game’s English and Japanese voice dubbing also means players can listen to your favourite male character calling you through Calls.

Players are also able to compete with other players in Box Office Contest. Compete with players to collect daily rewards and exchange it for Karma cards.

Screenshot_20190323-230722_Mr Love.jpg

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is set to be released in other regions and countries in the future. Currently, the game is only out on Google Play for UK players.

You can follow and find out more about the game through their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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