[Event] 1st Lady Diaries | Dean Release Celebration event is now ongoing!

In celebration of Dean’s main route being released in 1st Lady Diaries, Dean Release Celebration ~ The President’s Best Friend event is now ongoing! This event is a collecting event. Collect Ballots and vote for Dean to exchange for items and avatar outfits. Players can also read through a Afterwards Special Scenario by purchasing it with Heart Points.

Vote for Dean at least 60 times to read through all four of Dean’s Main Story Release Celebration Shared Scenario.

Event time: 23rd March 07.30 ~ 1st April 09.59


How to collect Ballots

Ballots can be collected through:

  • Playing through 5 Main Story Chapters on the same day. Reading through 5 Main Story Chapters gets you 10 Ballots.
  • Doing 5 Suite Lessons to get 5 Ballots.
  • Doing Nice Dress to your friends in-game. There is a 30% chance of getting a Ballot from greeting your friends in-game.
  • Visiting Dean Release Celebration event page twice a day during the event.
  • Gifting and receiving Ballots from friends by doing Suite Lessons.
  • Spending 90 Heart Points or 3,000 Marks to get a Ballot ticket. This is part of a special limited time sale. You can find this at the bottom of your My Page.

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