[iOS/Android] Romance angels or demons with 1492 Studio’s latest game Is-it Love? Fallen Road

The creators of Is-it Love series has published their latest game Is-it Love? Fallen Road on the 22 April 2019 in English. Released by French developer 1492 Studios and co-produced by Wardenlight Studio, the interactive story game allows you to decide where your allegiance lies.


You woke up in a disused factory, wounded, and with amnesia. Jeff, a Protector, found you and took care of you. You have no memory of your past. Jeff initiates you then into the secrets of this world.
Angels and demons do indeed exist. And the Protectors, whose ranks you have joined, strive to maintain the delicate balance between these two worlds. Between your mission and searching for clues to your past, will you be able to resist temptation and stay on the right path?



Is-it Love? Fallen Road uses an energy point system. Reading through the story consumes energy points. The game provides 300 energy points for free daily and another 100 energy points in the mini-game.

The game is currently available in five languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish and can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store.

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