[Android] Proposed by a Demon Lord – Release & First Impressions

Proposed by a Demon Lord is the latest game to be translated from Korean to English by Korean game developer Day7. The game was released on 22 April 2019 on Google Play. There are two different versions of the same game, the first being free-to-play* and the second is a paid version (I am not sure of the difference between the two apps).

* The free-to-play app only allows players to get access to Ep. 1 – 4 of each character and their side stories. Do note that if players would like to play the entire character’s story, it costs 0.99 USD per route. To read all eight characters would cost 6.99 USD in total.


And… wait a minute!!!!
Are you telling me that….

I have to marry a Demon Lord?!!?!

★ 8 Demon Lords ★

A total tsundere lord. 「Penn」

A kind guy next door type. 「Hael」

Don’t tell me he’s even too lazy to breathe! 「Laika」

A mysterious kiddo. 「Riley」

Kind but a total playboy. 「Vernius」

A cheerful and puppy-like lord. 「Ren」

A cute, girl-phobic Demon Lord. 「Cornell」

A sharp workaholic. 「Isaac」

Do I really have to
marry these Demon Lords?

How did I end up in this strange world?!
A story where you ‘just happened’ to
marry a Demon Lord.

「Proposed by a Demon Lord」 ~Will you be his bride?~

Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, text
Top row characters (From left to right): Penn, Laika, Vernius, Cornell Bottom row characters: (From left to right): Hael, Riley, Ren, Isaac

Unlike the Korean version that was released around 2016, the English version of Proposed by a Demon Lord does not need any chapter tickets nor have any gacha mechanics. Just pay for a character route and you can read though the entire main story. The dialogue options presented do not affect your final endings either (You are able to read both normal and happy endings). Each character’s main story has roughly around 90+ short episodes excluding endings and epilogue.

My Initial Thoughts

I have never tried any of Day7 games before so I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I bought Penn’s main story. While I really love the visuals and the character design of the game, I think the plot could have been improved.

Character wise, Penn is such an adorable tsundere.(His blushes and reactions are so cute!) The female lead on the other hand, leaves a lot to be desired. In Penn’s route, she is annoying, entitled and spends the entire story acting like a spoiled child. (But hey, Penn’s likes them noisy so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

So, if you don’t mind reading a silly and fluffy love story, go ahead and give this game a try!

Proposed by a Demon Lord can be downloaded from App Store (Coming Soon) and Google Play(Free) or Google Play(Paid).

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