[Event] Helix Waltz | Circus Night is now ongoing

Helix Waltz latest circus-themed event, Circus Night is now available. This tavern event sees Magda making life in Finsel bustle by bringing in a Circus to the slums. The event consist of a story quest, Diamond consumption event Marionette, Benefit Quests to obtain costume sets of Jujitsu Girl Miente, Accordionist Siren and costume design quest Vaudeville Performer Dorothy.

The Circus Night event starts from the 25th April 00:00 till 1st May 00:00 game time.

Challenge other players in the Tavern to obtain Beer Coins. Collect Beer Coins or use Diamonds to redeem exclusive-themed costumes with the ‘circus’ tag to it.

Circus Night’s event costumes that can be obtained via beer coins include:

Animal Trainer Irene | Mystic Diviner | Magician Sarah | Acrobats Chilier | Dagger Master Evelyn.

*Do note that not all costume items have a circus tag to it.

Items that can only be obtained from exchange are:

Everlasting Day, Flower Cluster, Light Fabric Collar, Perfect Performance(Background), Circus Night (Background).

General Guide

  • Compete with other players daily in Beauty Contest to collect Beer Coins at the Tavern. Win 6 Beer Coins when you win and 3 when you lose. You can enter the Tavern thrice daily.
  • You can obtain 1 event costume for every 20 Beer Coins/ 150 Diamonds spent. Spend a total of 600 Beer Coins/ 4500 Diamonds to exchange an event costume of your choice for free.
  • All leftover Beer Coins after the event are brought forward to the next Helix Waltz event.
  • Always equip your event exclusive partner after finishing the event storyline.

Circus Night Story Quests

1.You on the day before submission

Objective: Go to [City Assembly Dinner] and win the beauty contest.

Ball: City Assembly Dinner

Faction: City Assembly

Tag: Circus

Guests: Miss Rebecca | Lady A

  • Win against Lady A in a Beauty Contest.

2. Please follow the order

Objective: Go to [Linglan’s Tea Party] and win the beauty contest.

Ball: Linglan’s Tea Party

Faction: City Assembly

Tag: Circus

Guests: Linglan | Giulolo | Mr.Shop (Fat Merchant)

  • Win against Fat Merchant in a Beauty Contest.

3. Ladies keep away from the dark

Objective: Go to [Ladies’ Banquet] and win the beauty contest.

Ball: Ladies’ Banquet

Faction: Senate

Tag: Circus

Guests: Rincole | Black Glove

  • Win against Rincole in a Beauty Contest.

4. A Tearful Story

Objective: Report to Rebecca

Guests: Rebecca

  • Find Rebecca and talk to her. (Recommended: Jorcastle Salon)

5. Ordinary Equestrian

Objective: Go to [Shindig] and win the beauty contest.

Ball: Shindig

Faction: Senate

Tag: Circus

Guests: Lady A | Bergnya | Lady B

  • Win against Bergnya in a Beauty Contest.

6. Inspiration makes one happy

Objective: Go to [House of the Speaker] and win the beauty contest.

Ball: House of the Speaker

Faction: City Assembly

Tag: Circus

Guests: Linglan | Giulolo

  • Win against Linglan in a Beauty Contest.

7. The circus’s grand finale

Objective: Go to the Slums and watch the circus.

Tag: Circus

Guests: –

  • Go to location -> Slum and enter scene of [The circus’s grand finale]
  • Choose your partner: (You can only choose one amongst the four)

Choose Rebecca -> Flying Trapeze Rebecca

Giulolo -> Pocket Clown Giulolo

Bergnya -> Equestrian Master Bergnya

Black Glove -> Magician Black Glove

– Circus Night Story End –

Benefit Quest

Event time: 25th April – 1st May

Complete Benefit Quest daily to obtain ‘Jujitsu Girl Miente’ and ‘Accordionist Siren’ costume sets. The event quest can be found under Event Center -> Benefit Quest.

1. Circus Fashion


  1. Inquire about Xavier’s opinion.
  2. Inquire about Gonzalo’s opinion.
  3. Inquire about Diane’s opinion.

2. Accordionist I

Objective: Have beauty contest in Tavern x 5

3. Circus Inspiration


  1. Inquire about Nahr’s opinion.
  2. Inquire about Shatina’s opinion.
  3. Inquire about Balfey’s opinion.

4. Accordionist II

Objective: Have beauty contest in Tavern x 10

5. Accordionist III

Objective: Win beauty contest in Tavern x 5

6. Circus Rumor


  1. Inquire about Marvelia’s opinion.
  2. Inquire about Kelly’s opinion.
  3. Inquire about Brala’s opinion.

7. Accordionist IV

Objective: Win beauty contest in Tavern x 10

8. Circus’s Uneasiness


  1. Inquire about Alan’s opinion.
  2. Inquire about Alminas’s opinion.
  3. Inquire about Linglan’s opinion.

9. Circus Dream


  1. Protest against Blackgloves.
  2. Protest against Giulolo.
  3. Protest against Bergnya.

Clothes Design: Vaudeville Performer Dorothy

Event time: Event time: 25th April – 1st May

Obtain the required designs and design the costumes at Rebecca’s Design! Complete one quest per day to receive parts of the costume. Complete all quest of obtain the ‘Vaudeville Performer Dorothy’ costume set. The event quest can be found under Event Center -> Clothes Design: Forest Singer.

1. Vaudeville Performer I


  1. Obtain [Circus Star] – Earrings
  2. Obtain [Ring with Red Silk] – Accessory

2. Vaudeville Performer II


  1. Obtain [Rhombic Stockings] – Socks
  2. Obtain [Colourful Bowlings] – Accessory

3. Vaudeville Performer III


  1. Obtain [Clown Hat] – Hat
  2. Obtain [Wheelbarrow] – Shoes

4. Vaudeville Performer IV


  1. Obtain [Venus Red Vest] – Top
  2. Obtain [Striped Bloomers] – Bottoms

5. Vaudeville Performer V


  1. Obtain [Little Elf] – Hair

6. Vaudeville Performer VI


  1. Obtain [Eclectic] – Coat

7. Vaudeville Performer VII


  1. Obtain [Teacher’s Instruction] – Necklace

Diamonds Consume Event

Consume Diamonds during Circus Night to obtain ‘Marionette’ costume set.




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