Mystic Code Walkthrough/Guide

Mystic Code is a mobile mystery urban fantasy game by Korean developer LucyDream and was released on 9 May. The game has a total of 16 endings consisting of 1 True Ending, 1 Happy Ending, 5 Normal Endings and 9 Bad Endings.

Note: This game is frustrating enough that it took me several play throughs to figure out the true ending. If there is anything missing or incorrect, feel free to let me know!

EDIT 23/12/19: You can find the latest Mystic Code guide of the updated storyline here.

General Guide and Tips

Getting Clovers & Keys

  • Watch ads in the Investigation Journal! Players can get a total of 30 Clovers and 1 Key each day by watching all 10 ads. The cooldown time after each ad is 20 minutes.
  • Mystic Code chibi characters will occasionally appear. Tap on them to watch an ad and obtain 1 Clover.
  • Sharing endings on social media (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) gives you 25 Clovers each. Rewatch and sharing the ending can be found under Case File Record
  • [One time use] Linking your social media accounts with the game gives you 10 Clovers.

Main Story

  • Choice options in Chapters 1 – 3 do not affect your choices in the game and can be skipped.
  • [Image Options] in Chapters 6, 13, 18 and 24 will affect what endings you get at the end of the game. (Chapters 13 and 24 affects the plot the most)
  • Not all Clover options are ‘correct’ and worth spending. There are several false paid options. Clovers are best spent on [Image Options] first.
  • The minimum number needed to get all normal and happy endings is 1,000 Clovers.
  • The minimum number needed to unlock all endings is 1090 Clovers.
  • Players can unlock True ending only after a second or third play through. The conditions to trigger the ending are:

* *True Ending:

  1. Unlock several normal endings.
  2. Complete Happy Ending.
  3. Select Hidden option in Chapter 23

Optional Extras

  • Character episodes (80 Clovers per episode), MIU Team Notes, Side Story (30 Keys per episode) are optional paid content. If you would like to complete all additional content, recommended flow would be Side Story → MIU Team Notes Character episodes.

Mystic Code Walkthrough/Guide


  • Turn down the offer
  • Accept the offer

Chapter 1 Return with the Case

  • New person
  • Familiar faces
  • Cut him off
  • Let him talk
  • Reply politely
  • Reply in official manner

Chapter 2 Dead Man Talking

  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Unsure
  • Answer
  • Don’t Answer

Chapter 3 Tragic Case

  • The victim was a Mystic
  • The victim is our killer
  • The victim is the attacker
  • Agree with Eliot
  • Agree with William
  • Give another opinion
  • [Image Option] Go meet Justin – 250 Clovers
    • Don’t drink.
    • Drink – 50 Clovers
  • [Image Option] Ignore the text

Chapter 4 A Tiny Clue

  • Theodore Wilson – 100 Clovers
    • William Harris – 40 Clovers
      • Not bad.
      • Good.
      • Bad.
    • Leona Carlson
  • William Harris – 50 Clovers
    • Not bad.
    • Good.
    • Bad.
  • Leona Carlson
  • Tell her what I saw
  • Lie about it.
  • Don’t tell her anything

Chapter 5 Mystic? Mystic!

  • Take Eilot’s side.
  • Don’t take Eilot’s side.
  • Ask Eilot
  • Don’t bother asking.

Chapter 6 Investigating the Case

  • [Image Option] Easy way. Check the files in KICS.
  • [Image Option] Stay up and go through paperwork. – 250 Clovers* 
    • Ask Leona. (BAD ENDING #No.1 Broken Cabinet)
    • Use a spell.
    • Ask for help.
      • Take out food – 40 Clovers
      • Fresh liver.

Chapter 7 The Person in Charge

If you selected Stay up and go through paperwork:

  • About
  • About (BAD ENDING #2 Can’t Think Straight)
  • About (BAD ENDING #2 Can’t Think Straight)
  • Boyfriend
  • Little brother.
  • Someone I know

Chapter 8 Never Let Your Guard Down

  • Stay a little longer. – 50 Clovers
  • Return to the station.

Chapter 9 Spencer Kendo Tournament

  • Oh yes! The Kendo Tournament
  • Oh yes! The Judo Tournament
  • Oh yes! The Wrestling Tournament
  • Okay
  • No (BAD ENDING #3 Overworked)

Chapter 10 Back-to-back Cases

  • Amazing
  • So-so.
  • Ugh, not good.(BAD ENDING #4 Your taste in food…)

Chapter 11 Mysterious Death

Chapter 12 Chaos after Chaos

  • Stop him from talking
  • Keep quiet

Chapter 13 Arrest, Moment of Choice

  • [Image Option] Leave Justin in Criminal Division
  • [Image Option] Bring Justin to MIU – 250 Clovers*
    • Don’t ask anything
    • Ask what he ate
    • Ask about the Kendo tournament

Story will end at Chapter 14 should you choose to leave Justin in Criminal Division.

Chapter 14 The Blue Home

  • Gumwa (Golden Frog)
  • Baeksa (White Snake)
  • Ancient Hwali (Golden Carp)

If you selected Leave Justin in Criminal Division:

  • Have lunch together. – 40 Clovers  → Proceed to Normal Ending 5
  • Return to the station. → Proceed to Normal Ending 5

Chapter 15 The Tangled Truth

  • Missing Teenagers
  • Dead Cop
  • Doctor’s Surgery

Chapter 16 Reason and Emotions

  • Tell the truth
  • Change the topic
  • Don’t say anything

Chapter 17 The Undeciphered Case

  • I’m fine.
  • Not fine.
  • I think so.
  • Let Eilot answer
  • Answer for him

Chapter 18 Battle against False Truth

  • [Image Option] Block out the media
    • Leona Carlson
    • William Harris (BAD ENDING #5 Failed Door Guardian)
  • [Image Option] Hold a press conference – 250 Clovers*

Chapter 19 Sinking Case

  • Tell the truth
  • Tell a lie
  • Mix truth with a lie

Chapter 20 The 20th Story

  • Go meet Christopher – 50 Clovers
  • Do not go meet Christopher

Chapter 21 A New Path

If you selected Go meet Christopher:

  • Stay and talk to him. (BAD ENDING #6 Your cue to leave)
  • Finish the interview and leave
  • Call Eliot
  • Don’t call Eliot (BAD ENDING #7 Stop the Spell. It’s not working!)

Chapter 22 Hazy Evidence

  • Talk to Ansel – 40 Clovers
    • Document the interview. (BAD ENDING #8 The lost chance)
    • Take the coffee cup.
  • Don’t meet Ansel

Chapter 23 The Last Provocation

  • Open the box
  • Don’t open the box. (BAD ENDING #9 Lost Faith)
  • The suspect wrote it.
  • Suspect didn’t write it. (Hidden option to unlock True Ending)

Chapter 24 Murderer’s Invitation

  • Yes
  • No
  • Red Invitation
    • Let him use his power.
      • An old toy. – 40 Clovers → Proceed to Normal Ending 4
      • Newspaper sticking out.→ Proceed to Normal Ending 4/5
      • An old book – 40 Clovers → Proceed to Normal Ending 4
    • Don’t let him use his power.→ Normal Ending 4/5
  • Black Invitation – 250 clovers*
    • Yes
    • No
      • Stay in the hall. → Proceed to Normal Ending 3
      • Wander around. → Proceed to Normal Ending 1/Normal Ending 2/ Happy Ending/ True Ending**


4 thoughts on “Mystic Code Walkthrough/Guide”

  1. Hi, thankyou for your walkthrough..
    I already got ending 2 , 3 , 4 , and 5. But I’m struggling to get ending 1. Could you explain more detail about what option should I use.
    I chose the KICS one , bring Justin to MIU , block the media , Talk to Christopher, Do not talk to Ansel , NOt the suspect who write it , wander but always ended up in ending 2. THANKYOU


    1. Hello!
      You should be able to get Normal Ending 1 using the options below:
      Stay up and go through paperwork → Bring Justin to MIU → Block out the media → The suspect wrote it → Black Invitation → Wander around
      It’s not required to talk to Christopher and Ansel for this ending. 🙂


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