[Update] Helix Waltz includes new feature Mandaria Illusion

Helix Waltz has recently updated their game to include a new feature called Mandaria Illusion. Mandaria Illusion is an additional event that features new characters and sightly different game mechanics. This feature is only available to level 30 players and above who have completed the quest, Start the Journey in the Box.

Magda gets transported back to the past and plays Chu Wanti, a consort of Emperor Yun Zhe’s reign in Mandaria. Magda has only one year to change her fate and relies on her encounters with the characters living in the palace to alter everyone’s destiny.

Mandaria Illusion features eight new characters and eight different endings which includes a happy ending each with Yun Zhe, Zhou Heqi, Zhao Lang, An Hu, Asaro, Princess Yun Guo, a common ending and a bad ending.


helix-waltz_Mandaria Illusion Characters.jpg


Available once per day, players can roll the dice for 5 stamina each. The board has a total of 375 cells and the story automatically ends at cell no.375. Players encounter random storyline scenes throughout the way and obtain rewards when they land on wooden and sliver boxes.

helix-waltz_Mandaria Illusion 2.jpg

The main goal of Mandaria Illusion is to max the affection of all characters except the villians and get a happy ending with one of them by the end of the story. However, it takes multiple playthroughs to max out a character’s affection. Players can increase affection by answering correctly in each story scene. Alternatively, players can rapidly increase a character’s affection by sending them gifts. Gifts are randomly obtained throughout Mandaria Illusion.

Send gifts through the NPC tab to increase their affection to you.

Just a caution to new players is that Mandaria Illusion is a stamina sink and takes over 550+ stamina to complete one playthrough. I personally would not recommend new players who have yet to complete the main story to play this. Newer players should focus on reading finish the main story and completing side quests in Finsel first.

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