Shall We Date_Story Jar_The Last Sacrifice_Forbidden Ties

[Update + Walkthrough] The Last Sacrifice spin-off now available on Story Jar – Shall We Date

NTT Solmare’s Story Jar – Shall We Date has recently released their latest spin-off of The Last Sacrifice (TLS). Titled The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties -, this spin-off starts right after the end of TLS – Blood King’s Desire. The story has a total of 10 chapters.


[Spin-off] A number of days have passed since the incident when Hayden came back to life. Your relationship with Irving has deepened, and you are yet again spending a night together with him.

Then one day…

You join Shed on an errand and cross paths with a vampire and human couple.

The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties – is currently available up till chapter 7.

EDIT: All chapters have been released.

The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties – Walkthrough

Chapter 1

  • Have you grown tired of looking at me? + 3
  • Do you like the moon?

Chapter 2

  • …let’s live it again. +3 – 9 Diamonds
  • …don’t think about it too much.


  • I thought of the same thing.
  • Could you forget about that please? +3


  • I’ll go. +3
  • Wouldn’t I be getting in your way?

Chapter 3

  • Excuse me? +3
  • Maybe so.


  • Dig for details. + 3 – 20 Diamonds
  • Don’t ask anything.

Chapter 4

  • He doesn’t lie. +3
  • I can understand it’s hard to believe.

Chapter 5

  • I really didn’t do anything.
  • Thank you. +3

Chapter 6

  • Talk to Irving. – 25 Diamonds +3*
  • Run after Shed. +3 – 25 Diamonds (CG)
    • I am.
    • I’m not.
  • “Enter the room.”

*To be selected on the second playthrough to get the ending CG.

Chapter 7

  • Stay here and wait for Elze.
  • That’s not true. +3

Chapter 8

  • That was nothing.
  • Be careful, Elze. +3

Chapter 9

  • It was all thanks to Shed.
  • It was all thanks to Frantz. +3


  • Don’t worry about me.
  • I won’t let anyone else have it. +3

Chapter 10

  • Let it happen. – 39 Diamonds
  • Resist.


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