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[Update + Walkthrough] The Last Sacrifice spin-off now available on Story Jar – Shall We Date

NTT Solmare’s Story Jar – Shall We Date has recently released their latest spin-off of The Last Sacrifice (TLS). Titled The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties -, this spin-off starts right after the end of TLS – Blood King’s Desire. The story has a total of 10 chapters.


[Spin-off] A number of days have passed since the incident when Hayden came back to life. Your relationship with Irving has deepened, and you are yet again spending a night together with him.

Then one day…

You join Shed on an errand and cross paths with a vampire and human couple.

The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties – is currently available up till chapter 7.

EDIT 23/12/19: All chapters have been released. Have also added slight adjustments on how to get both endings.

The Last Sacrifice – Forbidden Ties – Walkthrough

Chapter 1

  • Have you grown tired of looking at me? + 3
  • Do you like the moon?

Chapter 2

  • …let’s live it again. +3 – 9 Diamonds
  • …don’t think about it too much.


  • I thought of the same thing.
  • Could you forget about that please? +3


  • I’ll go. +3
  • Wouldn’t I be getting in your way?

Chapter 3

  • Excuse me? +3
  • Maybe so.


  • Dig for details. + 3 – 20 Diamonds
  • Don’t ask anything.

Chapter 4

  • He doesn’t lie. +3
  • I can understand it’s hard to believe.

Chapter 5

  • I really didn’t do anything.
  • Thank you. +3

Chapter 6

  • Talk to Irving. – 25 Diamonds +3
  • Run after Shed. +3 – 25 Diamonds (CG)*
    • I am.
    • I’m not.
  • “Enter the room.”

*To be selected on the second playthrough to get the ending CG. At this stage, make sure to get not more than 24 affection points to get Shed’s ending. (Thanks to Shuubah for pointing out my error!)

Chapter 7

  • Stay here and wait for Elze.
  • That’s not true. +3

Chapter 8

  • That was nothing.
  • Be careful, Elze. +3

Chapter 9

  • It was all thanks to Shed.
  • It was all thanks to Frantz. +3


  • Don’t worry about me.
  • I won’t let anyone else have it. +3

Chapter 10

Irving’s Ending (30+ Affection points above)

  • Let it happen. – 39 Diamonds
  • Resist.

Shed’s Ending (24 Affection points below)

  • You mean THAT father?
  • That’s great!

2 thoughts on “[Update + Walkthrough] The Last Sacrifice spin-off now available on Story Jar – Shall We Date”

  1. I chose “Run after Shed” on my first playthrough and got Irving’s ending. Then I chose “Talk to Irving” for my second playthrough but still ended up with the same ending. Why is it? I didn’t see any option for “Enter the room” either time. 🙁


    1. Hey Shuubah, after chapter 6 when you have selected Run after Shed, you will have to ensure that your affection bar stays below 24 instead of maxing it out to get Shed’s ending. Sorry about that, will add it in the guide now.

      Hope you can get the ending this time! 🙂


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