Obey Me! -One master to rule them all!- A Beginner’s Guide

Gotta date them all. 😉

Last post of 2019! Did up a guide like this only because I ended up liking this game A LOT. This game allows me to choose sassy answers at the demon brothers with no negative consequences at all LOL. 


  1. Introduction
  2. Gameplay
  3. Events

1. Introduction

Obey Me! – One master to rule them all! – is an Anime Story and RPG Card Game by NTT Solmare Corporation. The game was officially released on 12 December 2019.

This beginner’s guide is for players who are interested or would like to know more about the mechanics of this game. It can also serve as a reference for otome players unfamiliar with RPG games.

2. Gameplay

2.1 Main Screen


Obey Me! is a stamina-based game that revolves around using gacha mechanics. Players can interact, chat and call their favourite demon as you progress through the story. Your life in Devildom also includes battling out with demons in Dance Battles. Upgrade your demon cards and get to know more about them! Below are some things to take note:

Stamina: One AP is replenished every five minutes. AP is consumed when players participate in Dance Lessons. Players can gain up to 30 AP by watching 3 ads a day.

Grimm: Grimm is Obey Me! main game currency. It is mainly used to:

  • Level up Demon and Memory cards in your Contact list
  • Upgrade Demon and Memory card’s stats in the Devil’s Tree.
  • Summon Cards and shards from Chapter G in Nightmare.

Grimm can be earned via : D JOBS, Daily Missions and participating in Dance Lessons.

Devil Points: Devil Points is the game’s premium currency. Devil Points are used to:

  • Purchase AP, Story Keys, Demon Vouchers, Glow Sticks, Surprise Guest’s items and Specials from Akuzon.
  • Be spent to do Dance Lessons in Limited-Time events and Hard Lessons.
  • Obtain more Demon and Memory cards under Chapter A, M and limited-time banners in Nightmare.

Devil Points can be earned by completing Daily Missions in To Do or can be purchased at Akuzon with real-life money.

Options: Allows players to change their game notifications, settings and transfer your accounts.

TIP: Interact and enter Surprise Guest mode with your favourite demon whenever a speech bubble appears on the character!

2.1.1 Icon Features

Mail: Game notices and issues can be found here. You can also receive presents here.

Akuzon: The Demon World’s most trustworthy market. Players can purchase Devil Points, Items and Special Discounted game packs here. Ravens can be exchanged for items here as well.

Obey Me! Akuzon

Ravens can be obtained from the demons via Surprise Guest!

TIP: During Limited-Time events, Akuzon has some value sets that can be purchased using Devil Points. These value sets are often value-for money and can be found under Specials section.

: D JOBS: This is where players can send the Demon Brothers to work and earn Grimm for you. More locations and working slots (maximum 3 slots) are unlocked as you work on existing jobs and progress through the story.

Obey Me! :D JOBS_1

: D JOBS is the game’s best source of Grimm. More Grimm can be earned through the later locations unlocked in-game. Once a job is completed, the demon’s intimacy increases. There is also a chance of getting extra Gems and Surprise Guest items when each job is completed.

Each working location is suited for specific demons. You can tell through the sparkles surrounding them during selection.

Hell’s Kitchen and Hocus Pocus are initially available at the start of the game.

Obey Me! :D JOBS_2

TIP: Don’t know how to unlock other working locations? Tap onto the locked buildings to find out their requirements!

Devilgram: This is where players can read specific stories related to specific character/s. Stories can only be read if:

  • Intimacy level with the Demon is reached.
  • Players have the required Demon cards to unlock the story.
  • Enough keys to read the story.

Obey Me! Devilgram

Keys can be earned as you complete daily missions and increase the level limit of Demons and Memories in the Devil’s Tree.

To Do: To Do is where players collect items earned from their achievements and Daily Missions. Players can regularly collect 30 AP during 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 here. To Do is where players can earned up to 18 Devil Points daily as well as obtain Keys, Gems and Grimm by completing Daily Missions.

Daily Missions

  1. Win a battle (Hard) – 0/7
  2. Summon a card in Nightmare – 0/3
  3. Win a battle (Hard) with 3 stars – 0/12
  4. Win a battle (Normal) – 0/10
  5. Go to 😀 JOBS and work a job – 0/3
  6. Level up a card – 0/3
  7. Unlock spaces in Devil’s Tree – 0/5
  8. Meet with a Surprise Guest – 0/3
  9. Win a battle (Normal) with 3 stars – 0/15

TIP: Dislike how your icons are arranged on the main screen? Press and hold onto the icon to re-arrange it! You can delete the icons in the trash bin too.

2.1.2 D.D.D

Phone: Allows you to answer and converse with students of RAD. During calls, there are selected options that increases the intimacy of the said demon. However, the calls can be revisited as many times as you like, so players do not need to worry and select whatever choices they want. Players can always replay the conversation to get the preferred choice.


Chat: You can chat with the demon brothers here. Select Memory Box to re-read through a specific conversation that you like.

Obey Me! Chat

Majolish: This is where players can see each demon’s character profile and swap their characters and background in the main screen. Players are also able to change demon’s costumes, music and listen to their voices here. Players can tap onto the locked item in-game to find out how to unlock them.

Obey Me! Majolish

2.2 Your Tasks!

Your Tasks! is where players can do Dance Battles to progress through the main story. Your Tasks! is divided into Story, Normal and Hard Lessons. Hard Lessons only unlock when players have finished Normal mode.


Unlike other otome games where it is important to raise Intimacy of your desired character by choosing the ‘right’ choices, in Obey Me!, your choices do not really affect the game and storyline as a whole. Players can replay through each Story Lessons as many times as they like and select different answers each time. Selecting certain answers may slightly increase the Intimacy rate of a character. However, choosing an answer that increases the demon’s Intimacy points only happens ONCE.

Dance Battles

To progress through the game, players have to win Dance Battles. In Dance Battles, the stronger and powerful your cards are, the easier to score points to win the dance. However, dance battles are influenced by seven dance attributes, Pride, Envy, Lust, Sloth, Greed, Wrath and Gluttony.

Obey Me! Dance Battle

For example, the Dance Battle image above shows that the battle will be of Greed and Wrath attribute. It is highly recommended to battle with Demon Cards that is high on Greed and Wrath attributes to win the battle. (Attaching a glow stick on Demon Cards helps to slightly increase the chances of winning a battle but players are better off saving it for really hard Dance Battles in the later stages.)

Obey Me!_Surprise Guest

Players only have 20 seconds to win a normal Dance Battle, 40 seconds to win a Boss Battle. When a Dance Battle ends, there is a chance for a Surprise Guest! to appear. Pet and gift them items to increase Intimacy and have a chance to receive items such as AP and Ravens.


  • Always upgrade your cards regularly. Make sure to invest your resources on the top three strongest demon and memory cards you have.
  • During Dance Battles, immediately activate all three of your demon’s special skills when it’s ready. By doing so, players can activate special skills at least twice in 20 seconds and score easily. (At least four times during Boss Battles)
  • Make sure to always tap/slide on the hearts that appear during the dance!
  • Regularly farm Hard Lesson stages that drop SSR cards to unlock more content in Devilgram and Majolish! SSR and SR cards obtained from Lessons are also the easiest to skill up.
  • It is not necessary to give items to demons in Surprise Guest! Gifting items only helps increase intimacy and the chances of getting back an item from them.
  • To obtain a surprise gift from your guest, players have to make sure in all three attempts, the guest reacts only with hearts

2.3 Nightmare

Nightmare is where players can obtain Demon and Memory cards. UR cards are the rarest, followed by SSR, SR, R and N cards. Demon cards can be obtained through Chapter A while Memory cards can be obtained in Chapter M. While Chapter A and M requires Devil Points or Demon Vouchers, Chapter G uses Grimm. Chapter G provides cards ranked SR and below as well as Gems, UR and SSR shards.

Chapter A and Chapter M gives a free pull every 48 hours while Chapter G gives a free pull every 24 hours.

Obey Me! Nightmare

TIP: Save your Demon Vouchers and Devil Points! Limited-Time events require cheat cards that are only available through Limited-time banners. Players should save up and use it on these banners instead.

2.4 Contacts

Contacts is where players can upgrade, level up, combine and awaken their Demon and Memory cards and shards. Demon and Memory cards are important to progress through the game and storyline. Upgrading, combining, levelling up cards all requires Grimm, making it very expensive to upgrade all your cards. Hence, it is important for players to prioritise properly on what cards to upgrade on.

In Obey Me!, there are a total of five different card rarities, UR, SSR, SR, R and N. There is also a total of seven different coloured attributes, Pride, Greed, Envy, Wrath, Lust, Gluttony and Sloth. The rarer the card, the stronger the stats as well as being able to upgrade it to higher levels.

The base level for each card rarity is:

UR 5: 50

SSR 4: 40

SR 3: 30

R 2: 20

N 1: 10

The maximum level each card can be upgraded to is:

UR 5: 100

SSR 4: 80

SR 3: 60

R 2: 40

N 1: 20

Obey Me! Contacts

To increase the max level of each card, it is also important to upgrade the card’s Devil’s Tree. The Devil’s Tree makes cards stronger, improve card’s attributes and allows players to obtain character icons and prizes. The Devil’s Tree is only fully completed when players have unlocked Devil’s Flower. The Devil’s Flower ‘awakens’ the card, resulting a change in the card’s image.

A duplicate card is required to level up a card’s special skill.

Obey Me! Demon Card

3. Events

Event Lessons in Obey Me! Are available for a limited-time. The game displays the length of time they will be available to be read and played. Currently, Obey Me! has events such as:

  • Pop Quiz Event

Players collect Pop Quiz collection items that can only be obtained by playing Pop Quiz lessons. Collecting a certain amount allows players to claim rewards including, exclusive event cards, Devil Points, AP, Story Keys, Grimm and Ravens. Getting Cheat Cards allows players to collect more Pop Quiz collection items, making it easier for Cheat Card players to rank higher in the event.

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