Love and Producer celebrates its second anniversary in Shanghai

Bringing otome experience to the next level.

In 2017, Paper Studio released Love and Producer, also known as Mr Love: Queen’s Choice. The game’s release in China amassed a huge female fanbase, with over 785 thousand followers on Weibo and counting.

The game’s popularity has yet to die down. Recently, the game organisedIn his world:他的世界》loosely translated as In his world: His Universe to celebrate its second anniversary. The event was held for a total of sixteen days in Shanghai, with a normal ticket priced at 58 yuan (approx USD 8.30) and a holiday/weekend ticket priced at 68 yuan (approx USD 9.76). According to qq news, a Chinese news website, tickets to attend the event sold out in an hour or two. Each ticket comes with a limited edition lucky bag that tickets holders could redeem.

Mr Love Queen's Choice Chinese Second Anniversary
You could select one out of the four lucky bags. Source: 恋与制作人 Weibo

For three hours, each ticket holder could explore Victor, Lucien, Gavin and Kiro’s room, touching and viewing the items displayed inside. Situated in each room were also NPCs whom ticket holders could interact with.


Mr Love Queens Choice_Victor's Room_Second Anniversary
Victor’s room. Source: 恋与制作人 Weibo
Mr Love Queens Choice_Lucien's Room_Second Anniversary
Lucien’s room. Source: 恋与制作人 Weibo
Mr Love Queens Choice_Gavin's Room_Second Anniversary
Gavin’s room. Source: 恋与制作人 Weibo
Mr Love Queens Choice_Kiro's Room_Second Anniversary
Kiro’s room. Source: 恋与制作人 Weibo

You can watch the experience on bilibili (a video sharing website), uploaded by user 略略略的一天.

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