Obey Me! Demon De Butler Event is now out!

It’s a brand new year in Devildom! A new school term in Devildom starts with Obey Me!’s newest Pop Quiz collection event, Demon De Butler. Collect Black Roses in the event to receive Butler reward cards! Demon De Butler will end on 19 Jan 2020, 2pm.

Pop Quiz Rewards in Demons De Butler

  • Grimm
  • AP
  • Glow Stick
  • Devil Points
  • Story Key
  • Raven
  • SR The Butler’s Secret/ Asmodeus
  • SR In Charge of the Table/ Beelzebub
  • SR The Excellent Butler/ Satan
  • SR The Butler is Here!/ Leviathan
  • SR Head of Service/ Lucifer
  • SSR Mammon the Butler/ Mammon (Shards)
  • SSR Butler Room Service – Memory Card (Shards)
  • UR It is All for You, Master – Memory Card (Shards)

Event Notes

Make sure to complete the entire Demon De Butler story first.

  • Always finish completing all Dance Battles in Butler De Demons event daily. You can do each Dance Battle three times a day.
  • An extra Dance Battle chance cost 5 Devil Points. (Please don’t waste any Devil Points unless you are intending to complete the event’s UR card or ranking high for rewards)
  • Watch five Ads daily to receive five extra Dance Battle chances. (This option only appears when you have exhausted all chances.)
  • Not enough AP to complete each Dance Battle thrice? Players can get at least 90 AP by:
    • watching ads thrice (The AP ad button can be found on bottom right hand corner of the screen)
    • Taking food from the fridge during 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00

By regularly completing all Dance Battles daily and extra Dance Battles chances, the total amount each player can collect is:

Total Black Roses and AP consumption in a day (with no Cheat Cards)

Completing all Dance Battles in event daily: 6750 Black Roses

Extra five Dance Battle chances by watching Ads x 5 daily: 750 Black Roses

Total Black Roses players can collect in a day: 7,500 Black Roses

Total AP needed to get 6750 Black Roses a day: 360 AP

Total AP needed to do extra five Dance Battles: 40 AP

Total AP needed to collect 7,500 Black Roses a day: 400 AP

Cheat Cards for Demon De Butler Event

Cheat Cards can be obtained from A Devilicious New Year banner. The limited time banner will be available from 7 to 20 January 2020. The first draw of this banner is free.

07012020_Obey Me_Happy New Year

UR Cheat Cards:  A Special Ceremony/ Asmodeus| Lucifer the Butler/ Lucifer

SSR Cheat Cards: A New Year’s Toast/ Satan

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