Manage your cafe and find love in Chinese otome mobile game Albireo Dream Collection

Chinese otome mobile game Albireo Dream Collection is now available! Developed by Perfect World, the game was officially released on 9 January 2020, 11:00am.

You play as the new owner of Cafe Albireo, a café at the brink of bankruptcy. By chance, you stumbled into a divination shop, whose owner mysteriously foretells your fate. He allows you to choose one of the six tarot cards, as your choice leads you to dream a future with…


Albireo Dream Collection_Qing Lian

Qing Lian | CV: Wang Shi

Job: Barista

Birthday: 01/20 | Horoscope: Aquarius

“To me, it is a happiness in itself to have Cafe Albireo…and you.”

Albireo Dream Collection_Xi Yue

Xi Yue | CV: Zhao Qian Jing

Occupation: Fashion Group CEO

Birthday: 12/02 | Horoscope: Sagittarius

“You have signed the contract – hence you have to accommodate to me, there is no room for refusal.”

Albireo Dream Collection_Snake_Qi Neke

Snake | CV: Guo Sheng

Occupation: Cafe Assistant

Birthday:05/11 | Horoscope Sign: Taurus

“In Cafe Albireo, you have to remember, the most important thing is you.”

Albireo Dream Collection_Xin Bai

Xin Bai | CV: Su Shang Qing

Occupation: Tennis Player

Birthday: 03/03 | Horoscope: Pisces

“Today is my lucky day, meeting you makes me really happy!”

Albireo Dream Collection_Wei Yuchen

Wei Yuchen | CV: Zhao Ling

Occupation: Astronomy Researcher

Birthday: 10/16 | Horoscope: Libra

“The world is really beautiful, surrounded by stars…and you.”

Albireo Dream Collection_Wu Qian

Wu Qian | CV: Li Long Bin

Occupation: Art History Lecturer

Birthday: 07/10 | Horoscope: Cancer

“It is my choice to wholeheartedly protect you.”


Albireo Dream Collection_call
Voiced call from Qing Lian. Screenshot text: “There are some people in the shop…looking for you.”


Albireo Dream Collection is partially voiced with plenty of things to do in-game. Players can upgrade their cards to pass through the main story, expand their cafe’s menu by learning new recipes, earn money by selling food in the cafe, learn makeup and even feed cats!

Similarly to Mr Love: Queen’s Choice, players can also reply messages in the game’s social media and call their favourite male character in-game.

Albireo Dream Collection is available in Simplified Chinese and can be downloaded from its main website.

Note: Would anyone like to see a rough translated guide on how to play Albireo Dream Collection? Let me know and I may just do up a guide on this!

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