Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

Lately, I am addicted into playing mobile games about palace intrigue. Now that a new game about palace intrigue is out in English, even though it’s not an otome game, let’s play it!

Combining dress-up, palace drama, petty infighting, kitties and handsome dudes all into one app, Beauty in Royal Harem only wants one thing – your money. So hold on tight to your wallets, as we venture back into Qing Dynasty to date some powerful handsome dudes.

In Beauty in Royal Harem, ‘You’ play as a fashion designer, travelling back to the Qing Dynasty in search of obtaining the White Mountain Embroidery Scroll. ‘You’ accidentally presume the identity of noble lady Chen Wanjun, entering as a palace candidate in the royal harem candidate process. Now stuck in the Forbidden City, you gather your wits and try to survive palace intrigue and harem politics.

To proceed through the story, you will spend your time focusing on dressing up and strengthening your servants’ capabilities to battle against your enemies. When not progressing through the plot, the game has tons of other activities for you to do to keep you busy. You can interact with other players, join alliances, pick up and feed kittens as you navigate through the game. However, it may take some time to familiarise and understand the game mechanics, as the tutorial is fairly brief in explaining the purpose of each activity

Beauty in Royal Harem_Scold (1)
‘Scold/Beat’ your enemies to progress though the plot. Players would need high energy and plot to win against your enemies.

As you progress through the game, you meet your four potential suitors – Arigun, your childhood friend and an Imperial bodyguard, Hongli, the emperor of the current dynasty, Alendi, the Forbidden Palace’s painter and Qi Mo, the palace watchmaker. You are able to randomly spend time with your suitors, give them gifts and increase their affections towards you. The higher the affection, the more dates you can go with them. Dress up in your fanciest clothes to pass through several date stages to read about the date.

Beauty in Royal Harem_Dates (1)

But what if you don’t have the right clothes to pass through the stages? Well, that’s where the game’s monetisation comes in. You will need Gold (paid currency) or Silver Leafs to get new clothes from the Wishing Tree. While clothes are hard to obtain, the dressing aspect of the game is remedied by regularly playing and amassing Gold so you can spend on clothes.

Another aspect of this game is the constant reminder of ranking. The game places a high importance on ranking players in terms of power, story, servant’s strength, costumes etc. If you are a competitive person, be ready to get suck into playing competitively in the leaderboards of the game by paying lots of $$$.

Like many mobile games, Beauty in Royal Harem is easy to play up till a certain point – to advance through the game faster than others, you will have to purchase monthly/ yearly VIP passes that provides you more Gold and other benefits. The game can also get frustrating after a while when you need a high amount of power to challenge your rival at the end of each chapter.

Despite all its flaws, I actually enjoyed the game? Although the game’s English translation is not the best, it is easy to get drawn into the addictive mechanics of the game, advancing through the plot and spending hours on this app. If you are looking for a game to past time without getting caught up with the competition, Beauty in Royal Harem will definitely keep you glued to your phone for a while.

Final Thoughts:

If Mr Love: Queen’s Choice, Royal Chaos and Love Nikki had a baby, it would be Beauty in Royal Harem.

About the Game:

Beauty in Royal Harem is a romance simulation game published by SOFAACTION on Android and Hong Kong Qing Lian Technology on App Store and was officially released on 14 May 2020.

The game is currently available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Price: Free with in-app purchases





6 thoughts on “Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once”

  1. Hi! I am currently playing this game and your review about Beauty in Royal Harem are beneficials to me. I would like to ask you on how to use the vigor elixir? 😊 Your cooperation is very much appreaciated. Thank you.


    1. Hellohello! Vigor Elixirs are to fully replenish your Fated Encounters when you run out of encounters. Once you run out encounters, select on Fated Encounters again and a popup will prompt you on whether you would like to spend Vigor Elixirs. Hope that helps!


  2. Is there a strategy in training your servants? Who to give the scrolls to and who to give plot points, talent points, etc.


    1. There’s no standard strategy for training servants but the general guide would be to first look at your servant’s speciality and Aptitude. For example, if I had a servant specialising in plot and has one of the highest Aptitude, a total of 9 stars in plot, I would pool my resources (plot pills,powders etc ) onto that servant.The same guidelines apply for the rest of the attributes like Appearance, Talent and Sociality.

      For scrolls, the above mentioned rules also applies but if you would like to have a higher jump of base power when you level up, it is good to save up before researching and increasing that attribute. Using the same example from above, since I have invested my plot resources on the servant specialising in plot, I would use plot scrolls to increase the servant’s plot Aptitude.


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