Ayakashi Romance Reborn

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

It took me ten limited-time story events to remember that Ayakashi Romance Reborn had a main story.

When evil spirits destroy the peace and harmony of the place you call home, Ayakashi Romance Reborn wants you to know the power of friendship. Holding an ancient wand in your hand, get ready and be whisked away by breathtaking handsome guys!

In Ayakashi Romance Reborn (Ayakashi RR), ‘you’ play as Futaba Saotome, a normal sixteen year old girl living in the world set around either Japan’s Meiji or Taisho period. The appearance of an old Kagura bell wand causes Futaba to awaken her powers as an Onmyoji diviner. As more Wraiths appear in the Capital, she must use her powers to defeat these evil spirits.

The game immediately introduces us to its gacha or loot box mechanic, allowing players to have a set of Ayakashi character cards. Each card comes with different rarities, with N being the weakest and SSR being the strongest and rarest. Collect multiple cards of the same character design to awaken them and form a deck. Although the gacha mechanic may turn off for some, Ayakashi RR is fairly generous with giving out free Diamonds.

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Gacha

Ayakashi RR’s tutorial is also straightforward and simple, succinctly explaining what you need to do. You will spend most of your time participating in limited-time events, grinding for gems in patrols and purifying wraiths when not reading the story. The game is easy to grasp without worrying about being restricted by paywalls.

Ayakashi Romance Reborn_Tutorial

Another great aspect of this game is that your cards do not hinder the progress of the story. Whether you pay-to play or choose not to spend, the game gives a decent chance to anyone who plays the game. Players can level up pretty quickly and strengthen their cards by going on patrols regularly.

Unlike other mobile games which integrates its gameplay and the story together, Ayakashi RR separates them. Reading the story requires keys which are obtained by buying, levelling up, exchanging shards and logging in on certain days. This is great for players who like the flexibility of reading everything at once or in short bursts. Players can also choose which characters they would like to read about first.

Ayakashi Romance Reborn_tutorial story.jpg

If I had to pick a flaw in Ayakashi RR, it would be the lack of romance. For a game whose tagline is: Stand and fight for a love 1,000 years in the making, the romantic aspect falls short of my expectations. Romantic episodes between Futaba and the male characters are brief and innocent. This results in the game coming off as bland. You can find a more detailed review about the game’s main story below:

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Overall, the lighthearted camaraderie between characters makes Ayakashi RR a pleasing game to play. While the main story requires time to read, the gameplay does not need much effort. If you like innocent stories about family, friendship with hints of romance, you might appreciate the game.

Final Thoughts:

Ayakashi Romance Reborn is relatively polished game that checks off the boxes of an otome game but doesn’t push boundaries. Despite the wide range of content, Ayakashi RR simplistic gameplay lacks of a push factor for players to revisit the game regularly. However, Ayakashi RR is still a great introductory mobile game for those unfamiliar with the otome genre or those starting out playing otome games.

About the Game:

Ayakashi Romance Reborn is a supernatural otome game published by Voltage Inc/ Otome Romance. The game was released on 19 June 2019 and is available on Android and iOS.

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