maybe: Interactive Stories | Royal Blood Walkthrough/Guide

Royal Blood Walkthrough

General Tips

  • Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours.
  • Complete Missions to earn Diamonds.
  • Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently.
  • Chloe’s Charm is important!  100% Chloe’s Charm is a total of approximately 1335 Charm points.
  • Charm increases the affection points of all three guys. It is good to invest on buying clothes for Chloe first before focusing on buying clothes for the guys/ choosing on optional paid Hearts options in the story.
  • You can purchase clothing sets which are 20% cheaper from closet. The Ranunculus Outfit gives Chloe 198 Charm and the City Vampire Outfit gives Chloe 164 Charm
  • The total number of diamonds needed to collect all special illustrations (excluding Ending Illustrations) is 235 Diamonds.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be (from the cheapest and easiest to the most expensive and hardest):Bad Ending → Theo → Andrew → Jay → Lars

Lars Hidden Ending Requirements

  • Read Secret Story: A Night of the Wolf and obtain Item: Whistle (38 Diamonds)
  • In Episode 13, blow the whistle to summon Lars and obtain Item: Pink Cape (15 Diamonds)
  • In Episode 14, allow Lars to drink your blood and obtain Item: Wolf Fang Necklace (16 Diamonds)
  • Chloe’s Charm should be at least 83% to read Lars’ happy ending

Other Information

  • Resetting the story will reset all hearts obtain throughout the story.
  • Purchased replies can be played for free in the next play through.
  • Purchase outfits (inclusive of hearts) will be brought over in the next play through.
  • You can earn 30 Diamonds in total by reading all 15 Episodes only once (inclusive of watching ads).
  • Once you have completed the story, resetting requires 1 ticket and allows you to read the rest of the episodes without using any tickets.

Initial Clothes Selection

  • Romantic two-piece suit (Romantic Two-Piece) – 26 Diamonds + 63 Chloe’s Charm
  • Classic red suit (Basic Red Suit) – 24 Diamonds + 58 Chloe’s Charm
  • Vivid dress (Yellow Frilly Dress) – 28 Diamonds +68 Chloe’s Charm
  • Basic olive-coloured skirt

Initial Hairstyle Selection

  • Sleek bob – 12 Diamonds + 29 Chloe’s Charm
  • Flower bun (Flower and Hair) – 17 Diamonds +41 Chloe’s Charm
  • Cute bob with bangs
  • Golden curls

Episode 1 Reversed Fate

  • Who are you? +10 Chloe’s charm
  • Oh…hello…?
  • Finish the bottle.
  • Stop drinking.
  • [Call] You can choose to Answer or Reject the phone call.
  • [Image option] Drink water.
  • Open the door.
  • Ignore the door.
  • I don’t remember.
  • She’s lying. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • [Image option] All of my belongings are packed up outside.
  • [Outfit Selection] Change. – 25 Diamonds
  • Don’t change.
  • You’re cute too, Miss Sophia. +10 Chloe’s charm
  • You have great taste!/It’s a bit late for compliments now. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Yeah, but travelling with you made time fly by! +15 Chloe’s charm
  • You could’ve picked me up in a car.
  • My father has hid himself deep into the forest.
  • [Image option] Theo is holding the luggage.
  • Help Theo. – 32 Diamonds +77 Theo’s Heart Special Illustration
  • Ignore him and wait for Theo.
  • Ask about the forest. (All options are fine)
  • Ask about Edmund. (All options are fine)
  • Ask about the odd location of the castle.  (All options are fine)
  • [Image option] Jay + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image option] Theo + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image option] Andrew + 15 Andrew’s Heart

Episode 2 The Heart of the Party

  • [Image option] Call Jay for help.+ 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image option] Call Theo for help. + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image option] Call Andrew for help. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Fall to the floor, surprised.
  • Attempt to flee.
  • [Image option] Jay + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image option] Theo + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image option] Andrew + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Accept Edmund’s offer. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Reject Edmund’s offer. +10 Chloe’s charm
  • Okay I will. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Well…If you insist. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Don’t be so rude to me. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Why do you hate me so much? +10 Chloe’s charm
  • I’ll keep quiet. I don’t want to cause any trouble…
  • [Outfit Selection] Night sky starlight dress – 26 Diamonds +63 Chloe’s charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Gold and black dress – 28 Diamonds +68 Chloe’s charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Plain dress
  • [Outfit Selection] Party clothes. – 30 Diamonds + 72 Theo’s Heart
  • [Outfit Selection] His everyday clothes.
  • Dance with Theo. – 32 Diamonds + 77 Theo’s Heart → Special Illustration
  • Politely say no.

If you selected Dance with Theo,

  • It was all thanks to you, Theo. +5 Theo’s Hearts
  • How can I pay you back?
  • Are your feet okay? +15 Theo’s Hearts

Episode 3 Sudden Kiss

  • Leave the party.
  • Apologise to everyone. +10 Chloe’s charm
  • Become friends with Lestard. – 18 Diamonds +15 Chloe’s Charm (Optional)
  • Don’t be friends with Lestard.

If you selected Become friends with Lestard,

  • The story of Edmund and Alice.
  • The story of Edmund and Monica.
  • The story of vampires and werewolves.
  • Question Lestard.
  • T-That makes me a little uncomfortable.
  • Well,you’re cute, too. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image option] Smooth and sweet milk tea + 10 Andrew’s Heart
  • [Image option] Rich hot chocolate + 10 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image option] Dark roasted coffee + 10 Jay’s Heart
  • Kiss him deeper. – 34 Diamonds  + 82 Jay’s Heart → Special Illustration
  • Push him away gently.
  • I’ve never been part of the noble life before. +10 Chloe’s charm
  • I felt like a member of a big family. +15 Chloe’s charm

Episode 4 Appearance from Behind

  • Ignore Jay +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Tell him that I didn’t sleep very well. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Talk to Sophia. – 14 Diamonds + 34 Chloe’s Charm (Optional)
  • Head straight to the airport.

If you selected Talk to Sophia,

  • Accept the hat.  Item: Hat
  • Ignore him and continue gathering my stuff. (Both options are okay)
  • Ask him why he’s looking at me. (Both options are okay)
  • Call for help. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • Try to free my wrist. + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • Beg him to let me go. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Okay, I’ll stay with Andrew. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • No, I’m sorry. But I’d like you to leave as well, Andrew. + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • Go with him. – 15 Diamonds +36 Andrew’s Heart
  • Decline the offer.

If you selected Go with him,

  • His work is incredible! How can you say that about him? + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • I guess maybe…
  • …….
  • No, not really. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Of course, it’s distressing!

Episode 5 Calm Before the Storm

  • There’s no need to thank me…
  • I haven’t fully decided yet. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • I guess that’s it, then. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Why do you ask? Are you worried? +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Theo, you’re so nice. (Both options are okay)
  • Thanks, Jay. (Both options are okay)
  • Sophia, you’re not my maid. You’re my friend. +10 Chloe’s charm
  • Doing this alone is hard, though.
  • I guess?
  • I don’t know yet. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • [Image option] Go and find Andrew. – 35 Diamonds +84 Andrew’s Heart → Special Illustration
  • [Image option] Thank him later.

If you selected Go and find Andrew,

  • I was so surprised!
  • Yes, I am happy to see you!  +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Be angry at him for being rude.
  • Ask him how the cream tastes.
  • Pretend that nothing happened.
  • Is becoming a vampire that painful…? +15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Do other people have scars?
  • Receive Andrew’s present. → Item: Storage Tube
  • What kind of woman does Jay like?  +15 Jay’s Hearts
  • What do you think of Theo as a potential boyfriend? +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Is Andrew a womaniser? +15 Andrew’s Hearts
  • Give Sophia a token of our friendship. – 13 Diamonds +32 Chloe’s Charm (Optional)
  • Don’t give Sophia anything.

If you selected Give Sophia a token of our friendship,

  • Accept Sophia’s gift.  Item: Tiara

Episode 6 A Night Out

  • [Outfit Selection] Change (Yellow Frilly Dress) – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Change (Blue Frilly Dress) – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Just go.
  • [Image option] Madam Margot showed her earrings.
  • Just let it go.
  • Make Madam Margot pay. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • I liked the kiss.
  • I guess my next kiss won’t be like that. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • That kiss didn’t mean anything.
  • Go out and enjoy the nightlife with Jay. – 36 Diamonds +87 Jay’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Continue with the lesson.

If you selected Go out and enjoy the nightlife with Jay,

  • [Outfit Selection] An elegant rose suit. – 26 Diamonds +63 Jay’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] His normal clothes
  • Oh, you’re coming in with me!
  • Do you want to head back?
  • This is my lesson time Jay! I-I’m the teacher now! +15 Jay’s Hearts
  • Tell Jay that he’s cute, too. +15 Jay’s Hearts
  • Just let it slide as if it’s nothing.
  • [Image option] Blue Lagoon
  • [Image option] Sex on the Beach
  • [Image option] Orgasm +15 Jay’s Hearts
  • Do you like the hotel?
  • Have you ever been in a hotel suite with someone? +15 Jay’s Hearts
  • I think I drank too much.
  • I think it’s because you’re next to me. +15 Jay’s Hearts

Episode 7 Suspicious Feelings

  • It’s dangerous up there! Get down at once! + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • While you’re up there, could you take a look at my windows, too? + 5 Theo’s Heart
  • Save the wolf pup. – 13 Diamonds (Optional)
  • Don’t save the wolf pup.
  • Yes, I think I can.+ 10 Theo’s Heart
  • No, please help me! + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • I don’t know.
  • Walk with Theo. – 17 Diamonds +31 Theo’s Hearts, Theo Shirt Unbuttoned unlocked
  • Return home.

If you selected Walk with Theo,

  • Life before he became a vampire. +10 Theo’s Hearts
  • His hatred towards werewolves.
  • His ideal type. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • Theo took his shirt off and started to swim!
  • Pretend to have lost consciousness.
  • Tease Theo for panicking.
  • The brothers are good to me. (Both options are okay)
  • Sophia is good to me. (Both options are okay)

Episode 8 Shadow of Death

  • [Image option] Check the bat statue.
  • Cry for help. +15 Theo’s Heart
  • Run away.
  • Help Theo. – 12 Diamonds +58 Theo’s Heart
  • Don’t help Theo.

If you selected Help Theo,

  • Looking forwards, wings closed and hanging upside down.
  • Looking forwards with wings outstretched.
  • Looking forwards but with its wings closed. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • It has red eyes.
  • It has sharp fangs. +15 Theo’s Hearts
  • It had long claws.
  • Do you know what I did yesterday?
  • Do you know what my favourite food is? +15 Theo’s Heart
  • Give Theo a hug. +5 Theo’s Heart
  • Stop Theo’s wound from bleeding. +15 Theo’s Heart
  • Put a coat over Theo.
  • Stay with Theo in the abandoned house. – 11 Diamonds +54 Theo’s Heart (Optional)
  • Run away alone.

Episode 9 Time of Reconciliation

  • Thank him for saving me. +10 Chloe’s Charm
  • Take my hand away.
  • What is the Halloween Memorial? + 10 Andrew’s Heart
  • What should I do until then? + 10 Theo’s Heart
  • Tease her by saying she looks like a goldfish. +5 Chloe’s charm
  • Give her a cold towel for her eyes. +15 Chloe’s charm
  • Tell her to go rest.
  • [Outfit Selection] Get changed and head out (Red Teo-Piece Outfit). – 25 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Get changed and head out (Romantic Two-Piece). – 26 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Just head to my lesson.
  • Ask him to comment on my painting.
  • Ask him to show me his painting. 
  • Ask him why he stopped painting. +15 Andrew’s Hearts
  • Let Andrew retouch my painting. – 34 Diamonds + 82 Andrew’s Heart → Special Illustration
  • Refuse Andrew’s help.
  • Read the book. – 13 Diamonds + ? Jay’s Heart (Optional)
  • Don’t read the book.
  • [Image option] Take a closer look at the ring in Jay’s hand.

Episode 10 I Drew For It Was Beautiful

  • [Image option] Look closely at the ring that Jay gave me.
  • Imagine dating Jay.
  • Imagine marrying Jay.+ 10 Jay’s Heart
  • Imagine making out with Jay. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Outfit Selection] Change (Basic Blue Suit).  – 24 Diamonds +58 Chloe’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Change (Basic White Suit). – 24 Diamonds +58 Chloe’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t change.
  • Why did Andrew become a vampire?
  • What’s the relationship between Andrew and Monica like?
  • What’s Andrew’s type? + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • No, the lesson was fun! + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • To be honest, it was a little boring. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • [Image option] Show him Jay’s ring.
  • I like you, too, Andrew. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • T-thanks.
  • …….
  • Look at the painting. – 12 Diamonds + 58 Andrew’s Heart (Optional)
  • Don’t look at the painting.

If you selected Look at the painting,

  • Obviously yes! +15 Andrew’s Heart
  • It’s not that big of a deal.
  • Don’t say anything.
  • [Image option] Andrew gave me a bouquet.
  • [Image option] Show her the flowers Andrew gave me. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • [Image option] Show her the ring Jay gave me. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image option] Show her the flowers Andrew gave me/ Show her the ring Jay gave me. 
  • What’s wrong with you today?
  • Sophia, is everything okay?
  • You’re not like yourself, Sophia… 

Episode 11 Love in the Rain

  • It’s going well, thanks to Jay.+ 15 Jay’s Heart
  • Well enough for you to care less.
  • Well, I’m not sure.
  • [Outfit Selection] Get changed and go to the social (Elegant Dress).  – 28 Diamonds + 68 Chloe’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Just go to the social.
  • [Image option] Look at the sapphire earrings.
  • Tell Madam Margot to watch her tongue.
  • Break my cup to attract attention to myself.
  • [Image option] Show them Jay’s ring.
  • Mumble an answer.
  • Women should stick together. +15 Chloe’s Charm
  • I was just putting my knowledge into practice. +5 Chloe’s Charm
  • Listen to Jay. – 15 Diamonds + 72 Jay’s Heart (Optional)
  • Change the subject.

If you selected Listen to Jay,

  • Grant him a kiss.
  • Tell him he can’t kiss me now.

If you selected Change the subject,

  • Why me? + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • This makes me a little uncomfortable. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • But…This means a lot to you.+15 Theo’s Heart

Episode 12 Everyday Luck

  • [Image Option] Express my gratitude to Monica. (Both options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Express my happiness to Sophia. (Both options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Agree with Andrew + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Praise Jay’s driving  + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Stick with Theo + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Sweet and cold mango juice + 15 Andrew’s Heart 
  • [Image Option] Smooth and savoury avocado juice + 15 Jay’s Heart 
  • [Image Option] Ice cold beer + 15 Theo’s Heart 
  • Chase the thief! – 34 Diamonds +82 Chloe’s Charm → Special Illustration
  • Don’t chase the thief.

If you selected Chase the thief!,

  • Jay!
  • Theo?
  • Andrew
  • Brush it off. (Both options are okay)
  • Let everyone know what happened. (Both options are okay)
  • [Image Option] Jay will win! + 15 Jay’s Heart 
  • [Image Option] Andrew, I guess? + 15 Andrew’s Heart 
  • [Image Option] I think Theo is the heavyweight here. + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • Walk along the beach with Theo. – 13 Diamonds + 32 Theo’s Heart
  • Stay at the hotel.

If you selected Walk along the beach with Theo,

  • I’m not sure.+ 15 Jay’s Heart
  • To be honest, I think I’m being swayed.+ 15 Theo’s Heart
  • I think it’s early to say for sure. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • Accept Theo’s necklace. Item: Theo’s necklace

Secret Story: A Night of the Wolf Unlocked → Item: Whistle

Episode 13 Halloween Peace Treaty

  • Yes, it was a special trip indeed (Both options are okay).
  • No, I’ve been to the beach multiple times (Both options are okay).
  • I like one of the three brothers (Both options are okay).
  • I like someone, but it’s not one of the three (Both options are okay).
  • [Image Option] I have feelings for Jay. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image Option] I have feelings for Theo.+ 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image Option] I have feelings for Andrew. + 15 Andrew’s Heart

If you read [A Night of the Wolf] and obtained Lar’s Whistle, +7 Chloe’s Charm

  • Blow the whistle. – 15 Diamonds +72 Chloe’s Charm
  • Don’t blow the whistle.
  • I’m sorry.
  • You told me to call you anytime! +15 Chloe’s Charm 
  • Accept Lars gift → Item: Pink Cape
  • [Outfit Selection] Wear something that fits the occasion (Halloween Goddess). – 27 Diamonds +65 Chloe’s Charm
  • Go as I am.

If you wore the dress – Halloween Goddess,

  • I like the look, too. + 10 Chloe’s Charm
  • Don’t flatter me. + 15 Chloe’s Charm
  • [Image Option] A white sparkling wine. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A colorful cocktail. + 15 Andrew’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A cold beer.  + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • Dance with Lars. – 12 Diamonds
  • Don’t dance with Lars.

If you obtained Lar’s Whistle, +7 Chloe’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Towards Lars
  • [Image Option] Towards the three brothers.
  • [Image Option] Moved next to Jay. + 15 Jay’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Moved next to Theo. + 15 Theo’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Moved next to Andrew. + 15 Andrew’s Heart

Episode 14 One-eyed Red Evil

  • Threaten him. (Both options are okay)
  • Beg him to let me go. (Both options are okay)

If you obtained item: Pink Cape, +7 Chloe’s Charm

  • Spit at Kane. +15 Chloe’s Charm
  • Mock Kane openly.
  • Don’t provoke Kane.
  • Yes, do it then.
  • No!!
  • Kill me instead. – 12 Diamonds 
  • Stay silent.

If you obtained item: Pink Cape, +7 Chloe’s Charm

  • Drink my blood. – 16 Diamonds 
  • Please, don’t get hurt.

If you allowed Lars to drink your blood,

  • Wear Lars’ necklace → Item: Wolf Fang Necklace

If you do not have item: Pink Cape,

  • Come back as a winner! +15 Chloe’s Charm
  • I don’t care who wins! Don’t get hurt!
  • Accept his apology. – 14 Diamonds (Optional)
  • Don’t accept his apology.
  • We can stop it. (Both options are okay)
  • We can’t stop it. (Both options are okay)
  • [Image Option] Persuade them using Edmund’s words. (Both options are okay)
  • [Image Option] Persuade them using Lars as an example. (Both options are okay)

If you have the Item: Wolf Fang Necklace,+7 Chloe’s Charm (Lars hidden ending appears)

Choose your Ending:

  • Think of Lars. (83% of Chloe’s Charm achieved)
  • Don’t think of anyone.
  • Think of Jay (100% achieved)
  • Think of Andrew. (100% achieved)
  • Think of Theo. (100% achieved)

Episode 15 Worthy of the Dampir

If you Think of Theo,

  • You dared to disturb our peace.
  • You tried to steal something you could never have!
  • Finish them off, Theo.
  • Let them go.
  • Ignore it.
  • Open the window.
  • [Image Option] Check the ring that the sparrow has dropped.

-Theo Happy Ending | Special Illustration-

If you Think of Andrew,

  • No, we will be victorious.
  • At the same level with an amulet? That’s a disgrace.
  • Run towards Kane, right now!
  • Use the flag!
  • [Image Option] Check Andrew’s flowers.
  • [Image Option] Check Andrew’s exhibition pamphlet.
  • [Image Option] Andrew pulled out a ring.
  • No.
  • Yes.

If you Think of Jay,

  • If you give up now, I will spare you.
  • Be ready for your death.
  • Run and hug Jay.
  • Run and kiss Jay.
  • I can read books all day if we are together.
  • I’m sorry, but it is really boring.
  • [Image Option] And found a diamond ring threaded on the bookmark.

If you Think of Lars,

  • Pity Kane.
  • Laugh at Kane.
  • Kill him right here.
  • Hold a trial and execute him publicly.

Secret Story: Once Upon a Time Unlocked

2 thoughts on “maybe: Interactive Stories | Royal Blood Walkthrough/Guide”

  1. Episode 10, after looking at Andrew’s painting, there’s another choice option when Andrew asks her if she has feelings for him:
    Obviously yes! (+15 Andrew hearts)
    It’s not that big of a deal
    Don’t say anything


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