The Farm: Sassy Princess Review : Its a golden affair

Currently taking a short break from playing otome games to be a farmer in The Farm: Sassy Princess.

Once upon a time, there lived a fourteen-year-old princess.

One fine day, her father, King Brassicus commanded the princess to marry an old man. To the shock of the King, the princess refused and ran away!

Filled with cutesy graphics, The Farm: Sassy Princess is a simple farming adventure game with dating simulation elements that needs no effort. You play as the princess, who settles down in a small village as a farmer. With a hoe in hand, you grow, harvest and sell your crops to prevent a certain loan shark from taking away your newfound home.

The Farm_Sassy Princess_Gameplay

The game starts off with selecting your desired character stats. It is important to note that stats play a major role in the gameplay. Most actions consume HP and is dependent on your character stats based on STR, INT and LUK. Despite a brief tutorial to guide you through the game, you will spend most of your time familiarising with the game and its clunky navigation buttons. As such, one wrong move might find your princess knockout from the lack of HP.

At the initial stages of the game, each new day passes by very quickly. The goal is to earn the required amount Pam, the game’s currency by the end of the season. Earn Pam by growing and selling your crops. However, by the time you watered your crops, night has fallen. If the princess does not go to sleep before midnight, the game punishes players with a penalty (This can be remedied by watching an ad). Players will find themselves juggling with upgrading their costumes and earning Pam to progress through the game.

The Farm_Sassy Princess_Ian

We are also introduced to new characters as the story progresses. The game has a total of three bachelors, Hans, the boy-next door, Sam, the village’s ‘hottest’ boy and Ian, your knight in shining armour builder. Gift them items to increase their affinity or alternatively, successfully complete random mini-game events that allows you to increase their affinity with you. Grind and progress far enough through the story to marry the boy of your choice.

It’s all about the gold.

After a season or two, you might find yourself repeating the same routine everyday in-game. The game increases the difficulty by upping the rental rates and introducing you to new features such as fishing and milking cows. To cover the rental rates, you may find yourself harvesting …only golden crops.

The Farm_Sassy Princess_DAERISOFT_Golden Crops
Golden Ginseng, Golden Mushroom and Golden Rice. The only income you need.

This is when the game starts to drag. You will find yourself repeating the same actions over and over in hopes for something exciting to appear. Apart from endless chain mails, there is no incentive to interact with villagers unless it is a quest or sub-quest.

However, unlike many free mobile games in the market, The Farm: Sassy Princess is a game where paying real money is actually optional. Players are able to progress through the game fairly quickly regardless of whether you pay or not. While players can purchase a Banner Ad Removal to remove the pop-up ads in-game, such benefits are optional and do not hinder gameplay.

Overall, despite the grind and the slow progression of the storyline, The Farm: Sassy Princess is simple and adorable game to satiate your in-game farming addiction. Although I do wish there were more cut-scenes between the princess and our bachelors, the game is still new. Hence, as long as you don’t go expecting a complex farming simulation gameplay, the game is fun way to pass your time.

Final Thoughts:

An oversimplified version of Harvest Moon, Harvest Town and Stardew Valley that charms you with its adorable characters.

About the Game:

The Farm: Sassy Princess is a farming adventure game developed by SN Mobile Technology and published by DAERISOFT on Android and App Store.

Price: Free with in-app purchases

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