Dress Up! Time Princess Review – A Beautiful, Captivating Dream

Wearing clothes has never been more magical than this.

If given the choice, would you change history? Would you choose to carve a future with someone you hold dear? When an ordinary day takes a magical turn, Dress Up! Time Princess empowers you to control your destiny and find your happy ending in history.

At first glance, Dress Up! Time Princess may seem like a child-friendly game among the hundreds of dress-up apps in the mobile market. However, don’t be fooled by its cutesy graphics and doe-eyed characters. This 3D story dress-up game is packed with an intriguing plot and customisation system that might leave players fascinated.

It is summer break and you are stuck visiting your grandpa in Paradise Town. As an apology for leaving you alone with grandpa, your mom offers you to play dress-up using the clothes in her old bedroom. This introduces us to the game’s dress-up mechanics. Similarly to dress-up games like Love Nikki, clothes in Time Princess are based on rarity. The higher the rarity of clothes, the higher the attribute to gain better scores to win each stage in the story.

Right off the bat, the game stands out with its detailed focus on customisation. Players are able to customise from the colour of their skin to their appearances. The comprehensive customisation extends to clothes, which is unlocked further into the game. The attention to details adds another layer to the game experience when players are given the freedom to alter, add patterns and change colours to their liking. It is also important to note that such extensive customisation would not be impressive if not for the game’s well designed interface to navigate through the features.

Story wise, Time Princess presents itself as an immersive experience, allowing you to interact with the characters apart from dressing up in every stage. The game starts your adventure by transmigrating you through your mom’s dusty old lectern into the body of Marie Antoinette. It follows Marie Antoinette’s life prior to the major scandals she has and circles around Marie’s friendship as well as romantic inclinations with her love interests.

For those clueless about Marie Antoinette or anything about 18th century France, the game does provide some background context throughout the story. Certain terms underlined in blue are key hints that gives players a better understanding of certain issues and allows you to make informed choices as you read on. While the choices you make do affect the flow of the story, Time Princess also allows you to go back to a stage and reselect other choices instead. This offers players the flexibility of reading various routes and endings to their liking.

The game’s flow chart is also a great add-on for those who seek to fully explore the entire story and read every scene in the game. Each scene is well-paced, showcasing the personalities every character also known as companions. Companions’ levels of goodwill increases when Marie interacts with them and selects answers they approve. As you advance through the story, the level of goodwill for each companion starts to affect your progress in the story. Tedious as it seems, this is one of the few mobile games that emphasise on establishing goodwill with both your love interests and companion friends.

However, no mobile game is perfect without flaws. The frustration sets in when you require materials to craft clothes and gifts to progress through the story. Materials can be obtained through various means such as Kitty Exploration, Story Encounters and buying from Parven’s store. You will find yourself grinding, spamming stamina on story encounters to gather the right materials to craft clothes and gifts for your companions in order to advance each stage. As a result, it disrupts the player’s reading momentum.

Regardless of the grind, I still find Dress Up! Time Princess a wonderful and engaging game. It is a visually stunning game that captures attention with its immersive storytelling and well-written characters. I do appreciate the fact that spending money is not a requirement to enjoy playing through the story. With patience and effort, you will find this game definitely worth playing.

Final Thoughts

Female-oriented mobile games in the market watch out cos there’s a new mobile game called Dress Up! Time Princess.

The game is best played when you change your graphic settings in-game to prioritise efficiency.

About the Game

Dress Up! Time Princess is a 3D story dress up game released by SKYUNION Hong Kong, a subsidiary of IGG. The game is currently available in selected areas (CA, GB, AU, SG and HK) on Google Play and App Store and available for pre-registration at all other regions.

You can pre-register Dress Up! Time Princess here.


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