maybe: Interactive Stories | Princess Irene Walkthrough/Guide

General Tips

  • Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours or watch ads randomly during Diamond choices.
  • Complete Missions and earn Diamonds.
  • Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently.
  • Irene’s Charm is important! Charm affects the affection increase of the three guys. It is good to invest on buying clothes for Irene. (You can purchase clothing sets which are 20% cheaper from closet. )
  • Charm increases the affection points of all three guys. It is good to invest on buying clothes for Irene first before focusing on buying clothes for the guys/ choosing on optional paid Hearts options in the story.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be (from the cheapest and easiest to the most expensive and hardest):Bad Ending → Zhen → Leon → Michael

Other Information

  • Resetting the story will reset all hearts obtain throughout the story.
  • Purchased replies can be played for free in the next play through.
  • Purchase outfits (inclusive of hearts) will be brought over in the next play through.
  • You can earn 30 Diamonds in total by reading all 15 Episodes only once (inclusive of watching ads).
  • Once you have completed the story, resetting requires 1 ticket and allows you to read the rest of the episodes without using any tickets.

Initial Clothes Selection

  • A beautiful yet practical dress (Dress for Action) – 28 Diamonds +68 Charm
  • A comfortable red outfit
  • Keep current outfit

Initial Hairstyle Selection

  • Honey blonde hair – 17 Diamonds
  • Bold pink hair. – 17 Diamonds
  • Cute red ponytail
  • Keep current hairstyle

Episode 1 Princess of Sor

  • Go to the meeting on his behalf. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Cancel the meeting.
  • Focus more on trade.
  • Expand relationships with neighbourhood countries. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Keep rumour about His Majesty from spreading.
  • [Image Option] Read the letter.
  • An intriguing proposal.+ 15 Irene’s Charm
  • Unpleasant.
  • Take your anger out on him. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Continue the conversation calmly. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Take the royal family’s necklace. -12 Diamonds +29 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t take the royal family’s necklace.
  • Sneak out of the room. – 32 Diamonds +77 Irene’s Charm Special Illustration
  • Stay and rest.

If you selected Sneak out of the room,

  • Grab the man. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Fall off.
  • Handsome man.
  • Mysterious man. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Suspicious man.
  • I want to take a hot bath.
  • Bring breakfast to my room.
  • Tell me your name. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Glamorous and elegant! (Extravagant Dress) – 22 Diamonds +53 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] A comfortable dress!
  • Ask more about Cirdina. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Go talk to Cirdina. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Read the letter.

Episode 2 Strong First Impressions

  • Really handsome.+ 15 Leon’s Heart
  • Like he’s quite grumpy. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Like nothing special.
  • [Image Option] Go after Leon and talk. – 34 Diamonds +82 Leon’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Talk to the King and the Queen

If you selected Go after Leon and talk,

  • I shall pay them my respects right away.
  • You are more important to me. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • It was awful.
  • It was fantastic. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • It was interesting.

If you selected Talk to the King and the Queen,

  • Talk about Sor. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Talk about myself. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Strawberry tart.
  • [Image Option] Raspberry pudding. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Beet ginger cookie.
  • Let’s pack and go home.
  • I need to get out of here.
  • Michael. +15 Michael Heart
  • Marcel.
  • Mario.
  • [Image Option] Tell him how you really feel. – 13 Diamonds +64 Michael’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Lie and say everything is okay.

If you selected Tell him how you really feel,

  • Keep asking Michael. +5 Michael’s Hearts
  • Move on without asking more. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Convince Michael. +5 Michael’s Heart
  • Threaten Michael. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Outfit Selection] Wear a hat with a grey ribbon. – 16 Diamonds +39 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Just go as you are.

Episode 3 Choose Me!

  • [Image Option] Help Princess Martha. +5 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Go meet Prince Leon. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Accept Martha’s gift. – 15 Diamonds +36 Irene’s Charm → Animal: Small Cross
  • Refuse to take Martha’s gift.
  • Tell the truth. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Tell a lie.
  • Stay calm and smile.
  • Get upset and be honest. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Love. (Any option is fine)
  • Money. (Any option is fine)
  • Power. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Introduce Michael first. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Introduce Martha first. +15 Leon’s Heart

If you previously selected Accept Martha’s gift, +7 Irene’s Charm

  • Why would you buy me a dress? (Any option is fine)
  • That would be great! (Any option is fine)
  • Continue performing. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Stop performing.
  • [Image Option] Go on a date with Michael. – 13 Diamonds +32 Michael’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Go back to the palace.

If you selected Go on a date with Michael,

  • Why do you come to this restaurant often?
  • Have you ever done anything to earn money on the side? +10 Michael’s Heart
  • How did you get close to the prince?
  • Accept with gratitude.
  • Accept reluctantly. +15 Michael’s Hearts 
  • Decline politely.
  • Wear the earrings. → Item: Garnet Earrings

Episode 4 The Dignity of a Royal

  • Tell the truth. (Any option is fine)
  • Tell a lie. (Any option is fine)
  • [Outfit Selection] Get a glamorous black dress – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Get a comfortable dress. – 28 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Get a cheaper dress.

If you selected glamorous black dress/ comfortable dress, +7 Irene’s Charm

  • Get closer to the scene. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Observe from afar. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Ask for the person’s identity.
  • Throw a dagger towards the voice.
  • Ask Michael if he recognizes the voice. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Follow Michael. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Hear Zhen out. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Yes, we are! +15 Michael’s Heart
  • No, we’re not!+15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Do the dagger trick. – 12 Diamonds (Optional)
  • [Image Option] Don’t do the dagger trick.
  • It is. (Any option is fine)
  • It is not. (Any option is fine)

Episode 5 Unexpected Request

  • Another tea party? (Any option is fine)
  • What’s an operetta? (Any option is fine)
  • Go to the library. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Stay at the residence.
  • Go to the training grounds.+15 Irene’s Charm
  • Fight the knight. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Ignore him.
  • About Prince Leon. +5 Leon’s Heart
  • About why Jeremy wants to know how to use a sword.
  • About Jeremy’s health. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Ask about the ghost. (Both options are fine)
  • Don’t ask about the ghost. (Both options are fine)
  • Go with Leon. – 14 Diamonds +68 Leon’s Hearts
  • Don’t go with Leon.

If you selected Go with Leon,

  • [Image Option] Cold water.
  • [Image Option] Sweet fruit juice +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Aromatic wine
  • Enei family
  • Velvo family
  • Bern family +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Go check it out myself. (Both options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Ask Samantha to go check. (Both options are fine)
  • I saw a ghost in the hallway!
  • I was taking care of Lady Tina. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Have a pajama party. – 36 Diamonds +87 Irene’s Charm Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Don’t have a pajama party.

If you selected Have a pajama party,

  • How they became candidates.
  • The first impression of Prince Leon. +10 Leon’s Hearts
  • What kinds of people they find attractive. +10 Irene’s Charm

Episode 6 Sleeping with the Enemy

  • [Outfit Selection] Wear red horseback riding attire. – 26 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Keep my current attire.
  • Interrupt. +5 Michael’s Heart
  • Don’t interrupt. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • How could I forget? +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Well…
  • I totally did. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Successful hunting! Got a red dragon!
  • Shout out for them to come out. (Both options are fine)
  • Flee first. (Both options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Left. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Right. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A crafted cane.
  • [Image Option] A frying pan. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A decorative sword. +5 Zhen’s Heart
  • Ask about Zhen. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Ask about the assassins. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Ask about the cabin. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Michael. – 15 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Zhen. – 15 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Both. – 37 Diamonds +89 Irene’s Charm Special illustration
  • [Image Option] By myself

If you selected Both,

  • [Image Option] Michael, what’s your type? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Zhen, how many people have you courted? +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Make excuses to Leon.
  • Stay still. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A successful hunt! Red dragon’s leather for Leon. + 15 Leon’s Heart

Episode 7 The Belle of the Ball

  • Respond humbly. (Both options are fine)
  • Respond arrogantly. (Both options are fine)
  • Finish the thought. (Both options are fine)
  • Stop talking. (Both options are fine)
  • What have you been up to? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Say hi to Martha!
  • Which ball are you talking about?
  • [Image Option] Ask Michael. – 16 Diamonds +78 Michael’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ask Zhen. – 16 Diamonds +78 Zhen’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ask Martha.

If you selected Ask Michael,

  • I get nervous when I dance with men.
  • I get embarrassed when dancing.
  • It’s because Michael is partner. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • We met at the banquet hall.
  • We met in the lily garden. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • We met in the hallway of the palace.

If you selected Ask Zhen,

  • The dance itself is difficult.
  • Zhen is my partner. +15 Zhen’s Hearts
  • The reason is unknown.
  • Close my eyes. +15 Zhen’s Hearts
  • Stare at Zhen. 
  • [Image Option] Read Michael’s letter.
  • [Image Option] Go to the lily garden. – 29 Diamond +140 Michael’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Don’t go to the lily garden.

If you selected Go to the lily garden,

  • It’s going really well!
  • I think I’m screwed. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • A courteous greeting,
  • Give your hand to your partner. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • On your partner’s neck.
  • On your partner’s waist.
  • On your partner’s shoulder. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • Wear the party dress. → Item: Party Dress
  • Accept the glittering garnet tiara. → Item: Garnet Tiara

If you selected Don’t go to the lily garden,

  • [Image Option] Read Michael’s note.
  • [Outfit Selection] Wear the tiara. 
  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing the traditional royal attire. – 26 Diamonds +63 Leon’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing his usual attire.

If Leon is wearing the traditional royal attire, +7 Leon’s Hearts

If you previously selected Go to the lily garden, +7 Michael’s Hearts

  • Accept Leon’s help. +10 Leon’s Heart
  • Decline Leon’s help. +10 Michael’s Heart

Episode 8 The Garden Party

  • Who are you?  (Any options are fine)
  • He’s not my boyfriend! (Any options are fine)
  • Do you know me? (Any options are fine)
  • Tell her about Michael. +5 Michael’s Heart
  • Don’t tell her anything. + 15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Talk about Leon. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Talk about Michael. + 15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Read it myself. (Any options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Ask Samantha to read it for me. (Any options are fine)
  • Of course I am. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • Is there any reason why I shouldn’t?
  • Should I go with you instead? +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • He has a point. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Leon will never do that. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Leon’s. – 15 Diamonds +72 Leon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Zhen’s. – 15 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Go to the garden party alone

If you selected Leon,

  • Wear the garden party attire. – 28 Diamonds +68 Irene’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing hunting attire. – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing the usual attire.
  • [Image Option] Speak with the Queen.
  • [Image Option] Spend some time with Leon. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Meet other candidates.

If you selected Go to the garden party alone,

  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing hunting attire. – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Leon is wearing the usual attire.
  • Be honest. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Give excuses.
  • Go to Zhen to complain. (Any options are fine)
  • Go to other candidates. (Any options are fine)
  • Enjoy the party alone. (Any options are fine)
  • Who’s this lady?
  • I’m sorry! +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Why are you avoiding me? +10 Michael’s Heart
  • Ask for the reason again.
  • Give him the opera tickets. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • I’ll just go by myself.
  • I’ll rip up the ticket. +15 Michael’s Heart

Episode 9 Bye Michael

  • You’re into me, right? +15 Leon’s Heart
  • You’re up to something, right? 
  • Have you talked to Michael lately? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Go with Leon. – 16 Diamonds +78 Leon’s Hearts
  • Go alone.

If you selected Go with Leon,

  • Leon asked me to come. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • Michael declined my invitation. +15 Michael’s Hearts
  • Go to remove the stain. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • Stay and watch the show +5 Leon’s Hearts

If you selected Go alone,

  • My friend declined the invitation. (Both options are fine)
  • My friend said he was busy. (Both options are fine)
  • [Image Option] Check the note covered in blood.
  • Why are you doing this? (Both options are fine)
  • Who are you? (Both options are fine)
  • You’re wrong about Michael! + 15 Michael’s Heart
  • Michael won’t come anyway!
  • Who are you?
  • Where’s the princess? + 15 Irene’s Charm
  • Ambush her.
  • With textbook technique.
  • With great speed.
  • Using objects around him. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • That’s none of my business. 
  • I’m sorry to hear that. + 15 Irene’s Charm
  • ……
  • Kill Lasha.
  • Overpower Lasha. + 15 Irene’s Charm
  • Talk to Michael. – 38 Diamonds +92 Michael’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Keep quiet.

If you selected Talk to Michael.

  • Were you also trained to be an assassin? + 15 Michael’s Heart
  • Then, why did you come to Brios?
  • Is everyone in your family an assassin?
  • Ask him to stay longer.
  • Ask him to take you to the residence.

If you selected Keep quiet,

  • Apologise to Michael.
  • Thank Michael. + 15 Michael’s Heart

Episode 10 Sympathy and Advice

  •  I love it! +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Not bad.
  • It’s awful. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] A clown show + 5 Zhen’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Tarot card reading +15 Zhen’s Heart

If you selected A clown show,

  • [Image Option] In the left hat.
  • [Image Option] In the right hat.

If you selected Tarot card reading,

  • Love. +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Fortune.
  • Make a guess.
  • [Image Option] Card 1 (Any option is fine.)
  • [Image Option] Card 2 (Any option is fine.)
  • [Image Option] Card 3 (Any option is fine.)
  • Ride the ferris wheel. – 36 Diamonds +87 Zhen’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Go back home.

If you selected Ride the ferris wheel,

  • That’s my job. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • It’s overwhelming at times. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Thanks for noticing.
  • Comforting words.
  • Harsh advice.

If you selected Go back home,

  • No, it was fun! + 15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Try again later.
  • Accept his apology. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • Don’t accept his apology. + 15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Sit on Leon’s lap. – 16 Diamonds +78 Leon’s Hearts
  • Make a seductive face.

If you selected Sit on Leon’s lap,

  • Hug Leon. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • Get up from the couch.
  • Tell the truth. +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • Tell lies.
  • Accept the rose from Leon. → Item: Rose from Leon

If you selected Make a seductive face,

  • I’ve become very fond of you. + 15 Leon’s Heart
  • I should do my best until the end.
  • I don’t know what I’m doing either.

Episode 11 Hidden Story

  • It was very meaningful. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • It was okay.
  • It was the worst. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Outfit Selection] Wear a romantic purple dress. – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t wear a romantic purple dress.
  • Of course, I have! +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Me?
  • The last place to reject him. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Where the Prince will propose. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • I’m sad that the competition is coming to an end. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • I was nervous to be with the queen.
  • It’s nothing.
  • [Image Option] Go see Leon. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Go see Michael. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Go see Zhen. + 15 Zhen’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Stay in the room.
  • Not at all!
  • Of course, I did!
  • Find out what happened. – 20 Diamonds
  • Don’t find out what happened.
  • I can’t help you.
  • I’ll help you just this once.

Episode 12 Garden of Promise

  • [Outfit Selection] Wear the ceremonial uniform – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t wear the ceremonial uniform
  • I understand where you’re coming from. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • That’s a lame excuse.
  • It’s more modest than I expected.
  • It’s quite majestic. +15 Leon’s Heart
  • It’s a bit scary.
  • Listen to Leon’s story. – 18 Diamonds +44 Leon’s Hearts
  • Don’t listen to Leon’s story.

If you selected Listen to Leon’s story,

  • Can you also use that power?
  • Was that voice from the spirit of the land?
  • Sor is a poor country.
  • I was having doubts. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • You don’t love me. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Is Michael in danger? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Don’t you also have to go? +15 Leon’s Hearts
  • Who’s their leader?
  • I thought all the rebels died 14 years ago! + 15 Zhen’s Heart
  • How could you not recognise him!
  • The Guardian of the Garden of Promise? +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Are you talking about Michael? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Aim a dagger at Zhen. – 38 Diamond +92 Zhen’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Persuade Zhen.

If you selected Aim a dagger at Zhen,

  • You’re an evil bastard.
  • That doesn’t matter anymore. +10 Zhen’s Hearts
  • That’s the only reason you’re sorry? +15 Zhen’s Hearts

Episode 13 Counterattack

  • Attack basilisk. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Escape the basilisk.
  • Thanks for saving me. +15 Michael’s Heart
  • Is Leon okay? +15 Leon’s Heart
  • Are you going to kill Zhen? +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Is Leon okay? +15 Leon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Where’s Michael? +15 Michael’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Has Zhen been caught? +15 Zhen’s Heart
  • Meet the king. – 20 Diamonds
  • Don’t meet the king.
  • What about lunch tomorrow?
  • I’m not sure.
  • Comfort her. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Rebuke her. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Tell her about everything that has happened. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Tell her about the favor.
  • I’m going to convince my father. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • I’m going to bring my father down.
  • [Outfit Selection] Change into a combat uniform. – 30 Diamonds
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t get changed.

Episode 14 One’s Greed

  • The person I love is there. +10 Irene’s Charm
  • My best friends are there. +10 Irene’s Charm
  • Money and power are there.
  • Threaten Ermond. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Flatter Ermond.
  • Hey, what took you so long!
  • Run away, Nicolaus! +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Chase Ermond. – 19 Diamonds
  • Take care of Nicolaus’s wounds.
  • I must convince him. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • I don’t know anymore.
  • [Image Option] Check out the red marble.
  • Attack father. – 38 Diamonds +92 Irene’s Charm Special Illustration
  • Throw the sword on the floor.

If you selected Attack father,

  • Point at the red marble. +5 Irene’s Charm
  • Point at the soldiers. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • You wanted me to destroy Brios.
  • You wanted me to stop you. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Remember the past.
  • I can’t choose one, Mother!
  • No!
  • I’ll eat them both!
  • ……?
  • Take the dagger back from him. +15 Irene’s Charm
  • Punch his stomach.

If you selected Throw the sword on the floor,

  • Because it broke too easily.
  • Because I know you’re not capable of such magic.

Episode 15 Our Story

  • Go see Michael. (When 100% achieved)
  • Go see Leon. (When 90% achieved)
  • Go see Zhen (When 85% achieved)
  • Say goodbye and go back to Sor.
  • [Image Option] Leon.
  • [Image Option] Michael.
  • [Image Option] Zhen

If you selected Go See Michael,

  • To express Sor’s stance.
  • To tell Michael how I feel.
  • Are you too happy to say anything?
  • Are you upset?
  • Have you ever thought of me as a woman?
  • Did you really want me out of your life?
  • You’re just making excuses
  • I respect your decision.

If you selected Go See Leon,

  • So you were here to stop the rebellion.
  • What are you going to do there?
  • Stop Michael.
  • Let Michael go.
  • Finish expressing your feelings.
  • Call the doctor.
  • Go for a walk with Leon.
  • Don’t go for a walk with Leon.
  • Close eyes.
  • Wrap arms around his neck.

If you selected Go See Zhen,

  • I came to interrogate the criminal.
  • I came to talk to Zhen.
  • Thanks for everything,
  • Sorry for everything.
  • Go back to the cell.
  • Let’s go meet the king together.
  • You don’t seem so determined.
  • I know by instinct.
  • Pick up the tiara.
  • Hug Zhen.

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