Dress Up! Time Princess Guide

Dress Up! Time Princess Guide

This is a short guide to navigate your way through the dress-up RPG mobile game, Dress Up! Time Princess.

Starting Out

* First, save your IGG ID (You can find this under Profile) and link your account to your Facebook/Twitter.

Dress Up Time Princess_Starting Out_Otomelliee Guide

Story Desk

Dress Up Time Princess_Story Desk_Otomelliee Guide


You can find the list of Blueprints for Clothes and Gifts compiled by me here.

Dress Up Time Princess_Otomelliee Guide_Boutique

Other General Tips

  • Remember to receive your daily reward pack.
  • Complete quests to obtain rewards! You can find quests under Memo.
  • Make new friends and receive stamina from them! You can make up to 200 friends.
  • Constantly craft new clothes from blueprints in Boutique. New clothes will make it easier to progress through the story.
  • Frequently check in and interact with your Companions by tapping on them. Companions will regularly give out gift boxes that contains stamina, gems, materials and coins.
  • Do give your companions gifts. Gifts increases their Goodwill quickly and allows you hit the minimum Goodwill requirement for the story.
  • Keep a look out for exclusive clothing Blueprints only available at the Parven’s Shop. When Parven is not around, items are always discounted. (Blueprints from the Parven’s Shop cost Gems)
  • Cotton, leather and pearls are one of the most frequently used materials in-game. Stock them up through Story Encounters, Parven’s Shop.
  • When not progressing through the story, always do Story Encounters. It is worth to spend 100 coins to refresh the list for an item you are looking for. Encounters consume stamina.
  • Take advantage of Double Reward Events! These events reward you twice the amount of gems/clothing material/ clothes you receive in Story Encounters or Kitty Exploration.
  • Participate in the Playroom daily. You are still able to earn prizes even if you do not have the correct clothes.
  • Upgrade your dress scores by researching at the Fashion Lab. Fashion Lab materials can be obtained through Kitty Exploration.
  • Try to send your cats out on frequent exploration trips to earn rewards. The longer the trip, the more rewards.
  • Often check what Lovecraft is offering in his shop. Some clothing can only be obtained by trading with Lovecraft.
  • Increase your dress score by enhancing relics. Relics can be obtained through Goodwill, story or Lucky Jerry.


3 thoughts on “Dress Up! Time Princess Guide”

  1. I have a question. When looking under the Recollections tab, and then under set pictures for Queen Marie, I see where some of the outfits list [Stage]: Blueprint can be obtained from Stage 1-4 of [Figaro Fever] but this isn’t a chapter in Queen Marie?

    Where would I go to achieve this blueprint? Thanks!


  2. Hello! I had a quick question about your guide for Time Princess’s Gotham Memoirs.

    In CH4, Diane gives you the audio reels to support your investigation (I believe in 4-3.) Your guide tells how to get her to give them to you, but I can’t make her NOT give them to me. I had originally done the options in which she would default give me the reels, but I can’t change that even by changing my choice in 1-15. Please let me know if you know how to bypass that, thanks!


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