maybe: Interactive Stories | Triangle of Kisses Walkthrough/Guide

Triangle of Kisses Walkthrough

General Tips

  • Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours or watch ads randomly during Diamond choices.
  • Complete Missions and earn Diamonds.
  • Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently. You can progressively select other options and buy clothes that increases their Hearts.
  • Mia’s Charm is important! Charm affects the affection increase of the three guys. It is good to invest on buying clothes for Mia. (You can purchase clothing sets which are 20% cheaper from closet. )
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be (from the cheapest and easiest to the most expensive and hardest): Bad Ending → Clark→ Kyle → Wayne

Other Information

  • Resetting the story will reset all hearts obtain throughout the story.
  • Purchased replies can be played for free in the next play through.
  • Purchase outfits (inclusive of hearts) will be brought over in the next play through.
  • You can earn 26 Diamonds in total by reading all 13 Episodes only once (inclusive of watching ads).
  • Once you have completed the story, resetting requires 1 ticket and allows you to read the rest of the episodes without using any tickets.

Initial Hairstyle Selection

  • Charming, voluminous bob – 15 Diamonds +36 Mia’s Charm
  • Sharp, long curly – 14 Diamonds +34 Mia’s Charm
  • Neat ponytail – 16 Diamonds +39 Mia’s Charm
  • Sleek long black hair – 15 Diamonds +36 Mia’s Charm
  • Keep current hairstyle

Initial Clothes Selection

  • Gorgeous two-piece – 24 Diamonds +58 Mia’s Charm
  • Fancy black two-piece – 24 Diamonds +58 Mia’s Charm
  • Dark sky inspired look +7 Mia’s Charm
  • Wear current clothes

Edit: If you have changed your Hairstyle/Outfit, +7 Mia’s Charm

Episode 1 Abrupt Proposal

  • He’s so handsome. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • He must be rich.
  • I love his body.

If you initially changed your outfit,+7 Wayne’s Hearts

  • Let’s hear what you have to say. +5 Mia’s Charm
  • Why so rude? + 15 Mia’s Charm
  • [Image Option] One Americano, please. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] One ice tea, please. +10 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] One Caffe Latte, please. +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Looks are the most important. (Any option is fine)
  • Wealth is the most important. (Any option is fine)
  • The heart is the most important (Any option is fine)
  • Get back at the ex-boyfriend. – 30 Diamonds +72 Mia’s Charm → Special Illustration
  • Ignore the ex-boyfriend.

If you selected Get back at the ex-boyfriend,

  • [Image Option] Flaunt the ring blatantly. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Insult David. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Brag about Wayne’s good looking face to Amy. (Any option is fine)
  • I have heard his name before. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • I have never heard his name before.
  • Because of John Doe. (Any option is fine)
  • Because of Wayne. (Any option is fine)
  • Because of David. (Any option is fine)

Episode 2 He’s My Type

  • [Outfit Selection] Take the band aid. – 10 Diamonds +24 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t take the band aid.
  • Did I look depressed? +10 Mia’s Charm
  • Am I your type? +15 Mia’s Charm
  • Ask him out. – 32 Diamonds +77 Kyle’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Just go home and rest.

If you selected Ask him out,

  • [Image Option] Pay with my card. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Let him pay. 
  • I love younger guys! +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • That’s a problem.
  • Grab the ring before Kyle. (Any option is fine)
  • Start touching Kyle. (Any option is fine)
  • Ignore the ring. (Any option is fine)
  • Go after Kyle. +10 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Give up on Kyle.
  • [Outfit Selection] Charming long skirt with frills (Frills and Skirt) – 25 Diamonds +60 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Wear the clothes I’m wearing now.

Secret Story: My Love My Destiny Unlocked – 38 Diamonds

Episode 3 The Devil Again

  • Say hello like I’ve never met him before. +5 Wayne’s Heart
  • Look down and hide my face. +10 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Make a weird facial expression. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Is he getting married any time soon?
  • Does he communicate a lot with his employees? +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • He looks very young for his position.
  • [Image Option] Ask Ms. Han about what he likes. +5 Mia’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Just guess what he likes. +15 Mia’s Charm

If you selected Ask Ms. Han about what he likes,

  • [Image Option] Black, sugar-free Americano. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Bitter espresso.
  • [Image Option] Creamy caffe latte.
  • We may have, since we work in the same industry.
  • I think I’ve seen you before, too. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Accept his proposal. – 32 Diamonds +77 Wayne’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Quit the job.

If you selected Accept his proposal,

  • Soft kissing. (Any option is fine)
  • Aggressive kissing. (Any option is fine)

Episode 4 Sweet Caramels

  • Run from him.
  • Try to talk it out. +15 Mia’s Charm
  • Go to the station and give a statement. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Refuse his request.
  • Help with the sketch. – 15 Diamonds +72 Clark’s Hearts
  • Refuse to help with the sketch.

If you selected Help with the sketch,

  • He had a wart under his eye. +5 Clark’s Hearts
  • He had very thick lips. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • He had a tattoo on his neck.
  • Ask Clark for a ride. – 16 Diamonds +78 Clark’s Hearts
  • Walk home alone, shivering.

If you selected Ask Clark for a ride,

  • Serene classical music +5 Clark’s Hearts
  • Upbeat K-pop +10 Clark’s Hearts
  • Angry Hip-hop +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Are you teasing me? +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • T-thank you.
  • Yes, I love them +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • No, not a fan.

If you selected Walk home alone, shivering,

  • Did you follow me? (Any option is fine)
  • I-I’m fine. (Any option is fine)

Episode 5 Destiny in Play

  • [Outfit Selection] Head turning neutral suit (Neutral Outfit) – 24 Diamonds + 58 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Fancy, pink, two-piece outfit (Pink Two-Piece) – 24 Diamonds + 58 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] What I’m currently wearing.

If you wore a Neutral Outfit or a Pink Two-Piece,

  • Prepare for the conference.
  • Sit down and rest.
  • Tell the truth. +15 Mia’s Charm
  • Lie to her, saying it was not a big deal.

If you previously selected Take a band aid in Episode 2, +7 Mia’s Charm

  • Go to the director’s office. – 35 Diamonds +84 Wayne’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Don’t go to the director’s office.

If you selected Go to the director’s office,

  • Seduce him in return. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Respond with reason.
  • Appeal to his emotional side.
  • [Image Option] Blood sugar boosting hot chocolate. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Americano filled with caffeine. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Sweet and sour lemon smoothie. (Any option is fine)
  • Why isn’t marriage a big deal to you? +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Are all millionaires like you?
  • Why did you choose me? +10 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Do you need an answer now? +15 Mia’s Charm
  • I’ll seriously consider it. +10 Mia’s Charm
  • Never in a million years!

Episode 6 Office Romance Alert

  • I do know him, technically. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • No, I’ve never seen him before! +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • That I was sad about losing you. (Any option is fine)
  • What I should have for lunch. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Go to the director’s office. -14 Diamonds +68 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Go over the conference with Kyle. – 14 Diamonds +68 Kyle’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Eat lunch alone.

If you selected Go to the director’s office,

  • Exquisite Korean food
  • French food
  • Italian food +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • How many girlfriends have you had?
  • Of all the countries you’ve been to, which is your favourite?
  • Do you have a secret you wouldn’t tell anyone?
  • Are you a dog or cat person?
  • Stop asking questions.

If you selected Go over the conference with Kyle,

  • Agree with him. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Act like his superior
  • Drive to the suburbs. +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Go to local tourist sites. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Commute comfortably.
  • [Image Option] The director’s reaction at the conference. +10 Wayne’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Kyle, who didn’t say anything the entire time. +10 Kyle’s Heart
  • [Image Option] The offended look on the executive’s faces.

Episode 7 Want Some Ramen?

  • Be calm and look mature.
  • Tell him how I feel.
  • Make an excuse.
  • Compliment his charm. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Criticise him for being too much. +15 Kyle’s Heart
  • Emphasise that there is no relationship.
  • [Image Option] Take Wayne’s call in front of Kyle. – 34 Diamonds +82 Wayne’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Ignore the call and continue talking with Kyle – 34 Diamonds +82 Kyle’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Use the call as an excuse to get away.

If you selected Take Wayne’s call in front of Kyle,

  • We’re coworkers. Nothing more. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • I’m offended by your question.
  • It can’t be as complicated as my relationship to you.

If you selected Ignore the call and continue talking with Kyle,

  • Lie to him and say he’s not my type. +10 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Say I don’t want to date a coworker. +5 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Firmly tell him I don’t want any more relationships. +10 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Ask about the assailant. +5 Clark’s Hearts
  • Ask about Clark. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Of course! +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Check out the story from Clark’s perspective. – 23 Diamonds +56 Clark’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Skip the story.

If you selected Check out the story from Clark’s perspective,

  • [Outfit Selection] Change into hospital clothes.
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t change into hospital clothes.
  • Help him while he gets treated. +5 Clark’s Hearts
  • Walk him to his house. +15 Clark’s Hearts

If you previously selected Change into hospital clothes, +7 Clark’s Hearts

  • [Outfit Selection] Change into casual clothes.
  • [Outfit Selection] Keep the hospital clothes.
  • Take the left road and go slow. – 13 Diamonds +64 Clark’s Hearts
  • Take the alley on the right.

If you selected Take the left road and go slow,

  • Do you ever feel afraid being a police officer?
  • What do you usually eat?
  • Are you interested in dating? +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • I’d love that. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • I don’t want to be a bother.
  • I don’t mind having ramen. – 36 Diamonds +87 Clark’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • I’m tired, so maybe next time.

If you selected I don’t mind having ramen,

  • Same here. I’ve never been to the house of someone I barely know.(Any option is fine)
  • I think we get along so well. (Any option is fine)
  • Should we have more drinks? (Any option is fine)
  • Should we wrap it up? (Any option is fine)

Episode 8 The Worst Dinner

  • Find out Wayne’s story. – 15 Diamonds + 72 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Don’t find out Wayne’s story.

If you selected Find out Wayne’s story,

  • That’s right. It hasn’t even started.(Any option is fine)
  • What are you saying? I won her over a long time ago.(Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Find out more about Kyle.(Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Find out more about her. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Act like there’s no problem. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] See what Kyle handed over.
  • I’m not sure if I should take this. +5 Kyle’s Hearts
  • You’re a lifesaver! 
  • Have you had lunch?
  • I appreciate your concern, but I’m fine. (Any option is fine)
  • I’ll go. Stay in your seat. (Any option is fine)
  • I’m meeting someone for dinner. (Any option is fine)
  • I’m still feeling a little sick. (Any option is fine)
  • No, there’s no plan! (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Go to a convenience store with him. – 15 Diamonds +35 Kyle’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Go to a convenience store alone.

If you selected Go to a convenience store with him,

  • Give him a pair of glasses. → Item: Black Glasses
  • [Image Option] Juicy beef. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Well grilled mushroom (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Soft chicken (Any option is fine)

Episode 9 Truth or Dare

  • [Image Option] Ask Kyle to drink it. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ask Wayne to drink it. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Drink it myself.
  • Act nonchalant. (Any option is fine)
  • Freak out. (Any option is fine)
  • Is participation mandatory?
  • Will Kyle go? +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Will the director go? +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] Change clothes, and join the second round (A City Outfit) – 26 Diamonds +63 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Don’t change, and just go home.
  • [Image Option] Take Clark’s call. – 32 Diamonds +77 Clark’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Ignore Clark’s call.

If you selected Take Clark’s call,

  • I’d love to! +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • No, I’ll just take a cab.

Episode 10 Weekends with You

  • Pepper spray gun? +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Police baton?
  • I don’t need them.
  • The director of the Planning Team. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • A new employee at the Planning Team. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • Someone I barely know. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Think he’s charming. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Think he’s a good coworker. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • I’m too busy thinking about you. +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Spend time with Clark. – 35 Diamonds +84 Clark’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] Tell him I want to go home early.

If you selected Spend time with Clark,

  • [Image Option] Chicken
  • [Image Option] A hamburger
  • [Image Option] Ramen +15 Clark’s Hearts
  • Yes. They both like me.
  • No, they’re just fooling around.
  • [Call] Receive
  • [Outfit Selection] Soft, light blue dress (Sky-Blue Dress) – 25 Diamonds +60 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Go with current outfit
  • Go up to David and talk to him. +15 Mia’s Charm
  • Ignore David and turn away.
  • David, what is she saying? (Any option is fine)
  • Act like a professional. (Any option is fine)
  • Sorry to break it to you, but I do have a boyfriend. (Any option is fine)

Episode 11 A Playful Kiss

  • My ex-coworker.
  • My ex-boyfriend. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • I’ll prove our relationship with action. – 32 Diamonds +77 Kyle’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • I won’t bother to explain to you anymore.

If you selected I’ll prove our relationship with action,

  • Reciprocate his kiss.
  • Gently push him away.
  • What did she say?
  • Are you taking her side?
  • Yes, exactly like a date. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • No, it’s just my way of thanking you. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Take your time and decide which one it is.
  • [Outfit Selection] Change my clothes and go meet Kyle (A Weekends Outfit) – 28 Diamonds +68 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Change my clothes and go meet Kyle (Pink Neutral Outfit) – 24 Diamonds +58 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Go meet Kyle in the same clothes
  • That’s right. I’m never going to date another coworker. +15 Kyle’s Hearts
  • No. There’s a different reason. +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Look at the ticket.

Episode 12 When We First Met

  • Does he really like me? +15 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Does he have something against Kyle? +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • Sure. Go ahead. +15 Mia’s Charm
  • No. I want to go first.
  • [Image Option] Listen to Wayne’s story. – 20 Diamonds +96 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Don’t listen to his story.

If you selected Listen to Wayne’s story,

  • Accept her help.
  • Ignore her.
  • I do. Quite a lot.
  • It’s just garbage the sky spits out.
  • It depends on who I’m with.
  • Okay. What is the favor?
  • No. I want this to end here.
  • [Outfit Selection] Change into the long black dress (Long Black Dress) – 27 Diamonds +65 Mia’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Just wear the same clothes
  • [Outfit Selection] Pick a patterned suit for him. – 28 Diamonds +68 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] Let him wear the same clothes
  • When was the first time we met? +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • What do you think about me? +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Wayne gives me a glass of champagne
  • How could that be true? +5 Wayne’s Hearts
  • You’re right. But that could change

Episode 13 Saturday 1 PM

  • See Wayne’s ending (When 86% achieved)
  • See Kyle’s ending (When 81% achieved)
  • See Clark’s ending (When 83% achieved)
  • See the normal ending.

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  1. heya! el ^^ where can i download this game? i followed your mayday memory guide, you’re such a life saver hehe thanks a lot!


  2. Thanks for the walkthrough!! 🙂

    By the way, How do you do the secret stories? When I try to read them, they just say “Next update 2099.5.23” even after I’ve unlocked them, same thing for the other stories in the app.


    1. Hello 直美! Secret stories are usually unlocked after reading finish certain episodes. From what you described, it seems like a bug on your side?

      You should screenshot the image and contact cinamon games about your problem. They should be able to resolve it for you! 🙂


  3. Thank you for this walkthrough

    You said “If you initially changed your outfit,+7 Wayne’s Hearts” then if I bought the new clothes for increase charm but I wear regular cloth instead so is it affect to Mia’s charm ??


    1. Hi NetTsuZ, yes if you bought new clothes, Mia’s Charm will increase as stated in the walkthrough. This is on top of the additional +7 Mia’s Charm when she changed her outfit in the beginning. (The Dark sky inspired look also counts as a change of outfit even though it doesn’t cost Diamonds)

      If you keep your current hairstyle/clothes, you wont be able to receive a +7 Mia’s Charm in the beginning of the story. Thanks for pointing it out!

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