Better than otome? Com2us Wannabe Challenge now available for pre-registration on Google Play

Claims to be better than otome O.o

Romance story RPG mobile game Wannabe Challenge is now available for pre-registration in English! Published by Com2us and developed by Korean visual novel company Day7*, you play as a prominent fashion model that proclaims to run away from home. However, the unexpected appearance of four handsome models at your doorstep has hindered your plan. Living under the same roof with 3 goblins and a 400-year-old fox…who’s the love of your life and fate?

Wannabe Challenge PV

The game has a total of four love interests, Kim Taehee, Kang Biho, Yoo Hansol and Yooha. To collect beautiful illustrations of your favourite guy, Wannabe Challenge utilises a gacha mechanic similarly to Mr Love: Queen’s Choice. Unlock romantic moments with each guy through in-game messages, social media and phone calls when you obtain illustration cards.

The game also features partial voice acting and fashion contest ‘Wannabe Challenge.’ Dress-up according to your favourite style and find your true love!

You can pre-register Wannabe Challenge on Google Play and App Store here.

EDIT: Google Play pre-register link has been changed to the game’s main pre-register webpage for both Google Play and App Store.

*In 2019, according to, South Korean game publisher Com2us acquired a 51.9 percent stake to visual novel company Day7. Com2us now holds ownership and management rights to Day7.

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