Mayday Memory Review

I hear your voice, Mayday! Mayday!

In Lucydream’s first release of 2020, Mayday Memory is a remembrance of situations that are twisted, crazy yet memorable. When a popular pop-idol loses his memories, it is up to private investigators of Vigil to solve the case. Grab your phones, grab your oranges, it’s time to enter a wild ride towards a new century.

Set in the futuristic world of 2099, Mayday Memory’s world building starts off with an intriguing introduction on the concept of memory. Seen as a commodity, memories are freely bought, sold and replaced after the first successful memory transplant operation in 2072. Memory, I declare, is now the coolest, edgiest product in market.

Or so I thought.

After a series of negative after effects and misuse of memory in the black market, it seems not so cool to sell memories after all. Instead, the world now uses Memory Chips to capture a person’s memory.

In the first few episodes, we are introduced to Dell, our female lead and a private investigator working under a company called Vigil. Having to lost her memories 3 years ago, she now lives her life as a jaded office worker. Apart from her are our male leads and supporting characters. There is Ain, a popular idol with several screw looses, Syd, a man with an addiction to betting and Hansol, a secretive man with a love for money. The male leads are joined by supporting characters such as Vigil’s Chief of disaster, Jeff and adorable rabbit robot Mode.

Hansol sliding into my heart just like this

Throughout the story, each character is well-defined, with their personalities shining through from the witty interaction and banter with one another. There is never a boring moment – the characters display their own unique charm that keeps the story going. As the main female lead, Dell holds her ground well against her romantic interests. Each episode slowly reveals her personality, bringing out the best and the worst of herself. Her cynical, dry tongued humor also balances out her team’s crazy antics without trying too hard.

Storywise, the plot slowly unravels the secrets that connect our characters together. Those looking for romance might find themselves bummed out from the lack of steamy moments in the main story. This is however, compensated in the game endings and the night patrols with each male lead. The story also comes off with a slow start, with the intensity of the plot only starting to build up by the second half of the story. Although the story sometimes falls through with the forced micro-transactions/ads (Looking at you orange vendor), the over arching plot and side memory stories from our male leads pushes the game to be one of the best free-to-play plot driven otome games currently available on mobile.

Buying memories are so overrated. Oranges are the next coolest thing.

In terms of gameplay, the investigation and battle components to the game are a great breather from plot heavy episodes. However, impatient players may find themselves frustrated by the multiple barriers of micro-transactions when selecting choices. Each choice you make either consumes Energy or Diamonds until you have completed the story and selected all the choices. While the game can be easily played free by regularly watching ads and replenishing Energy with Diamonds, waiting for Energy is excruciatingly painful. If you dislike to put in effort or patience, all this can be easily mediated by purchasing an energy level pack for smoother game play or simply leaving the app alone for months before coming back to it. Though the regular login gifts and incentives added on by developers is a great touch to make the game much more accessible to free-to-play players.

*This game was played when players were previously only provided 45 energy instead of the current 2000 energy and had forced people to upgrade their energy levels to finish the game. While I believe the previous game mechanic was less predatory (it cost the minimum of 15 for the whole story), the feedback by free-to-play players resulted in the current system today.

Overall, Mayday Memory is a fantastic game with that started off with the wrong foot. Despite the time consuming effort needed to complete the story and achieve each ending, the game’s well-written plot and likeable characters are worth grinding Diamonds for.

Final Thoughts

An underrated game worth spending money on a Lvl 2 Energy package just for its plot and characters.

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