Dress Up! Time Princess | Swan Lake Walkthrough

Dress Up! Time Princess | Swan Lake Walkthrough

1-1 Tutor’s Advice

Tags: [Grand][Perky]

  • Accept your responsibility*
  • Refuse*

1- 2 Future Responsibilities

Tags: [Noble][Formal]

Requirements: Ode of Determination (Outfit)

  • Welcome the guests, but delay the engagement
  • Don’t welcome the guests, but consider engagement
  • Willing to do both

1- 3 Distressed Princess

Tags: [Simple][Cooling]

Requirements: Aldous Goodwill Lvl 2

1- 4 The Suitors

Tags: [Noble][Formal]

Requirements: Unbending Will (Outfit) | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 2

  • Agree
  • Disagree

1- 5 Swan’s Secret

  • Run away* → Ending: A Lakeside Dream
  • Bandage his wound* – Aldous Goodwill

Event: Moonlit Secret

1- 6 Before the Ceremony

Tags: [Simple][Cooling]

Requirements: Secret Garden (Outfit) | Aldous Goodwill Lvl 3

  • Evade
  • Tease

1- 7 Coming-of-age

Tags: [Charming][Elegant]

Requirements: Wisteria Capriccio (Outfit) | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 3

  • Admit it*
  • Deny it*

1- 8 Disrupted Banquet

Event: Indiscernible

1-9 Resolve to Retaliate

Tags: [Grand][Perky]

Requirements: Aldous Goodwill Lvl 4

  • Worry about his safety* – Aldous Goodwill
  • He will be a burden*

1-10 The Forest at Night

Tags: [Warm][Gentle]

Requirements: Mesmerising Winter (Outfit) | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 4

  • Left* → Ending: Lost in the Forest
  • Right*

1- 11 Unexpected Development

  • Kill him* → Ending: A Costly Choice
  • Let him live* – Audwin Goodwill
  • Leave
  • Persuade

Event: On the Edge

1-12 Fruitless Attempt

Tags: [Noble][Formal]

Requirements: Aldous Goodwill Lvl 5

  • Stay silent
  • Comfort him – Aldous Goodwill

*If you previously chose to stay silent, you will not be able to confess to Aldous

  • Trust
  • Confess* – Aldous Goodwill

1-13 Their Past

Tags: [Charming][Elegant]

Requirements: Blooming Dance (Outfit) | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 6

  • Remain silent
  • Chat with him – Audwin Goodwill

1-14 An Unexpected Plot

Tags: [Simple][Cooling]

Requirements: Aldous Goodwill Lvl 6

  • Hide in the grass* → Ending: Fallen Kingdom
  • Hide in the tree*

1-15 Tough Decision

Tags: [Charming][Elegant]

Requirements: Melodious Thoughts (Outfit) | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 6

  • Stop begging* → Ending: Trapped for Life
  • Continue begging*

1-16 Burdens of the Past

If you previously selected Continue begging in Stage 1-15,

  • Reprimand him
  • Sympathize with him – Audwin Goodwill


Tags: [Warm][Gentle]

Requirements: Winter Ruby (Outfit) | Aldous Goodwill Lvl 7 | Audwin Goodwill Lvl 7

  • Thank him
  • Tell him you like it- Audwin Goodwill
  • Aldous* → Ending: Fairytale Ending
  • Audwin** → Ending: Dream Life
  • Choose Neither → Ending: A Queen’s Duty

**To obtain Aldous’s Ending, you have to select:

  • Accept your responsibility in Stage 1-1
  • Tease in Stage 1-6
  • Admit it in Stage 1-7
  • Worry about his safety in Stage 1-9
  • Confess in Stage 1-12

**To obtain Audwin’s Ending, you have to select:

  • Refuse in Stage 1-1
  • Deny it in Stage 1-7
  • He will be a burden in Stage 1-9
  • Chat with him in Stage 1-13
  • Sympathise with him in Stage 1-16
  • Tell him you like it in Stage 1-17

16 thoughts on “Dress Up! Time Princess | Swan Lake Walkthrough”

  1. Oh ok! Thank you so much! If it’s ok with you can you please answer how to tell Audwin you like it in stage 1-17? Only if you want to though.


  2. Oh thank you! I really appreciate what you do and you always answer questions too you really are amazing I’m happy that my friend recommended this for DUTP.


  3. i have gone through every stage of the story twice now and made sure to put in the requirements for audwin and it still will not let me get his ending. This is very frustrating.


      1. Wait don’t you need to raise his good will to level 10? I did that with Audwin and it worked but I didn’t do it with Aldous and it didn’t work. So I think you need to raise his good will to level 10.


  4. I have completed all the endings and choices for Swan Lake but the book shows 99% completed. Any ideas what I need to do to get 100%?


      1. I’ve checked and I have completed all the craft-able outfits but it still shows 99% 😩


  5. Hi! Thank you very much for this guide!

    You probably have to change some info though: intimassy level requirments for 1-17 are 6 with bith guys, and not 7 🙂


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