maybe: Interactive Stories | A Bite of You Walkthrough/Guide

A Bite of You Walkthrough (Updating)

General Tips

  • Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours.
  • Complete Missions and login daily to earn Diamonds and Tickets.
  • Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently.
  • The general guideline of difficulty to obtaining each character’s ending would be (from the cheapest and easiest to the most expensive and hardest):Normal Ending → Hoon → Min→ Tae

Other Information

  • Resetting the story will reset all hearts obtain throughout the story.
  • Purchased replies can be played for free in the next play through.
  • Purchase outfits (inclusive of hearts) will be brought over in the next play through.
  • You can earn 42 Diamonds in total by reading all 21 Episodes only once (inclusive of watching ads).
  • Once you have completed the story, resetting requires 1 ticket and allows you to read the rest of the episodes without using any tickets.

Initial Clothes Selection

  • [Outfit Selection] Change to a suit (Today’s Outfit) – 28 Diamonds +68 Bora’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Change to a warm colored outfit (Basic Tone-on-tone) – 15 Diamonds + 36 Bora’s Charm
  • Don’t change outfit

Initial Hairstyle Selection

  • [Outfit Selection] Change to a natural hairstyle (Natural Hair) – 16 Diamonds +39 Bora’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Change to short hair (Short Hair) – 17 Diamonds +41 Bora’s Charm
  • Keep current hairstyle

Episode 1 First Day & A Hanky

  • As I look to my sides white sports car was speeding towards me.
  • You’re blaming this on me? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • I’m sorry!
  • The white sports car speeds past before me.
  • Demand an explanation from him. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Kindly say hello to him.
  • The man hands me his handkerchief.

If you greet Tae nicely, +7 Bora’s Charm

  • Of course! Take a seat. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Yeah. Do as you please. +5
  • There are vacant seats in the back, too.
  • Read the note.
  • Have dinner with Hoon. – 32 Diamonds + 77 Hoon’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Have dinner with your family.

If you selected Have dinner with Hoon,

  • Want to know about the new game of Enfort. (Any option is fine)
  • Want to know about your past relationships. (Any option is fine)
  • Want to hear about more back stories. (Any option is fine)
  • Okay. I’ll try. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Sorry. I don’t really talk about myself.
  • Chase after the handkerchief guy. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Listen to Hoon. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I take out my phone. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I take out the handkerchief.  +10 Tae’s Hearts

If you had dinner with Hoon, +7 Hoon’s Hearts

If you selected Have dinner with your family,

  • I think so. +15 Bora’s Charm
  • I’m not sure.
  • Not at all!
  • I borrowed it.
  • It’s mine.
  • Yes, I am. Because of his face. +10 Tae’s Heart
  • No, I am not. I will make him fall for me! +10 Hoon’s Hearts

Episode 2 The Story of Kumiho

  • Dial back. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Search the number online.
  • [Image Option] Order coffee for Hoon as well. – 16 Diamonds +78 Hoon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I order only mine.

If you selected Order coffee for Hoon as well,

  • One is for you. Take it! (Any option is fine)
  • Yes. I’m too tired today. (Any option is fine)
  • I’m excellent with my hands. (Any option is fine)
  • Ten bucks for one-! Five bucks for each if you buy two-! (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Read the note.
  • Pet it.  +15 Bora’s Charm
  • Give some food.
  • There was a cat. (Any option is fine)
  • To get some fresh air. (Any option is fine)
  • I am surprised to see your face. + 15 Tae’s Heart
  • But you look so young to be a director.
  • No, not at all.
  • Treat me to dinner.
  • Up to you. + 10 Tae’s Heart
  • I want you. + 15 Tae’s Heart
  • It was interesting. (Any option is fine)
  • It was a bit scary. (Any option is fine)
  • Get on the elevator. – 32 Diamonds +77 Min’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Take the stairs to avoid him.

If you selected Get on the elevator,

  • He looked for me to talk about the new game project.
  • There was something we needed to talk about privately. +10 Bora’s Hearts

Episode 3 What He Needs

  • [Image Option] Get the handkerchief from him.
  • He is a stranger. (Any option is fine)
  • He is my brother. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] His white sports car was waiting.
  • Have dinner with Tae. – 20 Diamonds + 48 Tae’s Hearts
  • Decline

If you selected Have dinner with Tae,

  • Sit in the passenger seat. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Sit in the back
  • Tae gently wraps the scarf around my neck. Item: Scarf
  • I love it! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • It’s not my style
  • This place seems to suit you +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • This place seems very expensive
  • I smell something delicious
  • Do you want me to take it back? (Any option is fine)
  • Um..Do we need to see each other again?  (Any option is fine)
  • You’re joking right?
  • It’s too sudden. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] A red moon is high up in the sky.
  • Who are you? (Any option is fine)
  • Where is this place? (Any option is fine)
  • Kick him. +5 Bora’s charm
  • Poke him in the eyes. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Don’t fight back.
  • Call the ambulance.
  • Get closer to him. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Kiss Tae. – 34 Diamonds +82 Tae’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Grab Tae’s hands.

If you selected Kiss Tae,

  • Not at all. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • A little. +15 Tae’s Heart

If you previously selected Kiss Tae, +7 Tae’s Hearts

If you selected Grab Tae’s hands,

  • I’m sorry.
  • I’m not ready for a kiss!

Episode 4 Will You Be My Partner?

  • Pet the cat +15 Bora’s charm
  • Give the cat something to eat.
  • Just walk past the cat.
  • Wait, does that make Tae the future king of Kumiho? (Any option is fine)
  • No way! (Any option is fine)
  • I won’t tell anybody. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • Tae won’t let you do that! +10 Tae’s Hearts

If you previously selected Get on the elevator, +7 Min’s Hearts

  • Go out with Min. – 20 Diamonds +48 Min’s hearts
  • Decline his suggestion and go to my office.

If you selected Go out with Min,

  • [Image Option] Chocolate +5 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Vanilla +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Do you mean that I shouldn’t see Tae anymore? +5 Min’s Hearts
  • What do you want me to do? +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Min hands me a red crescent-shaped necklace. Item: Red Crescent Moon
  • Can I really take this? (Any option is fine)
  • This is too much. (Any option is fine)

If you selected Decline his suggestion and go to my office,

  • What you’ve just said is quite upsetting! +15 Bora’s Charm
  • I will.
  • Sorry, I’m too busy.
  • Let’s hear it out. +10 Hoon’s hearts
  • I know what partner means. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • It kind of makes me think of …you know…those things. +5 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Go to the reunion with him. – 27 Diamonds +65 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Decline and go home.

If you selected Go to the reunion with him,

  • Hoon, dressed up, was standing there. Outfit: Checkered Gray Suit
  • Quite nice
  • Awesome! +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Yes, he sure is +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I’m not sure, yet.
  • I’m cold, too.
  • I’m not cold…because of you. +10 Hoon’s Hearts

Episode 5 Amplifying Feelings

  • That’s so fascinating. + 10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Are you stalking me?
  • Tell him about what Seok said. +5 Bora’s charm
  • Say it was just a joke. +15 Bora’s charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Change into a cute outfit (Athletic Outfit) – 28 Diamonds +68 Bora’s Charm
  • Don’t change outfit.
  • [Outfit Selection] A comfortable look with style (Subtle Fall) – 28 Diamonds +68 Tae’s Hearts
  • A normal look as usual.

If you are wearing an athletic outfit, +7 Tae’s Hearts

  • You mean me? +15 Bora’s Charm
  • You mean my clothes?
  • [Image Option] Cotton candy. +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Strawberry crepe.
  • [Image Option] Ice cream +5
  • [Phone Option] Call/Reject (If you accepted the call, you will obtain Min’s number)
  • I love them! +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • I often enjoy them.
  • I’m a bit scared of them.
  • Go to the safari park. (Any option is fine)
  • Go ride the roller coaster. (Any option is fine)
  • Go ride the Ferris wheel. – 18 Diamonds + 44 Tae’s Hearts
  • Ask him to dinner at the shopping center. – 15 Diamonds
  • Go home.

If you selected Go home,

  • I feel the same way.+ 10 Tae’s Hearts
  • I thought it was enough.

Episode 6 Her Unexpected Appearance

  • [Phone Option – Min] Call/Reject
  • I’m not!
  • It’s because you called me! +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • I’m sorry. + 5 Tae’s Hearts
  • It’s sudden, but I’m not saying that I don’t like it. + 10 Tae’s Hearts
  • It’s too much pressure. This is the director’s office.+ 5 Tae’s Hearts
  • It would be better if we drank tea in here. (Any option is fine)
  • You did accuse me of slacking off. (Any option is fine)
  • Ask about Kumihos and the Palace of Cheonho. – 32 Diamonds +77 Tae’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Don’t Ask

If you selected Ask about Kumihos and the Palace of Cheonho,

  • [Image Option] Take the cup Tae gives me.
  • Ask more about Cheonho.
  • Stop asking.
  • I squeeze his hands in return. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • I draw my hands away in surprise.
  • Demand an explanation from Tae.
  • Demand a detailed explanation from Terry.
  • Just wait and see. + 15 Tae’s Hearts
  • Leave the office with Min. – 19 Diamonds + 46 Min’s Hearts
  • Stay at the office.

If you selected Leave the office with Min,

  • Yes, it does. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • I wasn’t feeling bad in the first place.
  • Ask about the relationship between Min and Terry. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Ask about what is happening now.
  • I think Tae likes me. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • That’s unfair to Tae. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Place the fire fox Min gave on my shoulders. Item: Fire Fox
  • [Image Option] Accept the note and cookies Suho is giving out.
  • Well… +10 Hoon’s Heart
  • No, I don’t!
  • Polite
  • Cute +15 Hoon’s Heart
  • Short and to the point.

Episode 7 Do You Mind If I Like You?

  • Okay, I will participate.
  • Are you going to be there, too? + 10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Playfully react to his prank. +5 Hoon’s Heart
  • Say hi to him nicely. +10 Hoon’s Heart
  • [Image Option] The director is helping me out a lot. +10 Tae’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Everything’s good, thanks to you. +10 Hoon’s Heart
  • No way! +10 Tae’s Heart
  • …Um…Maybe? +10 Hoon’s Heart
  • I have no clue.
  • He is my boyfriend. +10 Hoon’s Heart
  • He is just a friend.

If you previously obtained the Fire Fox from Min, +7 Bora’s Charm

  • I’m not sure about that. +10 Tae’s Heart
  • Didn’t you just ask me whether or not she was Tae’s fiance?+ 5 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Open the envelope.
  • Go out to look for Min. – 19 Diamonds +46 Min’s Hearts
  • Get back to my office.

If you selected Go out to look for Min,

  • I was looking for you. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • I was bothered by Terry.
  • [Image Option] Accept the iced tea Min gives me.
  • I worry about you too. +5 Min’s Hearts
  • Do you have feelings for me? +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Fun! +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Dangerous. +5 Bora’s Charm
  • [Outfit Selection] Tae was standing there wearing comfortable clothes. – 28 Diamonds +68 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] Tae in his usual clothes.

If Tae is wearing comfortable clothes,

  • You look like the hero of a TV show.
  • I like your outfit. +10 Tae’s Hearts

Episode 8 Those Who Hurt You Will Pay

  • You are lying! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • I thought so. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • Wow. Thank you! +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • You should use the good one, not me. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Of course! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Perhaps later.
  • Yes, I do!
  • [Image Option] Red capsule
  • [Image Option] Yellow capsule
  • [Image Option] Blue capsule +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] Min was standing there, wearing comfortable clothes (Striped Sweater) – 28 Diamonds +68 Min’s Hearts
  • [Outfit Selection] The same outfit as usual

If Min is wearing the Striped Sweater outfit,

  • Praise Min’s look. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Stare at Min.
  • [Image Option] Talk to Min +10 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Walk towards Hoon. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • That you are going to shoot me?
  • That you are confident to win the game? +15 Bora’s charm
  • Stand by. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Stop Tae
  • Block Tae’s way. – 21 Diamonds +51 Tae’s Hearts
  • Let Tae get shot.

If you selected Block Tae’s way,

  • No way. I’m the goddess of victory. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • How did you know they were there? It was awesome! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • We are more likely to win when you survive.
  • …I don’t want you to be in danger. +10 Tae’s Hearts

If you selected Let Tae get shot,

  • What’s done is done.
  • Still, we’re out together.+10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Jeez! I believed you when you said you’d make sure we won!
  • I need to talk to you. +10 Bora’s charm
  • I’m just going to the ladies’ room.

Episode 9 Energy of Seowangmo

  • Seems inappropriate!
  • Doesn’t matter. +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Ask Min for help. – 31 Diamonds +75 Min’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Try once again on my own.

If you selected Ask Min for help,

  • It’s okay. Please, give it a try just this once…! +5 Min’s Hearts
  • If you can’t help me, I won’t push you.
  • You collapsed all of a sudden.
  • It’s all Terry’s fault!
  • I’m saying I was worried about you. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • …Nevermind.
  • I’m going to scream! +5 Bora’s Charm
  • You never know! +15 Bora’s Charm
  • We’d better go together. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Hoon, wait here please. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • A dagger sparkles from afar. – 22 Diamonds +53 Bora’s Charm
  • An old music box near me.
  • My legs.

If you selected A dagger sparkles from afar,

  • Take the dagger Item: Kumiho Ceremonial Sword
  • Because I will tell Tae what you did! +10 Bora’s charm
  • Because you hurt me!
  • …What is it? (Any option is fine)
  • I don’t want to hear it! (Any option is fine)

Episode 10 The Heir of Cheonho

  • No way! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Okay!
  • Demand an explanation about what’s happening.+5 Bora’s charm
  • Try to touch the monk’s head. +15 Bora’s Charm
  • Leave the lair with Min. – 22 Diamonds +53 Min’s Hearts
  • Stay in the lair

If you selected Leave the lair with Min,

  • Of course!
  • Please, do it for me, Min. +15 Min’s Hearts
  • Tae is really incredible +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • How about you, Min?  +15 Min’s Hearts
  • Hug Min. + 10 Min’s Hearts
  • Hold Min’s hands. + 10 Min’s Hearts
  • Are you sure you are short on energy?
  • How can I help you? +15 Bora’s charm
  • [Image Option] Take Tae’s side +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Take Min’s side. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Go treat Tae. – 33 Diamonds +80 Tae’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Go back to the excursion place.

If you selected Go treat Tae,

  • I’d rather not be gossiped about +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Um…There’s no other option +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Don’t lie +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • I’m glad to hear that +5 Tae’s Hearts

If you selected Go back to the excursion place,

  • Really? Why were you worried?
  • Thank you for worrying about me.

Episode 11 I Can’t Stop

  • …Yeah. My whole body hurts. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • No, I’m totally fine!
  • Sounds great. Do my shoulders. – 20 Diamonds +48 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Decline the message.

If you selected Sounds great. Do my shoulders,

  • Try to avoid…that area. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • It’s okay. 
  • Okay, I will try! +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Do you think I can’t see through your wily scheme?
  • If you can help me, that’d be terrific. (Any option is fine)
  • No thanks. It’s more convenient for me to do it on my own. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Talk to Tae. +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Talk to Hoon  +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • You are too close!
  • Come closer. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Push Tae’s chest back. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Whisper into Tae’s ear. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Mr Suho, please explain. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Min, please explain. (Any option is fine)
  • What should I do?! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Why don’t we put Tae somewhere safe? +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Ask Min about the solution. – 31 Diamonds +75 Min’s Hearts
  • Ignore.

If you selected Ask Min about the solution,

  • I’m not comfortable with that kind of solution
  • I wonder what it is. + 15 Bora’s Charm
  • Stop Min.
  • Wait and see +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Hoon wears the glasses Item: Half Framed Glasses
  • I wear the glasses Item: Round Glasses

If you selected Ignore,

  • I heard about your current state. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • Nothing.  +10 Tae’s Hearts

Episode 12 How to Show Genuine Love

  • Never mind. (Any option is fine)
  • I will participate in the character-themed Farmer’s market. (Any option is fine)
  • I can stop you from stopping me! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • It is an event held by the company in the first place.
  • I just had some fresh air. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I met Tae. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Not at all! +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Well…
  • It’s none of your business.
  • [Image Option] Take the box Hoon hands me.
  • No! Thank you so much! +5 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I feel pressured…
  • I love it! (Any option is fine)
  • No, I don’t really. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Pick the macaron box on the desk.
  • Have a good day!
  • You are the best! +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Nothing…
  • Go meet Tae. – 22 Diamonds +53 Tae’s Hearts
  • Don’t go to the director’s office.

If you selected Go meet Tae,

  • Take the products Tae hands me.
  • [Image Option] Tae is right. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hoon was faster! +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I will hug you. (Any option is fine)
  • No, I can’t. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Take the box.
  • Reply to Min. – 31 Diamonds +75 Min’s Hearts
  • Give up replying.

If you selected Reply to Min,

  • Wear the Kumiho ears Min gave. Item: Kumiho Ears
  • [Image Option] Take the handkerchief from Min.
  • You are so thoughtful. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Like younger brother, like older brother! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • It was interesting. +10 Bora’s charm
  • I can’t believe it. +5 Bora’s Charm

Episode 13 Where My Heart Goes

  • [Image Option] You seem to know my taste. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I think Hoon would like it, too! +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Because I’m glad to see you! +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • How did you know we were here? +10 Min’s Hearts
  • …You did. (Any option is fine)
  • I can’t understand what are you talking about. (Any option is fine)
  • He is right! +5 Min’s Heart
  • Actually, Tae has a secret… +5 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Laugh it off.
  • Say thank you. +10 Bora’s charm
  • Follow after Tae. – 21 Diamonds +51 Tae’s Hearts
  • Stay

If you selected Follow after Tae,

  • Tell him the truth. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Make up excuses.
  • You were the only one that I asked for help.(Any option is fine)
  • Don’t exaggerate things! (Any option is fine)

If you selected Stay,

  • Good! Cheers!
  • Are you sure you should keep drinking? +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I can’t leave him here! +10 Bora’s charm
  • Yeah, you are right.
  • Then, we should stop Maigu! (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t you need to save your mother? (Any option is fine)
  • Soothe him with a kiss. – 30 Diamonds +72 Min’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • Soothe him with words.

Episode 14 Love Game

  • It’s none of your business + 10 Bora’s Charm
  • I had a company dinner.
  • No, he isn’t.
  • Well…He’s something like that. +10 Min’s Heart
  • Wake up early and get ready for the party. – 28 Diamonds +68 Bora’s Charm
  • Turn off the alarm and sleep more.

If you selected Wake up early and get ready for the party,

  • Wear the lovely dress. Item: Cherry Blossoms
  • How do I look? Do I look different? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • …Do I look strange?
  • [Image Option] Bouquet of orange flowers +10 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Bouquet of red flowers +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Bouquet of violet flowers +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Please, all of you sing together!
  • Why don’t just Hoon and Sol sing the song? +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Tae’s gift. – 18 Diamonds +44 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Min’s gift. – 16 Diamonds +39 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hoon’s gift. – 16 Diamonds +39 Hoon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Don’t choose anything.

If you selected Tae’s gift,

  • Wear the necklace Tae gave me. Item: Mermaid’s Tears

If you selected Min’s gift,

  • Wear the necklace Min gave me. Item: Blue Necklace

If you selected Hoon’s gift,

  • Wear the ribbon choker Hoon gave me. Item: Ribbon Choker
  • They are just humoring you!
  • Well, I’m not sure.
  • Sweet dessert +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Character licensing business +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Tae +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • I feel sad to say goodbye here.
  • You guys should all get going.

If you previously obtained the Sword of Kumiho, +7 Bora’s Charm

  • Drive the cats out.
  • Pat the cats. +5 Min’s Hearts

Episode 15 Why Don’t You Stop By?

  • My pleasure, thank you for celebrating with me.  +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Actually, I mulled over whether I should invite you or not.
  • Of course, you passed! +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Well, I’m not sure.
  • Yes, I want to know more about you. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Hmm, well…
  • Okay, let’s meet after work. (Any option is fine)
  • Go out? We’re just friends. What are you talking about? (Any option is fine)
  • We are just friends.
  • Well, is there a problem with that? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • She’s just talking gibberish. (Any option is fine)
  • (Explain about Cheonho) (Any option is fine)
  • Avenge on Terry. – 21 Diamonds +51 Min’s Heart
  • Do nothing.

If you selected Avenge on Terry,

  • Hide behind Min
  • Take a step forward +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Terry was the one who started the fight!
  • I’m sorry for making you worry. +5 Min’s Hearts
  • Was Terry telling the truth? +10 Min’s Heart
  • I didn’t think much of it.
  • Do you hate the Realm of Heaven? +5 Min’s Hearts
  • Am I not allowed to go there? 
  • I waited for you a little bit. 
  • I just got off, too. +5 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Support Hoon’s dream. – 29 Diamonds + 70 Hoon’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Talk about the cold reality.

If you selected Support Hoon’s dream,

  • Change the subject
  • Wait for Hoon’s response + 10 Bora’s Charm

Episode 16 You in a Fantasy

  • Can I sleep over at your place? +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • If you tell me the address, I’ll get to your house on my own.
  • Thank you.
  • Would you do it for me?  +10 Bora’s Charm

If you previously bought coffee for Hoon, +7 Hoon’s Hearts

  • [Image Option] Take a look at the note.
  • Bang on the door. – 17 Diamonds + 41 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Call Hoon’s name.

If you selected Bang on the door,

  • Hoon is wearing a wet shirt, unbuttoned Item: Wet Shirt
  • Wow, that’s intriguing. (Any option is fine)
  • I don’t believe such things. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Choose card A
  • [Image Option] Choose card B
  • [Image Option] Tae +15 Tae Hearts
  • [Image Option] Min +15 Min Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hoon +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Reassure him. +10 Tae Hearts
  • Talk about how sad I am because of Tae.
  • Where is Tae? (Any option is fine)
  • Nothing. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Take the brochure.
  • Are you hiding something even now?
  • You should do what’s in your heart. + 10 Tae’s Heart
  • Ask him for the peach. – 29 Diamonds + 70 Min’s Hearts
  • Decline the offer.

If you selected Ask him for the peach,

  • Tease him (Any option is fine)
  • Provoke him (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Take the peach.
  • Please, wipe it off for me. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • I will wipe it off.
  • Min puts a wreath on my head. Item: Hongho’s Wreath

If you selected Decline the offer,

  • [Image Option] Chocolate frappuccino.
  • [Image Option] Hot chocolate.

Episode 17 Give it to Me

  • It was perfect! +5 Min’s Hearts
  • I think I’ll look around a bit longer. +15 Min’s Hearts

If you previously obtained Hongho’s Wreath, +7 Bora’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Contact Tae. + 15 Tae’s Heart
  • [Image Option] Contact Min. +15 Min’s Hearts
  • Open the door for the cat. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Drive it away.
  • Hug him back. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Demand an explanation about the nuptial ceremony.
  • Ask him why Cheonho was enraged. (Any option is fine)
  • Ask him about whether Tae is okay. (Any option is fine)
  • Listen to Tae’s story. – 23 Diamonds +56 Tae’s Hearts
  • Refuse to hear him out.

If you selected Listen to Tae’s story,

  • A bright bead floats above my shoulders. Item: Seolho’s Bead
  • Want to marry you.+ 15 Tae’s Heart
  • Sorry, but I’m attracted to someone else.
  • [Image Option] Take the red flower from Tae.
  • I want to try it. – 30 Diamonds +72 Tae’s Hearts → Special Illustration
  • No thanks.

If you selected I want to try it,

  • I agree with you +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • Have you forgotten that we were working on something?

Episode 18 To the Realm of the Heaven

  • Do you want me to die? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • T-that’s a piece of cake.
  • Sure. I’ll help! – 24 Diamonds +58 Tae’s Hearts
  • Let’s just go right away.

If you selected Sure. I’ll help,

  • Is it difficult for a Kumiho to meet her, too?
  • Is there a human being who ever met Seowangmo? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • A bird is sitting on Tae’s shoulders. Item: Bird of Heavenly
  • Do you think it will work? (Any option is fine)
  • Is it okay to deceive her? (Any option is fine)

If you selected Let’s just go right away,

  • I’m so nervous. I just want to go as soon as possible.
  • I feel like her imperial majesty Seowangmo is calling me. +10 Bora’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Taste the peach.
  • [Image Option] Tickle Tae. +10 Tae’s Hearts

If you previously obtained the bird, +7 Tae’s Hearts

  • Have a talk with Seowangmo.  +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Leave with Tae.
  • Yeah. I’m sick because of you. +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • I’m more worried about you.
  • [Image Option] Hoon hands me a warm honey-ginger tea.
  • I missed you, too. But… +10 Min’s Heart
  • This is an abuse of your power!
  • [Image Option] Shake Terry off. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Ask Min for help (Any option is fine)
  • Contact Tae and make him persuade Min. – 31 Diamonds +75 Min’s Hearts
  • Solve this by myself.

If you selected Contact Tae and make him persuade Min,

  • I will go with you! +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Aren’t you going to see me again?

If you have the red crescent moon, +7 Bora’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Try to stop Min.
  • [Image Option] Ask Terry about her plan.

Episode 19 Which One Between the Two?

  • Do you think Min is hurt? +10 Min’s Hearts
  • Do you think Cheonho has been murdered?
  • [Image Option] Block Tae’s path. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Divert Min’s attention. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • How can I trust you? +10 Bora’s Charm
  • Do you need my energy?
  • I need to stop Tae! (Any option is fine)
  • It’s unfortunate, but this is the best option we have. (Any option is fine)
  • Why should I choose just one between them?
  • Where have you been?
  • [Image Option] Take the thing Terry shows me.
  • [Image Option] Give it to Tae. – 20 Diamonds +48 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Give it to Min. – 20 Diamonds +48 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Give it to nobody.

If you Give it to Tae,

  • Yes, I did.
  • That doesn’t matter.
  • Confess my love to him. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Save my breath.

If you Give it to Min,

  • Are you kidding me?
  • ….so much. +10 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Give the bead to Tae. +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Give the bead to Min. +15 Min’s Hearts
  • Strengthen the purifying power. – 29 Diamonds +70 Tae’s Hearts
  • Try to think of an alternative.

If you selected Strengthen the purifying power,

  • In a blink of an eye, I was wearing the fairy robe Item: Song of the Sea

Episode 20 Time to Decide

  • Look into the lake. +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • Step away from the lake.
  • Throw a stone into the lake. +10 Tae’s Heart
  • Do you know when the earth will collapse?
  • Can you tell me who Tae’s ex-lover was?
  • [Image Option] Ask about Tae. – 21 Diamonds +51 Tae’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ask about Min. – 20 Diamonds +48 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ask about Hoon. – 20 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] There’s nothing I want to know about.

If you selected Ask about Tae,

  • What do you think eternity is, Tae? +5 Tae’s Hearts
  • It’s a secret.

If you selected Ask about Min,

  • I heard about Min’s situation +10 Min’s Hearts
  • It was nothing special
  • Do you want me to go with you?
  • Okay, cheer up!
  • I want to know about you, not them. +10 Tae’s Hearts
  • Then, can I ask you about Hoon? +10 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Did you worry about me?
  • Did I do something wrong?
  • [Image Option] It’s you. +15 Hoon’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] It’s Min. +15 Min’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] It’s Tae. +15 Tae’s Hearts
  • Follow after Hoon. – 26 Diamonds +63 Hoon’s Hearts Special Illustration
  • Go to the station.

If you selected Follow after Hoon,

  • Hold his hand +5 Hoon’s Hearts
  • Link my arm with his +10 Hoon’s Hearts

If you selected Go to the station,

  • Okay, have a good walk.
  • Aren’t you going home?
  • I need more time to think about it.
  • No, I’ve decided! +15 Bora’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I can’t decide.
  • [Image Option] It’s Tae. – 96% achieved
  • [Image Option] It’s Min. – 90% achieved
  • [Image Option] It’s Hoon. – 85% achieved
  • [Image Option] A small box was in my hands.
  • Ask whether I can open the box.
  • Shake the box.

Episode 21 Eternal Mates

If you previously selected I can’t decide,

  • Do you mean I’m prohibited from entering the Realm of Heaven?
  • What if I want to come again?
  • [Image Option] Inside the box was a ring.
  • Did we have a company dinner yesterday?
  • Did I drink a lot?
  • I’m busy with my work, not guys.
  • What are you talking about? Could-be lovers who?
  • I think I will be able to find a good guy later.
  • Work is more important for now.
  • I think I’ve forgotten something important.
  • I want a fresh start.

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