Otome mobile game Love Unholyc now available

It feels like Mystic Messenger all over again

After successfully funded in tumblbug, LoveUnholyc is now available for download on Google Play and App Store. The game was released on 12 October 2020. This is South Korean company Prettybusy’s first otome mobile game.

You play as Mir, an ‘Unholyc.’ They are a race born between a human and a devil, who specialize in the power to charm and seduce others. As descendents of Asmodeus, Unholycs are known for their alluring features and use their powers of attraction to their benefit.  However, to become a fully fledged Unholyc, one must undergo a coming-of-age ceremony with their contracted partner for a week. Seeking partners, you accidentally managed to form a contract with three handsome humans…


Mir (Name can be changed)

An extreme homebody whose hobby and specialty are games, she lost her parents when she was a child. She has since lived alone with her guardian butler, William. Despite her half-baked skills and knowledge, she is good at playing games.

For some reason, she doesn’t use her powers of attraction even though she’s an Unholyc. Her biggest advantage is always being bright and active.


A butler who has been taking care of Mir on behalf of her parents since childhood. Despite constantly nagging to his master for not living up to the standards of an Unholyc, when an emergency arises, he risks his life to protect her.

William is considered an elite whose abilities are unrivalled within the butler association.


By day, he runs a tailor shop named Ripeato. By night, he becomes the invisible hand of the dark world, hosting meetings of big names he met when he was a gang member. On the contrary to his scary face, he is actually friendly to others.

Sol has a sweet tooth.

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Jung Hi

Part of a boy band group, Jung Hi’s role position is a visual center. However, unlike other male idols, whose selling point are their innocent and clean images, Jung Hi attracts people with his dangerous and sexy image.

He has considerable sadist tendencies and hobbies include collecting ‘tools’ and studying ‘play’.

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Currently the most popular fashion model in the country, Leo has a pleasant, cool personality and a glib tongue that makes everyone feel good. His photos give off a sensual vibe, making his manager and agency always say, “You should be sexy even if you die!


Love Unholyc Main Lobby

Similar to popular otome game Mystic Messenger, Love Unholyc is a time sensitive game. For seven days, chat and receive calls from your partners. You actions have consequences as you interact and get closer to each one of them. For those who hate the time sensitivity aspect to the game, Love Unholyc allows you to save and load your progress as well.

Love Unholyc is available to download on Google Play and App Store.

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