Love Unholyc Walkthrough

Love Unholyc Walkthrough – Season 1 Common Route (Updating)


Important Information

  • At the start of the game, once you are done with the prologue, immediately save your Day 1 progress on the Save & Load function. This will allow you to go back to Day 1 after finishing the seven days in the common route (save your progress in another slot) to select the other two partners in-game. Alternatively, go to Settings → Initialise Game (All your acme, items and tickets will be retained)
  • It is important to raise all three characters affinity throughout the days. Not meeting the affinity requirements and selecting the correct choices at specific chatrooms will result in a Bad ending in Days 4 (Jung Hi&Leo) & 6 (Sol). If you are aiming for a certain character, once you have passed the checkpoints for Day 4, you can start to focus your choices on your desired character while choosing + affinity points for Sol till Day 6.
  • If you don’t wish the hassle of entering chatrooms at specific times, it is worth saving up 175 time tickets to open up an entire week’s worth of chatrooms right from the start of the game and save it on the first slot at 12 AM. This allows you to read through everything and and get your desired character route to save it in another slot. Load back your first slot and repeat to obtain the other two character routes to save on two other slots. Doing so is to prepare you for Season 2 when individual routes are out.

Special thanks to Carla, Maria Eduarda Roque, Luna de silencio, kfthernandez, phxntomhive, witchazinha, Manic Pixie Dream Boy, Izza Annisa, kxystar and empress041 for helping out with this walkthrough!

Day 1 – Night of the Crows

Prologue – Good morning, Master

Chatroom: William

  • Who is it?
  • …I’ve been awake for a while now.

If you selected Who is it?

  • No!!!
  • Okay, you can delete it. See if I care. → Game Over
  • No! I’m sorry T^T
  • I want to eat fried fish!
  • Same as always
  • Fried goose please

Prologue – William’s Rage

Prologue – Strange Letter, Strange People

00:11 Welcome! Welcome!

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • I’m awake + Jung Hi
  • No…I’m so sleepy…
  • An important practice? + Jung Hi
  • You should always sleep!
  • You’re very healthy, aren’t you?
  • I loved it as well…+ Jung Hi

Call: Jung Hi → Illustration

02:22 Thought you could struggle to sleep…

Chatroom: Leo

  • How did you know? + Leo
  • Zzz…
  • you must be really tired T T + Leo
  • Isn’t good to be popular?
  • Ah…correct answer.
  • I am a bit disoriented…
  • I will get used to it! + Leo

Call: Leo → Illustration

05:33 Excuse me for a late ‘Hello’

Chatroom: Sol

  • Good morning! + Sol
  • isn’t this a bit too early? T^T
  • Is that advice for my own sake?
  • Are you saying that for their own sake? + Sol
  • You’re going already?
  • Alright, thanks! + Sol

Call: Sol → Illustration

08:23 Today’s Cat

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

• ??

• Thank you for inviting me to the group chat hehe + Jung Hi
• Lol this is a lot to take in!

• Lol, you really are close. + Leo?
• Seems more one sided if you ask me… + Sol

• …what is that? + Leo
• Oh~what a pretty decent shot! + Sol

• Um…a bit? + Jung Hi
• Well, no? I’m not partial to anything. + Leo

• Wow…Sol, you’re quite attentive! (Any option is fine)
• Maybe we should give it more water? (Any option is fine)

10:38 I already have a plan tonight

In conversation: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

• Don’t die on me…!
• Ah, he was a great idol. RIP + Sol

• Did I distract you from your work? T^T
• Ehem. It’s all thanks to me~ + Leo

• If you’ve just got back from your short vacation…It really must be tough. + Jung Hi
• So you can do it if you put your mind to it…so cool…!

• Plans? What’s that?
• Weren’t you coming to see me tonight? T^T + Leo

• I’m nervous…tremble… + Sol
• Toys? Are they for me? + Jung Hi

• I want to collect my acme as fast as possible and become a mature Unholyc! (Any option is fine)
• I’m looking forward to meeting all of you guys once again…! (Any option is fine)

• It could be temporary (Any option is fine)
• You’re making me blush… (Any option is fine)

12:32 Ripeato is sunny again

Chatroom: Sol | Leo

• Couldn’t you guys just have talked on a private conversation for that?
• I wonder what they look like! + Sol
• What picture?

• Do you have something to do at night?
• VIP? + Sol

• Does Sol work for someone dangerous?
• Can you give me an example? + Jung Hi

• Why do they come to Ripeato? + Leo
• Wow. I don’t know what’s going on but that’s pretty cool…

• Sol, you like cakes?
• I like hanging around people who are laid back! + Leo

• He seems to be busy. He isn’t talking on the phone + Jung Hi
• What are you guys going to do now?

14:15 Collaboration

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

• Something interesting?
• No, I’m not busy~ + Leo

• Oh! So Leo is going to be Ripeato’s model? + Sol
• Alright, enough about that. Tell me something interesting.

• Jung Hi, you really like Leo, don’t you? + Jung Hi
• I think the collaboration is a good idea… + Leo

• You two are surprisingly in sync… I think! (Any option is fine)
• Aren’t you being too cold? T^T (Any option is fine)

• I hope everything works out~
• Since we’re done talking, are you guys gonna go now? + Sol

• I’m okay. Continue! + Jung Hi
• Jung Hi, you’re a scary person…

16:48 Why do you make me so restless, Master?

Chatroom: William

• I’m over here!!
• In your heart?

• Thank you for looking out for me
• I get the feeling that you always view me in a negative light! T^T

• There’s nothing strange about this!!!!
• Have faith in me T^T

• No, I did find partners!
• About that…we have a slight problem…

18:39 A Lookalike

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • No, I haven’t
  • Yeah, what about you Sol?
  • Sol, why are you so obsessed with food?
  • So the working environment in Ripeato is great! + Sol
  • Yeah! They are really similar but we’ll just let it slide.+ Jung Hi
  • Hahaha I didn’t know Sol was such a pushover.
  • That’s great! You’ve got to earn your keep when you’re young!
  • I guess that goes to show how busy you are on a daily basis + Leo
  • I can also buy you toys if you want! (Any option is fine)
  • What toys? (Any option is fine)
  • That’s hardly interesting T^T + Sol
  • Maybe she’s nervous because she’s in your presence?
  • Hm? Why are you saying my name?
  • You were thinking about me? + Leo
  • Sol, what did you think about me when we first met? + Sol
  • I think your first impressions were pretty impressive as well + Jung Hi
  • Don’t tease him so much guys ~ + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for the compliment! + Leo

19:32 The seal is fading!

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • Speak, student Jung Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Mir, Mir?
  • Jung Hi is too weak to spank!
  • All three of you aren’t exactly kids though. + Sol
  • You’ve been checking on it? (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, it’s fine~ (Any option is fine)
  • I would love to have you guys as my boyfriends… + Leo
  • Shouldn’t we take it slow?! + Sol
  • T T Stop rubbing salt into my wound…
  • Yeap! I am proud to be single! + Leo
  • Seriously? ‘Eeee?’ Not ‘Aaaa?’ + Jung Hi
  • You’re going to make me cry or my boyfriend?

20:47 How was our first impression?

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • What a coincidence. I was just thinking about you too. + Leo
  • What do you want to chat about?
  • I knew it! + Jung Hi
  • Oh wow…that’s a lot to take in. + Sol
  • What is it? Ask away~ (Any option is fine)
  • What is it…(worried) (Any option is fine)
  • And I thought you were going to throw me a serious question~ (Any option is fine)
  • Being judged by people constantly…that must be hard on you guys… (Any option is fine)
  • You looked cute
  • You seemed dangerous + Jung Hi
  • He seemed sly
  • He seemed mature + Leo
  • He seemed solid
  • He seemed sweet + Sol

21:32 Scariest person

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Did you guys have lunch? + Sol
  • I am bored…what are you guys up to? + Jung Hi
  • What! You haven’t had anything?
  • Leo! Come! I will buy you lunch! + Leo
  • Sol is so sensible
  • Sol’s right. You need to eat T T + Sol
  • Sol…is cold…I think? + Leo
  • I think Sol is compassionate!

If you selected Sol…is cold..I think?

  • I think Sol is compassionate!
  • That’s relieving. (Any option is fine)
  • Dangerous past sounds cool…! (Any option is fine)
  • What happened?
  • Should I come over? + Jung Hi

22:22 Miss you so much!

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi

  • Hi, how are you feeling? + Jung Hi
  • I feel sleepy…It’s time to sleep.
  • Omg…are you okay? –
  • Are the others okay? + Leo
  • I feel bad for putting you guys through this… + Sol
  • Why don’t you try to enjoy the situation? + Jung Hi
  • Boss! Are you okay? + Sol
  • How is he?
  • Calm down first;;;
  • I want to see you guys soon too… + Leo

23:59 Be Responsible

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Why are you asking me that?
  • I’m over here!
  • Wait a minute! I’ll ask William!
  • I told you that when I gave you my number…

If you selected Wait a minute! I’ll ask William,

  • No, William is my butler!

Day 2 – Night of Torment

00:45 Let’s do that thing

Chatroom: William | Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Uh…what happened is…
  • I’ll explain myself later!
  • Should I lend you my shoulder?
  • Can we open the door first?
  • Sorry! My bad!
  • Say…say hello to my partners William!
  • I appreciate you worrying about me, but I’m fine.
  • That’s right! William is too strict!
  • That’s a relief… + Leo
  • Why are you just staring at me?
  • Are you done…? + Leo
  • What happens if you can’t control yourself?
  • N, no! + Leo
  • Not..not yet…
  • Physical activity?!
  • Suit, suit yourself… + Leo

02:58 I’ll continuously ask

Chatroom: Leo

  • No, not yet + Leo
  • I was about to.
  • That’s a relief
  • Are you okay? + Leo
  • No T T I’m not
  • Yeap, it’s what my usual day looks like + Leo
  • I’m fine with that! + Leo
  • True T T it’s pretty late
  • You sleep well, Leo. Same for your skin ~
  • Sweet dreams, Leo. + Leo

07:32 This is one horrible morning

Conversation: William

  • Yeap!
  • Nope!
  • Yes, I did!
  • Huh? What?
  • Last partner?
  • I’ve already made up my mind!
  • Nope
  • If they were that important, why didn’t you tell me earlier!
  • Oh! I’m curious! Tell me!
  • Make love? What’s that?
  • What are you talking about…you’re embarrassing me…!
  • I haven’t decided…
  • Do I have to choose one?
  • Looks delicious! Can I have a bite?
  • It looks ominous…
  • What happens if I do?
  • Got it! I will do as you say!

09:49 Who are you?

Chatroom: Sujee | Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Hi, good morning! + Jung Hi
  • I had breakfast~ + Sol
  • I haven’t had breakfast yet
  • Did you have a good night’s sleep, Sol? + Sol
  • I am still half asleep T T hehe + Leo
  • lol Did you do that on purpose to make him quiet?
  • Oh! Is it a game poster? Do you like playing games, Leo? + Leo
  • Wow…I like cosplaying! + Jung Hi
  • I’ve done cosplaying in the past too!
  • Do you have one for me then? +_+ + Leo
  • I want to see Jung Hi’s photo too! + Jung Hi
  • I want to see Sol’s photo too!
  • What about a photo of cat instead? + Sol
  • See ya~
  • ?? Who are you?
  • I’m Mir
  • ???

10:32 A new face

Chatroom: Sujee | Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Hi! Listen to me first T T + Jung Hi
  • ^^; I can tell it’s different…
  • Mir. That’s my name. –
  • I’m startled too;; –
  • Well, I don’t think Jung Hi did something that bad? + Sol
  • Haha. Be more careful when you invite me next time + Jung Hi
  • I am neither a vet nor a shaman + Sol
  • Your questions are out of line and I’m not going to answer them + Leo
  • Thank you for explaining 🙂 + Jung Hi
  • must be confused…
  • I scared you? lol –
  • Still not apologizing? –
  • High school alumnus? Not a friend? + Leo
  • Pleased to meet you

11:23 The room for you

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Ta da what? (Any option is fine)
  • Why did you open up a new chat room? (Any option is fine)
  • I was, but Sujee doesn’t seem like a bad person!
  • Haha. Thank you for opening up a new one + Jung Hi
  • What does she do for a living?
  • Does Sujee always tend to blend in the crowd like that?
  • That’s too bad … T T she’s an old friend of you all… + Sol
  • Thank you. It’s because you cared about me T^T + Sol
  • If you are busy, you don’t have to stay here anymore!
  • Wow! What kind of CF?? + Jung Hi
  • CF! You really are an idol! +_+
  • What’s up, Leo?
  • I’ll be here and waiting for you guys! + Leo
  • Malicious comments?! To you Leo?! + Jung Hi
  • You really are popular… It shows how famous you are. + Leo

Call: Leo

  • Thank you for welcoming me!
  • It’s not necessary. I’m fine
  • But she seemed very much interested today –
  • Then why is she even in the chat room?
  • Don’t worry. I’m not mad at Jung Hi.
  • I don’t hold such emotion. I am just concerned about the cyberbullying you are facing.

13:48 They look different in color…?

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Jung Hi, I’ve been waiting for you! + Jung Hi
  • Aren’t you busy, Jung Hi?
  • I’m eating something! + Sol
  • I’m playing a game!
  • I’m doing my job! + Jung Hi
  • Can’t you just send us a picture already? Huh? + Leo
  • What are you working on, Jung Hi? + Jung Hi
  • I know that drink!
  • Huh? Aren’t they all in different colors? + Sol
  • Something doesn’t seem right… (Any option is fine)
  • I’m sure everything is fine. Don’t worry! (Any option is fine)
  • Sol? Did something happen to him? + Sol
  • Wow! This makes it seem like we’re part of a detective crew!
  • Sol, I think its okay to lean on us once in a while. + Leo
  • …Sol, you’re a man. Like a real man.
  • Jung Hi isn’t talking…
  • Leo hahaha you’re good at this! + Leo

15:55 Small world!

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Hm? Why are you asking me? Lol
  • Maybe its because you ate them all…? + Sol
  • Not yet!
  • Yes, I did~
  • Unexpectedly?
  • That’s only because you worked too hard every single day~ + Leo
  • Knowing Jung Hi actually brought you a solid~! + Jung Hi
  • I just wish they saw you for what you’re worth… + Leo
  • Lol, isnt it the other way around? Shouldn’t Leo be good to your fans? (Any option is fine)
  • Oh, Jung Hi, any updates on your side of things? (Any option is fine)
  • What did you send exactly? + Jung Hi
  • Glad to hear it didn’t affect your shooting!
  • I want to see the photo! + Leo
  • Hm? Why does he hate it so much? + Sol
  • We need to respect his preference! + Jung Hi
  • Being naked is quite comfortable. + Leo
  • Maybe its his toy? (Any option is fine)
  • Shh. That’s part of his personal life. (Any option is fine)
  • Sol…Cheer up! I am on your side! + Sol
  • Lol. You guys are so happy and cheerful!

17:24 I don’t hold grudges?

Chatroom: Sujee

  • Hello, Sujee!
  • ?! Sujee?
  • I don’t really mind.
  • You seem to know a lot about Jung Hi.
  • Its more complicated than just friends. We are contracted.
  • We met at Ripeato
  • I think its too soon for you to ask me such a question
  • He seems dangerous, cute and sensible at times
  • You are working hard for Jung Hi’s sake
  • I am not one of the lunatics + Jung Hi
  • So its all you that made him who he is today?
  • Well, I think he could have become an idol without your help
  • I am not interested in celebrities to begin with. + Leo
  • Truth to be told, I don’t really know much about him. –
  • You really do like Jung Hi, don’t you? –
  • Aren’t Sol and Leo amazing in their own right? + Sol
  • Did you hear that from Jung Hi?
  • Jung Hi is keeping himself busy 🙂
  • Jung Hi is too busy to chat?
  • I am also glad to know you 🙂

Call: Jung Hi

  • I was waiting for your call-
  • I was chatting with someone else
  • Why are you apologising?
  • I’ll forgive her only because I’m talking to you
  • Is it true that Sol did bad things when he was an active gang member?
  • Is it true that you rigged some network in order to promote Leo is showbiz?
  • It sounds like you hold some grudges against malicious commenters?
  • I cant agree more!

19:13 I need you

Chatroom: Sujee | Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Did something happen to the cat? (Any option is fine)
  • Cat…I want to see him… (Any option is fine)
  • You said he’s not in a good condition…Could it be… (Any option is fine)
  • Why don’t you to search for him a little longer?(Any option is fine)
  • Who’re Babe and Siu? + Sol
  • Leo and Hi, you guys are worried about the Cat as well. + Leo

If you selected Leo and Hi, you guys are worried about the Cat as well,

  • Him?
  • After he passed, that must have been hard for you. + Leo
  • Inheriting a shop all by yourself…that’s amazing + Sol
  • Everyone can change + Sol
  • But I do think that doesn’t make what he did in the past any more right
  • Jung Hi, you really are sensitive. 🙂 + Jung Hi
  • Sol…You must have been broken inside…
  • That cat must resemble Sol’s dad + Sol
  • I believe in reincarnation + Jung Hi
  • He fainted?
  • I’m so glad they found him T T + Jung Hi
  • Maybe that’s what you want to believe?
  • It’s difficult because that’s not in our contract condition + Leo
  • If that’s what you guys want, I will try + Leo
  • That does not solve the fundamental issue
  • Alright
  • You don’t have to…
  • Thank you for being there for me + Jung Hi

21:47 Ripeato and Cat

In conversation: Sol | Jung Hi | William | Babe

  • Don’t worry, I’m here with you + Jung Hi
  • You can do it! Steel yourself! –
  • I’m not so sure, but I want to help you guys +Sol
  • I’m okay! Treat me dinner next time!
  • You can go, we will take care of him. + Jung Hi
  • …Big brother? Are they part of the mafia? + Sol
  • I share that feeling
  • It’s okay. I will save him + Jung Hi

23:28 A lying child

In conversation: Jung Hi

  • Sorry for making you worried + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for worrying about me
  • I smell you
  • I know this smell + Jung Hi
  • Take them off + Jung Hi
  • I don’t want to say such thing
  • What’s that in your hand?
  • What happened to the cat? + Jung Hi
  • Where is Sujee? + Jung Hi
  • Where are Leo and Sol?
  • I’m perfectly fine, so stop worrying!
  • You didn’t do anything wrong. Why would you say that? + Jung Hi
  • Jung Hi, you are too hot. + Jung Hi
  • Jung Hi, are you upset?
  • A massage? That sounds suspicious.
  • Wow. Jung Hi you’re really good at everything. I’ll leave you to it. + Jung Hi
  • Yes, it’s great… + Jung Hi
  • What…?!
  • I wish you could do this all night… + Jung Hi
  • What’s filling up?

Day 3 – Night of the blue feathers

01:59 Sweet dreams, sweet Mir

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • I can’t sleep
  • I’m so tired… + Jung Hi
  • Sure, I like that
  • I want to chat with you face to face… + Jung Hi
  • I want to see your startled face + Jung Hi
  • Something big’s going to happen if I faint one more time…
  • Sujee deserved it. You did the right thing. + Jung Hi
  • I think you overdid it considering she didn’t do it on purpose
  • Maybe she doesn’t like you being with me? –
  • Maybe she is paralyzed in love with you? + Jung Hi
  • What’s your mom like? –
  • Okay, I’m going to bed

08:43 William’s heart

Chatroom: William

  • Yeah, I’m right here.
  • Why did you call for me twice?
  • That pink haired human has a name and it’s ‘Hi’! + Jung Hi
  • Did you worry about me a lot?
  • Were they that important?
  • But what’s done is done. What should I do T^T
  • I recharged some yesterday night so it’s okay!
  • We should look at it under a positive light. It’s half full, not half empty!
  • I don’t think i can remember all of them…
  • You’re right. I don’t listen to anyone so cheer up William!
  • Oh, right! It’s the Black Sabbath!
  • Okay! I’ll be more careful!

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hello, Hi. Are you on break?
  • Hi, how things are going with your work?
  • What…? What comes out of eyes?
  • I think…that’s just his typical stare…?
  • I’ll be waiting for you
  • I’ll keep on doing my daily routine

10:36 My dear friend, Mir!!

Chatroom: Shallote

  • Who is this?
  • Wow…your profile picture is so pretty…
  • lol I was kidding. You know me all too well!
  • How did you know that??
  • Are you also worried for my wellbeing?
  • It’s a refreshing morning if that answers your question!
  • I don’t feel so great.
  • They were more attractive than Unholycs T T
  • I still have a long way to go T^T
  • To think you would find joy in my misery!!
  • I’m glad you actually find my situation amusing…
  • I don’t have any intentions of forcing them to do my bidding
  • Our powers don’t work against other Unholycs?
  • You have your butler though
  • Why don’t you hang out with humans?
  • Huhu, wish all you want!
  • I will deliver your message to William 🙂

11:24 Cat is recovering!

Chatroom: Sujee | Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Yeap, 100 percent.
  • I survived thanks to Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Yes, I did 🙂 + Sol
  • I skipped because I felt lazy and tired T T
  • I wanted to see you too…You should’ve stopped by T T + Leo
  • Good job. You can’t just throw your life away like that.
  • I didn’t notice!! T T Sad…
  • I felt much better this morning all of a sudden… + Jung Hi
  • That’s because you drank too much yogurt lol + Leo
  • You have a sweet tooth too, Hi? + Sol
  • Great! I pulled it off!
  • I guess he’s not fully recovered yet T T We need to take care of him until the very end. +Sol
  • I am happy enough to be able to talk to you guys. + Sol
  • There are so many things that I want that I can’t even list them all…! + Jung Hi
  • Ah! Did you want to have my slippers? + Sol
  • …So cute lol + Leo
  • Bird poop T T That’s ominous… (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t you think you should rather clean it up than chat about it here? Hahaha (Any option is fine)

Call: Sol

  • About Cat?
  • About Sujee?
  • It seems you don’t believe in any superstitions..?
  • I’m fond of Cat already
  • Making excuses like that makes you even more suspicious
  • I actually wanted you to have other intentions…

13:46 Mir!!! Big Sister Mir!!

Chatroom: Babe

  • ???
  • Who is this?
  • Okay, thank you… + Sol
  • Where did you get my number?
  • haha. Nice to meet you too. + Sol
  • What keeps him so busy? –
  • Did Sol ever have a girlfriend? + Sol
  • Hey
  • Hello? + Sol
  • Excuse me? –

14:32 Mir, I have a question

Chatroom: Sol

  • Yes, Boss!! (Any option is fine)
  • I wanted to talk as well lol (Any option is fine)
  • He called me ‘sister-in-law’ lol + Sol
  • Don’t punish him T T He was a nice person 🙂
  • lol Are you checking on my meal status again? + Sol
  • Yes, i did
  • No, I didn’t
  • Something else? There’s nothing. We’re fine. + Sol
  • Mmm…the truth is…no, nevermind.
  • Actually…
  • I am the one who made the decision. You don’t need to + Sol
  • William is not as irrational as he might seem lol

16:37 Memory from school years

Chatroom: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • I will take that SOS! + Leo
  • Hi Leo! I’m not busy!
  • Application requirement? + Leo
  • Can Jung Hi translate? + Jung Hi
  • I think those who write negative comments online are all psychopaths + Sol
  • Why would people spend time writing such things? + Jung Hi
  • Why won’t you make a costume for Jung Hi? + Sol
  • Jung Hi, so smart! + Jung Hi
  • That’s Sol’s privacy. + Sol
  • I bet $100 + Leo
  • Leo must enjoy physical activity (Any option is fine)
  • Aren’t you a professional model?? (Any option is fine)
  • Sol isn’t good at drinking? + Sol
  • Oh, the story sounds pretty interesting!
  • The story doesn’t match with how Leo looks lol
  • I want to see Leo get tired 🙂 + Sol
  • I like how manly Sol is! (Any option is fine)
  • That’s right. I like how soft and warmhearted Sol is. (Any option is fine)
  • lol Sol… you are really upset (Any option is fine)
  • Treating elderly well. That’s amazing (Any option is fine)

18:58 Strange vacation

Chatroom: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • Do you think he told her about my story? + Sol
  • 30 pairs of slippers?! + Jung Hi
  • Didn’t you say the sign was no longer there? (Any option is fine)
  • Maybe she’s taking it off a little longer (Any option is fine)
  • You guys must be close to her
  • She’s going to be fine + Jung Hi
  • Maybe it was someone who looked like her? + Leo
  • Maybe she just wanted to take a rest.
  • Sol is so reliable and competent…
  • I really wish she’s okay… + Sol
  • I like sweet things too! + Leo
  • How can Sol handle so much sugar?

19:43 Man from underworld

Chatroom: Sujee | Sol | Leo

  • Suhee, you must visit Ripeato pretty often? (Any option is fine)
  • Are you close to her too, Sujee? (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t you think saying that can hurt Sol’s feelings even more? +Sol
  • Why don’t you use a different way to describe him?
  • Sujee, you are being rude.
  • Are you talking bad about Sol’s friends? + Sol
  • Sol has enemies? (Any option is fine)
  • They want the Ripeato’s street? How bold! (Any option is fine)
  • Sol, does this put you in danger?
  • Sol, don’t you have any intention to solve the issue by force? + Sol
  • Everything is centred on Jung Hi for you, Sujee (Any option is fine)
  • Do you know these people, Sol? (Any option is fine)
  • It feels like we are mingling into something dangerous… (Any option is fine)
  • Can’t we just report the case to the police? (Any option is fine)
  • Leo, you must have been busy?
  • Leo, I am still here! + Leo
  • Sol is as normal as we are (Any option is fine)
  • Sol must be aware how concerned you are, Leo. (Any option is fine)
  • How did you get close to her, Leo? + Leo
  • How did Sol get so close with her, Leo? + Sol
  • How did Jung Hi get so close with her, Leo? + Jung Hi
  • I am too T T I ‘ve got so much to do…
  • I’m fine! Pretty free~ + Leo

20:21 Don’t tell others

Chatroom: Sol

  • Urgent matter?! What is it?
  • Are you okay? + Sol
  • I won’t until you come +Sol
  • Don’t push yourself too much, you don’t have to come if it’s difficult

21:24 Advice from human female friend

Chatroom: Sujee

  • I’m just doing my work 🙂
  • I just talked to Sol
  • Sol is not a gangster
  • No, I didn’t
  • I think you are T T
  • You are worried about me?
  • You…heard? That means those may not be true.
  • He had lived such a tough life?
  • Sol said he trusts Ripeato’s employees.
  • All the employees at Ripeato used to be gangsters?
  • Yes, I understand. Thank you
  • Well, a lot still doesn’t make sense to me…
  • I only speak about Jung Hi that I know
  • Something makes me think I know more about Jung Hi than you do

21:45 Sol’s last words

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi

  • Don’t worry, Sol will take care of everything! (Any option is fine)
  • We haven’t heard from Jung Hi either, right?(Any option is fine)
  • Jung Hi, let’s calm down a bit. I’m sure that’s what Sol wants. + Sol
  • Don’t be sorry. You must have been so busy…we must have startled you T T + Jung Hi
  • Nothing much
  • He sounded like there were some issues + Leo
  • Does Sol get involved in fights often? (Any option is fine)
  • Sol is super strong, so he is going to be okay, right? (Any option is fine)
  • Leo, you really do understand Sol too well + Leo
  • What message did Sol leave you with??
  • Why do you have to be there early in the morning? + Jung Hi
  • I’m so glad you are coming early T T
  • Okay, I will stay strong! + Sol
  • I can’t calm myself down from worrying..

21:53 Emergency Closedown, Ripeato

Chatroom: Siu | Babe | Sol | Jung Hi

22:34 Waiting

In Conversation: Sol

  • Sol! Are you okay?
  • I was waiting for you. + Sol
  • Should support him standing.
  • Should tell Sol he’s swaying a little bit. + Sol
  • I was worried about you too
  • We can’t even worry a person who is so good at taking care of himself? + Sol
  • How come you sound surprised by that?
  • Mm…I think? +Sol
  • That’s right. I am upset. + Sol
  • Nope, why would I feel unpleasant.
  • Stop. Get a hold of yourself!
  • Let’s finish this up first, okay? + Sol
  • Sol, can you do it with less power…
  • It hurts if you do it like that, so let’s loosen it up a bit. Be good, okay? + Sol
  • Sol, is there any issue that you are afraid to share with us? + Sol
  • Sol, it may be just a feeling… but it seems you become a lot more talkative when I’m around.

Day 4 – Night of Golden Kindness

00:58 Nagger

Chatroom: Sol

  • What are you talking about… I was sleeping…(Any option is fine)
  • How did you know I wasn’t sleeping? (Any option is fine)
  • If you aren’t sleeping, you want to chat? + Sol
  • Have some sleep. You must be so tired.
  • You must sleep well at night? +Sol
  • I want to hear about your childhood
  • Did you call him dad? 🙂
  • That’s a happy memory + Sol
  • Maybe your dad was super handsome!
  • Women are attracted to bad boys
  • Maybe she was attracted to him as a person, rather than his conditions + Sol
  • What’s Leo’s family like? + Leo
  • What’s Jung Hi’s family like? + Jung Hi

08:23 Did you make your choice?

Chatroom: William

  • Haha, did you help them get up and leave for work?
  • You did a good job William!
  • How old are you, William?
  • You complain like a mother of three sons lol.
  • Jung Hi + Jung Hi
  • Leo + Leo
  • Sol + Sol
  • That partner…you are not going to hurt him, right?
  • What happens if I can’t make the choice? T T
  • You have some temper issues to begin with…
  • Are you…worried about my relationship with them?-
  • I’m itching to break one of them now…
  • Sure. I listen to you always
  • I won’t respond
  • Okay! I won’t!
  • William…Please stay with me T T
  • Omg… I really don’t think I can…!

09:49 Voice

In conversation: William

  • ..? (Any option is fine)
  • Okay!! I did it! (Any option is fine)
  • No, not really. → Game Over
  • (Don’t answer)
  • Come in, William → Game Over
  • (Ignore)
  • Then the person who asked me to open the door was… (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t joke around, William! (Any option is fine)

10:35 Surprising Offer*

Chatroom: Leo | Sol

*Your affinity choices here with Leo will affect you later in 19:22 Somebody help me T T and in getting pass a bad ending

  • I’m moving busily here and there!
  • I was resting~
  • I’m thinking about you around the clock + Leo
  • lol. Yes, I did
  • No, not yet T T Sol’s going to scold me + Sol
  • Yes I did. How about you, Sol? + Sol
  • No, I didn’t sleep so well.
  • You must have seized an unusual opportunity +_+!!! Congrats! + Sol
  • A difficult opponent… I’m worried about you T T + Leo
  • He must be really competent.
  • I think I heard of his name before….
  • You are so knowledgeable, Sol +_+ + Sol
  • If I am a photographer, I’d only work with Leo + Leo
  • We usually call situations like this ‘OP’ + Leo
  • True…since you never know how cyberbullies would react T T
  • What do you mean?
  • Living a life of Leo must be pretty tiring. + Leo
  • Sol’s right, Leo! He’s still talking. + Sol
  • lol Leo is running away!
  • Aren’t you close with them, Leo? + Leo
  • They must be really cool for Sol to offer them the model position!
  • Now I really want to get to know them! + Leo
  • Do they make your life hard?
  • Indeed Boss Sol… The King of Stamina! + Sol
  • Sol must be close to Leo’s sisters?
  • Who’s on your mind? + Sol
  • I can’t wait for Leo’s sisters’ pictorial! + Leo
  • All the best Leo! I’m sure you’ll do fine!
  • [Leo] gains +100 Luck + Leo

12:38 Princess of underworld

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Let’s chat now that Jung Hi is back!
  • Jung Hi…! You must have been busy? T T + Jung Hi
  • He said they haven’t signed the deal yet 🙂 + Leo
  • Oh~ Even Jung Hi knows about this Seojoon person?
  • How was it? What made it so tough T^T?
  • I don’t know what it is about but I’ll wait until you feel like you’re ready to tell us + Jung Hi
  • Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself… + Sol
  • Does that mean there’ll be smaller skirmishes?
  • Peipei? Who’s that?
  • …Sol really seems like an extraordinary person… + Sol
  • Does Peipei like Sol as a man…perhaps?
  • Three people with a pencil?! That’s scary…
  • They should have let you know in advance things are being delayed! (Any option is fine)
  • They say good things come to those who wait! (Any option is fine)
  • Poor Leo… you could just send him a picture and be done with it! + Leo
  • Boss of Charisma lol

Call: Sol

  • Why? Did something happened to you?
  • Of course!
  • That’s right! I’m so glad things turned out better for Leo
  • But it’s still not completely settled, right?
  • It could be your turn
  • You seem to take care of your friends before yourself

13:47 An unwelcome letter

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sujee | Leo | Sol

  • I welcome any updates that has to do with Jung Hi! +Jung Hi
  • I hope they aren’t that bad…? T^T
  • Good call, Sol! +Sol
  • The results are finally out. I’ve been dying to know!
  • Are they okay?! + Jung Hi
  • Are you okay, Hi?
  • But then…how come Jung Hi’s drink wasn’t touched…??
  • Jung Hi…don’t tell me you feel guilty because of what happened? + Jung Hi
  • Could it be that the perpetrator didn’t want to harm you? (Any option is fine)
  • What if they suspect you? (Any option is fine)
  • Jung Hi…aren’t you in real danger? (Any option is fine)
  • I don’t think this is a laughing matter…(Any option is fine)
  • I’m worried about you too… (Any option is fine)
  • Aiden and Won Seock are so strong. (Any option is fine)
  • You mean you are happy that yet met me? + Leo
  • You are only happy because I fixed your Cat for you.
  • I feel the same way when I’m with you guys + Sol
  • When do you feel particularly good? + Leo
  • I also enjoy doing it with you guys + Leo
  • Honestly, I feel burdened by it + Sol

15:23 I thought you must know*

Chatroom: Sujee

*Potential Bad Ending: If do not have enough affinity points with Jung Hi by this stage, it will be game over by the end of this chatroom.

  • Weren’t you in class?
  • What can I help you with?
  • Aren’t they the same dress?
  • Why don’t you get both of them?
  • No. 1
  • No. 2
  • I really can’t choose.
  • Seeing how you know what Jung Hi likes, I would say you know what you’re going for
  • Practice makes perfect
  • Why? Is Leo a hard nut to crack?
  • Well, Leo has a great personality hh
  • If you are going to speak bad about him, I’d rather not listen.
  • You worry about me being a girl like you?
  • It’s not surprising that he’s popular with the ladies!
  • What were the rumours about?
  • So you never saw them with your own eyes but you heard them, right?
  • I can understand how he could be like that.
  • Yes, we had a promise.
  • It’s…our little secret. Sorry.

17:28 Leo and Snow princess

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Leo! How did things go with the photographer? + Leo
  • Hi! How’s your concert practice coming along~? + Jung Hi
  • Sol! Remember to eat snacks and exercise in between your work hours~! + Sol
  • Turns out, Sol is quite interested on things concerning Leo hahahaha + Sol
  • I’m curious too! What happened? + Leo
  • He must really be a difficult person… (Any option is fine)
  • Why is he so full of himself… (Any option is fine)
  • Maybe he’s just an honest person?! (Any option is fine)
  • He might have some complications in his head department… (Any option is fine)
  • Jung Hi is such a warm person. He really feels for other person like Leo and Sol + Jung Hi
  • Jung Hi…so you were depressed all along
  • lol Nice timing, Leo! (Any option is fine)
  • Hahaha…that was cheap (Any option is fine)
  • That’s right. I heard the deeper the relationship, the faster the acme production
  • Then, are you guys coming early today? + Leo
  • Leo’s brother is worrying about Sol? Are they close? (Any option is fine)
  • Leo’s brother…I’m curious what kind of person he is. (Any option is fine)
  • That’s right, It’s painful to eat anything if you’ve got a cavity.
  • Hahaha why does Jung Hi think oral health is so important…? + Jung Hi
  • Me too T T Leo, don’t go T T (Any option is fine)
  • But your meeting’s more important. Keep it up, Leo! (Any option is fine)
  • T T Jung Hi, I will be here waiting for you!
  • Hahaha Sol, have fun at work! +Sol

18:36 Is this Miss Mir’s phone number?

Chatroom: Claude

  • Yes, that’s right. Who is this?
  • Huh? You…sound…familiar? + Leo
  • You are Leo’s brother! Please talk casually.
  • I also heard about you from Leo! + Leo
  • He talks about me that much?
  • I could always picture him surrounded by friends… + Leo
  • Could our relationship harm his reputation if it got out to the public? + Leo
  • You mean the recent cyberbullying incident, right?
  • I didn’t know I had such power 🙂
  • I’m happy Leo thinks of me like that + Leo
  • I can see you care about Leo very much… + Leo
  • Mm…Is there any reason why you decided to reach out to me?
  • Yes, Leo seemed stressed out about it T T + Leo
  • Leo described him as Snow Princess
  • Did something happen to him in the past?
  • You contacted me because you were concerned. + Leo
  • W..Wing…? You aren’t his parent, right?
  • I understand T T You must feel left out… + Leo
  • Yes, Mr. Claude! + Leo
  • I will turn him into an albatross!!

Call: Leo

  • I was chatting with another guy
  • About you~
  • Actually, I got a call from your brother.
  • He sounded softer compared to Sol
  • He was very kind
  • He said you are an adorable little brother
  • He said you talk about me all day long

19:22 Somebody help me T T

Chatroom: Sol | Sujee | Leo | Jung Hi

*Potential Bad Ending: If you selected the wrong choices for Leo in 10:35 Surprising offer, the story ends here

  • Sol, did you have your lunch? + Sol
  • What did you ask her to do?
  • I had mine too~ + Sol
  • Not yet;;;
  • What’s up? (Any option is fine)
  • T T Yes, I am so busy (Any option is fine)
  • It’s not her fault that Cat is sick
  • You should have been more careful… + Jung Hi
  • Leo is really busy right now + Leo
  • Finding Leo doesn’t making a difference in this situation + Jung Hi
  • Have you got time to talk Leo? + Leo
  • It’s sad to think there’s nothing I can do for the time being…
  • Why don’t I go to Ripeato?

19:42 Are you well, Master?

Chatroom: William

  • I’m sorry T T I won’t do it again!
  • Can’t we simply get rid of all the pockets on my clothes?
  • I’m working.
  • I’m studying.
  • I’m chatting with you.
  • Are you threatening me? 808
  • No, nothing big happened hh
  • How long can’t I use my Unholyc power?
  • What happens if I don’t follow one of the instructions again?
  • Eater? What is that?
  • You’re the best, William
  • How come you are smart, William?

20:38 Slim chance

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi | Sol

  • Leo, you need to take a break and cool your head T T + Leo
  • Are the bad things happening because of me?
  • What if I can help?
  • Is this about time I show up like a hero? + Jung Hi
  • There’s no other way. I want to help you and your cat.
  • Is there any other way? Are you going to let Cat die like this? + Sol
  • I’m feeling confident this time
  • T T You don’t trust me? (Any option is fine)
  • T T Leo sounds cold… (Any option is fine)
  • I’m really confident this time! Leave it to me! + Sol
  • Actually I’m not so sure too…
  • I can’t ask you to do that T T + Leo
  • Thank you for considering me! + Jung Hi

21:21 Goodwill and ill will

In conversation: Leo | Sujee

  • We met yesterday though? + Leo
  • Why did you run here?
  • Could it be I didn’t fix him completely last time?
  • What are we missing here? + Leo
  • Leo, I need you to trust me.
  • Why do you think it’ll be harder for you to take this time? + Leo
  • I’m sorry for making you worried + Leo
  • See? I told you I could do it this time
  • You get nervous?
  • Has anyone else been on your car before? + Leo

21:46 Odd encounter

In conversation: Leo | Sol

23:31 Must leave it

In conversation: Leo

  • What happened while I was out? –
  • Did…somebody hit me? + Leo
  • People say laughter brings you good luck + Leo
  • What about other guys? –
  • Yes, please. + Leo
  • No, I can do it –
  • Don’t beat yourself up. It isn’t your fault + Leo
  • Did somebody tell you something?
  • I’m going to have to tell him to show me his face
  • Put an arm around his shoulder + Leo
  • Nope, it’s for me.
  • Yes, for you + Leo

Day 5 – Night of Cold Love

01:38 Because I wanted to tell you

Chatroom: Leo

  • How do you know I am not? + Leo
  • I’m about to.
  • That we took pictures together? + Leo
  • That you had a fight with Cat?
  • What about Jung Hi? + Jung Hi
  • How can you say like that about Jung Hi! T T
  • You really sound like Jung Hi’s mom.
  • I want to chat with you more. + Leo
  • What’s the matter. You’d still look great with some swells.
  • You need to control your appetite if you are a pro + Leo
  • Mm…is it true that you are a Casanova??
  • Did you talk to your sisters today? + Leo
  • Thank you. Sweet dreams Leo.

08:39 It’s surprisingly no longer surprising

Chatroom: William

  • Yes! Good morning, Liam!
  • No, not yet…
  • Huh? You heard nothing about what had happened yesterday?
  • It was more like I let my guard down?
  • It’s already water under the bridge…
  • Sorry T T I’ll be more careful next time
  • Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.
  • I really appreciate your effort!
  • I’m thinking of Jung Hi. + Jung Hi
  • I’m thinking of Leo. + Leo
  • I’m thinking of Sol. + Sol
  • He looked a bit…sad
  • He seemed to know me well
  • Why do you care about the man, William?
  • Okay then, I will help you by not doing anything!
  • Why do Eaters want to live long even by eating Unholycs?
  • I will stay in the dark so that they can’t exist!
  • You are my shadow too, so there are a total of 5 shadows!
  • omg…I won’t whisper.
  • What if I whisper really really quiet and they can’t hear me?

10:42 You’re invited to a new chat room

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol | Sujee

  • Why am I in a new chat room? (Any option is fine)
  • Uh…it’s Sujee (Any option is fine)
  • You are too impulsive to slap me in the face?
  • I…am not so sure + Leo
  • Wow… you are a liar;; + Jung Hi
  • I won’t say more… + Sol
  • Because I’m not the same kind as you
  • I didn’t hide anything. Don’t try to put this on me + Leo
  • Are you worried now because there’s an evidence?
  • Sol’s fully capable of discerning that type of difference +Sol
  • They said the room is frozen.
  • (Leave no response) + Jung Hi

10:43 I’m an unfair man~

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • That’s exactly why…
  • Do you trust me? + Jung Hi
  • Your responses are too slow T T
  • Well…what’s done is done + Sol
  • It was my decision + Sol
  • I don’t regret + Leo
  • No, I’m not + Jung Hi
  • Yes…
  • Yes, I’ll be fine. Don’t worry! (Any option is fine)
  • Mm…William seems worried… (Any option is fine)
  • I’m glad Jung Hi’s feeling better. + Jung Hi
  • I appreciate that you’re all worried for me
  • Oops, I haven’t had my lunch yet…
  • Of course! I’m eating well, sleeping well +Sol
  • You must be nervous! +Leo
  • Are you driving yourself?
  • Than, help me out right now + Leo
  • I won’t leave William’s side! Never!

12:31 Picky?

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Leo! What’s going on?
  • Don’t die. Leo T T T T + Leo
  • Does that mean it’s easier to work with him now?
  • It worries me that things are getting more difficult for Leo… + Leo
  • Who could that be? (Any option is fine)
  • How good is he exactly to act like that? (Any option is fine)
  • Luck is part of skill!
  • I think I understand how you feel. + Leo
  • Do you have a meeting schedule too, Sol? + Sol
  • lol. You aren’t like that, Jung Hi? + Jung Hi
  • Then let’s chat with me! How is Cat! + Sol
  • What happened to the shoe shop lady?
  • I’m too old for that…
  • My love!!! Have me!!! + Jung Hi

14:35 Long tail was bound to be stepped on

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol | Sujee

  • Oh shoot, you got me dead to rights… + Jung Hi
  • Are we playing Cops and Robbers? Haha
  • Jung Hi must have his reasons. Let him do what he wants. + Jung Hi
  • …But I still don’t want to see Sujee here…
  • Oops sorry! I’m clapping now! (Any option is fine)
  • That’s what I thought…how come Sujee isn’t clapping with you guys (Any option is fine)
  • I’m open minded person. Don’t mind me~ (Any option is fine)
  • Am I also yours, Jung Hi? (Any option is fine)
  • Sujee , just confess to your crimes
  • Let’s not jump to any conclusions before the police arrives. + Sol
  • That’s not something for you to decide + Leo
  • I will be with them forever + Sol
  • Jung Hi, don’t worry. You have better friends. + Leo
  • I will never stab you in the back, Jung Hi.

Call: Sol

  • Are you calling me because you are worried about me?
  • You guys should be more devastated by what happened
  • But he seemed pretty cold to her
  • Poor Hi…
  • Even if that’s true, nobody can blame you guys for what she did
  • That’s a bit creepy though

16:31 Daily peace of mind

Chatroom: Leo | Sol

  • I always have time to chat with you 🙂 + Leo
  • Thank you for worrying about me. I’m fine 🙂
  • Sleeping his way up? What do you mean? +Sol
  • Maybe the meeting is over? +Leo
  • He’s an interesting person. (Any option is fine)
  • I’m kind of building respect for him. (Any option is fine)
  • You are embarrassing me… (Any option is fine)
  • But I don’t have the picture… (Any option is fine)
  • He must be busy since he’s doing a rehearsal
  • T T I wish he’s here + Jung Hi
  • Did something happen with him in the past?
  • Don’t worry too much guys + Jung Hi
  • You are Jung Hi’s No.1 Fan…! + Sol
  • Love you Jung Hi! Marry me Jung Hi!

18:38 To protect what’s most valuable

Chatroom: Leo | Sol

  • lol. You don’t ask Leo how’s he’s doing? + Leo
  • Yes I’m fine. How are you, Sol? + Sol
  • No, if you do whatever it takes, you might get hurt, and nothing matters then. +Sol
  • Yes, I believe I can do whatever it takes. + Leo
  • Was he Hi’s fan? Was it some kind of fan club meeting? + Jung Hi
  • I presume you discussed about Ripeato. +Sol
  • Is it that easy?
  • …I assume it entails some conditions. + Sol
  • Can she be of any help? (Any option is fine)
  • Are you still in touch with her? (Any option is fine)
  • I’m starting to worry about him. + Jung Hi
  • He must be practicing like a professional!
  • You guys are making me even more worried T T
  • What was he like back then? + Jung Hi
  • Hi’s a real softie for his loved ones… (Any option is fine)
  • Hi’s a stronger person than I thought (Any option is fine)

19:42 Strange SOS

Chatroom: Wonseock

  • I don’t recognise you. Aren’t you a bit rude?
  • Yes, I am, Who is this? + Jung Hi
  • We can get to know each other like this 🙂
  • Did something happen to Hi? + Jung Hi
  • Ask me anything if it’s for Hi + Jung Hi
  • Okay, what is it?
  • No? I haven’t. + Jung Hi
  • Yes, I have
  • We are the ones worried about him! + Jung Hi
  • omg T T I’m so touched!
  • OMFG? Hell of lot??
  • You must be tired;;
  • Is Hi okay? + Jung Hi
  • Is that Hi’s blood that I see? (Any option is fine)
  • Where’s Hi? (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t worry. They are fine. + Jung Hi
  • Don’t worry. I can understand.
  • What happens when he gets too agitated? + Jung Hi
  • I want to see you too.
  • I don’t want to make Hi angry~ + Jung Hi

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi! Are you okay?
  • Are you really okay?
  • Where are you?
  • Hi, hold on!

21:51 Return of Hi

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Are you feeling better?
  • You are back to normal, Hi! + Leo
  • Everybody’s worried about you T T + Sol
  • I’m glad you are her, Hi? Welcome back! + Jung Hi
  • And you are the best among them!
  • Yeah, Geonil seemed to be a real good guy. + Jung Hi
  • It must be tough on Hi too. + Sol
  • Sol’s right. You need to take care of your body more.
  • Come fast, I’m waiting. + Leo
  • Is Hi coming too?

23:21 You’ll feel the same pain

In conversation: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol | William

  • This isn’t satisfying +Sol
  • They must have their reasons + Leo
  • Hi, you should take a shower and change your bandage. + Jung Hi
  • I don’t think you can take a shower right now, so why don’t we change your bandage?
  • Shake head
  • Nod head + Jung Hi
  • Please unblind me!
  • Please untie me! + Jung Hi
  • No, I wasn’t scared.
  • It was scary…But I’m fine + Jung Hi

Day 6 – Night of Rushed Confessions

01:59 – I think it actually hurts

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • You just said you are okay?!
  • Hurt? Where?!

If you selected Hurt? Where?!,

  • …Don’t pull my legs + Jung Hi
  • William is standing outside
  • Won Seock is going to feel bad about this…
  • Even if it’s Sol? + Jung Hi
  • Maybe you are still worried about something?
  • Maybe because you are turned on? + Jung Hi
  • I don’t have such power either 🙂 + Jung Hi
  • Liam is really the most powerful butler!

06:11 – You no longer have to worry

Chatroom: Sujee

  • Sujee…?! (Any option is fine)
  • Who…are you? (Any option is fine)
  • Are you on my side? (Any option is fine)
  • What happened to Sujee?! (Any option is fine)
  • Hold on! Are you… (Any option is fine)
  • …I don’t really follow you, but…thank you? (Any option is fine)

08:21 – How do you like me to dispose of it?

Chatroom: William

  • What’s up?! T T (Any option is fine)
  • Wait (Any option is fine)
  • An important event??What’s that?? (Any option is fine)
  • I thought you knew every small detail about me. (Any option is fine)
  • You are rather very composed for such subject…? (Any option is fine)
  • T T Right! I got slapped T T (Any option is fine)
  • Liam, please calm down!!

08:46 – I’m calm again

Chatroom: William

  • Liam, are you feeling better now? (Any option is fine)
  • Phew…you sound more like normal now…(Any option is fine)
  • Did you give them night snacks? (Any option is fine)
  • So you heard from them. (Any option is fine)
  • I still don’t know where she is. (Any option is fine)
  • Instead of Sujee, there’s a stranger who told me about her. (Any option is fine)
  • It was from her phone, but sent by an unknown man.
  • But he said he’s really on my side. (Any option is fine)
  • Do you think someone we know is pulling our legs? (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, I did!
  • No, I didn’t…

If you selected No, I didn’t,

  • Hi! + Jung Hi
  • Leo + Leo
  • Sol + Sol
  • What…! Wha…what are you saying! Sexual? (Any option is fine)
  • Mm…easy peasy (Any option is fine)
  • You are the best butler! I trust you Liam! (Any option is fine)
  • Okay GG (Any option is fine)

10:37 Thanks to ooo, my concern is solved

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Good morning, guys! (Any option is fine)
  • It’s not the greatest morning for me T T (Any option is fine)
  • No, not yet.
  • Of course~
  • Did you have your breakfast, Sol? + Sol
  • I think I’m going to miss it somehow T T + Leo
  • It feels great! –
  • If it feels that good, I will definitely try! + Jung Hi
  • Mm…what are we talking about? –
  • I wish I had been the one T T + Sol
  • I’m glad to hear that! + Leo
  • ???lol?? + Jung Hi
  • Surely… I knew he wasn’t an ordinary cat.
  • I think Sol and Ripeato is one, so it’s the only viable option. (Any option is fine)
  • I didn’t really think about it as I kept thinking about this person PeiPei. (Any option is fine)
  • Actually, a stranger contacted me this morning.
  • It’s hard to tell without any hard evidence. + Sol

12:46 The face of who fell in love?

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi | Sol

  • Did you get SSSR item from a game?!!
  • Something nice happened to Leo! + Leo
  • It’s all your sweat and tears! + Leo
  • You aren’t just paying me back with those words, right? 🙂 +Sol
  • He’s following you? (Any option is fine)
  • Has he been looking for something casual and natural? (Any option is fine)
  • Why am I feeling embarrassed…
  • I’m so glad he liked your photos! + Sol
  • I want to see your photo too! 🙂 + Jung Hi
  • I want to take photos with Leo
  • Hi’s toys + Jung Hi
  • Leo’s photo album + Leo
  • Sol’s Ripeato goods + Sol
  • Does Ripeato ever close? (Any option is fine)
  • Are you closing the shop because of me? (Any option is fine)
  • If something happens, Sol can always help us out! (Any option is fine)
  • Yes! You can never be too careful. (Any option is fine)

Call: Leo

  • Knowing me is one of the good things right?
  • You get more wrinkles when you sigh, Leo.
  • Isn’t it also special to you?
  • Right, isn’t it like a hometown to Sol?
  • I bet Sol can handle it real well, don’t worry.
  • Father has already left for America ~
  • I’m thinking about grabbing something to eat.
  • I better finish up what I was working on

14:23 Ripeato, emergency

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Yes, I did 🙂 + Sol
  • No, I didn’t~
  • Is it okay to see it in public? +Sol
  • Is this related to the concert? + Jung Hi
  • lol I think Sol’s a real tsundere + Jung Hi
  • Maybe he’s just collecting for fun?
  • Did it happened because you had turned down their offer? (Any option is fine)
  • Are Hi’s fans surrounding Ripeato before the concert? (Any option is fine)
  • Sol’s such a gentleman while he’s in danger!
  • He’s right. I’m worried about Sol… +Sol

16:38 How did the words get out

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Me too T T + Jung Hi
  • Hi, he said it’s dangerous around Ripeato
  • They are the bad ones. Why are you blaming yourself?
  • Everyone makes mistakes + Sol
  • But still, your safety must come first! + Sol
  • Sol must have a solution!
  • Then who’s protecting Ripeato?
  • You worry about your neighbours… + Jung Hi
  • But still, do you think they are as valuable to us as Sol?
  • Now I’m curious what kind of memory you have with Ripeato when you were young 🙂 + Leo
  • Can I be of your help in anyway? +Leo
  • I want to hear more about the town that you’re risking your life to protect

18:29 Ghost story

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi

  • Yes, I think I do. + Jung Hi
  • I don’t 🙂
  • You believe in superstitions, Leo. + Leo
  • Good things are lining up to happen for Hi! + Jung Hi
  • Yes. He sounded kind and nice. (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, but he sounded suspicious. (Any option is fine)
  • That means she’s still around you… (Any option is fine)
  • Hi, this is bad! We better call for help! (Any option is fine)
  • You just realized that?! +Sol
  • Sol!! Please reply back to us!!
  • Leo, what’s going on? + Leo
  • Did Sol send you a message? + Sol
  • You must go. It sounds very important. (Any option is fine)
  • Can’t you stay? (Any option is fine)

20:22 Do you remember me!*

Chatroom: Babe

*Choices here will affect you in the next Chatroom in 20:40 What do you want from me?

  • Of course, Babe!
  • Who is this?
  • Did something happen to Sol?
  • Well, pleasure is mine Babe.
  • How nice of you, Babe. Thank you.
  • Is Cat safe?
  • What exactly exacerbated the situation?
  • Sol order you not to tell me?
  • Sol’s description of me isn’t entirely wrong…but…
  • I’m sorry, but there’s obviously a misunderstanding.
  • What can I possibly help you with?
  • I don’t think Sol would like about this idea…

20:40 What do you want from me?*

Chatroom: William

*Potential Bad Ending: If do not have enough affinity points with Sol by this stage and you did not select the correct answers in 20:22 Do you remember me! with Babe, it will be game over by the end of this chatroom.

  • Liam!! I need to tell you something!!
  • I didn’t say anything yet, why are you already mad T T
  • Don’t worry, it isn’t as bad.
  • Right! That’s it!
  • …Do you read people’s minds?
  • No! I was about to ask you to prevent death from coming! –
  • Liam’s loyalty, I got it! Thank you!
  • No T T Sol’s in danger!
  • When are you going to make up with Pierce?
  • Please help Sol
  • Go save Sol and Ripeato, Liam

22:30 Sweet Bitter, Night

In conversation: William | Sol

  • You don’t like being with me alone? (Any option is fine)
  • Yeah, it’s only the two of us tonight (Any option is fine)
  • Did you just hit me? + Sol
  • You don’t feel like eating?
  • How much are you going to show me…?
  • Sure. I can believe you if I see it. + Sol
  • You did first. +Sol
  • I didn’t?!
  • …Chocolate cake, I love it too.
  • I want to have the same cake we did today. + Sol

Day 7 A night of coincidence and fate

01:47 Confusing night

Chatroom: Sol

  • You weren’t sleeping because you were concerned about that? + Sol
  • I like your current attitude better.
  • Are you trying to push me away?
  • What’s like you? + Sol
  • Did something happened to you previously? (Any option is fine)
  • How risky does it get if I get too close to you? (Any option is fine)
  • It must have been hard on your mother…always seeing her husband go off to battles…
  • Your dad must have loved her very much. + Sol
  • Omg! You were almost kidnapped? (Any option is fine)
  • I feel sorry for your mom… (Any option is fine)
  • That is too sad… + Sol
  • Thank you for telling me…everything… –
  • The more I hear what you say, the more I think you want me to stay
  • Do you really wish me to leave you Sol? + Sol

If you selected Do you really wish me to leave you Sol,

  • Does that mean you wish me to stay?
  • Just trust me and stay with me
  • Take your time contemplate on it. I will support your decision either way. + Sol
  • I can’t sleep thinking about you. + Sol
  • I can’t sleeping thinking it’s really the ceremony tomorrow
  • I believe what you believe.
  • Yes, I agree with you about them + Sol
  • Of course! A secret between you and me! + Sol
  • Ah…I feel like telling somebody already.

08:12 One quiet morning

Chatroom: Sol

  • Yes, I did. Did you have a good sleep? + Sol
  • Did you hear from Leo and Hi?
  • T T I’m so worried about them…
  • But I’m glad you are here. + Sol
  • Has Leo ever fallen off the edge of the planet like this? + Leo
  • Did Hi’s phone break down again? + Jung Hi
  • Then, are you okay, Sol? Everything’s good right?
  • You are indeed so reliable! Please take care of them! + Sol
  • Haha, you’re worried about my breakfast in this circumstance? Yes, I did. + Sol
  • No, not yet.

09:26 It’s finally the day of showdown

Chatroom: William

  • Liam, Good morning! (Any option is fine)
  • Why do you sound so nervous 🙂 (Any option is fine)
  • never put them out! (Any option is fine)
  • put them out all at once! (Any option is fine)
  • To help me? (Any option is fine)
  • What happens if I kick it out? (Any option is fine)
  • I think you just added into the list (Any option is fine)
  • Mm…That’s where I feel weakest 🙂 (Any option is fine)
  • …I hope you aren’t putting the crow’s eye balls inside this drink… (Any option is fine)
  • Why don’t you use a more ordinary pot? (Any option is fine)

10:40 The great Unholyc

Chatroom: William

  • Liam, again? (Any option is fine)
  • How’s your preparation with the ceremony? (Any option is fine)
  • Does that mean I would be with you even after 100 years? (Any option is fine)
  • A life without an end…That sounds pretty lonely. (Any option is fine)
  • By unique power (Any option is fine)
  • Is there other powers than Charm? (Any option is fine)
  • You mean I can possess on of those powers? (Any option is fine)
  • Do you have such power? (Any option is fine)
  • Liam… Do not test your master. (Any option is fine)
  • Perhaps…do you receive a penalty when you use your unique power? (Any option is fine)
  • Have you ever paid your price for using your power? (Any option is fine)
  • Then I simply won’t use the power! (Any option is fine)

12:46 Please stop him

Chatroom: Seo Joon

  • …Are you really Mr. Seojoon? You are so polite. (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, that’s my name. I’m glad to meet you. (Any option is fine)
  • Plane? What plane? (Any option is fine)
  • Why are you telling me this?! (Any option is fine)
  • I don’t think it’s my responsibility to decide (Any option is fine)
  • I wish Leo chooses me over the overseas shooting (Any option is fine)

13:23 It’s strangely quiet?

Chatroom: William

  • Do you want me to turn on the music if it’s too quiet for you? (Any option is fine)
  • Just like…the first scene of a horror movie… (Any option is fine)
  • They will come. (Any option is fine)
  • Body parts?! You are talking like they are some kind of stock? (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, you are right…that’s what makes me worried. (Any option is fine)
  • How did you know?! (Any option is fine)
  • I’m concerned about this devil’s dish… (Any option is fine)
  • This is why I’ve been collecting acme! (Any option is fine)

14:21 My dear baby

Chatroom: Shallotte

  • Miss Shallotte! Come fast!! I’m dying waiting for you!! (Any option is fine)
  • Shallotte!! You are going to be late!! Come fast (Any option is fine)
  • Mm..Liam? (Any option is fine)
  • If you arrive at this moment, you are going to win the prize! (Any option is fine)
  • Mm? I’ve never heard about that (Any option is fine)
  • Haha. I AM special indeed! (Any option is fine)

16:36 What William kept secret

Chatroom: William | Shallotte | Pierce

  • Hey guys…? Why are you arguing in my room…? (Any option is fine)
  • Shallotte, I missed you so much! (Any option is fine)
  • Liam, have you been keeping something secrets from me? (Any option is fine)
  • There’s no way Liam’s hiding something from me. (Any option is fine)

18:34 You’ve waited long, my lady

Chatroom: Leo

  • Leo, can you text while on the plane?
  • Leo!! I’ve been waiting for you to contact me! + Leo
  • What about your career? T T
  • Come fast! I’m waiting! + Leo
  • Isn’t it pounding faster because you fear your future? T T
  • I’m also excited to see you… + Leo
  • I’m more worried about you than Hi! + Leo
  • Hi’s behind bars? In a police station?!

Call: Leo

  • Leo! I’ve been waiting for your call!
  • Are you coming?
  • But it could make a difference in your career…
  • That’s right, you must think only about me!
  • I will be the same
  • Do you wish me to change a lot?

19:23 Jail breaker

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • …??? + Jung Hi
  • Hi! You escaped…!
  • Chased down?? Are you being hunted??
  • That’s fine! I understood your message. + Jung Hi
  • Please come and don’t die.
  • It sounds like you are going through troubles because of me… T T + Jung Hi

Call: Jung Hi

  • Ah, Hi! Are you on your way?
  • Hi, they are going to find you if you talk so loudly!
  • It’s more admirable that you lost them…
  • What’s your thoughts after being chased by the police?
  • I won’t forget either!
  • Thank you for doing so much just for me…!

20:56 The friends of jail breaker

Chatroom: Sol

  • I started to worry about you T T
  • It’s fine. I knew you would come back + Sol
  • Knocked out a bodyguard? (Any option is fine)
  • So he was tricked by them… (Any option is fine)
  • How did he trick the officers with his tongue?
  • You’ve done so much for them…! + Sol
  • Thank you, Sol…! You made it possible!
  • By everyone, it includes you, right? + Sol
  • That’s similar to what the other two said 🙂 + Sol
  • When did Cat say that…?

Call: Sol

  • Is it okay while you’re driving?
  • Wow! It’s Sol, our hero!
  • Does that mean you don’t want to be with me alone?
  • Thanks to you, I think my ceremony is going to be successful

21:29 Finally arrived!!

In Conversation: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi | Shallotte

  • You don’t have to be. You are all here after all! + Jung Hi
  • Rather I’m sorry that I couldn’t help you but waiting.
  • Choose Hi’s + Jung Hi
  • Choose Leo’s + Leo
  • Choose Sol’s + Sol

22:31 The last partner*

In conversation: Shallotte

  • like Hi the most
  • am attracted to Leo the most.
  • have Sol on my mind most of the times
  • Can I really take something so important from you? (Any option is fine)
  • Do you think it’s going to fit me? (Any option is fine)

*You will find out which route you will be heading towards in Season 2 by the end of this conversation.

23:27 Emergency text

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Why the back entrance? (Any option is fine)
  • Are you all there? (Any option is fine)
  • What’s going on T T Are you guys okay? (Any option is fine)
  • Okay! I will do as you say! (Any option is fine)

23:38 I’ve been waiting for this moment

In conversation: Shallotte | William | Eater | Sol

  • I better take Shallotte to safety (Any option is fine)
  • I better go check on the rest of the guys (Any option is fine)
  • Did you…do this to them?! (Any option is fine)
  • You waited to see me? (Any option is fine)
  • Did we…meet somewhere…? (Any option is fine)

[End of Common Route – After ending Season 1. Unstoppable Future unlocked]

74 thoughts on “Love Unholyc Walkthrough”

  1. I will help with everything I can 🙂 this game is too awesome and has better timing than MM 18:39 chat has the options
    Don’t tease him so much guys ~
    Thank you for the compliment! + Leo

    the first option gives Hi mushroom 🙂


    1. Hi NYG002, I usually do guides and walkthroughs on games I like and am not really on reddit so I wasn’t aware that you did up a guide already! I would love to come together in making this work. Just let me know how you would like to go about on this. 🙂
      – Elliee


  2. Hi, thank you so much for the walkthrough, I’m currently on Day 4 and I would like to help you with the 12:38 chat.

    Day 4
    12:38 Princess of Underworld

    – Let’s chat now that Jung Hi is back!
    – Jung Hi…! You must have been busy? T T + Jung Hi

    – Don’t worry about me, worry about yourself… + Sol
    – Does that mean there’ll be smaller skirmishes?

    – Peipei? Who’s that? –
    – …Sol really seems like an extraordinary person… + Sol

    – Does Peipei like Sol as a man…perhaps?
    – Three people with a pencil?! That’s scary…
    (both options doesn’t give anything)

    – They should have let you know in advance things are being delayed!
    – They say good things come to those who wait!
    (both options doesn’t give anything)

    – Poor Leo… you could just send him a picture and be done with it! + Leo
    – Boss of Charisma lol

    Keep up the good work~ ❤


  3. Hello! Tysm for doing this! Can I add a little thing?
    In this chat in day 1 (10:38 I already have a plan tonight)

    • Plans? What’s that? —
    • Weren’t you coming to see me tonight? T^T

    The second option “weren’t you coming to see me tonight” is +Leo
    I hope I helped! ❤

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      1. Hey Kaylan, Love Unholyc is a real time game. Hence the timestamps indicated on the guide are when a new chatroom opens up to continue the story. While there isn’t a need to read through every single chatroom each day, it is good to at least read 80% of the chatrooms. If you missed out any chatrooms, you can simply used time tickets to unlock them or ignore and read it without selecting any choices or spend 25 time tickets to unlock the entire day’s worth of chatrooms to ease your stress.

        You can earn time tickets by clicking on the four circles icon on the top right corner, before pressing on the diamond icon in the middle to make a wish for free per day. There is a chance to earn 10 Time Tickets from this.

        I hope this make sense, maybe I’ll try come up with a short guide into navigating through this!


  4. I hope I am not bothering you T_T I have some more options
    First day
    12:32 Ripeato is sunny again
    I wonder what they look like! + Sol

    VIP? + Sol (Idk why but to me it showed Sol and not Leo)

    19.32 The seal is fading!
    I would love to have you guys as my boyfriends… +Leo
    (Shouldn’t we take it slow?! + Sol)


    1. You are not a bother at all, in fact, thank you so much for helping out phxntomhive! ^^ I’m still on my first playthrough, so there are still some options missing and needs to be ironed out but I will add this in first and double check on it in my next playthrough.

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    1. Hello! You should try to increase Jung Hi’s affinity before the chat with Sujee on Day 4. The developers have taken note that many are struggling in getting past this and will be lowering the requirements needed for Jung Hi’s affinity on Monday. So do remember to link your account with the game before that! 🙂

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    1. ah yes same! it happened to me too. I hope someone knows how to get out of it.. maybe we need to be a lil rude to her? i’ve been too nice to her because i have this feeling where if we’re rude to her we’re gonna have a bad ending as well,, but hopefully that’s not the case. I’m gonna try to be a lil rude to her and update you guys!!


      1. I went back to the slot of the conversation with her chat, I was rude and didn’t choose which dress I wanted and still gave the game over, I didn’t answer the voice and even so she entered my room… this game would be perfect if I didn’t have these things to get in the way left me quite disappointed.


      1. ohh I found another one that is complete and I found the error of why we are having a bad end,
        Voice – 02:49
        …? (None)
        Okay!! I did it!! (None)

        No, not really. (BadEnd)
        (Don’t answer.) (None)

        Come in, William! (BadEnd)
        (Ignore.) (None)

        Then the person who asked me to open the door was… (None)
        Don’t joke around, William! (BadEnd)


    1. Hey Jeannie, from what I know, the only way to restart is to load the progress you have saved on one of the earlier days. This is the common route/ Season 1. The individual routes are slated to be out in December.

      Edit: You can also restart the game by going to Settings, Initialise Game


  5. What will I choose in choices like these?

    Yes. He sounded kind and nice.
    Yes, but he sounded suspicious. —

    The one with “—” ?
    sorry i was just confused but please answer

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    1. Hello animeenthusiasc, apologies for the confusion! Those indicated as – are the choices I have selected so far in my playthrough but did not have any affinity points to it. So the other choice may potentially be an affinity choice or not. If you don’t wish to risk it, you can choose to select the choices I made so far! Hope that clears up your doubts 😊

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    1. After the end of day 7, you can choose to restart again from day 1 by initialising the game. If not, you can wait till Season 2 comes out in December, to continue from the basic ending. Hope that clears your confusion! 🙂


  6. Can I ask, I already finish day 7 should I restart the game or what? Because I don’t know what to do now. (I already check the after ending)


    1. Hey Sister Vibes, the individual routes or Season 2, will only be out in December. In the meantime, you can restart the game to aim for the two other guys (if you haven’t) and save them in the other saving slots(Remember to save your current progress first though!).


  7. This might be somewhat of an odd question, but is there any chance you know how to complete the achievement: ‘Press All Menus’? I’m literally stuck at 32/34. I can’t tell if this is a bug or if I’m really just this blind. ^_^;;;


    1. Hello! I’m not too sure either, I was stuck on it as well but ended up pressing every single available button there was and managed to achieved it. ^^; If that doesn’t work out, you might want to drop a ticket to the prettybusy team about it! 🙂


    1. Hey Irenevnyybsd, I’m actually at 96/99 viewed stories too! I have a feeling that the remaining three chatroom stories in the common route will be out on a later date when the other routes (eater maybe?) are released.

      This game is still fairly new, so we’ll see how it goes! 🙂


    1. Hi Icecream, you will have to do some estimation for the affinity points. In general:
      1. Select bolded answers in the guide if possible
      2. For choices that can give affinity points to either one or another, before Day 4, try to select Jung Hi if possible. You can start to focus on increasing affinity for the character you are aiming for from Day 5 onwards.
      3. This is the common route. Hence, you are able to give affinity points to all three guys. To pursue one, just focus on selecting + affinity choices of the character after you have passed the bad endings on Day 4. You will be able know which route you get for Season 2 by Day 7.
      Hope that helps!


    1. Hi kieran_aki, I’m currently working on Season 2 right now! Will be posting Season 2 walkthough on another new post and linking it from here. Please look forward to it 🙂


    1. When you initialize the game, you won’t lose your tickets or your progress for the saved files (excluding the auto save file). It will just restart the game’s progress back to Season 1, Day 1


  8. I’m just wondering if I ran into a bug. I reset my game and spent tickets to open up a day but Jung Hi’s chat didnt come up first on Day 1. Leo’s did, then Sol’s. Is this happening to anyone else?

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    1. Hi Mae, it’s not a bug! As the game uses real time, Season 1 starts off according to the current timing of your timezone. Whatever chats prior to your current time will not be included. Hence, for Season 1, it is best to start the game at midnight. 🙂


      1. Right, but it should still show up as a missed chat..? For me – his is completely missing. 😦 This is my second run through, I waited until midnight to spend the tickets.


  9. Hi! I’m having a problem, how do you get the 00:11 “Welcome, welcome!” chat from fisrt day? I tried restarting the game at 00:00 with just the prolongue saved and it didn’t work 😦

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    1. Hi kittcat, you might want to enquire with prettybusy on this! I’m not sure of the problem either.

      For me, on the safe side, I would stock up on time tickets by watching ads every 30min to redeem time tickets (you will need 175 time tickets for S1) to open up the chats all at one go before saving it and play the game.


  10. Hello, I’m trying to access missed chats that do NOT include me since I plan to get the bad ending (not the comical endings) and I’m a little confused on how to get them. I do not want to spend time tickets to access a missed story since you still would have to respond to them in which I’m not trying to do.


    1. Hello, if I understood correctly, if you wish to access the missed chats without participating them, just click on the missed chatroom and a pop up asking if you wish to use time tickets will appear. Select cancel to gain access to the chatroom without needing to respond.


  11. Hello! I hope i dont bother you. Im new to the game, i passed the comical endings for Sujee and Leo on the day 4, but i lost at the end of the day 6 with the chat with William. It went again to normal so i thought, why not trying to get all bad and comical endings in this season, so later i can focus on other endings and the season 2. (i also didnt get chat from JungHi at the start probably because it went after 00:11 because i didnt know). But when i tried responding, nothing came up (i mean emojis for certain member when its intimacy point). And i didnt spend all the time tickets at the first 4 day just maybe 3-4 times in a whole, and later i started spending more, but then i lost as ive said. T-T And i never saved and loaded game, because im so confused and im not sure what and when to click. Will i have a chance to lose on a day 4 to get comical endings or should i initialize game? But ive heard if you initialize a game, to some it shows black screen, so im scared. Im once again sorry to bother you. Also, thank you for this game guide, i wish ive read it before playing it tho. >.< Thank you and have a great day!~


    1. Hi Milica! To save your game, you can go to Private -> Save&Load -> Save.

      My suggestion would be to initialise the game (initialising only restarts the game) and save up tickets to unlock all chatrooms for the 7 days before saving it.

      From there, you can load the game (if you got a bad end) through Private -> Save&Load -> Load and replay from Day 1 again without spending tickets on S1 again! I hope this answers you


  12. Hey~~ So when I first started the game the 00:11 Welcome! Welcome! To 19:32 The seal is fading! Didn’t appear, it only started at 20:47 How was our first impression? So I hope you can tell me whether it’s a bug or its just me. Can you also tell me what specific time am I supposed to start/initialize the game??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! You probably started the game around/after 20:47. For 00:11 to appear, you will need to start/initialize the game at midnight for the chats to slowly appear!


  13. Hello! I’m sorry this might be a dumb question but I’m just starting the game and I’m kind of confused what I’m supposed to do once I have saved up the 175 time tickets? I have a save slot for right after the prologue and am in the process of saving but I wasn’t sure what I have to do once I have saved up the amount.


    1. Hi mimibeany, you should:
      1. initialise the game at midnight
      2. Finish the prologue
      3. Enter 1st Day, there is an icon beside the prologue conversations
      4. Click on it, a pop up appears asking if you would like to spend 25 time tickets to unlock the next 24h. Agree to it.
      5. 1st Day chats have been unlocked. Click back to go to 2nd Day. Repeat steps 3-5 for 2nd Day to 7th Day.
      6. Once all chats have been unlocked, go to Private -> Save& Load -> Save -> Select your save slot
      7. This will allow you to save all the chats for S1.

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  14. Hello! I’m just new to the game and I finished Day 7 of Coincidence yesterday and I got Jung Hi’s route. Now, I don’t know what to do. Do I have to complete the BE and CE so that I can play Jung Hi’s route? What do I have to do because I’m kinda scared to use my save slot hahaha TuT Thank you!


  15. Hello!! I have a question.. soooo I just completed day 4 (now currently on day 5) but it says it’s incomplete!I did all the chatrooms and stuff so Did a little bit of research and found out I needed to get the bad ending too.. do I need to fully complete (coincidence) to advance through the (fate) part? I have a save of Voice (Williams chat 9:49) just in case… If i load ‘Voice’ right now do my other progress (such as phone calls, acme, tickets) after I did ‘Voice’ will not be saved? I’m really scared of doing stuff like this TT losing data and stuff.. and please somebody explain to me how the “initialize game” works!!!!!


  16. Day 4: 15:23 I thought you must know*

    if you select
    Yes, we had a promise.

    > I don’t think you would believe me even if I tell you. (never tried, affection unknown)
    > Yes, it’s something I cannot share with you. (no affection)


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