Less than a week to go! Support Nochi’s newest project Somnium Eleven on Kickstarter

An otome game with gameplay elements? Sign me up right now

Inspired by the dual nature of social media in modern day, Somnium Eleven is indie game developer, Nochi newest’s project. With more than 60% backed on Kickstarter, the game needs your support! If successfully backed, the game is slated to release late Fall 2021 and will be released on iOS and Android as free-to-play with in-app purchases.

Somnium Eleven features stat-raising, mini-games and allows you to explore the different locations in-game as you romance and meet new characters. It has more than 15 hours of gameplay and at least 30 CGs to unlock. Nochi also aims to incorporate educational elements to the game by exploring a commentary on the K-pop industry. The game features four romanceable characters.

With less than a week left to support the game, any amount of support is needed to make this campaign a success. If you have any doubts or questions about the game, send your questions to @BeckNaja, who will be interviewing Nochi about their games.

Find out more about Somnium Eleven on Kickstarter.

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