Pre-registration for Dangerous Shelter now on

Having high expectations for this

Part of the Dangerous Fellows universe, Lucydream’s newest game ‘Dangerous Shelter’ is now up for pre-registration! The game is slated to be out in English and Korean by end November 2020.


10 years after the sequence of events in Dangerous Fellows, the world has now completely been taken over by zombies. Doing your best to survive in this world, you land up in a Shelter, the only place where mankind can live safely.

Compared to Lucydream’s previous titles, Dangerous Shelter combines story, time management and stat raising elements all in one game. Improve your stats to increase your chances of survival as you collect necessities and tools through exploration. You can encounter and unlock events with certain characters at specific locations in-game too.

With 180 days to prove your worth to reside in the Shelter, take on jobs, improve your skills and you might find a happy ending with your favourite character!

Pre-register Dangerous Shelter here.

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