Keeper of Mine Walkthrough

Keeper of Mine Walkthrough (Updating)

Episode 1 I Was On My Bed

  • Let’s run away for now. +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Total stranger in my place. Call the police! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Look around to see if I can recognise any characters from the novel. (Any option is fine)
  • Find the way myself. (Any option is fine)
  • Reach for his face. – 14 Diamonds +45 Kant’s Hearts
  • Reach for his forearm. – 12 Diamonds
  • Waiving in front of his face

If you selected Reach for his face,

  • You have a little bit of handsomeness on your cheek. +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • No, nothing’s on your face +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • It’s not ugly at all!  +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • Of course it’s not to my liking. +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • Okay, I will go there. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Why should I? +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Pick up the bottle of liquor on the table. (Any option is fine)
  • Point and direct his attention elsewhere. (Any option is fine)
  • Follow Ain. – 12 Diamonds +39 Ain’s Hearts
  • Don’t follow Ain.

If you selected Follow Ain,

  • Why don’t you lie down with me. +15 Ain’s Hearts
  • No, I don’t want to lie down.
  • Kiss him on the cheek. – 23 Diamonds +74 Ain’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Drink the hangover cure.

If you selected Kiss him on the cheek,

  • I really like you, Ain. +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Ain, don’t ever give up on your love.+ 5 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I can see your face better from here. +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I want to sit next to Ain  +15 Ain’s Hearts

Episode 2 All Possibilities

  • Apologise to the emperor. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Run away.

If you previously confessed your feelings for Ain, +7 Ain’s Hearts

  • “Obey”….is a strong word.  +10 Ray’s Heart
  • Yes, I’ll behave from now on. +5 Ray’s Heart
  • Do I have to follow the original plot to a T?
  • Will I be able to change the plot?  +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Cookies were piled up on the top of the table.
  • [Image Option] These are for Prince Ray. +10 Ray’s Heart
  • [Image Option] I will give them to Lord Ain! +10 Ain’s Heart
  • [Image Option] I want Lord Kant to eat them! +10 Kant’s Heart
  • [Image Option] I’m thinking of giving them to Lord Hugh.+10 Hugh’s Heart
  • Point out his fault. – 14 Diamonds + 45 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Ignore his fault.

If you selected Point out his fault,

  • Do…you want to pay me for my work? +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I can help you more. +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I took the flowers he gave me. Item: Red Dahlia
  • See you later. +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Can I call you Hugh? +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Eat one of the cookies in front of everyone. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Put the cookies back into the basket.
  • Point out what he just did wrong to you. – 12 Diamonds +39 Ray’s Hearts
  • Try to understand him and accept his apology.
  • Then, how about a favor? – 14 Diamonds +45 Ray’s Hearts
  • No, it’s okay

If you selected Then, how about a favor,

  • He gently brushed my hair. Item: Peony Hair Band
  • T-thank you, Your Highness. +5 Kant’s Heart
  • No way! I’m perfectly fine one my own, Your Highness! +10 Ray’s Hearts

Episode 3 To Survive

  • Take the duke’s side.
  • Take Kant’s side. +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • I would like to be alone right now. +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • Why are you watching me? +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • Does the emperor have a favourite cookie? (Any option is fine)
  • Does the prince have a favorite cookie? (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] I remembered the episode about the medal-shaped cookie from the novel.
  • Yes, I will try. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ray’s Hearts
  • Well…nevermind. I think it’s better not to mess with it.

If you selected Yes, I will try,

  • Comfort Ray as he cries. (Any option is fine)
  • Wait by his side, for him to finish crying. (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] I carefully wrapped the cookies.
  • Ask questions. – 12 Diamonds +39 Kant’s Hearts
  • Don’t ask questions.

If you selected Ask questions,

  • What does he like?
  • What does he hate?
  • Stop listening to him.
  • You worked hard today. +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • I want to be friends with you. +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • I just want to help Prince Ray as a future wife. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • I wanted to make some friends. +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • The forbidden love of the dragon and the angel. +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Political strategy of the past emperors.
  • I serve at the pleasure of your wish, Your Majesty. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I,I truly love Prince Ray!!

If you previously baked medal-shaped cookies for Ray, +7 Ray’s Heart’s

  • Put the cookie back into the basket. +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Push the cookie even closer to Ray. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Kant, you are even more handsome at this proximity.  +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • Woah! Kant, I must be so heavy!! +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • Hug around his neck. – 23 Diamonds +74 Kant’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Push his cheek away.

If you selected Hug around his neck,

  • You are not heavy at all.
  • It’s rather my honor to lift you. +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Deliberately walk slower +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Rush toward the carriage

If you previously medal-shaped cookies for Ray, +7 Ray’s Heart’s

  • [Image Option] Found the home-made medal shaped cookies
  • Keep the cookies of his memories. Item: Medal and Cookies

Episode 4 Not Easy Being a Fan

  • changed (Any option is fine)
  • Not changed (Any option is fine)
  • Yes, I’m on my way to see him +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Not necessarily… +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Ask Ain for advice – 12 Diamonds +39 Ain’s Hearts
  • Keep it to yourself

If you selected Ask Ain for advice,

  • Refute Ain’s words
  • Don’t refute Ain’s words +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • …And puts it on my head. Item: Pink Hat
  • No, it was my honor
  • Please be careful next time
  • Yes…I think it’s all coming back to me. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • No…not necessarily

If you previously gave medal-shaped cookies to Ray, +7 Ray’s Hearts

  • Tell him the truth
  • Don’t tell him the truth. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • I need to go out, can you come with me? +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • You can stop working, and go home! +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • Ask for Hugh’s help. – 17 Diamonds +55 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Don’t ask for Hugh’s help.

If you selected Ask for Hugh’s help,

  • I went to the carriage to change my outfit Item: Classic Navy Dress
  • I lightly held his hand +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I put my arm around his arm +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Can you show me how, Hugh? – 12 Diamonds +39 Hugh’s Hearts
  • You have to dance like how I dance.

If you selected Can you show me how, Hugh?

  • Put my other hand on his shoulder
  • Wrap my other hand around his waist +10 Hugh’s Hearts

Episode 5 Unexpected Turns Part 1

  • Do you think he would hear about small things like this? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • …I’m so sorry. I apologise. +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Take a look at the angel figurine.
  • I need to shower! – 12 Diamonds +39 Kant’s Hearts
  • Let’s get some fresh air and take a breather.

If you selected I need to shower!,

  • Stay put and wait for Nina
  • Walk outside the lake
  • But…why are you so red? +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • Getting up now!
  • Follow Kant. +10 Kant’s Heart
  • Wait for Kant.
  • Let’s put in a report when the sun comes up…
  • I’m going to check nearby!
  • I came to see you. +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I need your help. +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I have you, Hugh!
  • Why are you being so cautious?
  • Okay, I’ll go change! – 17 Diamonds +55 Hugh’s Hearts
  • No, we’d better get going!

If you selected Okay, I’ll go change!,

  • Change clothes Item: Black Outfit
  • Go with the flow
  • Pull even closer to Hugh +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Punish the bandits. – 14 Diamonds +45 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Don’t stand up against the bandits.

If you selected Punish the bandits,

  • I was trying to protect you, Hugh. +5 Hugh’s Heart
  • I was trying to keep the money
  • Hugh arranged my hair Item: Jeweled Hairpin

Episode 6 Unexpected Turns Part 2

  • Please save us! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Untie me right now! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Was the statue of an angel I longed for.
  • Do a mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. – 23 Diamonds +74 Hugh’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Massage Hugh’s arms and legs.

If you selected Do a mouth to mouth resuscitation,

  • Take a closer look at his face.
  • Hug him tight +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I should have let you die!
  • I was really scared that you’ll die! +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Hugh, let’s hide over there! (Any option is fine)
  • Hugh! We attack first. (Any option is fine)
  • Hold Ray’s hand +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Avoid Ray’s touch
  • I’m so sorry…Kant. +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • Where have you been?
  • Help me get home. +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Help me find the figurine.
  • Take a closer look (Any option is fine)
  • Pretend there’s nothing (Any option is fine)
  • Stand in front of Ain. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ain’s Hearts
  • Stand still, my body is frozen

If you selected Stand in front of Ain,

  • I’m just…surprised
  • You are so cool. +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • A shining bright and warm light Item: You Are Sunshine
  • [Image Option] Walk to Ray’s side  +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Stand by Ain’s side  +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] The bandits’ boss lifted up the angel statue

Episode 7 The Monster Called Desire

  • Your loyalty matches the crown prince! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Isn’t that a little…too much? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Oh no, It’s okay. (Any option is fine)
  • It’s just…I’m a little tired (Any option is fine)
  • Let’s play Truth or Dare!!! – 12 Diamonds +39 Leah’s Charm
  • Let’s…make a bonfire

If you selected Stand in front of Ain,

  • What was the most embarrassing thing lately? +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • What’s your latest kiss? +10 Ray’s Hearts

If you previously kiss Ain on the cheek, +7 Ain’s Hearts

  • [Image Option] Nervous Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Frowning Ray +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Quiet Kant. +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Expressionless Hugh +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hug Ain’s arm +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Pulled Ray’s arm +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hide behind Kant. +5 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hold Hugh’s hand +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I grasped his hand with force. – 17 Diamonds +55 Ray’s Hearts
  • I turned away from him.

If you selected I grasped his hand with force,

  • I dress Ray with the armour. Item: Breast Leather Shield
  • Grabbed the strange man’s body (Any option is fine)
  • Waited for the seizure to stop (Any option is fine)
  • You’re a…thief, aren’t you?
  • Where is my angel figurine?! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Do you really have a magic medicine like that? (Any option is fine)
  • What did the monsters say? (Any option is fine)
  • Catch the bug for Ain. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ain’s Hearts
  • Don’t catch the bug

If you selected Catch the bug for Ain,

  • Place firefly in a glass Item: Orb of Fireflies
  • Held him in my arms +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Set my foot +5 Ray’s Hearts

If you previously obtained the Orb of Fireflies, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Release the fireflies +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Pray to the fireflies
  • I knelt before the brilliant light (Any option is fine)
  • I felt like I wanted the light in front of my eyes (Any option is fine)
  • Apologize to the fireflies +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Get angry at the fireflies +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I call Ain +15 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I call Ray +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I call Kant +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I call Hugh +15 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Hugged all four men one by one +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Gathered all hands and held them together +5 Leah’s Charm

Episode 8 Don’t You Need a Prince Part 1

  • Persuade him + 5 Leah’s Charm
  • Whack his head out of fury + 10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Take Ain’s hand + 10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Stand next to Ray + 10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Take Kant’s hand + 10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Take Hugh’s hand + 10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Only mine +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Mine and His Highness +5 Leah’s Charm

If you previously took a bath, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • My identity (Any option is fine)
  • What happened to me (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Why don’t we talk about Ain? + 10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Why don’t we talk about you? + 10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Treat Ain as if nothing had happened (Any option is fine)
  • Vent at Ain for no reason (Any option is fine)
  • Answer him honestly – 12 Diamonds +39 Ray’s Hearts
  • Don’t answer him honestly

If you selected Answer him honestly,

  • Of course, Your Majesty
  • No, i think differently from you X

If you previously gave Ray medal-shaped cookies, +7 Ray’s Hearts

  • Yes, I do. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • No, never.
  • Talk to her (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t say anything (Any option is fine)
  • Fall into his arms and hug him deeply – 12 Diamonds +39 Leah’s Charm
  • Lean towards him and whisper into his ear

If you selected Fall into his arms and hug him deeply,

  • It’s fine. You can let me go now
  • No, you shouldn’t let go of me +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Caress Ray’s face. – 23 Diamonds +74 Ray’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Go back into the hall with Ray

Episode 9 Don’t You Need a Prince Part 2

If you previously hugged Ray, +7 Ray’s Hearts

  • Sorry, I should have put more thought into it. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • You’re taking revenge of what I did to you?
  • Squeeze his hand +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • Took my hand away
  • Because you came to escort me +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • I-I am upset
  • Ask Ain to dance with me – 17 Diamonds +55 Ain’s Hearts
  • Threaten the ladies and make them go away

If you Ask Ain to dance with me,

  • [Image Option] Use the wine
  • [Image Option] Wine my feet
  • Ain was wearing a tuxedo. Item: A Calm Tux
  • I also wanted to dance with you +10 Leah’s Charm
  • My insanity…kicked in.
  • Approach Princess Marie (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t approach Princess Marie (Any option is fine)
  • Ignore the ruthless bickerers
  • Teach the ruthless bickerers a lesson +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Like to meet my friend? (Any option is fine)
  • Go for a walk with me? (Any option is fine)
  • I think Ray is looking for me (Any option is fine)
  • My stomach hurts (Any option is fine)
  • Eavesdrop (Any option is fine)
  • Peek (Any option is fine)
  • Save Princess Marie myself – 12 Diamonds +39 Leah’s Charm
  • Call the guards

If you selected Save Princess Marie myself,

  • Bin him with my strength
  • Verbally try to win the fight
  • [Image Option] Calm Marie down with a hug – 17 Diamonds +55 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Stare blankly at her

If you selected Calm Marie down with a hug,

  • Then you should blow on my scratches
  • Something like this might happen again
  • Marie held out a pink dress. Item: Prellmorc’s Spring

Episode 10 Head of Heels is Hard

  • [Image Option] Protecting Ain’s Love Project notebook!
  • [Image Option] Nina handed me a letter
  • Ordeals +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Brainwashing
  • [Image Option] Open the operation notebook
  • This isn’t a party (Any option is fine)
  • I’m glad to see you again. (Any option is fine)
  • Eat and be done? +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Oh, how wonderful! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Sure. Let’s sit together +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] No, I want to sit next to Hugh. +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I’ll bring some more snacks (Any option is fine)
  • I think I have something to do! (Any option is fine)
  • Push and corner Hugh to the wall – 23 Diamonds +74 Hugh’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Run away

If you selected Push and corner Hugh to the wall,

  • Finding Ain’s love fate
  • Doing this for world peace
  • I don’t want to know +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Is it money that you want?
  • Subdued him with strength (Any option is fine)
  • Maintained my friendly demeanour (Any option is fine)
  • Rather, I’m worried about you + 15 Kant’s Hearts
  • There’s no need to worry
  • [Image Option] Kant, let’s follow Ain. -12 Diamonds +39 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Kant, let’s…go home

If you selected Kant, let’s follow Ain,

  • [Image Option] Calm the surprised Kant +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Take a close look at Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Take the potion instead – 14 Diamonds +45 Ain’s Hearts
  • Scream and make them stop

If you selected Take the potion instead,

  • Flower petals and butterflies were fluttering around me. Item: Butterfly Effect
  • Wipe Ain’s tears.
  • Hug Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts

Episode 11 Happy but Weird

If you previously took the potion, +7 Ain’s Hearts

  • Of course, let’s go (Any option is fine)
  • I’d create a festival from nothing just to go with you (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Open your operation notebook.
  • Argue with the Duke +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Be unquestionable to the Duke
  • Yes, I did +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • No, not really +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Wear the lucky dress. – 18 Diamonds +58 Leah’s Charm
  • Don’t change your clothes

If you selected Wear the lucky dress,

  • I happily accept Nina’s dress Item :The Lucky Dress
  • [Image Option] Beat the stranger with the notebook +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Sit down holding the notebook +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Nope. Not anymore (Any option is fine)
  • Yes…I will (Any option is fine)

If you are wearing the lucky dress, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • I’m so touched +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • You have a very strong professional spirit
  • [Image Option] Ain offered me a big cotton candy
  • It’s special because Ain bought it for me
  • I don’t need any more ??
  • Yes, I don’t have any pride +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I have a good reason for this +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Buy and give the doll as a gift. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ain’s Hearts
  • Just give up and pass by.

If you Buy and give the doll as a gift,

  • It’s from that gentleman over there +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Someone cooler than me
  • Ain accepted my doll Item: Meow!
  • Manipulate the results. – 5 Diamonds +16 Leah’s Charm
  • Don’t change the results.

If you Manipulate the results,

  • [Image Option] I’m thinking of going in with Ray – 9 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I’m thinking of going in with Kant – 9 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I’m thinking of going in with Hugh – 9 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I’m thinking of following Ain and Marie

If you selected I’m thinking of following Ain and Marie,

  • [Image Option] Grabbed Ain +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Grabbed the cloth on my head +10 Leah’s Charm
  • No, it was fun. +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • It was a bit disappointing. +10 Ain’s Hearts

Episode 12 WHAT?

  • Tried to let go of her hand (Any option is fine)
  • Called Marie quietly (Any option is fine)
  • Friendship +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Love +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I began to take notes in the operation notebook
  • Re-reading novels is the best +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Singing is the best +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Approach and explain (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t approach (Any option is fine)
  • Refuse to play monsters
  • Play monsters together +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] There was a cookie in it.
  • [Image Option] Talk to Ain a little more – 12 Diamonds +39 Ain’s Hearts
  • Wrap up Ain’s story

If you selected Talk to Ain a little more,

  • I approach them
  • I listened to their conversation quietly
  • Did you just badmouth my parents? +15 Ain’s Hearts
  • Please, go on
  • Overpower her with strength
  • Solve it with words +15 Ain’s Hearts
  • Receive an escort (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t take any escort (Any option is fine)
  • It’s a bit disappointing +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • This is great
  • Go out for a while and buy a present – 14 Diamonds +45 Kant’s Hearts
  • Say congratulations and be done with it

If you selected Go out for a while and buy a present,

  • Yes, of course I like him +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Where did you learn to say that?
  • That’s… I don’t think that’s gonna work…?
  • Of course!! +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • He took the necklace that was hanging from my hand Item : Chrome Heart
  • [Image Option] Yes, I’ll wait. – 23 Diamonds +74 Kant’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • [Image Option] No…I’d better get going

Episode 13 Big Picture of the Villainess

If you previously selected Go out for a while and buy a present, +7 Kant’s Hearts

  • Something must be wrong +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I’m so excited!!!
  • [Image Option] Memorize the new operation once again.
  • I’d better wear something that suits the situation, right? – 18 Diamonds +58 Leah’s Charm
  • Nah, let’s just go!

If you previously selected I’d better wear something that suits the situation, right?,

  • Wear riding clothes Item: Petite Rider

If you wore riding clothes, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Let’s be clingy with Ray and bully Ain! (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Let’s ignore Hugh and Kant since they’re lowborn. (Any option is fine)
  • Act hysterical and pull my hair out. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Nitpick at some nonexistent fault +5 Leah’s Charm
  • It’s none of your business, Ain!
  • Ain, are you caring for me?
  • [Image Option] Hold Ain’s hand – 23 Diamonds +74 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Coldly refuse

If you Hold Ain’s hand,

  • Ain…I feel like I’m in heaven.
  • I can’t believe someone like me is riding with someone like you…!
  • Just…Don’t do anything
  • Your smile is enough +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Have an operation meeting with Ray – 18 Diamonds +58 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Use Nina

If you selected Have an operation meeting with Ray,

  • We…get married +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • What, do you want to be with me?
  • [Image Option] Ray took a flower shaped accessory out of his pocket and handed it to me
  • I put the flower on my head. Item: Camellia Brooch
  • Kiss Ray on the cheek +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Propose to Ray

If you selected Use Nina,

  • Screamed
  • Pretended to hit even harder.
  • Are you ignoring my family?! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Are you trying to seduce me?! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I sneaked a look at the operational notes.
  • Send a letter to Kant. – 12 Diamonds +39 Kant’s Hearts
  • Don’t send a letter to Kant.

If you selected Send a letter to Kant,

  • [Image Option] I opened the letter.
  • [Image Option] Go see her – 12 Diamonds +39 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Don’t go see her

If you selected Go see her,

  • I ran here
  • I’m here…Because I wanted to see you + 15 Kant’s Hearts
  • May I…hold your hand, my lady? Just once? +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • I will always… protect you, my lady

Episode 14 Prologue Again

  • [Image Option] Asked Ray first (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Asked Ain first (Any option is fine)
  • Fine, I would grant you that wish (Any option is fine)
  • Well…We’ll see. (Any option is fine)
  • When was your first kiss? +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Will I ever get a stepmother? +5 Leah’s Charm
  • How are you doing? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Did anything special happen in the Imperial Palace?
  • [Image Option] I’m more concerned about Ray +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I’m more concerned about Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I’ll take it to Ray myself! – 13 Diamonds +42 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I’ll ask Nina!

If you selected I’ll take it to Ray myself,

  • [Image Option] I made it for you +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Share it with Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • I’m sure there’ll be someone who will take care of you +5 Leah’s Charm
  • You have me!
  • I put it directly on Ray’s chest Item: Turquoise Brooch
  • That’s not possible. (Any option is fine)
  • Uh…Do join us. (Any option is fine)
  • You did show up out of the blue +10 Leah’s Charm
  • No, I was happy to see you +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I side-glanced at Hugh’s ledger.
  • Point out his mistake. – 12 Diamonds +39 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Don’t point out his mistake

If you selected Point out his mistake,

  • Start swinging the papers
  • Run away with the papers +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Stick my lips out +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Knock him with my forehead
  • [Image Option] Talk to Hugh reluctantly – 20 Diamonds +64 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Keep up the act and run away

If you selected Talk to Hugh reluctantly,

  • Don’t try to fool me from now on
  • I appreciate your concern for me
  • Hugh was wearing my treasured leather coat Item: Leather Robe Set
  • Hugh, you got great taste
  • If you say it like that, I might misunderstand you +5 Hugh’s Hearts

If you selected Don’t point out his mistake,

  • [Image Option] And opened the project notebook.
  • Go to the guard myself +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Stop Duke Lenokyn +5 Leah’s Charm

Episode 15 Tribute or Attack

  • Do you have evidence? +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Your Majesty, you’ve got this all wrong.
  • [Image Option] Mention Marie
  • [Image Option] Don’t mention Marie +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Sweet Ain and his gentle touch +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ray with his passionate voice +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant with his low voice +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hugh with his prim face +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Calm down and come…here (Any option is fine)
  • I’m not escaping this dungeon (Any option is fine)
  • I decided to have my words delivered to Ain. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ain’s Hearts
  • Turned my back on him

If you selected I decided to have my words delivered to Ain,

  • No, not at all.
  • Yes…I’ve changed my mind. +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • Touched Ain’s cheek
  • Touched Ain’s hand
  • [Image Option] You’re a jackass, you damn emperor! +15 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Ha. My life sucks!
  • [Image Option] Let me see your face (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Let go of me for a sec (Any option is fine)
  • Did you put poison in the food? (Any option is fine)
  • Did she put you up to this? (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Hugh kneeled and presented the medicine to the emperor
  • Where is Lady Lenokyn? +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • What are you going to do about this? +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • I want to make a proposal. – 12 Diamonds +39 Ray’s Hearts
  • I will not marry the lady

If you selected I want to make a proposal,

  • She…is also a denizen of Haaliskarde.
  • Yes, more than anyone.
  • Decided to tell the truth. – 16 Diamonds +52 Ray’s Hearts
  • Decided to hide the truth.

If you selected Decided to tell the truth,

  • She…is also a denizen of Haaliskarde. X
  • Yes, more than anyone.
  • He the put it on her head. Item: Engagement Tiara
  • Kiss her on her lips X
  • Pull her slim body in my embrace

Episode 16 An Unknown Story

  • Sure, I will +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • No, I don’t think I can +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Ask him about it +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Not ask him about it
  • What was her job? (Any option is fine)
  • What kind of person was she? (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] The duke is holding a letter stamped with a royal seal.
  • No…I’m okay
  • Yes…I’m very sad +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Decided to show them a piece of my mind +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Decided to pass on it
  • [Image Option] Decided to meet Marie – 14 Diamond +45 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Decided not to meet Marie

If you selected Decided to meet Marie,

  • Ray is a good man (Any option is fine)
  • You will be happy, Marie (Any option is fine)

If you previously saved Marie and taunted them, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Touch her lips – 16 Diamonds +52 Leah’s Charm
  • Caress her lips

If you selected to Touch her lips,

  • The white bird chirped on her shoulder. Item: Prellmorc’s Love
  • Are you…refusing me right now? (Any option is fine)
  • Please hug me harder (Any option is fine)
  • I’ll gladly take this opportunity +15 Leah’s Charm
  • No, thank you +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Dance with Ain – 12 Diamond +39 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Don’t dance with Ain.

If you selected Dance with Ain,

  • So is mine +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Ain, you’re being cheesy today.

If you knew the identity of the suspicious guard, +7 Ain’s Hearts

  • Hug him tightly – 23 Diamonds +74 Ain’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Lean my head on his chest
  • Taking a brisk walk to facilitate good humor…?
  • Something like…a lover’s elopement? +10 Ain Hearts
  • [Timed] Hugged Marie +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Timed] Hugged Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Timed] Hugged Ray +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Ran towards the nobles (Any option is fine)
  • Started looking for shiny things (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Ray came and picked me up +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ain came and hugged my shoulders +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant came and kneeled before me +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Marie came and hugged me +10 Leah’s Charm

Episode 17 Plot Hole

  • Congratulations, Ray +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Ray, how’ve you been? +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Ask Ray about the notebook (Any option is fine)
  • Don’t ask Ray about the notebook (Any option is fine)
  • Why? Did you guys fight? +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Did the emperor order you to go separately? +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Oh, I’m Hugh’s best friend +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I came to ask something +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • There’s something I want to ask you about Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • I came here to meet you, of course +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Then Hugh, you need to help me. – 14 Diamonds +45 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Then…I’ll do what I can

If you selected Then Hugh, you need to help me,

  • The real crown prince is here… +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Hugh, I’ll call you My Lord Hugh from now on
  • [Image Option] Why not purple hair?
  • [Image Option] I’ll show you the lemon creme color!
  • [Image Option] A summer day’s lisianthus hair – 10 Diamonds +32 Leah’s Charm
  • A spring day’s hydrangea hair

If you selected A summer day’s lisianthus hair,

  • Change hair color to lisianthus Item: Platinum Blonde Bob
  • What’s the most popular item in the black market? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Where do the nobles mostly gather at?
  • Sure! Let’s go to the black market! – 12 Diamonds +39 Hugh’s Hearts
  • No, I don’t think we should go.

If you selected Sure! Let’s go to the black market,

  • [Image Option] Held out a bottle emitting a mysterious gas
  • Decide to take the potion
  • Decide to drop the potion
  • Hugh, you’re talking very smoothly today
  • What the. Don’t tease me +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Kiss Hugh – 18 Diamonds +58 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Find another way

If you selected Kiss Hugh,

  • That kiss was too hot!! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Are you back now? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] He then came back and handed me a large box
  • Inside was an extravagant dress. Item: Halter Dress
  • A woman can go to dungeons +15 Leah’s Charm
  • What do you mean? +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] My missing notebook!
  • Attack Hugh with the notebook (Any option is fine)
  • Quibble over it with Hugh (Any option is fine)
  • Yeah. Thanks. +5 Leah’s Charm
  • No. Not at all +10 Leah’s Charm

If you previously saw Hugh drunk by the potion, +7 Hugh’s Hearts

  • Sure, I’ll cooperate. (Any option is fine)
  • Why should I? (Any option is fine)

Episode 18 Social Problems Fantasy ver

  • What kind of relationship did she have with the Imperial Majesty? (Any option is fine)
  • What did she do while she was here…? (Any option is fine)

If you previously obtained the Halter Dress from Hugh, +7 Hugh’s Hearts

  • Whatever
  • Do you like me that much? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Should I ask the duke? (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] It’ll be better not to ask the duke, right? (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] And opened the letter from Hugh.
  • I’m going to the night market! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • I was told there’s a good book! +5 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I remembered the mask I’d prepared for today.
  • Bring me the mask! – 14 Diamonds +45 Leah’s Charm
  • I’ll just go!!

If you selected Bring me the mask,

  • I put on the mask right away. Item: Cat-eye Mask
  • Don’t you know who I am?!
  • I left my invitation
  • Point to the sofa (Any option is fine)
  • Point to the stage (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Ain, I have something to tell you! +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ray, I have something to tell you! +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Run to Ray – 12 Diamonds +39 Ray’s Hearts
  • Lower your head with a deep sigh

If you selected Run to Ray,

  • Then…I’ll be the one to help you instead of Ain
  • Ain said he was doing this for you. +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • Run to save everyone. – 23 Diamonds +74 Ray’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Collapse in bewilderment

If you selected Run to save everyone,

  • Stay by Ray’s side. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Go out looking for someone to help.

If you selected Lower your head with a deep sigh,

  • Beg for mercy
  • Struggle desperately
  • Hug Kant +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • Cry out to Kant
  • [Image Option] Hugh hugs me +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant raises me up. +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Beg the emperor to save Kant – 18 Diamonds +58 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I have no choice but to stand still

If you selected Beg the emperor to save Kant,

  • I return the coat to Kant. Item: Coat for Style
  • Blame God
  • Thank God
  • Want to protect her by her side for the rest of my life. +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • Am fine with not being able to protect her from her side.

Episode 19 Anyone Else Here?

  • [Image Option] I grab Kant’s hand +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I grab Ain’s hand +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I grab Ray’s hand +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • I borrowed money from Hugh +5 Hugh’s Hearts
  • It’s a…secret between the two of us +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I’ve got the skills! (Any option is fine)
  • I won’t be a burden…!! (Any option is fine)
  • Erase it now!!! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Ain, Are you … with them?
  • [Image Option] Ask Ain why he’s acting this way. +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hit Ray in the back. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I approach Marie again – 14 Diamonds +45 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] I leave the room worried

If you selected I approach Marie again,

  • Pull Marie up
  • I sit next to Marie
  • Marie, are you jealous? +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Of course! Doesn’t matter how many times!
  • Marie placed the flower crown on my head. Item:Robin’s Eye Crown
  • Thank you for your concern +5 Leah’s Charm
  • Am I being grounded? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Please provide me with some knights
  • Please give me some money +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Sir, are you also a messenger of God? (Any option is fine)
  • If you don’t tell me, I’ll curse you! (Any option is fine)
  • [Image Option] Kant…!!! Help me!! – 14 Diamonds +45 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Dad! Help me!

If you selected Kant…!!! Help me!!,

  • No, keep holding me +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Can you spare me?
  • Kant, do you love me? A lot? +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • Kant, am I in danger?
  • Kiss him. – 20 Diamonds +64 Kant’s Hearts
  • Grab him by the collar.

If you selected Kiss him,

  • I take the gem studded dagger -> Item:
  • Kant showed me his dagger. -> Item:

If Kant has the heart necklace, +7 Kant’s Hearts

  • Are you all crazy? +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Oh, no! I feel so dizzy!
  • [Image Option] I hurriedly opened the letter.

Episode 20 Looking for A Happy Ending

  • Everything was caused by Prellmorc? + 10 Leah’s Charm
  • No, there’s no way Prellmorc caused all this.

If you obtained the flower crown from Marie, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Grab Ray +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hug Ain +15 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hide behind Kant +15 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hold Hugh’s hand +15 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Look who’s talking! You’re on our land! + 15 Leah’s Charm
  • C-calm down and let’s talk
  • Grab his arm and beg (Any option is fine)
  • Hit him nonstop and push him away (Any option is fine)
  • Hug him harder +10 Kant’s Charm
  • Get up, out of his arms +5 Kant’s Charm
  • Stand in front of Kant to stop him – 14 Diamonds +45 Leah’s Charm
  • Hang my head and turn away

If you selected Stand in front of Kant to stop him,

  • Grab both of his legs +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Wrap my arms around a nearby tree

If you previously ask Kant to save you from home, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Take off your clothes +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Don’t move
  • Undress Kant myself. – 25 Diamonds +80 Kant’s Hearts – Special Illustration
  • Slap Kant’s forehead.

If you selected Undress Kant myself,

  • I have hand tremors
  • They shake when I see you. +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I’m not leaving this place.
  • Are you coming with me? +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • I’ll look for the temple by myself…! + 15 Kant’s Hearts
  • I’ll send an S.O.S signal!
  • Know Nouri Lenokyn? (Any option is fine)
  • Know if there’s a prophecy about the Lenokyns? (Any option is fine)

If you previously read all the divine messages, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Ask the star of fate (Any option is fine)
  • Vent at the star of fate (Any option is fine)
  • Decided to talk to “him” for the last time – 10 Diamonds +32 Leah’s Charm
  • Decided to disappear quietly

If you Decided to talk to “him” for the last time,

  • [Image Option] I want to talk to Ray alone. – 7 Diamonds +23 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] I want to talk to Kant alone. – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I want to talk to Hugh alone. – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I want to talk to Ain alone

If you selected I want to talk to Ray alone,

  • Pinch Ray’s nose. +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • Pat Ray’s butt

Episode 21 Well, What a Mess

  • [Image Option] We opened up the letter attached to the bird’s ankle
  • I’m just… scared, is all. (Any option is fine)
  • I don’t think I should be here (Any option is fine)
  • What about all of the victims of this war? + 15 Leah’s Charm
  • Why did you take Princess Marie hostage?
  • [Image Option] Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ray +10 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant +10 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hugh +10 Hugh’s Hearts
  • Protect His Majesty!! (Any option is fine)
  • I’ll take the lead!! (Any option is fine)
  • I firmly gripped onto Ray’s shoulders. – 14 Diamonds +45 Ray’s Hearts
  • I shuddered and ran out of the barrack

If you selected I firmly gripped onto Ray’s shoulders,

  • Ray! Pull yourself together! +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • No, you’re the best, as always.
  • Used both my hands to grab his cheeks. +5 Ray’s Hearts
  • Kissed him cautiously on the cheek
  • I grabbed both of their hands and spoke up with a firm voice. – 18 Diamonds +58 Leah’s Charm
  • I sighed and quietly backed away.

If you selected I grabbed both of their hands and spoke up with a firm voice,

  • I changed into the outfit Hugh bought me. -> Item:

If you obtained the divine outfit, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Nobody shall win this war! (Any option is fine)
  • God has chosen the empire to be the victors of this war! (Any option is fine)

If you obtained the divine outfit, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Th-that’s too bad, I guess. Maybe next time!
  • Th-then let’s get back to this war, shall we?
  • Don’t make me laugh!! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Wh-who? M-me…?
  • Ran to Marie
  • Quietly stared at her +15 Leah’s Charm
  • [Image Option] Ain + 15 Ain’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Ray + 15 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant + 15 Kant’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Hugh + 15 Hugh’s Hearts
  • I couldn’t let go of his hand – 10 Diamonds +32 Leah’s Charm
  • My hand felt too weak

If you selected I couldn’t let go of his hand,

  • [Image Option] I hold Ray’s hand – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I hold Kant’s hand – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I hold Hugh’s hand – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] I hold Ain’s hand +10 Ain’s Hearts

If you selected I hold Ain’s hand,

  • Broke out of Ain’s embrace and stood up on my own two feet +5 Ain’s Hearts
  • Showered kisses of Ain’s cheek

Episode 22 Not Just a Fangirl

If you previously grabbed hold of someone’s hand, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • [Image Option] Ain, tears rolling down his cheeks
  • [Image Option] Ray, as calm and collected as ever +15 Ray’s Hearts
  • [Image Option] Kant, his lips pursed into a stiff line
  • [Image Option] Hugh, his face blank
  • What does Prellmorc have to do with it?
  • What does it have to do with me? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • Please kill me +15 Leah’s Charm
  • Please spare me
  • I may very well be the Fateshifter (Any option is fine)
  • There’s no way I’m the Fateshifter (Any option is fine)
  • Turn around and look at everyone – 16 Diamonds +52 Leah’s Charm
  • Shake off the hand and dash off

If you selected Turn around and look at everyone,

  • The messenger of God +10 Leah’s Charm
  • The villainess of this story
  • [Image Option] And handed me a staff.
  • Took the staff imbed with everyone’s powers. -> Item
  • Flail my arms (Any option is fine)
  • Get down on my knees and beg (Any option is fine)

If you previously obtained the orb of fireflies, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • How did you know about the prophecy…? X
  • Do you think I’ll be able to find the prophecy?
  • Quick, run away!!!
  • What should I do?!

If you previously obtained the fancy magic staff, +7 Leah’s Charm

  • Continue to swing the staff
  • Hit the monsters with the staff
  • Try touching them
  • Stagger backwards
  • [Image Option] I discovered a notebook floating in the air
  • Am I dead? X
  • Who the heck am I?
  • Why was I brought back here?
  • Why is my existence such a problem? +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I knew in my heart who I wanted to see – 6 Diamonds +20 Leah’s Charm
  • I shook my head in tears

If you selected I knew in my heart who I wanted to see,

  • [Image Option] Ray – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Kant – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Hugh – 7 Diamonds
  • [Image Option] Ain +10 Ain’s Hearts

If you selected Ain,

  • Are you even…listening?
  • Do you like me…? +10 Ain’s Hearts
  • Yes, exactly +5 Leah’s Charm
  • No, I’m not crazy enough to do that! +10 Leah’s Charm
  • I was curious about my relationship to the God of Fate -12 Diamonds +39 Leah’s Charm
  • I just wanted everything to end as quickly as possible

If you selected I was curious about my relationship to the God of Fate,

  • Hug Nouri back x
  • Push Nouri away
  • Don’t worry, Mom…I will. +15 Leah’s Charm
  • No…I refuse to leave.
  • Mom handed me the notebook. -> Item:
  • I see Ain’s face (85% achieved)
  • I see Ray’s face (90% achieved)
  • I see Kant’s face (100% achieved)
  • I see Hugh’s face (100% achieved)
  • All I see is darkness

Episode 23 A Side Story Only for Me

If you selected All I see is darkness,

  • I just wake up from a dream?
  • Something go wrong?
  • [Image Option] To the last page
  • Run to the wall
  • Grab the tray off the floor
  • I run towards everyone
  • I fall to the ground

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