Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Jung Hi) Walkthrough

Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Jung Hi) Walkthrough

To start Season 2, finish Season 1 before going to Private → Story → Fate → Select your route

Jung Hi’s Route Walkthrough



Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14
23:1323:59Bad End***
*09:12, 15:52, 18:24 – Comical End, ** Important chatrooms that leads to game overs, ***Endings

Day 8

Some little boy

  • Are you talking to me…? (Any option is fine)
  • Were you standing there the whole time, while I was sleeping? (Any option is fine)
  • I must have had a strange dream. Some guys were calling for me…
  • I think I already have a partner… + Jung Hi

I remember everything!

Chatroom: Babe | Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • (Since it’s embarrassing, I’ll just smile) + Jung Hi
  • (Oh~! I’m sure they’re not staring at me right!!)
  • No need to be sorry. I was staring too + Sol
  • I’m also sorry for making you cry + Jung Hi

Which one did you choose?

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • How did you know that?! (Any option is fine)
  • No…No. I didn’t?! (Any option is fine)
  • Wasn’t it some person named cat… + Jung Hi
  • Since Sol’s father passed it down to you it must be your father! + Sol
  • Answer!! Albatross!!!
  • It was Claude!! + Leo
  • …I remember. You’re talking about Sujee right? + Jung Hi
  • Are you talking about Eater?
  • I’m sorry that you had to use all that power for me (Any option is fine)
  • I’m sorry for not remember you the first time (Any option is fine)

08:23 Even if you say don’t do it

Chatroom: William | Jung Hi

11:19 You were not that bad

Chatroom: William |Leo

Call: Leo

  • Leo, you’re more scared than I thought?
  • I must usually appear in your dreams a lot?
  • Liam can be demanding so try to take it easy if you want to live.
  • Yeah, thank you. I’ll also do whatever I can to help!
  • If Hi feels happy then that makes me happy!
  • We have to win this time…

15:07 She doesn’t need your life

Chatroom: William | Sol

19:32 Where is she?

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Thanks for inviting me! lol + Leo
  • Hi has really fast hands! + Jung Hi
  • Leo does have a way with words. lol + Leo
  • You felt excitement meeting me for the first time? + Jung Hi
  • You also have to look out for yourselves! + Jung Hi
  • I don’t want to see any of you in danger… + Sol
  • Okay. I’ll try my best since you’re all helping! + Jung Hi
  • Black Sabbath…! I forgot about that!

21:46 Did you miss me?

Chatroom: Sujee | Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • You’re lying right now (Any option is fine)
  • You would have been less suspicious if you asked who I was first (Any option is fine)
  • You are more of a danger to me than Sujee! + Jung Hi
  • What did you do to Sujee…?
  • I’m more worried about Sujee + Jung Hi
  • I’m scared but I’m okay since all of you are here. + Sol
  • Is your schedule really okay? + Jung Hi
  • To be honest, I was waiting for you

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi, you’re not speeding, right?
  • Can anyone be able to stop Hi~!
  • But she hasn’t done anything bad yet
  • It’s all in the past anyway
  • No? I’m the same
  • I like that your likes and dislikes are so distinct.

23:25 Order

Chatroom: William | Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Ca..Calm down! Liam! (Any option is fine)
  • Do you want to build a snowman, Anna? (Any option is fine)
  • It was hard because I missed you so much + Jung Hi
  • Anything happened? Just look around you…!
  • Liam, these three must have some business with you? + Jung Hi
  • Ah, is it time for me to head to my room?
  • I’ve been waiting for this moment as much as all of you + Jung Hi
  • Hurry up and make me feel good
  • No, I’m completely fine.
  • Yeah, I’m a little tired + Jung Hi
  • Is that what you want?
  • No, I don’t like seeing you get hurt + Jung Hi

Day 9

01:01 A midnight date request

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • No, I was thinking about you
  • Why aren’t you sleeping? + Jung Hi
  • I like brave men. Hi + Jung Hi
  • Yeah. Liam is an amazing butler after all
  • What kind of movie?
  • Are we really just going to watch a movie? + Jung Hi
  • I like romance!
  • I like comedy!
  • Anything but horror!! + Jung Hi
  • But, Hi…do we have time for a date?
  • I think I’ll end up just watching you too + Jung Hi
  • Hmm…Is it okay to go out?
  • Of course! You better keep your promise too~! + Jung Hi

07:20 An annoying fellow

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • I’m awake right now!! + Jung Hi
  • All of you are up early! + Sol
  • Wrong. I slept like baby + Leo
  • Now you’re reading my mind…Hi…You’re too scary + Jung Hi
  • Leo, if it’s too dangerous then don’t do it. I don’t want to see you in danger + Jung Hi
  • I’m thankful if you’re doing this for me. I’m worried for you but I’ll hope for the best + Leo
  • Leo, be careful. + Leo
  • Sol, don’t get hurt + Sol

09:32 I hope you like it

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • An agent…Are you here to capture me? + Jung Hi
  • Hi, are you cosplaying again? lol
  • I’m already excited just going to watch a movie with you so I’m okay with anything!
  • I have so many things I want to do with you. I don’t know what to pick…! + Jung Hi
  • A place where it has your favourite music and my favourite game? + Jung Hi
  • Somewhere full of energy and where I can move my body!
  • A shame T_T The arcade… That would have been fun…
  • Hi. I don’t want you to end up going through a lot of trouble
  • Hi’s car?? + Jung Hi
  • Ohh…! Sounds like a luxurious date…!
  • A bodyguard…! I feel so special…!!
  • It’s like a spy movie…! lol + Jung Hi

11:49 Emergency contact network

Chatroom: Siu| Babe | William

  • Oh, Babe! Siu! It’s been a while!
  • …Sol gave orders? + Sol
  • I like pouring the sauce over it!
  • I like dipping it in the sauce! + Jung Hi
  • But why did you contact us?
  • Liam and Sol’s personality is similar so just keep that in mind + Sol
  • Thank you + Sol
  • Can I contact you even if nothing happened?

13:11 Sol’s first report

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • I’m not busy right now + Jung Hi
  • If Sol ask me for some time, then I’m going to make time! + Sol
  • If it’s the grandmother from the shoe store…Is it that her? + Jung Hi
  • Is Sol and Ripeato okay? Is anyone hurt? + Sol
  • Should we try to minimise the variables? + Jung Hi
  • It’s my fault that the areas around Ripeato are being attacked…
  • I didn’t know too…!!!
  • Ah, I just realised…I can hear scratching noises outside my door. + Jung Hi

Call: Sol

  • Huh? What’s wrong, Sol?
  • You called because you were worried about me?
  • You don’t believe in my power?
  • Okay. I’ll keep that in mind. I don’t want to recklessly put you all in danger.
  • Sometimes, it seems like your Hi’s mom!
  • But what if I like it when Hi acts like a child?

15:28 The beautiful beings

Chatroom: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • I was also worried about you + Leo
  • I’m sure Leo did good! + Jung Hi
  • As long as I know you’re safe, that’s enough. + Jung Hi
  • Do you still have to meet with a lot of Unholycs? + Leo
  • Looks like you’ve been given a difficult job all for me, Leo… + Leo
  • I should try to look into Eater as well + Sol

17:12 The handwriting of the three

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Whoa! A fan meeting? + Jung Hi
  • I want to buy Hi’s merchandise too…! + Sol
  • Is Hi really that popular abroad? + Jung Hi
  • He won’t die no matter where you put him…Sol, is Hi your…god? + Sol
  • Not really…? My handwriting is pretty normal. + Jung Hi
  • Hmph…My handwriting is actually really good! + Sol
  • Ah…Mine’s is horrible + Leo
  • Hi! It’s better than I expected! + Jung Hi
  • Leo! It’s fancy and it looks like he put in a lot of effort! + Leo
  • Sol! It looks like the signature of a chairman! + Sol
  • I didn’t even say I’m going…! (Any option is fine)
  • Wait. This is so sudden! (Any option is fine)

19:04 For the person you love

In Conversation: Zenon

20:43 I’m in a dilemma. T^T

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Is it because you can’t meet up today?
  • If you have a problem, then I am always willing to hear you out! + Jung Hi
  • I’ll dress up so don’t worry lol + Jung Hi
  • I’ll just wear whatever’s comfortable then! + Jung Hi
  • So I can just wear whatever I want, right? + Jung Hi
  • What are you going to wear? + Jung Hi
  • I’m jealous of your fans too…

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hahaha, what are you talking about? You have the wrong person.
  • Yes! Me! That’s me!
  • I want a handsome bodyguard!
  • You thought about that for an hour?
  • B…Bus? By a big car, you meant a bus?!
  • Thank you for caring about all the small details, Hi.

22:09 Secret date

In Conversation: Jung Hi

  • No, I was just surprised to see that you really are a celebrity.
  • You still look handsome covered up. + Jung Hi
  • Did you have a lot of experience going on dates like this? + Jung Hi
  • No matter how many people there are, I’d always recognise you.
  • I detest horror movies so it was whatever. + Jung Hi
  • To be honest, I liked it. So don’t worry about me
  • Yeah, it was so fun going out with you!
  • If it’s with you, then I think I’d always have fun even if we didn’t go anywhere nice + Jung Hi

23:53 Games and play

In Conversation: Jung Hi

  • I didn’t know you though about that for me. I’m so touched…!
  • You don’t have to be sorry. I’m proud that you’re an idol + Jung Hi
  • So do you want to try?
  • Well, I can’t be good at everything… + Jung Hi
  • Idols are really amazing! + Jung Hi
  • Seeing you having fun, made me so happy!
  • I don’t want to be examined. I want your acme, Hi.
  • Hurry up and treat me. Hi… + Jung Hi
  • My boyfriend is going to pay for my medicine bill. + Jung Hi
  • Can’t I pay next time?

Day 10

02:14 How is the present I gave you?

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Yup! I’m home…
  • Did you get home safe? + Jung Hi
  • Me too
  • I’m always by your side + Jung Hi
  • Gift? What gift?
  • Yeah, it’s okay + Jung Hi
  • If I say so, you’re not going to do it?
  • To be honest…I like that about you. + Jung Hi
  • Hi, you should sleep too
  • I want to keep chatting with you + Jung Hi

07:56 That’s pretty good

Chatroom: William

  • I’m up~ (Any option is fine)
  • Thanks for the morning message, Liam! (Any option is fine)
  • He isn’t that pink haired guy, his name is ‘Hi’ lol
  • It was so fun~! + Jung Hi
  • Are you getting jealous of Hi?
  • What do you mean not bad? He’s so handsome! + Jung Hi
  • It’s too embarrassing to tell you in detail. + Jung Hi
  • I went to the arcade with Hi!!
  • Yes, dad! Don’t worry! + Jung Hi
  • Is Liam complimenting me…? Are you okay?

09:32 Blood Mir Concentration 0%

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Hi?! Are you sick?? + Jung Hi
  • …You didn’t do any drugs, right…?!
  • An amazing adult must overcome that + Jung Hi
  • I also miss you so much T_T
  • But I do want to go to an arcade that’s bright and open.
  • I’m already yours so what are you saying? + Jung Hi
  • A fan signing event…! I want to go to…! + Jung Hi
  • What do you usually do in those events?
  • Since you are a professional, I’m sure you’ll calm yourself and do fine. + Jung Hi
  • If you’re excited, then show your excitement. The fans would love it.

10:59 Hi’s other friends

Chatroom: Wonseock | Aiden | Jung Hi

  • To think I get to meet Hi’s friends! Nice to meet you! + Jung Hi
  • Business partner? I’m Hi’s partner as well!
  • You’re suddenly asking me that?
  • Your question was wrong. Your Hi? Hi is mine + Jung Hi
  • Hahaha so this wasn’t Hi’s doing + Jung Hi
  • Anyway, it’s nice to meet you all hehe
  • If it’s for Hi, then I’ll hear you out + Jung Hi
  • Even if it isn’t something important, if you want to talk then I’m okay with that. Hehe
  • You contacted me because you were worried for Hi, right? + Jung Hi
  • No, I should be saying that. Please take care of Hi.

Call: Jung Hi

  • They seemed nice!
  • It was nice since it made my heart beat~
  • Hi, maybe it’s because you made it obvious?
  • I was surprised that they wanted to know more about me
  • Hi, if you’re not going to lock me up then introduce me to your friends
  • But I’d rather spend time with you than with your friends?

12:00 Unpleasant contact

Chatroom: Anonymous 1

  • Just who is this?
  • I don’t know who that person is. + Jung Hi
  • What do you exactly mean by friend?
  • Why do I have to answer? + Jung Hi
  • We are friends
  • Why do you want to know that? + Jung Hi
  • We’re not in that kind of relationship
  • It hasn’t even been that long since we’ve met
  • Aren’t you getting too ahead of yourself?
  • How rude of you to ask such a personal question + Jung Hi
  • Why do I have to answer that? + Jung Hi
  • How did you know that?
  • Are you Hi’s anti?
  • Are you a reporter? + Jung Hi
  • I probably have more money than you?
  • I’m never telling + Jung Hi

13:41 I was scolded by the butler

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • To think he could scold even Sol, my butler is amazing..! + Sol
  • It’s okay, they were cute hehe
  • You must really like that cat? + Sol
  • I haven’t seen him once
  • I’m sure Leo is doing good. Don’t worry about him + Jung Hi
  • Should I get in touch with him? + Leo
  • Why are they scared of Leo? + Leo
  • Why are they scared of Hi? + Jung Hi
  • Okay, I will. + Sol
  • What would be considered ‘something happening’…?
  • Leo, if you’re having any trouble, make sure to tell us!
  • Leo, keep us in the loop, I’m worried about you!! + Leo

14:23 False news?

Chatroom: Aiden | Wonseock

  • Who is this again…?
  • What’s wrong, Aiden? + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, I do it a lot
  • No, not really. I’m too busy playing games. + Jung Hi
  • What kind of site is it…? (Any option is fine)
  • He wants to see comments cursing him out? (Any option is fine)
  • I’m being cursed at by people I don’t know? (Any option is fine)
  • So do Hi’s fans know who I am? (Any option is fine)
  • Yeah, thank you. I’ll make sure not to cause SM’s any trouble
  • The both of you seem like really good friends + Jung Hi

15:00 Your enemy near me

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • Sol, you’re not angry at Hi, right?
  • Hi, did something happen? + Jung Hi
  • …I’m sorry for causing Hi so much trouble + Jung Hi
  • Hi, are you okay? Where are you?
  • If there’s an article then the news must have spread, right? (Any option is fine)
  • …To think this is how I realize what Hi being a celebrity means (Any option is fine)
  • …To be honest, I know people on the internet are cursing me
  • …To be honest, a reporter contacted me + Sol

17:49 A beloved, loveless child

Chatroom: Ted

  • I seem to be getting contacted by a lot of people I don’t know
  • If you’re Ted…then are you Hi’s boss? + Jung Hi
  • I like him more than anyone + Jung Hi
  • If I say anything particular, will it cause trouble for Hi?
  • You must have known Hi for a long time? + Jung Hi
  • Hi has never had a girlfriend?
  • Are you his foster father? + Jung Hi
  • You live with Hi…? Are you…really…?
  • To me, I don’t see anything wrong with Hi.
  • On the contrary…Hi has been too good to a fault? + Jung Hi
  • Aren’t the dating rumors causing problems for you?
  • You really are Hi’s parent..! + Jung Hi
  • You can leave it to me, Father! + Jung Hi
  • Yes, sir!

Call: Leo

  • I’m not going to be upset over something like that
  • I’m sorry for worrying you. I’m fine
  • What exactly do mean by a mistake?
  • Why do those people live like that?
  • That just means you and Sol really care for me, right?
  • I see that it did seem very Sol like…!

19:21 The whereabouts of him

Chatroom: Aiden | Wonseock

  • I think Wonseock contacted me like this last time
  • No, I haven’t seen him yet + Jung Hi
  • Something similar happened last time… There is a place he went to… + Jung Hi
  • I don’t want to be rash. I could be wrong
  • I think Hi might be coming to me. + Jung Hi

21:53 Silent conversation

In conversation: William | Jung Hi | Ted

  • A different world? The both of us exist in this world together + Jung Hi
  • You’re saying that to comfort me, right?
  • Hi, I’m really okay. So don’t be so sad. + Jung Hi
  • Don’t you think you have to get used to this so you can do better from now on?
  • I’m not that weak where I would ne afraid of something that hasn’t happened yet. + Jung Hi
  • No wonder…Hi, you look so scared.
  • What’s wrong with being selfish? Whatever the reason may be, it’s important to worry about the people around you. + Jung Hi
  • Even if I fall in the water, I’ll never let go of your hand
  • What do I have to do so you can believe in me?
  • If you don’t want to believe in me, then don’t. My feelings for you won’t change. + Jung Hi
  • Do you want me to say I hate you?
  • If you wanted me to say I didn’t hate you, you could have just asked me normally. + Jung Hi

23:13 Please don’t dislike him too much

In conversation: Leo

  • How did you know I was sad?
  • Where did you get this snack? + Jung Hi
  • Just when have you even hit Hi! + Jung Hi
  • Then you’d have to hit me for making Hi sad… + Leo
  • I feel sorry for Hi. Just who were those adults?
  • I want to help fix Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Of course. + Leo
  • That depends on Hi. + Jung Hi

Day 11

08:19 Stranger Hi

Chatroom: Wonseock | Aiden

  • Good morning~ + Jung Hi
  • Sorry for being a loaf…
  • Hi cried? + Jung Hi
  • Hi is depressed?
  • I couldn’t comfort Hi properly. + Jung Hi
  • I couldn’t talk to him properly.
  • I’m sorry that this is bothering you all. + Jung Hi
  • I heard that he is professional when he’s working though.
  • Why there of all places…?
  • During the daytime when there are a lot of people? + Jung Hi

09:11 I need to talk to him

  • Yeah, I’m going to see Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, do you want to come with me?
  • Don’t badmouth my Hi! + Jung Hi
  • Tsk tsk tsk!!

09:12 Busy, Busy!

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you had high favourability points for Leo and low favourability points for Jung Hi. To get past this ending, obtain enough affinity points for Jung Hi from Day 8 to Day 11.

11:23 An encounter with the man

In conversation: Eater

  • Where am I? (Any option is fine)
  • Have you known me for a while? (Any option is fine)
  • I’m worried that Hi could be looking for me. + Jung Hi
  • I’m wondering how you brought me here.
  • You…can change how you look? + Jung Hi
  • Hi…?!
  • No, what am I thinking…! Hi and Eater are two different people! + Jung Hi

13:02 I’ll be by your side

  • …Was I dreaming? (Any option is fine)
  • I…met Eater. (Any option is fine)
  • Did Hi save me? + Jung Hi
  • Did Liam save me?
  • And where is Hi now?
  • You must have gotten closer with Hi, after being together? + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for looking for me, Liam.
  • I don’t need anything. Tell Hi that I’m thankful. + Jung Hi

14:37 Don’t make me angry

Chatroom: William | Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

16:21 The growing pains of the two

  • Liam, what’s wrong? (Any option is fine)
  • Your master is here. (Any option is fine)
  • I was thinking of the day Hi cried.
  • I was thinking back on a day before time was reversed. + Jung Hi
  • Have you felt love too, Liam?
  • Seeing that I still like it even though it hurts…It must mean Hi and I are meant to be. + Jung Hi
  • Isn’t someone who is too perfect not as cool? + Jung Hi
  • It’s difficult for him to overcome his childhood scars.
  • No.
  • Never.
  • Are you trying to kill me? + Jung Hi

19:46 Jung Hi’s lawyers

Chatroom: Leo | Sol

  • How did you know I wasn’t feeling well?
  • I think I’ll get better if I get to chat with you! + Leo
  • Why are you guys apologising?
  • Hi didn’t do anything wrong. + Jung Hi
  • Your his friends, but still strict…!
  • …I also think it’s Hi’s fault .+ Jung Hi
  • But Hi isn’t returning any of my messages.
  • Of course. I’ll talk to Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for keeping me in your thoughts, Leo. Sol + Sol
  • Won’t I end up just telling you everyday? lol

Call: Sol

  • It’s okay to take Hi’s side…!
  • I understand. Not only Hi, but you’re also thinking of me
  • You’re getting angry for me?
  • Hi is a popular idol and he has a lot of fans but he’s lonely
  • Sol…You’re like a tyrant…! That’s so cool…!
  • You have a strict view on love

22:38 The request from the senior

Chatroom: Ted

  • Yes, I’m free. + Jung Hi
  • No, it’s not the best time right now
  • Did you come with Hi? + Jung Hi
  • Is Hi still not doing well?
  • Hi has a really good father. + Jung Hi
  • Hi has really good friends
  • For Boss Ted, I will go meet Hi
  • Can I really get angry at Hi? + Jung Hi

22:57 The courage of a boy

In conversation: William | Jung Hi | Ted

  • I want to see Hi. + Jung Hi
  • What should I say to Hi when I see him?
  • (Hug him back) + Jung Hi
  • (Push him away)
  • You are a really stupid and bad person + Jung Hi
  • That’s not what you should be sorry about.

23:31 The name of the feeling

In conversation: Jung Hi

  • Just why and how many times?
  • No matter the reason, a person who reverses an adoption is horrible! + Jung Hi
  • Hi, don’t tell me you believe in superstition because of that?
  • Hi, slowly breath in and out +Jung Hi
  • Whether you’re a coward or a warrior, the face is the most important, Hi.
  • I still like you even if you’re not cool. Since a lame Hi is still Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, maybe you don’t really like me
  • Even if we don’t know the answer, I’ll be by your side until you find out. + Jung Hi
  • Alright, okay + Jung Hi
  • And if I say no?
  • Yeah, I want to know how Hi’s tears taste like. + Jung Hi
  • No, I want you to taste my tears.

Day 12

02:34 I dream of you even in my dreams

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Hi Hi Hi Hi
  • Do you know what time it is, kid? + Jung Hi
  • Hahahaha you woke up from your dream because of that? Hahaha
  • I also couldn’t sleep because I missed you so much + Jung Hi
  • You can stop saying you’re sorry now. + Jung Hi
  • So you’re only going to apologise with words?
  • I love you too, Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Good night, Hi. Sweet dreams.

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi? Didn’t you head to bed?
  • No, I’m not sleeping yet!
  • We’re not dead yet, Hi!
  • What would you have done if I didn’t answer~
  • Say, you love me.
  • Say, good night.

07:02 Thank you, all of you

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • Good morning, Hi! + Jung Hi
  • I welcome a completely resurrected Hi!
  • Thanks Leo. It’s thanks to you. + Leo
  • I’m sorry for making you both worry when you are all so busy + Sol
  • Since it’s a cake for Sol, sports drinks for Leo? + Leo
  • Leo, wouldn’t you like a selfie of Hi? + Jung Hi
  • You dodged a bullet?!
  • How could anyone hate Leo?! + Jung Hi
  • Who is Peipei? + Sol
  • Is it Sol’s secret girlfriend?

07:59 I know you’re free

Chatroom: William | Pierce

09:47 I won’t forget that day

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • I’m doing things I have to do + Jung Hi
  • I’m taking a break + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for being so brave, Hi.
  • If it’s too hard for you, then you don’t have to. + Jung Hi
  • So Aiden was doing it for me. + Jung Hi
  • You must have been so surprised to hear all that, Hi.
  • I heard you went through a lot doing that. Thank you. + Jung Hi
  • Hi, you can follow my presence as well?
  • Liam didn’t mention that though?!
  • Now I know what you had to go through T_T + Jung Hi
  • If you were conscious, I would have hugged you. + Jung Hi
  • Maybe I was safe because you quickly found me
  • Of course I trust you, Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Don’t overdo it. Your safety is important
  • You can make me a bit worried
  • Thank you for being honest, Hi + Jung Hi

11:51 So…so…

Chatroom: Aiden

  • It’s Hi’s friend, Aiden! + Jung Hi
  • It’s the cutest S in the universe, Aiden!
  • Top stars sure are different! + Jung Hi
  • I’m busy too! So let’s talk later!
  • Soso?
  • I think so too. It’s not your fault. + Jung Hi
  • …I didn’t say anything..?
  • Ri…Right..!!
  • Yeah. You should be able to recognise your friend. + Jung Hi
  • Is that your apology gift? Hahaha
  • Hi…no matter the place or time, is always cool..!! + Jung Hi
  • Tell me! I’m prepared to write it down!
  • It must be very personal? +_+ + Jung Hi
  • …That’s a good tip?
  • …That’s a really good tip…! + Jung Hi

11:52 You shall not pass!**

In conversation: William | Aiden | Wonseock

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. To get past this ending, obtain enough affinity points for Jung Hi by answering correctly in Day 12, 11:51 So…so…

13:54 Wanna go to an amusement park!

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • So Hi is a good runner too! + Jung Hi
  • I guess you’re working right now. Filming something?
  • I like amusement parks too~! + Jung Hi
  • Why do you like amusement parks?
  • Sol likes amusement parks?!! + Sol
  • Leo, do you like amusement parks too? + Leo
  • I’m not going anywhere, so go enjoy the amusement park.
  • I want to go to an amusement park too~! + Jung Hi

Call: Jung Hi

  • …Hi? Are you okay?
  • …It’s a good thing you’re the one who called me.
  • …You’re calling me in the middle of filming?
  • Just how hard did you run…!!
  • A popcorn container that I’d like hahahaha.
  • You just want to hang anything you like around my neck, right?

14:29 A Huge Library

Chatroom: Zenon | William

16:48 Dad’s advice

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Ted

  • Mr.Ted, it’s nice to see you!
  • It’s nice seeing the both of you like this~ + Jung Hi
  • Are you saying that we should have a more mature relationship? + Jung Hi
  • By business, are you talking about the problem with Hi’s job?
  • Thank you for supporting us. + Jung Hi
  • Did you know something like this would happen?
  • I don’t want Hi to stop being an idol because of me…! + Jung Hi
  • I will follow Hi’s decision.
  • Of course. I will think it over as well. + Jung Hi
  • Thank you for thinking of us.
  • I’ll follow you, so do whatever you want.
  • It’s important so let’s discuss it seriously together later. + Jung Hi

18:02 The daily lives of the other two

Chatroom: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • I was a bit busy. + Leo
  • I was just chilling. + Leo
  • Leo, if it’s too hard on you, why don’t you just stop?
  • Leo, is there any way I can help? + Leo
  • Can you persuade Dorian Gray?
  • The Unholycs have you that information? + Leo
  • Since all of you are working so hard, I’m not going to go down easy! + Jung Hi
  • Leo’s right. That’s why we need to treasure the time we have right now. + Sol

Call: Leo

  • That Unholyc seems pretty fussy.
  • Yeah. Other than Hi, I don’t see you two everyday.
  • Yeah. I’ll tell them when I have the chance.
  • But there isn’t someone like you who’s going all over the place
  • Hi has become a lot stronger. Don’t worry.
  • If that happens again then I’ll hold onto Hi.

20:24 A large suitcase

In conversation: William | Sol | Jung Hi

  • It must be Hi! + Jung Hi
  • The knocking is so gentle…Could it be Sol or Leo?
  • It’s getting late so sleep here…You can do it tomorrow + Sol
  • Thank you for doing all this for me. Is there anything I can help with?
  • Hi, the things inside that bag…Is it the things I’m thinking about? + Jung Hi
  • Hi, you didn’t leave your house, right?
  • Hi, you must have a call.
  • Hey…Hi…Did…you turn something on…? + Jung Hi
  • Of course, I trust you.
  • I don’t like being the only one feeling good. You should feel good too. + Jung Hi
  • It’s..because I’m embarrassed
  • Somehow…I can still feel it lingering… + Jung Hi

23:59 An unlocked door

In conversation: William | Eater

Day 13

09:28 D-1

Chatroom: Leo | Sol | Jung Hi

  • Leo, why are you up so early?
  • I woke up early too! Leo, good morning! + Leo
  • What kind of person was the Unholyc you met yesterday? + Leo
  • Sol, what kind of people do you deal with at night? + Sol
  • Did you sleep well, Hi? Good morning!
  • Well, they do sound similar. + Jung Hi
  • Of course. I’d be grateful if you did. + Leo
  • I’m already so grateful. You don’t need to. + Jung Hi
  • I’m sure nothing is going to happen. We’ll still be together after tomorrow. + Jung Hi
  • It’s possible…that today and tomorrow are our last days together.

12:03 Sol in a net

Chatroom: Babe | Siu | Jung Hi | Leo

  • It’s Babe and Siu!
  • Did something happen to Sol? + Sol
  • Is Sol okay? + Jung Hi
  • Are you all okay? + Sol
  • If the police are involved, then we might be able to help! + Leo
  • If it has to do with Eater…Then I don’t know how we can help.
  • Can we trust the police?
  • They’ve been completely framed… + Sol
  • Yeah, do your best to help out. + Jung Hi
  • It feels like I’m the reason Sol is going through this, and it makes me feel sorry…

Call: Sol

  • Sol, are you okay? Can you go back to Ripeato?
  • I got contacted by the twins!

13:28 An urgent message from Zenon

Chatroom: Zenon | William

  • I’m so thankful that you’re helping us, Zenon. (Any option is fine)
  • To think Liam would ask someone a favor…! (Any option is fine)
  • Is it because Unholyc are stronger than humans? (Any option is fine)
  • Then does that mean Eater isn’t a human? (Any option is fine)
  • Rather than advice…He seems like a very impulsive person.
  • Come to think of it, he impersonated Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Now that you mention it, something happened to Sol…! + Sol
  • Ripeato is in danger so wouldn’t it be better to look into that?

15:31 The shadow of a net

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Leo

  • I’m not as worried now thanks to you. Thank you! + Jung Hi
  • Sol has competent friends!
  • Did something happen while meeting an Unholyc?
  • Did something happen to Leo as well? + Leo
  • Then you should go see Claude! + Leo
  • Is he okay??
  • Why are you asking such an obvious thing, Leo! Go now!
  • Everything you’ve done for me has been more than enough. Just go! + Leo
  • Accidents usually happen at a moment’s notice.
  • You never know so if you find anything suspicious then tell us. + Jung Hi
  • You’re right. I’m sure he’ll see Leo do adorable things for years to come! + Jung Hi
  • But I still worry for him.

16:51 Eater’s method of hunting

Chatroom: Zenon | William

  • I see that you’ve been tirelessly looking into it…! Thank you. (Any option is fine)
  • There must still be more materials about Eater than expected (Any option is fine)
  • He seems to be using a very meticulous method (Any option is fine)
  • It’s like…he knows that someone who is alone feels pain (Any option is fine)
  • Zenon, what’s your job? (Any option is fine)
  • I like listening to Zenon talk (Any option is fine)
  • You’re scaring us too much, Zenon.
  • But there should be a way, right…? + Jung Hi

18:23 Consolation to each other

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • I just feel a bit anxious…
  • I’m okay. How about you? + Jung Hi
  • I know, What if something really bad happened?
  • You seem busy. What are you doing? + Jung Hi
  • Is there anything we can do to help?
  • But those two aren’t going to go down easily, so it’s going to be fine! + Jung Hi
  • Don’t worry about me. I’m not like those other ‘people.’
  • I’m worried about you. I hope nothing happens to you… + Jung Hi

18:24 Will you sign a contract with me?**

In conversation: Jung Hi

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. To get past this ending, support Jung Hi over Sol on Day 13, 12:03 Sol in a net

19:41 A tight trap

Chatroom: Aiden | Jung Hi

  • What do you mean a low profile. Hi is here just to relax? + Jung Hi
  • Aiden, anything going on?
  • We think the same while we’re waiting to hear from them + Jung Hi
  • However…even if that’s the case, it’s been too long since we’ve heard from them
  • Nothing happened to you and Wonseock, right? + Jung Hi
  • Aiden, do you have a good lunch?
  • Something doesn’t feel right…Aiden I think it’s better if you don’t go + Jung Hi
  • Why do you hate talking to the manager?

21:09 Concentric rings

In conversation: William | Jung Hi

  • Today is your birthday!
  • It’s the 6th day since you reversed time
  • How could you say something so shameful! + Jung Hi
  • Ohh! Now I remember!
  • Hi, are you having a hard time because of all the acme?+ Jung Hi
  • Hi, do you have something to tell me?
  • I’m sorry for making you carry all that burden on your own, Hi. + Jung Hi
  • Why didn’t you tell me earlier?
  • It’s because…Hi’s friends are all in danger because of me + Jung Hi
  • It would have been better if you never met me.

22:13 Run

Chatroom: Zenon | William

23:36 Open the door for me

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • It’s not yet time for me to sleep yet. + Jung Hi
  • I’m actually thinking of sleeping early today.
  • I’m more worried for you then myself + Jung Hi
  • At this rate what if we really end up in danger.
  • I don’t want someone to die because of me!
  • If one of you get hurt, then I don’t think I could live on… + Jung Hi
  • I will never leave you. + Jung Hi
  • I’m the one who wishes I had the strength to protect you.
  • Then come see me
  • I’m always thinking the same as you + Jung Hi

Day 14

03:01 Who knows the name of fate

In conversation: William

Call: Jung Hi

  • It’s fine. I also can’t sleep right away.
  • You woke me up it’s nice to hear your voice.
  • I also think that meeting you was the biggest incident of my life
  • It really was an accident when you became my partner, but then it turned out like this
  • Then come back into my room
  • Did Liam leave the house for a bit?

08:07 A chilly morning and an empty seat

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • It’s okay. I also woke up early. + Jung Hi
  • Did you not sleep last night?
  • Liam might be gardening outside. (Any option is fine)
  • Liam should be making breakfast right now. (Any option is fine)
  • Liam isn’t that much of a pushover
  • You could be right + Jung Hi
  • Hi, are you okay? I feel like there’s something wrong with you?
  • Are you not feeling well? Is that why you couldn’t sleep? + Jung Hi
  • Why aren’t you coming in? Come in!
  • Is there a reason you can’t come in? + Jung Hi
  • Hi, you did nothing wrong.
  • If you’re getting punished for doing something wrong, then I should be punished as well. + Jung Hi
  • Okay. I’ll listen to you. + Jung Hi
  • I’m also worried for Liam and you!

09:00 Dear Leo & Sol

Chatroom: Jung Hi

11:49 I can’t stop asking

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Hi! Is everything alright with you? + Jung Hi
  • I can’t get in touch with Liam…
  • Hi, for some reason I don’t have a good feeling
  • Yeah, since things worked out back then too. + Jung Hi
  • Hi, no matter what you change into I will always support and like you
  • But you changed for me, right? How could I hate that + Jung Hi
  • If you hurt me, I’m sure you’ll treat me as well so I’m fine
  • I’m strong enough. I’ll become stronger so you wouldn’t be able to hurt me + Jung Hi
  • And so many of your words have provided me with so much comfort + Jung Hi
  • I will also never let you go

13:00 Dear Aiden & Won-Seok

Chatroom: Jung Hi

14:56 In front of a step

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Ugh… I can’t believe I have to go through that terrible ritual again…!
  • Since I already did it once. I don’t have to do it again, right? + Jung Hi
  • Should we just run away?
  • Until the last moment, even if it’s not much I want to enjoy the time I have left with you + Jung Hi
  • It still feels so hopeless. Did we… do something wrong?
  • If you bite his right hand then I’ll bite his left hand + Jung Hi
  • Of course, Hi. Come in. + Jung Hi
  • I’ll go to you

16:00 Dear my Daddy

Chatroom: Jung Hi

17:46 Last Conversation

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Is it because danger is coming?
  • Where are you right now? + Jung Hi
  • I didn’t expect you to change that much + Jung Hi
  • To be honest, I still didn’t take a good look at you
  • No matter what you look like, I will still like you.
  • I can’t live without you anyway + Jung Hi
  • You want to run away now?
  • I’m not scared. Since you’re here. + Jung Hi
  • When this is over, I’m sure we’ll get a new beginning
  • I’m happy that I got to be with you until the very end + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, let’s go together + Jung Hi
  • …Hi, I’m scared

18:02 A long awaited gatecrasher

In conversation: Jung Hi | Eater

  • …This isn’t the last time that you’re going to escort me, right?
  • Hi, let me stay in front + Jung Hi

18:30 The price of breaking a taboo

In conversation: Jung Hi

  • That your smile is so beautiful + Jung Hi
  • I’m worried for Liam because he seems to be busy with a lot of things
  • …Were you reading my mind a while ago?
  • I don’t think I can follow through those rules depending on the situation + Jung Hi
  • Liam is going to scold us.
  • I didn’t expect you to say that you ‘wanted to do it’ + Jung Hi
  • Yeah. If today is really the last then I want to spend the night with you + Jung Hi
  • We might die tomorrow, so what’s wrong with breaking the taboo
  • You don’t have to treat me so carefully + Jung Hi
  • I want to make you feel good too

19:00 Two alike

In conversation: Jung Hi | Eater

Bad End*

*Requirements: Missed and do not participate in 70% or more chatrooms

19:01 Normal End: Love behind the song

In conversation: Jung Hi | William | Wonseock | Aiden

19:02 Happy End: Eternal happy ending begins***

In conversation: Jung Hi | William | Wonseock | Aiden

***Requirements: Do not miss any Chatrooms or Visual novel modes for the seven days. Follow the bolded choices in this guide OR ignore all other choices from Sol and Leo and focus on increasing Jung Hi’s affection only.

45 thoughts on “Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Jung Hi) Walkthrough”

  1. DAY 8 (LEO) A familiar day WILLIAM, MIR –:–
    -Who are you?-
    -How could I even dare to wish ill upon you master?-
    (LEO)-Haven’t we had this conversation already?
    -He pushed me forward as if to say he didn’t want to hear any more of my nonsense.


    1. Recollected SOL, JUNG HI, LEO, BABE –:–
      -So cool…! I’ve never seen such charming people before!
      (LEO)-I think… I’ve seen them before! What is going on…?
      (LEO)-Why are you all looking at me like that?
      -*Stares intensely.*
      (JUNG HI)-Thank you…!
      -…Are you sure you’re okay?
      -Aren’t you being too impulsive?
      (LEO)-I like you guys as well!


      1. We have to stop him.

        -Huh? This is my butler, William??
        (LEO)-Yeah…! What is going on!

        (LEO)-We can do better this time around!
        -I think I understand to a certain degree.

        -Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it!-
        -I was worried about you William so we just rushed over…-

        -I want to help!-
        -I… don’t want to be a part of it. I’m scared…-

        -May I chose another partner…?
        (LEO)-Yeah, I believe in Leo!

        Leo’s mission
        LEO, WILLIAM

        (no mir dialogue)

        You are enough.

        (No mir dialogue)

        JUNG HI CALL:
        -Hi! I was waiting for your call! –
        -It’s really your voice… I can’t believe it…!

        -You’re not going to get overworked by Liam, right?!-
        -Thank you, Hi. I really like you too.

        -Aren’t you already the best idol?
        -I also agree that you should take care of your health.-

        A personal request
        SOL, WILLIAM

        (no mir dialogue)

        SOL CALL:
        -I also didn’t expect I would be talking to you.
        -Don’t feel that way. We’re together again, right?-

        -I also feel like I’m going to cry.-
        -Would I really not choose you even if time was reversed?

        -I just want you to be safe.
        -I trust you all. Thank you so much. And I’m sorry…-

        Cheer up together. By the way…
        SOL, JUNG HI, LEO
        15:51 (3:51 pm)

        -I’m worried about a lot of things…
        (LEO)-I’m still excited that i got to meet all of you guys again!

        (LEO)-My feelings for you are the same. I’m so happy that I got to reunite with all of you.
        -I want to lead a life that is different from the previous one.

        (LEO)-Thank you for looking out for me, Leo.
        -But if it’s for the cat, I have no other choice…!

        (LEO)-Yeah, I will!
        -William will take care of it so don’t worry!

        (LEO)-I’m worried about Sujee…

        -Alright! Good luck everyone!
        (LEO)-I miss you Leo!

        A welcome face
        SOL, JUNG HI, LEO, SuJeE tHe BiTcH >.> Actually EATER
        17:24 (5:24 pm)

        -You’re… not Sujee, right?

        (LEO)-Don’t call me like I’m your friend.
        -Why are you doing this to us?

        -Wait! We still have so much to talk about!
        (LEO)-What are you scheming!

        (LEO)-Be careful everyone…!
        -…I’m scared…

        LEO CALL:
        -Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just tryung to get ready.-
        -Do you think Sujee is okay…?

        -Call me a lot from now on! I’ll always reply, by your side!-
        -Don’t say that. You’re going to make me cry.

        -You didn’t get a dangerous task from Liam, right?
        -I heard Hi was told to become an amazing idol?

        We need a change of atmosphere!
        SOL, JUNG HI, LEO
        18:43 (6:43 pm)

        (LEO)-I ate! What about you Leo?
        -I haven’t had anything yet…

        (LEO)-What game do you play?
        (SOL)-If Sol says he does, then I guess he’s telling the truth!

        (SOL)-If you don’t answer right away. Sol is probably going to get angry at you.
        (JUNG HI)-Adult games…?

        -I love mobile games!
        -I’m into pc games~
        (LEO)-I’m a fan of the console games~

        (LEO)-I’ll be waiting.
        -Be careful everyone.

        The eighth night
        20:21 (8:21 pm)

        (LEO)-Leo isn’t being cheesy, he’s being nice!
        -But that’s his charm!

        (LEO)-Leo, I’m sorry for William acting up just now.
        -You should have told me you had arrived, what are you waiting for?

        (LEO)-They seem pretty busy, are you sure you should be staying here Leo?
        -Why are you smiling like that?

        -Don’t worry Leo. This isn’t a dream.
        (LEO)-Do you want to check?

        -Don’t get me to say it twice. It’s embarrassing.
        (LEO)-I want to make sure we keep this for memory sake.

        If we can’t meet in dreams

        (LEO-Yeah, I haven’t fallen asleep yet.
        -I did but now you woke me up!

        (LEO)-Don’t be sorry. We have another shot!
        -I should be the one who’s sorry. I couldn’t protect you Leo.

        -I don’t remember…!
        (LEO)-I know what you want to hear but can you give me some time?

        (LEO)-I’m looking forward to spending more time with you!
        -Leo, aren’t you busy? Is this okay?


      2. Hi Chung Loli, thank you so much for typing and sharing this information out! Will be uploading Leo and Sol’s guide soon and will be crediting you for your help!


    1. Same here!! I restarted so many times and chose all the correct choices for sol (the little cat that pops out when u click on a choice) always. Still got the bad ending. Tried everything 😦 is it a bug with sols route or what? :/

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! If you are unable to get in, it is either you have unread chatrooms from your previous day or it might be a bug. You might want to drop an inquiry to the prettybusy if so!


  2. Hi, can I ask how to get to Happy End? 🥺
    I just finished Day 14 and got Normal End, but I want Happy End instead since the After End requires it. 😔 I chose almost all the options like your guides and only missed some right ones. So do I have to get all the favourability options to achieve Happy End or am I missing something? 😭
    And thank you so much for doing this, I appreciate the efforts you put into this and those walkthroughs in the future. 🙏🏻🥰


    1. Hi Minee, when you say missed some right ones, did you missed a chatroom? I managed to obtain the happy end by having a 100% participation for chatrooms, apart from missing one or two right ones as well as increasing Leo and Sol’s favourability when possible


      1. Ah, what I mean was I’ve missed some of Hi’s favourability options. 😅 I didn’t miss any chatrooms though so I kind of confused. About Sol and Leo, I also made sure to get a point or two from them when possible like you did.
        Guess I have to start all over again then. 😂


      2. Hi Minee, to be safe, you can’t miss any of Hi’s favourability options! I have updated my choices in this walkthrough to get HE for Jung Hi. Hopefully you will be able to get it this time!


  3. Hey, first of all, thank you for this greaaaaaaat help omg…

    There is just a little mistake for the 10th day “19:21 – The whereabouts of him” it’s not a chatroom with Ted and Wonseock but it’s a chatroom with Aiden and Wonseock 🙂

    Have a nice day and Merry Christmas!


  4. hellou, i found something, you can restart the game without saving the progress in the day 1of the season 1, the thing is, you need to save your current progress before restarting or of course you will lose what you have, after saving go to settings and press initialize game, and that’s it, i must say the skins are saved so no need to worry about that, i just fond this and maybe i’m wrong, but that’s it
    PD: sorry if i mispell or something like that, my native language isn’t english


  5. Hi, can I ask something? How do I avoid getting the comical end in “18:24 Will you sign a contract with me?”??? I have tried everything – the prerequisites, increasing Jung Hi’s favourability and choosing him over Sol in “12:03 Sol in a net” and I just can’t get past it. I fail every time😭😭😭
    Please help me 😭


  6. I can’t pass the day 13, I play two times: one without this and the second following all here and in both I get the comical ending. Also in the 11th day they give me the achievement of get a good ending, someone can help me?


  7. Hi! I just finished Jung Hi’s route in the second season and got the happy ending. I was wondering if we can do each characters routes after finishing one. It won’t let me do Sol’s route and when I click on his route nothing shows up and I can’t click anything to start it. Is it not possible to do each characters routes? I was really hoping to do Sol’s next.


    1. Hi Ava, yes you can! You will have to replay S1 and focus on Sol to proceed to Sol’s individual route in S2. However, if you had previously did that and saved each character’s file using the save/load function, you can load the file to proceed to your desired character route.


      1. Hi thanks so much! And one last question, to replay season one do I have to delete the app and download it again? Or is there a way to replay the first season without deleting it?


      2. To replay S1, you can tap on the icon at the top right hand corner and select Settings -> Initialize Game

        It will bring you back to the prologue. All your time tickets, acme, CGs and current progress in your saved files will remain. 🙂


  8. Yes. I chose every answer according to this guide. It has been very helpful for me but this time I can’t get past the comical end. Plus I have played at least 3 to 4 times and I am still stuck at that point.


  9. Hey! I want ask everybody a little question, to the good ending of Hi you said we can’t miss any ChatRoom to get the 100% day completed, but if I use the tickets I can still getting the happy ending or just the Normal?


  10. Hey! I want ask everybody a little question, to the good ending of Hi you said we can’t miss any ChatRoom to get the 100% day completed, but if I use the tickets I can still getting the happy ending or just the Normal? If you can help me I will be really happy


  11. I wanted to ask if you are still updating the game whilst playing could you make an adjustment so there is a symbol for the cg’s you can collect on the routes. Would be greatly appreciated. If it’s too much to ask still thank you for listening to my request.


  12. Even though I clicked “I like sol’s handwriting the most! It makes him look like a real chairman!”, will i still get Hi’s Happy Ending even if I missed his favorability point during that?


  13. Hey I’m on day 11 of hi’s route and I accidentally missed a chatroom but I’ve been gaining all of his favourably points so far and have participated in all other chatrooms. Do you think missing 1 chatroom will affect my ability to get hi’s happy ending?


    1. Ok so i just got the happy ending so you don’t need 100% participation in chatrooms, but you obviously need more that 70% and you need hi’s affection to be high 🙂 thank you for the walkthrough!


  14. Hi! First of all, thank you for creating all these guides/walkthrough as it helped me a lot in playing the game. I just have one question, I followed all the bold answers but somehow I missed some photos on Hi’s route on days 10-12?.. not a single photo was sent on the chats (Hi’s other friends & I dream of you even in my dream) 😅 do I have to replay it again next time and try other answers not recommended in your guide to get those photos on the chats?


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