Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Sol) Walkthrough

Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Sol) Walkthrough

To start Season 2, finish Season 1 before going to Private → Story → Fate → Select your route

Sol’s Route Walkthrough


Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14
18:0314:25^12:5413:39^13:1615:36^Dark End***
* Bad/ Comical Endings ** Important chatrooms that leads to game overs, ***Endings, ^Visual novel modes

Day 8 The night with whole memory

After open my eyes

  • Master? Are you talking about me?
  • Yeah, I’m up.
  • Don’t I already have a partner? + Sol
  • You know I have three partners, right?
  • Was there an invitation from me?
  • Did I ever go outside recently?

Repeat to Ripeato

Chatroom: Babe | Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Wh…what? Did I do something wrong? Why are you staring at me? + Sol
  • (Stare back at them.)
  • How do you know my voice that well? + Leo
  • You’re right, that was my voice.
  • A strangely..familiar feeling. + Sol
  • An energy that celebrities give off…?
  • My name is…Mir.
  • Even if you’re going to feel all hot and bothered everyday? You’re still okay? + Jung Hi
  • I’m thankful but… + Leo
  • I’ll have you know I’m actually a very evil and dangerous Unholyc + Sol
  • That’s because I haven’t done my coming of age ceremony yet. I’m actually really dangerous!
  • The only thing that matters is we’re all safe! + Sol
  • I didn’t recognise all of you as well.

I remember all

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Three partners is at least better than four partners, right? Hahaha + Sol
  • Anyway William, it’s nice to see you so young. Feels fresh!
  • The senior of Ripeato, the cat + Jung Hi
  • Your father + Sol
  • Swimming
  • Basketball + Leo
  • Football
  • Sujee
  • I don’t want to talk about it
  • I picked Hi’s present + Jung Hi
  • I picked Leo’s present + Leo
  • I picked Sol’s present + Sol

10:48 I’m glad it’s you

Chatroom: William | Sol

12:37 I can do it too, alright?

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi | William

14:23 Capitalism VS Sol

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • It’s been too long! + Leo
  • lol Hi still hasn’t changed! + Jung Hi
  • Thank you all so much! + Sol
  • Being the best idol is for me???;; + Jung Hi
  • Hooray for capitalism…!!! + Jung Hi
  • Sol is so diligent even in the morning + Sol
  • Really? Can you show them? + Leo
  • I want to see them, but I think Sol wouldn’t like that… + Sol
  • If you mention it here then it’s not a secret anymore, right? + Leo
  • I’m not going to show you! Only for me! +Sol

Call: Jung Hi

  • Call me more from now on!
  • I know I have this strong feeling of yearning.
  • Of course, Hi. Let’s do our best!
  • Do you think we can change the result?
  • Thank you for supporting us, Hi.
  • Thank you for liking me, Hi.

16:56 Be careful and stay alert

Chatroom: Sol

  • I knew you were going to contact me so I was waiting.
  • I also have something to tell you. + Sol
  • What do I have to do? + Sol
  • Responsibility, aren’t you talking too formally?
  • That person who is arriving soon? + Sol
  • If you’re telling me to be careful of people I know, does that include you, Sol?
  • Thanks for worrying about me. + Sol
  • What you wanted to tell me…was just to be careful?

18:03 Something I don’t know about

Chatroom: Babe | Siu | Sol | Peipei

  • Oh, I see. Babe doesn’t know me…
  • Nice meeting you. Look forward to getting to know you ^^ + Sol
  • …I thought you forgot about me
  • Are you finally going to introduce me? + Sol
  • That’s all you’re going to introduce me as?
  • I’m in your care, Peipei~ + Sol
  • Peipei… you must be used to all this?
  • Babe and Siu must fight over this a lot? + Sol
  • Huh? Is this the end of our conversation?

Call: Sol

  • I did think you left so quickly
  • You’re not going to ask if I ate, right?
  • I think it’s better if you and Liam discuss this rather than me
  • I appreciate the fact you’re telling me this now. To be honest, I was a bit surprised
  • Does Peipei also think of you as a friend?
  • If it’s a person you trust, then I trust that person as well

20:35 It’s nothing

In conversation: Jung Hi | Leo| Sol

  • Yeah, they really are so punctual! (Any option is fine)
  • You’re complimenting them but…why are you making that face? (Any option is fine)
  • I looked into Hi’s eyes. + Jung Hi
  • I looked into Leo’s eyes. + Leo
  • I looked into Sol’s eyes. + Sol
  • Yeah. I’ll be in your care. + Leo
  • Sol, why are you so quiet? + Sol
  • Ask Sol + Sol
  • Just let it go

22:23 Could you spare a moment?

Chatroom: Sol

  • I’m about to sleep, why?
  • No, I can’t sleep because someone upset me + Sol
  • It’s something you can’t tell me if Leo and Hi are here…?
  • Of course…! So you do have something to tell me in private? + Sol
  • Are you going to nag at me again?
  • Is there any more news about Eater that you know about? + Sol
  • There’s no reason for me to be anxious if Sol is here. +Sol
  • …You really contacted me in the middle of the night to tell me that?

23:41 I want you to keep that in mind

In conversation: William| Sol

Day 9 The night when fate begins to wave

06:13 Hi is going…

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • Good bye~!! Take care~!! + Sol
  • Where are you going! And leaving me!! T_T + Jung Hi
  • Wait, so everyone knows except for me?
  • Why are you suddenly going to China? + Jung Hi
  • What’s the brand that Peipei’s father runs? + Sol
  • …You’re not being forced to go because of me, right? + Jung Hi
  • The photographer who Leo said is like serving an ice king? + Sol
  • That person, called me Leo’s muse. + Leo
  • Thanks Hi. Hi, you be careful! + Jung Hi
  • Don’t worry about me since Sol is here! + Sol

08:28 Greetings, Big Sis Mir!!!

Chatroom: Babe

  • Hi Babe! Hi, Babe!
  • You’re full of energy, as usual, Babe! + Sol
  • Sol, does he care for me that much? + Sol
  • It would be nice if Sol helped me himself…
  • Peipei seems really close to Sol
  • I don’t like to talk about other people behind their backs. + Sol
  • How is she scary? + Sol
  • I heard she’s really immersed in her organisation.
  • It’s satisfied my curiosity but she seems to be a bit scary. + Sol
  • Can a person like that willingly protect me?
  • I want to know more about you, Babe!
  • Yeah, thanks for helping me. And tell Sol thank you. + Sol

10:47 Greetings, Big Sis Mir.

Chatroom: Siu

  • Don’t be so hard on your younger brother
  • Hi, you’re Babe’s younger brother, Siu right? + Sol
  • Was Babe with you back then?
  • Gasp! Is it possible to take down someone with a pencil? + Sol
  • I already heard that though…?
  • Siu, have you heard people call you sloppy? + Sol
  • I’d like that. I want to know more about you, Siu.
  • Does it have to do with Sol? +Sol
  • So that’s how your relationship with Sol started? + Sol
  • It must have been hard…
  • He deserved it! + Sol
  • Even then, to use violence!!
  • Can I really make Sol happy?
  • I’m sure Sol knows how you feel right now + Sol
  • It’s good because it feels like I grew closer to you.
  • I’m glad to listen to any story about Sol + Sol

Call: Sol

  • How did you know? Babe contacted me
  • Yeah. Siu contacted me
  • Don’t worry. I don’t mind it
  • I think it’s fun to be able to get close to the people around you!
  • I’m not interested in the world you live in. I’m only interested in you.
  • If it’s to get closer to you then I can put up with any danger.

12:02 So you’re that girl

Chatroom: Peipei

  • He..Hello…? (Any option is fine)
  • Who are you…? (Any option is fine)
  • Something important…About the price of the deal? + Sol
  • What do you have to talk about that’s important?
  • I also want to know more about you… + Sol
  • What are you curious about me?
  • Sol hasn’t said anything about me? + Sol
  • I am an Unholyc.
  • Yeah, okay. + Sol
  • What about my privacy…?!
  • Yeah, have a safe flight! Boss! + Sol
  • If we meet…can we become friends?

14:25 I have something to say

In conversation: Sol

  • I’m a bit busy…but it’s fine!
  • To think you’d visit me at this time! So happy…! + Sol
  • Haven’t you given me enough precautions now…
  • You didn’t come because you missed me…? + Sol
  • Yes, teacher… + Sol
  • How could you ban delivery food…!!!
  • Even if I have to go to the nearby convenience store?
  • The both of you? Or just one of you? + Sol
  • Huh? That’s all you really wanted to say to me…?
  • You didn’t listen to anything I said though! + Sol

16:19 I’ll go to you

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Hi! Did you arrive safely in China? + Jung Hi
  • Sol, age is just a number! + Jung Hi
  • Hi…That just made me really excited…!
  • Lol it seems like romantic words come out like instinct for Sol. + Sol
  • Did the three of you go to the army? + Leo
  • Reserve training? What’s that? + Sol
  • Peipei seems like an amazing person…! + Sol
  • That’s weird;; I thought it would take longer for her to arrive;;
  • You must be busy with Peipei, Sol… + Sol
  • Hi, enjoy your time in China~! + Jung Hi
  • Leo, don’t push yourself and be careful in training~! + Leo

18:52 Don’t worry too much!

Chatroom: Shallote

  • What did you hear? (Any option is fine)
  • Promise me that you’ll keep it short and easily understandable! (Any option is fine)
  • …Does this have anything to do with that? + Sol
  • Oh my god, oh my god! Just how beautiful was it!
  • ……Shallote. Just get to the point… + Sol
  • Catching bees…? Liam…?
  • Finally you got to the point!!! Hooray!!! (Any option is fine)
  • Pierce and William must be quite close. (Any option is fine)
  • I want to become a friend who can support you. (Any option is fine)
  • I feel safe because of Shallote…! (Any option is fine)
  • I can’t believe you’d ask me that here!!!
  • I picked Sol. + Sol
  • …All he does is tell me to be careful everyday. + Sol
  • …I thought we were really close but I don’t think we are.
  • A person who is nagging and a person getting nagged at…? (Any option is fine)
  • It’s…seems to be a bit unfamiliar… (Any option is fine)
  • Yeah T_T scold him!
  • No, like you said I’ll think about it carefully + Sol
  • Thank you, Shallote!

20:41 The night that feels bigger

In conversation: William | Sol | Leo

  • Yeah, it makes me even happier and it’s nice! + Leo
  • I didn’t expect Sol to not tell me as well. + Sol
  • Yeah. Why are you in such a rush? + Sol
  • ….You don’t want to touch me?
  • Avoid Sol’s eyes and hug Leo. + Leo
  • Get out of Leo’s arms and go to Sol. + Sol
  • No, I’m going to feel lonely without Leo… + Leo
  • Yeah, Sol is going to make up for both you and Hi so don’t worry. + Sol

23:33 Something more that I have to say

Chatroom: Sol

  • Huh…I thought you didn’t have time to talk?
  • Hi, Sol! Did something happen? + Sol
  • Nothing really happened so I didn’t do anything good. + Sol
  • Of cause, teachah
  • You know, I want to get closer to Peipei!
  • …Recently, you’ve always been talking about Peipei. + Sol
  • Try to carefully think about what’s really important to talk about, Sol. + Sol
  • Yeah, you must be really busy so don’t push yourself too hard, Sol

Call: Leo

  • I’m glad you called me. I was feeling a little depressed.
  • It would be nice if Sol was as charming and sweet as Leo
  • No! Sol didn’t do anything wrong!
  • Give him a good scolding! Smack him in the butt!
  • Is he having negative thoughts? I’m worried about that.
  • So Sol can be quite difficult to deal with?

Day 10 The night of shivering in a cold wound

00:32 That’s how important that person is

In conversation: Sol | William

02:12 I’m always going to support you!

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Hi! Hi!!!! + Jung Hi
  • Wait, why are you messaging me so late?!
  • I also missed Hi a lot today…!! + Jung Hi
  • I can’t believe you worked this late…Are you okay? T_T
  • I don’t want to live a life without Hi! + Jung Hi
  • Hi…do you like me?
  • …I wish Sol was at least half as sensitive as you. + Sol
  • Thank you Hi…That really helped a lot…! + Jung Hi
  • ……Hi, you’re a really good person + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, I’ll remember what you said.
  • Hi, good night!

09:14 I’ve brought something amazing!

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • Yeah! I’m so curious~! + Jung Hi
  • Whatever happened, I’m sure the universe wasn’t helping him… + Sol
  • So that’s why you contacted me so late at night? T_T
  • I understand you, Hi…I feel so lonely as well… + Jung Hi
  • Hahaha so what happened then?! + Jung Hi
  • In the end…Babe was tempted by money…
  • I’m thankful that you’re doing this all for me! + Leo
  • It’s important to work hard but please take care of yourselves! + Sol

11:21 As if, possessed by a ghost

Chatroom: Peipei | Sol

  • Yeah, I’m free. What’s the reason?
  • I think Sol said he’s busy so it’s going to be hard to get in touch… + Sol
  • Thanks for being so considerate of me. I’m fine. + Sol
  • It makes me more nervous since you invited me and now you’re asking me to leave…
  • The day you gave me a ruined cake as a gift? + Sol
  • The day I asked William to help you?
  • Peipei… You’re like a detective…! + Sol
  • So Eater is somewhere close…
  • A contract is a contract, after all. + Sol
  • Peipei, don’t push yourself too hard.

Call: Sol

  • Shouldn’t you be talking to Peipei instead of me?
  • Yeah, of course. I was waiting for your call.
  • A spy was right next to me?
  • I should be the one telling you that myself not William…!
  • Sol, I appreciate the fact that you’re working hard…but have you properly slept recently?
  • Tell Peipei thanks for me for all her hard work gathering information

12:54 The twin’s family

Chatroom: Babe | Siu

  • Brothers should learn to get along~ + Sol
  • Excuse me…? I’m already here though…?
  • Sol seems to be colder towards me…
  • Is there anything that Sol can’t tell me about? + Sol
  • Is this Sol’s personal story? + Sol
  • Is this about Siu as well?
  • Gasp…Peipei is that strong…
  • Wow…Sol’s mother must have been really strong… + Sol

13:25 A double roar

14:22 Curse and will

15:53 Please take care of him

Chatroom: Babe | Siu

  • I think the both of you also contributed a lot
  • So Sol was holding to that kind of pain… + Sol
  • Thank you. I’m sure I can count on you both!
  • Yeah, I’ll try to trust in Sol more + Sol

18:05 A very busy Hi

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • No! I’m not!! + Jung Hi
  • Lol why are you messaging me if your busy!
  • How could they all do that to you!! What bad people!! + Jung Hi
  • Did you contact Sol? + Sol
  • Leo is really working hard.. + Leo
  • Hi should be treated better than a president..!! + Jung Hi
  • Peipei is really something..!

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi? Didn’t you go in a hurry because you had to film something?
  • Huh? We just sent each other messages not too long ago, right?
  • …You didn’t intentionally cause a problem in the set right?
  • Sol seems to compliment you more than you think
  • I didn’t know Sol was thinking of me so much…!
  • Hi, you phone gets hacked?!

19:36 I will have to leave your side for a moment

Chatroom: Peipei

  • Oh, Peipei. Hello? + Sol
  • Peipei! Peipei!
  • Yeah I know. + Sol
  • Do you also know who the shoe store grandma is?
  • That’s because even strong people have a weakness
  • Sol is actually more warm-hearted than anyone. + Sol

20:23 I’ll be back!

In conversation: William

  • If I don’t answer, you should be waiting instead of opening the door…! + Sol
  • I was thinking about when you were going to get better at making tea.
  • No wonder, the cup is pretty (Any option is fine)
  • It seems her tastes were a bit different from mine (Any option is fine)
  • Those are baseless worries, Liam (Any option is fine)
  • Is your power actually being able to see the future…? (Any option is fine)

21:37 A most proud person

In conversation: Babe | Siu | Sol

22:00 Hero

In conversation: Babe | Siu | Sol

  • You filthy pigs. Crawl to my feet and bow before me
  • You filthy pigs.. (Dangerously) + Sol
  • Did you sleep well, Sol? + Sol
  • I’m here, Sol.

23:49 A quiet night and confession

In conversation: Sol | William

  • I can even like Sol’s misfortune + Sol
  • Babe and Siu did it for you
  • Because that’s how much I like you + Sol
  • I could feel his warm breath as he said that
  • Then don’t hold it in
  • But it’s hot + Sol

Day 11 The night of taboo wet with blood and sweat

01:25 Back in training

Chatroom: Sol | William

07:29 Unexpected request

In conversation: Sol

  • Liam was lying. I can sleep more. + Sol
  • He look at me with a smile brighter than the sun streaming in from the window.
  • I hope that we can be in a relationship where we can make up for each other’s flaws. + Sol
  • In the end, my proposal was dashed by Sol’s sincerity (?)
  • Are you asking me out on a date? + Sol
  • Are you just trying to change the topic?

09:00 Who mentioned a date!!

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • I’m guessing it’s not common for Ripeato to be closed for the day? + Sol
  • Both of you are too extreme…!! + Jung Hi
  • Boasting lol. Thanks for thinking so highly of our date… + Sol
  • You’re also making me feel embarrassed…!! + Leo
  • What I’m worried about isn’t if you can succeed or not, it’s your well-being. + Leo
  • Thank you for going through all of that for me, Leo.

Call: Sol

  • Ah, I just came out of the shower!
  • Yup, how about you?
  • You shouldn’t drink tea that Liam makes! You’re going to die!!
  • …You’ve really gotten close with Liam. He’s even offering you tea.
  • You must be really tired because of the twins…
  • Sometimes you need to just take a break like today~!

11:26 Date+Date+Date

In conversation: William | Sol

  • Sol, are you hurt?
  • Are you already full of acme? + Sol
  • Injeolmi Bingsu + Sol
  • Apple Mango Bingsu + Sol
  • Tiramisu Bingsu + Sol
  • You should have told me when you came… So embarrassing…
  • I also saw how red your cheeks and ears were since a while ago + Sol
  • Yeah! I wish my room looked like this
  • I prefer an antique vibe like Ripeato + Sol
  • Of course…+ Sol

13:39 Because I wanted to know

In conversation: Sol

  • Sol, why did we come to Ripeato? + Sol
  • So this time, we’re not going to eat
  • What would it feel like if it really was just all a dream?
  • I had the same thoughts as you + Sol
  • It’s because you keep touching me in places that feel good + Sol
  • Hm, now that I think about it. I do feel a bit cold
  • …Why are you measuring?
  • …Is this how you usually measure customers? + Sol
  • Sol, you want to channel your acme into me, right?
  • Sol, measuring me was an excuse to channel acme into me, right? + Sol
  • What’s wrong, Sol? Are you holding back? + Sol
  • Do you have something to say to me?

15:41 A woman’s pure love

Chatroom: Peipei | Sol

16:39 Our big sis

Chatroom: Babe | Siu

  • Thanks for worrying about me!
  • Haha Sol just told you now? + Sol
  • I’m completely fine! + Sol
  • Are you guys okay?
  • I’m glad to hear that I helped
  • No wonder…Sol looked a bit different than usual + Sol
  • I’m okay lol. But calling me big sis sounds more easygoing so I prefer that
  • Siu, you don’t want to call me sister-in-law? + Sol

18:15 Always worried about you

Chatroom: Shallote

  • As of right now, there’s no problem! + Sol
  • What do you exactly mean by nothing happened?
  • Why are you suddenly telling me this…? + Sol
  • How interesting…! And then??
  • A life sized stand of Leo…I want one… + Leo
  • ….Is that really the conclusion of your long story?
  • You told me this long story to ask me that…?
  • Hahaha you have a good hunch, you writer. + Sol
  • Lol you’re right. We went on a date today. + Sol
  • Hm…I don’t know if I should say… if there is something wrong or not…
  • The date wasn’t bad…But he still hasn’t confessed to me
  • We ate food, then cake, then ate some more and more…and… + Sol
  • I think you’re right
  • But I still wish he would say he likes me… + Sol

Call: Leo

  • Yeah! Leo, don’t push yourself too hard and take breaks!
  • I was just okay a moment ago, but I feel better because of you!
  • You see them that way because you look so good
  • They have the same feelings so they’re no different from humans
  • Leo, you’re not an Unholyc too, right..?
  • Unholycs being celebrities… That feels like cheating

19:37 A forbidden method

Chatroom: Zenon | William | Leo

20:54 I missed you, so I came*

In conversation: Eater | William | Sol

  • Open the door
  • …Check who it is first + Sol
  • What is it that you want? + Sol
  • Why did you suddenly come here?
  • Sol…! Are you really Sol?
  • Sol, I’m sorry but can you say the password? + Sol
  • …You felt an ominous energy? How?
  • But nothing happened to us so don’t worry! + Sol

20:55 I’ll show you my strength**

In conversation: Eater | William | Sol

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

**Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. Did not score all of Sol’s favourability in Day 11, 20:54 I missed you, so I came.

23:41 In this night, let’s do this

In conversation: William

  • …Aren’t you being too cute? (Any option is fine)
  • What is it at his time? (Any option is fine)
  • No! I have Sol! + Sol
  • How can Liam give me Sol’s acme?
  • It feels like I’m cheating… + Sol
  • Liam is so good-looking that my heart doesn’t feel good
  • Of course
  • No, wait…! + Sol

Day 12 The raging night of jealousy

02:59 Don’t worry about me and sleep

Chatroom: Sol

  • Because of Sol, I woke up feeling good.
  • I was waiting for you to contact me! + Sol
  • Did you pass out?!!
  • Did you contact me right away after coming to your senses? + Sol
  • Liam was like a pro!
  • To be honest, I was disappointed because it wasn’t Sol… + Sol
  • Going already?? Let’s chat more T_T
  • Sol always says obvious things lol + Sol
  • You too!

08:12 An anticipated day

Chatroom: Siu

  • Hi, Siu! Good morning!
  • Siu??? Did something happen? + Sol
  • Haha you thought of me?
  • It is early, right? + Sol
  • It didn’t bother me at all!
  • Hahaha it’s okay. It’s a cute mistake anyway. + Sol
  • So did you finish what you have to say? + Sol
  • Do you have any other business with me?
  • No, not at all
  • I like that I get to talk to Siu. Hehe + Sol
  • Haha Siu, you have nothing to say?
  • Siu, if you have nothing to say then should we finish up? + Sol
  • Free? Why? + Sol
  • Today? I think so!
  • No! It’s fine! + Sol
  • Okay! When should we meet?

10:49 Separated family

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Leo | Sol

  • Gasp! You must have been working since dawn?! T_T + Jung Hi
  • Haha Hi! You seem to be so full of energy in the morning!
  • Thanks for worrying about us~ +Sol
  • We’re doing good. Lol
  • Right! Send some pictures for Leo!! + Leo
  • I want to see a picture of Leo too + Sol

Call: Leo

  • Yeah. I miss those times as well
  • I’m sure all of us can meet together soon!
  • Don’t worry. Sol is as exemplary as usual. Maybe too much
  • Yeah, we’re both doing good
  • I see. To be honest. I’m a bit upset because of that wall
  • Then I have to just destroy that wall!

11:38 What can we do about the past

Chatroom: William

  • It’s been a while since I woke up~!
  • I woke up thanks to you, thanks!
  • A relief?
  • I always had nothing wrong~! + Sol
  • It’s only Liam who is always worried for me…
  • Why would you say something so embarrassing first thing in the morning..! + Sol
  • Liam… You seem happy for some reason…
  • Sol has really amazing self-control + Sol
  • Huh? What are you saying…?
  • Yeah… It’s a shame..

13:16 Sorry

Chatroom: Sol

  • Is it because Eater came to see us yesterday?
  • If it’s something important… then is it about our relationship? + Sol
  • It does make sense. Then I’ll go out a bit more. + Sol
  • If I can go out with Sol, then that’s not a bad idea!
  • …Aren’t you talking too formally? + Sol
  • T_T It would be nice if we can go on another date
  • Because you keep dampening the mood + Sol
  • You never listen to what I say and only say what you want to say
  • Yeah. I have. Don’t worry.
  • Whether I have one or not. I just wanted to spend more time with you + Sol

14:23 You didn’t forget, right?

Chatroom: Siu

  • Lol that was fast! (Any option is fine)
  • How could I forget…! (Any option is fine)
  • No? I didn’t
  • If you want, I can tell him + Sol
  • Thanks for being so considerate + Sol
  • You’re going there already??

15:58 Review Date

In conversation: Siu

  • Siu! How have you been doing? + Sol
  • Siu! Why did you come looking so cool?
  • No, I like it. I like this place. + Sol
  • What’s not to like. It’s just a Bingsu cafe
  • (Choose the Bingsu I ate with Sol) + Sol
  • (Choose a different Bingsu)
  • Siu, do you have something to say to me? + Sol
  • If you look at me that much, do you think I wouldn’t be concerned?
  • Was…that a confession?
  • Was I really that amazing? + Sol
  • I like how kind and thoughtful he is + Sol
  • I like how he can be cute and silly sometimes
  • What did you think was strange?
  • So he isn’t only acting strange to me? + Sol

17:36 Let’s stop talking about this

Chatroom: Peipei | Sol | Siu

  • Sol? Peipei is here too? + Sol
  • Huh? Why is there a new chatroom?
  • Talked a moment ago? + Sol
  • The both of you were already talking?
  • Okay. I’ll answer all your questions sincerely + Sol
  • Didn’t Peipei manage to finish up that matter?
  • Sol would know more than me about that + Sol
  • Why are you asking me that?
  • Then tell me what you were talking about with Peipei
  • I was just too preoccupied with saving you though + Sol
  • I’m here as well, Siu
  • They want to ask you something + Sol
  • Thank you for understanding my situation, Siu
  • I’m sure it’s because Sol is frustrated. We need to understand + Sol
  • Yeah, the both of you stop + Sol
  • I should have answered properly from the start…I’m sorry

18:18 Love him happily forever^^!!

Chatroom: Babe

  • Babe? Why are you suddenly contacting me?? + Sol
  • Haha good afternoon, Babe.
  • That cat is fine! Haha
  • What do you want to ask…? + Sol
  • Sol is acting strange…?
  • No, I don’t think I have + Sol
  • How could Sol do that! Should I go and scold him?
  • Should I ask Sol if there’s something wrong? + Sol
  • You’re just going to leave like this? Babe?!
  • Didn’t you say you weren’t going to call me sister-in-law? Hello??? + Sol

19:00 Siu is a little strange

Chatroom: Sol

  • Asking me something?
  • Ask me anything! + Sol
  • I don’t even contact Siu that often + Sol
  • What do you mean when you say Siu is acting strange?
  • There’s nothing to tell you. And Siu isn’t strange. + Sol
  • If Siu is strange, then Sol, you’re strange too
  • No… I keep telling you that nothing is wrong with him so why won’t you listen? T_T
  • If you’re that worried then ask Siu yourself. + Sol
  • Then, Sol is there something wrong going on in Ripeato?
  • Sol, I think something is going on with you or Ripeato, but why won’t you tell me? + Sol
  • What you’re not telling me, you told Peipei right? + Sol
  • … Okay. I also have nothing more to ask

Call: Sol

  • Didn’t you ask enough questions?
  • You don’t have to be sorry. What do you want to ask?
  • What a stupid thing to say? I only want Sol
  • Siu is a good guy. But he’s too young to be asked to do such an important job
  • What? You’re just going to go?
  • Sol… I feel like our conversations are getting shorter and shorter

20:31 Right to protect you

Chatroom: William

  • No, I’m not busy (Any option is fine)
  • Yeah, I’m busy (Any option is fine)
  • I think you can just contact him yourself + Sol
  • Rejected. Ask for another request.
  • To be honest… I’m just so upset because of Sol! T_T + Sol
  • It’s not that big of a deal…
  • Gasp! You can’t do that!
  • I’ll tell you so calm down!!
  • Hahahahaha (Let it all out) + Sol
  • Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal… I just feel upset at Sol for some reason…
  • For some reason, it feels like Sol is pushing me away + Sol
  • Liam! Sol must have a reason for doing this…! + Sol
  • Liam! I can hear your blood pressure rising! Calm down…!
  • Just what kind of training are you doing… + Sol
  • I trust you, Liam!
  • Okay, then I’ll contact him.
  • Thanks for worrying about me, Liam + Sol

21:57 I hope you avoid personal contacts

Chatroom: Sol

  • I was actually going to contact you + Sol
  • You’re the one not giving me time
  • I don’t, but Liam wants you to come early today.
  • Liam said to come early, I was going to use that excuse to contact you + Sol
  • Yeah. Is it okay if I go now? + Sol
  • … I have a lot to say
  • Why are you asking if I personally contact Siu? + Sol
  • Yeah. After getting to know him, he’s cute lol
  • But you’re busy
  • But even if I contact you, all you do is hide things from me + Sol
  • Then, what kind of training are you doing with Liam? + Sol
  • Them, what are you and Peipei talking about so much?

23:26 After all, by your side

In conversation: William | Sol

  • Who is it? + Sol
  • Liam? You actually knocked?
  • You can’t say it? + Sol
  • What does that mean?
  • Yeah! We’re really close?
  • Sol, not as close as with you + Sol
  • Yeah. + Sol
  • I’m not sure about today

23:27 This is the end of my story**

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Appears if Jung Hi’s favourability is high while Sol’s favourability is low from Day 8 to 12.

Day 13 The night of full confession

07:39 Bad News

Chatroom: Sol | Leo

  • Oh? Sol? Why aren’t you in the room?
  • Sol, you already went to work? + Sol
  • Leo? What happened? + Leo
  • T_T Sol and I were in the middle of something important! + Sol
  • Leo, I know you’re surprised but please tell us calmly. + Leo
  • Hi is back? But I didn’t hear from him! + Jung Hi
  • Hi got hurt because of me?! + Jung Hi
  • If Eater showed up first, then can we track him down? +Sol
  • Just what happened to Hi…? + Jung Hi
  • Why is it hard to explain? Is it really complicated?
  • Won’t Hi blame me…
  • We have to find a way to avenge Hi. + Sol
  • What are you saying, Leo! I should pay the cost! + Leo
  • Can Peipei help us again?

09:41 You are our center

Chatroom: Sol

  • Thank you, Sol. How did it go with Peipei?
  • I’m fine. I’m sure you’re worried too, are you okay? + Sol
  • Don’t you think I should go visit Hi? + Jung Hi
  • Sol’s father must have really cared for Hi. + Sol
  • Is there any way to neutralise Eater with my power? +Sol
  • Since Eater wants me, what if I act as bait?
  • How can I stay calm if the people I care about get hurt…!
  • I’m angry at Eater… But I won’t act recklessly + Sol
  • You be careful too, Sol! + Sol
  • But didn’t we have something we still have to talk about?

11:06 A spreading fire

Chatroom: Sol | Babe

13:53 A mind never changed

Chatroom: Peipei | Sol

  • You’re already going back to China? + Sol
  • Sorry for contacting you when you’re busy Peipei
  • If it’s difficult for Sol to pay it then I’ll pay for it! + Sol
  • Since your friends, can’t you understand his situation?
  • Peipei… likes Sol?
  • Sol… Did you know that Peipei likes you? + Sol
  • You’ve never said that to me once… And now you suddenly…!
  • Thank you for telling me that. I also only have Sol. + Sol
  • I’m sorry, Peipei
  • I want to say thank you for doing it for Leo and Hi. + Sol
  • Peipei. Thank you for helping us. Take care of yourself!
  • Sol, be careful on your way. I’m worried…! + Sol

15:36 A hard-to-speak mind

In conversation: William | Sol | William | Siu

  • You made it..!! Thank you…! I was worried! + Sol
  • Why are you so late! Liam and I were so worried!
  • You know, Sol. Is there anything you want to say to me?
  • What you said to Peipei… Is it true? + Sol
  • It’s not stupid. The time that you spent alone, I want to be able to protect you for just as long + Sol
  • I also think that it was fate that we met

16:20 The power to powder bread

In conversation: William | Sol

17:47 An unavoidable accident**

Chatroom: Siu | Sol

  • Did something happen to Babe?
  • Siu, calm down! What happened?
  • Siu, you must have been really shaken so thank you for telling us. + Sol
  • Siu, are you hurt?
  • Sol, don’t worry about me. It’s more important to try and figure out what happened.
  • Sol, Ripeato is an important place to you. You should go. + Sol
  • What are you saying, Siu. It’s not your fault there was an explosion.
  • What’s important to Sol is also important to me so I’m okay. + Sol
  • I don’t know what it is but thank you, Siu. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Thank you. But I can’t receive a gift from anyone else but Sol on that day. + Sol

17:48 Love medicine? **

In conversation: William | Siu

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Appears if didn’t increase enough of Sol’s favourability in Day 13, 17:47 An unavoidable accident

18:35 Prematurely

In conversation: Peipei | Sol | Siu | Eater

21:26 The kindest scolding

In conversation: Peipei | Sol

  • Since you can’t receive payment for the contract if Sol dies?
  • Do you still like Sol? + Sol
  • Not everyone in the world is as amazing as you Peipei.
  • This is also Sol’s decision. Please respect that. + Sol
  • I’m frustrated too. But I can’t do anything else but trust in Sol.
  • Sol told me that it wasn’t my fault this is all happening. + Sol

23:48 The last word, finally spoken out

In conversation: William| Sol

  • Thank you, Liam. Because of you, Sol feels a lot better. + Sol
  • Liam… you’re very considerate.
  • I won’t abuse it but wouldn’t it be okay if I used it a little?
  • If there are side effects then wouldn’t it be fine since Liam is going to help me?
  • Sol, should I get you something to drink?
  • Sol, do you want to lie down more? + Sol
  • Sol, it’s time to stop being comfortable. + Sol
  • Sol, do you want to switch positions today?
  • Allow me to feel how you truly feel + Sol
  • If that’s all you can do, then you won’t be able to get all my acme even if we were up all night.

Day 14 The night of eternal subordination

08:29 Your waiting won’t be long

Chatroom: Sol

  • I’m awake!
  • Sol, why did you leave so early? + Sol
  • I didn’t make a mistake yesterday, right? T_T
  • You’re not going to ask me to act like it never happened, right? + Sol
  • I was hoping I got to see Sol when I opened my eyes… A shame + Sol
  • I’m sorry for not seeing you off.
  • You’re just saying that because you don’t want to drink something bitter, right? Lol
  • What does that mean? + Sol
  • I wish you wouldn’t give something up because of me. + Sol
  • If it was that important you, then why did you act like that…?
  • What happened to Siu?
  • Did you contact Peipei?

09:19 The price of carelessness

Chatroom: Sol | William

11:20 You’re not fooled?

Chatroom: Babe | Sol | Siu

  • Babe?! You’re alive?!!
  • Babe, you’re awake! + Sol
  • Yeah, you’re mistaken
  • Is it that obvious? + Sol
  • Babe, I’m sure you’re suffering the most but thank you for cheering us up + Sol
  • You’re right. I’m sure Siu is okay. I believe
  • You’re going to say it here?
  • I’m always ready to listen, Sol + Sol
  • What did you do to Siu?!
  • William and Sol are planning something? + Sol
  • Okay, I’ll be waiting with William. +Sol
  • He said we may not be able to see Siu again, what does he mean?

13:29 Footprints of danger

In conversation: William| Sol | Siu | Eater

  • I am not going to leave Liam!
  • Can’t we find some way to make tome together?
  • Siu, stop it! He’s your brother, Sol!
  • Sol, Siu is weird! Avoid him!! + Sol
  • If I follow you, everyone here is going to die, right?
  • Don’t come close! I’m not going to follow you! + Sol
  • Stop…!! Liam and Sol did nothing wrong..! + Sol
  • Since when did you start caring about me that you’re doing this to me!

Dark End: The only one I can have*

In conversation: William| Sol | Eater

*Requirements: Miss and do not participate at least 70% and above of the chats throughout the game with the exception of visual novel mode conversations

14:59 Match of the beginning and the end

In conversation: William| Sol | William | Eater

  • Sol, are you okay? What just happened?
  • Sol…did you do this? + Sol
  • You’re the only person who would really die and not just prepare to die. Sol + Sol
  • I told you not to hurt yourself for me, but you were suffering without telling me.
  • Sol, can I help Siu? + Sol
  • Sol, will you get worried if I use my strength?
  • What are you doing, Sol. Start time again.
  • With this, we’re even, right? + Sol

Call: Sol

  • Hahaha, Sol. Are you nervous?
  • Sol, the first thing we’ll do tomorrow is to study how to use cellphones together
  • What are you saying, I feel the same.
  • Huh? It’s already the 7th day??
  • You’re the one who went through a lot. I’m so thankful
  • I don’t think I could do this a third time

17:28 What I really wanted to say

Chatroom: Sol

  • You went through a lot, Sol. It’s all because of you. + Sol
  • Where is Eater going?
  • So Hi and Leo can’t come. + Sol
  • Looks like Pierce and William are going to fight again.
  • Other than that, don’t you have something else to say to me? + Sol
  • I’m glad Siu is okay!
  • Yeah, I know
  • No, I didn’t know..! + Sol
  • I like you too, Sol! + Sol
  • Ca…Calm down! I know you like me!
  • If you’re going to be with me, then it doesn’t matter who you are
  • I was waiting for you to express your feelings to me. Thank you for telling me + Sol

17:29 Normal End: Sol’s new job

In conversation: William | Sol | William | Jung Hi

17:30 Happy End: New family and new house***

In conversation: William | Sol | Pierce | Shallote

***Requirements: Do not miss any Chatrooms or Visual novel modes for the seven days. Follow the bolded choices in this guide OR ignore all other choices from Jung Hi and Leo and focus on increasing Sol’s affection only.

60 thoughts on “Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Sol) Walkthrough”

  1. When will it be a walkthrough for leo’s route i’m in 10th day and sometime the app doesn’t send me a notice for the new room so i don’t catch up to all rooms T_T


    1. Hi Hikaru! To avoid Sol’s comical endings, you will only need to concern yourself with Sol’s favourability on Day 11, 20:54 and Day 13, 17:47. (There should be one more bad end on Day 12 but I can’t figure that one out atm)


      1. When im at day 13, 17:47, i already choose the right options but i still got the comical bad ending T T is there any possible that i’ve might need more Sol’s favourabillity? I actually made it so far without a guide so i couldnt figure out my mistakes 😦


      2. Hello! For this bad ending, the trigger is definitely at 17:47 – for my second and third check through, I had purposely selected not to increase Sol’s favourability when possible (apart from 20:54) and only increased it during 17:47 and passed the comical ending. When I selected the wrong choices for 17:47 on my third playthrough, i got the comical ending. You might have to get all the answers right for 17:47


  2. Hi, I was wondering if you had any tips to get to the happy end? I speedrun through Sol’s route twice and I got the normal end both times doifisdfisdfsof Was it because I didn’t get enough Sol favourability points? Or did I have to balance Jung Hi’s and Leo’s points like in season 1? I managed to follow all the bolded choices except Day 10’s 16:19 ‘Lol it seems like romantic words come out like instinct for Sol’ but I’m not sure if that’s the reason why I didn’t get the happy end or if I messed up on the un-bolded choices… I really appreciate you making a guide for all of us and I hope you have a good Christmas!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sarah! Yes, you will have to also balance Jung HI’s and Leo’s points as well! I did a quick rerun and edited the walkthrough, bolding all the affection choices I chose to get HE. It should help! Have a good Christmas and new year to you too ☺️


      1. Thank you so much!!! I managed to get the happy end this time, I really appreciate you updating the walkthrough for the happy end!! I hope you have a happy new year too! Once again thank you for all your hard work!!!!


  3. Hi! So I followed this walkthrough thoroughly and very careful that i didn’t missed any, but I still got Sol’s BE in 11th Day, been repeating it all over again and I’m still getting the same bad ending at 11th Day, why is that?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hello, I followed your entire walkthrough and selected all the bold choices but I still got the normal end. I’ve repeated it about 3 times, only to get the normal end each time. Is something up on my end despite the fact that I’ve followed your walkthrough?


    1. Hello Chelsea, if you are not getting the HE despite following the bolded choices, alternatively, you can focus all your choices to Sol instead, ignoring Jung Hi and Leo. It will also get you the HE as well!


  5. I got Sol’s route but I want Eater TT….The game has his route for sure….but how? I think I have to pass Sol’s route first then can flirt with Eater in ss 3…Do you have any ideas?? I wanna cry TT


  6. Hi I already finished Sol’s route and I wanted to go play Leo’s route, when I go to Private > Story > Fate it just sends me back to the finished Sol route. Do you know how I can switch routes?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi lolilolipopingpop, did you previously saved Sol, Jung Hi and Leo’s Day 7 progress in the saved slots? If yes, you can spend 5 time tickets to load accordingly to which route you would like to do next.

      If you didn’t, you will have to reinitialise the game back to Day 1, S1 and start over again.


  7. Hi,I hope someone can reply me,I just finish Sol’s route but i get normal ending,I really want to get happy ending by get enough Sol’s favourability.Do i have load or what,please help me????😭😓😓😓😓


      1. Hi sufiechii, did you save your progress right from the beginning at the start of Day 8 Season 2 or Day 7 Season 1 for Sol? If yes, you can load the save file to replay Sol’s route again. If not, you will have to initialise the game and start from Day 1 again.


  8. Hello, i wanted to ask again
    So i did a little speedrun from day 10th to 11th but i cant unlock day 12th 😦 is it a bug or doing speedrun are making the game bugging?


    1. Quick question, so i ran out of time tickets and miss few chatrooms, still farming them to unlock the previous chats. Does playing the game with late schedules is alright?
      Ex. I miss few chatrooms, and need time tickets to unlocks them, so I’ll play the game next time till i got more time tickets


      1. Hi Hikaru, yes you can actually! But it’s preferably better if you hoard the tickets you need and open all of it at one go and save the file before you start reading it. This is so you can complete an ending and load the file again to replay and get the other endings instead


    1. Hi gabby, I had previously opened up all chatrooms from Day 1 to 7 in Season 1 and saved it under the save & load function. As Season 1 determines which route you are continuing in Season 2, once I have confirmed that I’ll be getting one of the routes in Day 7, I would saved it at another save slot before loading the initial Season 1 save slot to repeat the process for the other two and saving them on other empty save slots. Hence, I’m able to change my routes in Season 2 without playing Season 1 again.


  9. pro tip for day 11th, 20:54 I missed you, so I came: I missed all his favourable answers and got Comical Ending. Load autosave that was made just before you enter the conversation, do it right this time and you should succeed.
    At least I did. Thank god we have autosave, my last save was 2 days ago.. i was about to rage xd


  10. Thank you so much for your walkthrough. Your blog has been a big help to me 😊

    I’d like to ask whether the Bad End is the same for every route? (i.e. same CG and conversation). I’m hoping that’s the case because I’m too lazy to replay all the routes again just for the bad end 😅


    1. Hi Scarlett, unfortunately the CGs for Bad ends are different. On the bright side, you can ignore the game most of the time apart from visual novel mode (you won’t be able to skip these and will have to pay using time tickets to view them) to get the bad end for each character


  11. do you know how long you have to check the chats before you ‘miss’ them? like does it give you 10 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour?
    I paid to get through season 1 in like 2 days but i dont feel like paying more to finish season 2 that fast and the first morning chat happens before I wake up by about an hour.

    Also, I only started following your walkthrough around day 3 or 4 and only unlocked Sol in the end, do I have to completely replay season 1 to unlock Hi and Leo? and will i have to wait for the correct time’s all over again? what a confusing game lol.


    1. Hi Holly, you will ‘miss’ the chat when the next chatroom becomes available. The chat is open until the new comes along(you can refer to the schedule).

      Yes, once you have finish Sol, you will have to replay S1 again to choose which character you would like to focus on in S2 and wait for the time again. However, my suggestion would be to save up to 175 time tickets to open up all the days till Day 7 in S1 using the 24h function and save this file using the save/load function. By doing this, you have access to all the chatrooms and you can focus on getting one character by the end of Day 7 and saving it on another saving file before loading back the initial file to play and get the other. You will be able to load the file to also net the comical endings without messing your sleep times with ease too.

      There isn’t a need to spend money on time tickets actually! You can accumulate enough time tickets by exchanging acme and using the free spin from the Tear of Asmodeus (the jewel shaped icon) daily. I hope I clarified your doubts heh


      1. Thank you for the info! I really appreciate it.

        On another note, on day 10 in the chat titled “I’ve brought something amazing!” About halfway through Jung Hi seems to send what I’m assuming is a picture, but for me I get a blank text with no CG attached to it, and nothing updated in my albums. Can you confirm wether you experienced this as well or did my game bug out? I’m bummed out about it because even though I didnt want to do Sol’s route first, I’m really living for it and if it was a picture of him I’m upset that it’s not showing up. The context makes it seem like it it a picture of him, though since Hi is talking about contacting Babe and getting it from him.


  12. I’m confused about the important dates to save like for example if I want to change routes or if I want to replay a certain route to get a certain endning/s which day/s should I save?


    1. Hi nyxluv, you should open up all the chats from Days 1 to 7 in Season 1 before saving it. This will give you the greatest flexibility in choosing which routes to replay and get endings you like in Season 2.


  13. This was the third time that I rejected the route of the Sun and did not get the happy ending … I just focused on increasing the level of favorability of the Sun and saw all the novels and conversations. What should I do?


  14. Hiii! So I’m done playing Sol’s route and I want to play the other two, should I start with Day 1, how can I play other routes? Someone please help me this my first time playing otome game T_T


    1. Hello, if you dont wish to restart back to Season 1 Day 1, you can buy each character’s route in Season 2 for 110 time tickets. If not, you can go to Settings -> Initialize Game to restart and play the other routes.


  15. Hi! This was the third time that I rejected the Sol’s route and did not get the happy ending … I just focused on increasing the level of Sol’s favorability and saw all the novels and conversations. What should I do?


    1. Hi fleuriebatista, did you also try focusing almost all on Sol’s favourability with an additional point or two for both Leo and Jung Hi? If it still doesn’t work, you might want to contact prettybusy support staff on this!


  16. Hello! Thanks to you I got Sol’s happy ending! I have a few questions, if I select to restart the game, it will delete all the images and the voices on private? And how do I get to the after ending? I finished sol’s happy ending and I want to enter to yhe after ending ant it says that I need more tickets but it didint say how many…

    And if I play another route when I’m trying to save for sol’s AF, it will be saved that I already finished sol’s AF even though I’ll be in another route?


    1. Hello! Sorry for the late reply, your information, images, voices from private are still retained even after you initialise the game. You can view them again at Private -> Records.

      For Sol’s after end, you will need 20 tickets to read it. Go to Private -> After Ending to view it.


  17. hello! i just want to ask, if i chose everything as the walkthrough will i get the happy ending or i have to chose more Sol choice?


    1. Hello! As for me,I got the normal ending by choosing all of the marked options, what you have to do is choose the marked options but just to raise sol’s intimacy not with the others or you’ll get the normal ending


  18. Hello! As for me,I got the normal ending by choosing all of the marked options, what you have to do is choose the marked options but just to raise sol’s intimacy not with the others or you’ll get the normal ending


  19. Hi!!!
    I just received the happy ending from Sol, with your help thank you very much 😊; but I have some questions that I would really like you to answer, if possible.

    1st – as I mentioned I finished the happy ending of the sun, but now, I wanted to have the after ending of it; but when i’m going to do it he says i don’t have enough time and he doesn’t say how much is needed and how to get it, to have this after ending. help please.

    2º- I now after finishing the route of the sun I wanted to do the routes of Hi and Leo too; but if I do as I mentioned at the beginning of the other post for season 1, I lose all the photos, calls, video calls, etc. that I got during this season 2 or not ??? sorry if i sound dumb, but i’m really scared and anxious that i might lose all these things ……

    Once again I wish that you can help me resolve these doubts that I have. thank you very much for your help and consideration.

    I hope you see this …….


    1. Hello! You can find Sol’s after ending at Private -> After Ending. You will need 20 time tickets to read it.

      If you restart the game to start on the other routes, your photos, calls and video calls from Season 2 will still be retained. You can view them again at Private -> Record -> Story Record/ Video Call record/ Call record

      Hope this clarifies your doubts! 🙂


      1. Hi!!!
        Yes, that really helped me clarifie my doubts, thank you very much for your help.😊

        And I will count on your help too when season 3 comes out too.
        So continue with the good work.

        I hope you have a good evening!


  20. Hi I wanted to ask i just finished soul route but I got normal ending and I can’t open soul’s after end only if I have happy ending so I saved day 6 of s1 coincidence should I loaded day 6 and play till I get to soul route and start over soul route to reach happy ending and open after ending soul the most devoted butler or start all over again from day 1
    Or i loaded day 6 and play and focus on Leo to get at leo route
    Another question please
    So if I start over again from day one and reach happy ending in soul route if I want to play leo or hi how can I save the route soul or is it automatically saved?
    Also I found in story record “soul’s if route”
    What is this route exactly?


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