Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Leo) Walkthrough

Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Leo) Walkthrough

To start Season 2, finish Season 1 before going to Private → Story → Fate → Select your route

Thank you Chung Loli for the answers for Day 8 of this walkthrough!

Leo’s Route Walkthrough

The bold choices in this walkthrough will allow you to obtain the Happy Ending for Leo.



Day 8Day 9Day 10Day 11Day 12Day 13Day 14
21:3422:25^20:52^23:14^19:29Dark End***
*13:46, 16:28, 13:55 – Comical End, ** Important chatrooms that leads to game overs, ***Endings ^Visual Novel mode

Day 8

A familiar day

  • Who are you ?
  • How could I even dare to wish ill upon you master ?
  • Haven’t we had this conversation already? + Leo
  • He pushed me forward as if to say he didn’t want to hear any more of my nonsense.


In conversation: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo, Babe

  • So cool…! I’ve never seen such charming people before!
  • I think… I’ve seen them before! What is going on…? + Leo
  • …Why are you all looking at me like that? + Leo
  • (Stares intensely)
  • Thank you…! + Jung Hi
  • …Are you sure you’re okay?
  • Aren’t you being too impulsive?
  • I like you guys as well! + Leo

We have to stop him

In conversation: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo, William

  • Huh? This is my butler, William??
  • Yeah…! What is going on! + Leo
  • We can do better this time around! + Leo
  • I think I understand to a certain degree.
  • Don’t worry. I’ll deal with it!
  • I was worried about you William so we just rushed over…
  • I want to help!
  • I… don’t want to be a part of it. I’m scared…
  • May I chose another partner…?
  • Yeah, I believe in Leo! + Leo

10:02 Leo’s mission

Chatroom: Leo, William

12:23 You are enough

Chatroom: Jung Hi, William

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi! I was waiting for your call!
  • It’s really your voice… I can’t believe it…!
  • You’re not going to get overworked by Liam, right?!
  • Thank you, Hi. I really like you too.
  • Aren’t you already the best idol?
  • I also agree that you should take care of your health.

14:34 A personal request

Chatroom: Sol | William

Call: Sol

  • I also didn’t expect I would be talking to you.
  • Don’t feel that way. We’re together again, right?
  • I also feel like I’m going to cry.
  • Would I really not choose you even if time was reversed?
  • I just want you to be safe.
  • I trust you all. Thank you so much. And I’m sorry…

15:51 Cheer up together. By the way…

Chatroom: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo

  • I’m worried about a lot of things…
  • I’m still excited that i got to meet all of you guys again! + Leo
  • My feelings for you are the same. I’m so happy that I got to reunite with all of you. + Leo
  • I want to lead a life that is different from the previous one.
  • Thank you for looking out for me, Leo + Leo
  • But if it’s for the cat, I have no other choice…!
  • Yeah, I will! + Leo
  • William will take care of it so don’t worry!
  • Alright!
  • I’m worried about Sujee… + Leo
  • Alright! Good luck everyone!
  • I miss you Leo! + Leo

17:24 A welcome face

Chatroom: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo, Sujee

  • You’re… not Sujee, right?
  • Don’t call me like I’m your friend. + Leo
  • Why are you doing this to us?
  • Wait! We still have so much to talk about!
  • What are you scheming! + Leo
  • Be careful everyone…! + Leo
  • …I’m scared…

Call: Leo

  • Yeah, I’m okay. I’m just trying to get ready.-
  • Do you think Sujee is okay…?
  • Call me a lot from now on! I’ll always reply, by your side!
  • Don’t say that. You’re going to make me cry.
  • You didn’t get a dangerous task from Liam, right?
  • I heard Hi was told to become an amazing idol?

18:43 We need a change of atmosphere!

Chatroom: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo

  • I ate! What about you Leo? + Leo
  • I haven’t had anything yet…
  • What game do you play? + Leo
  • If Sol says he does, then I guess he’s telling the truth! + Sol
  • If you don’t answer right away. Sol is probably going to get angry at you. + Sol
  • Adult games…? + Jung Hi
  • I love mobile games!
  • I’m into pc games~
  • I’m a fan of the console games~ + Leo
  • I’ll be waiting. + Leo
  • Be careful everyone.

20:21 The eighth night

In conversation: Sol, Jung Hi, Leo, William

  • Leo isn’t being cheesy, he’s being nice! + Leo
  • But that’s his charm!
  • Leo, I’m sorry for William acting up just now. + Leo
  • You should have told me you had arrived, what are you waiting for?
  • They seem pretty busy, are you sure you should be staying here Leo? + Leo
  • Why are you smiling like that?
  • Don’t worry Leo. This isn’t a dream.
  • Do you want to check? + Leo
  • Don’t get me to say it twice. It’s embarrassing.
  • I want to make sure we keep this for memory sake. + Leo

23:11 If we can’t meet in dreams

Chatroom: Leo

  • Yeah, I haven’t fallen asleep yet. + Leo
  • I did but now you woke me up!
  • Don’t be sorry. We have another shot! + Leo
  • I should be the one who’s sorry. I couldn’t protect you Leo.
  • I don’t remember…!
  • I know what you want to hear but can you give me some time? + Leo
  • I’m looking forward to spending more time with you! + Leo
  • Leo, aren’t you busy? Is this okay?

Day 9

08:31 It’s him again…!

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi | Sol

  • Leo doesn’t look well this morning T^T
  • I don’t know who it is but I’ll get him for you! + Leo
  • James Rogers? Who’s that? + Leo
  • James Rogers? I think I’ve heard of him before…
  • How could he say that when he’s your junior!
  • If Leo gets even more attractive than he already is, the rest of the guys on the planet would be sad… + Leo
  • Professional Leo, so cool…!
  • I do want to see you do something else other than being sexy… + Leo
  • I’ve heard that every crisis is an opportunity in disguise! Maybe you can take this time to improve yourself? + Leo
  • Arg…that really sounds tough…T^T + Sol
  • Leo, you can do it! Break a leg!! + Jung Hi
  • Just remember that no matter what, you’re the best! Don’t forget that! + Leo

10:26 A sweet present

Chatroom: William

  • Snacks? What’s the occasion? (Any option is fine)
  • Oh! I would love to!! (Any option is fine)
  • Wow! Shallotte is the best! (Any option is fine)
  • The wrapping is so beautiful that I’m afraid to open it…! (Any option is fine)
  • Isn’t it too big for me to finish alone?
  • Can I bring some to Leo? + Leo
  • Alright! I’ll be careful! + Leo
  • Hmph…I wanted to go out with you William…

12:02 An old friend?

In conversation: Leo | James

  • Ah! I can’t see…! + Leo
  • What is this manly…texture…?!
  • but i had to because he might have fallen + Leo
  • I see. Thank you for helping me
  • What! How do you know my name?!
  • You’ve got the wrong person + Leo
  • Are you…my childhood friend? That chestnut Rogers…?!
  • Are you…the coworker of Leo? That James Rogers?? + Leo
  • Leo, this is James Rogers. My childhood friend.
  • I don’t exactly remember but he says he’s my childhood friend + Leo
  • … I just wanted to see you outside
  • Pierce brought me a cake… it’s actually from Shallotte… but it looked good so… + Leo

13:45 The two men in front of me*

In conversation: Leo | James | William

  • Good job on the shoot!
  • I’m sorry but I’m a bit busy! + Leo
  • I don’t mind being friends! + Leo
  • Is that all you really want to be? Friends?
  • So you guys are really close… + Leo
  • Stop fighting. You guys aren’t kids anymore!
  • I’m alright, Leo. Go and do your shoot! + Leo
  • I think I might have picked the wrong day to come…
  • Okay, I’ll go back with James
  • Leo, good luck on your shoot… I’ll see you tonight + Leo

Call: Leo

  • Huh? Leo, what’s wrong?
  • Yay~ It’s Leo~ Did you finish your shoot?
  • Huh? Was there something urgent?
  • Something urgent? Does it have to do with Eater?

13:46 Tenacious Sphinx**

In conversation: Leo | James | William

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. To get past this ending, obtain enough affinity points for Leo by answering correctly in Day 9, 13:45 The two men in front of me

15:20 Roger the chestnut burr

Chatroom: William

  • I’m sorry. I really am
  • Yeah, William! What’s going on?
  • It’s just as you say!
  • Wait, William, you didn’t recognise him?
  • Was I close with James?
  • I didn’t think you were capable of complementing anyone?!
  • Leo was busy so James took me home instead + Leo
  • I went to see Leo > Met James > Said hi > he brought me home
  • No matter how many times I do this, Leo is the only one for me! + Leo
  • Maybe he was just scared of you?

16:51 Do you have time?

Chatroom: James

  • hahah, yeah I did~
  • William called you a greenhorn Roger lol + Leo
  • Just when Leo was able to show his talent in modeling! It’s a shame I didn’t get to see it T^T + Leo
  • I mean we haven’t met in a long time so I understand lol
  • Hahaha thank you + Leo
  • Are you saying I wasn’t beautiful when I was little?
  • You sound like an excessive talker if you ask me + Leo
  • Lol, I also wonder if you’ve been okay all these years
  • I think it’s a miracle to be loved by someone who cares for you + Leo
  • Unholyc and humans relationships are …complex
  • I love strawberries! And I have some time tomorrow~
  • I don’t like them anymore but I have some time + Leo
  • How did you recognise me right away?
  • Since it seems like you’ve got a great memory, I wanted to ask you… + Leo

18:26 Date ask, one step late

Chatroom: Leo

  • Don’t worry. James took me home safe and sound
  • Yeah, I also wanted to be with you T^T + Leo
  • I’m happy that I could be of help to you Leo! + Leo
  • You would have done fine without me being there~!
  • I don’t mind going on a date with you but I have plans tomorrow without someone else + Leo
  • Oh! I’m going to head there to eat the strawberry dessert tomorrow!
  • I was going to meet up with James tomorrow at the dessert cafe near the studio
  • We can meet next time~!
  • T^T should I cancel the appointment for you? + Leo

20:58 A clue to the Eater

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Good news! + Jung Hi
  • I would rather hear the bad one first + Leo
  • You must have pulled a lot strings to get all that, Sol.. good job + Sol
  • What does that have to do with the bad news?
  • Ehem. My butler is indeed quite smart!
  • Peipei? Who’s that?
  • Leo, don’t push yourself + Leo
  • What about Hi? Does Hi have a mission…! + Jung Hi
  • How did you figure that out just by looking at the picture? + Sol
  • That’s not what Leo was trying to show you + Leo
  • See you guys later!

Call: Sol

  • I’m getting ready to see you all
  • It’s only natural to tell the person first before asking a question
  • I want to give you a gift too
  • Sol, did you eat all those desserts?
  • Like a…puppy…?
  • It feels nice to hear that he likes it!

21:34 Another Unholyc who helps us

Chatroom: William

  • Do you actually expect me to remember something like that??
  • I’ve heard of him from James
  • Are you close with Zenon?
  • Do I need to know what you guys talked about?
  • Am I finally being chased out of the house..!
  • But won’t I be safe next to you?
  • Alright, I’ll do as you say!
  • Won’t you be lonely at home all by yourself?

23:27 Mission start!

In conversation: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo | William

  • No, I want you to fill me up even more + Leo
  • It’s okay. I’ve gotten used to it now. Thank you for asking though
  • You must regret a lot of other things, not just the time you spend with me… + Leo
  • Don’t be too hard on yourself. You’ve got things to do tomorrow as well… + Sol
  • Thank you for saying that but please don’t give up on your work. + Leo
  • I love the way you work so keep it up! + Jung Hi
  • Don’t worry about me. I’ll be safe right here.
  • Leo. I’m more worried about you and your safety + Leo

Day 10

01:56 Too huge gate

In conversation: Leo | Agni

  • You stopped the way and came back because of me?
  • How much did you miss me?

09:12 A persistent child

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Sol, good morning. Have you had breakfast already? + Sol
  • I don’t eat breakfast!
  • hahaha so Sol is Ted’s consultant? + Jung Hi
  • …How come Leo isn’t talking today? + Leo
  • Leo is really good at sports, isn’t he? + Leo
  • Why did Leo become a model when he could have become a athlete? + Jung Hi
  • Did something happen to you last night?
  • No, I’m fine as long as you’re okay + Leo
  • Leo used to fight? + Leo
  • Were Babe and Siu bad people? + Sol
  • So who won? + Jung Hi
  • How long did they fight? + Leo
  • Okay. I’ll talk to you guys later! Have a great day!

Call: Jung Hi

  • I was playing a game on my phone
  • After talking with all of you, I was still holding my phone
  • I’m curious what kind of kid you were!
  • How was Leo when he was young?
  • Maybe Leo was just indifferent about his injuries?
  • So the three of you, who stood out, were always together. Must have been fun!

11:41 Always absolutely right!

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • I’m always right, Leo + Leo
  • What? About what?? + Jung Hi
  • I want to know how it went! + Jung Hi
  • I care more about your emotions. How do you feel? + Leo
  • James…? My friend, James?
  • I think you’re more handsome…! + Leo
  • James is an Unholyc. Don’t try to compete against him + Sol
  • I have an appointment today + Leo
  • I’m going to eat strawberries with James Rogers today!
  • Alright, I’ll head out now!
  • Don’t tease Leo too much while I’m gone~! + Leo

13:00 Palpitating

Chatroom: James

  • How about now?
  • Come a little later!
  • I’m looking forward to eating something delicious hahaha + Leo
  • I’m looking forward to having a great time!!
  • I wasn’t really up to anything T^T
  • There’s been a lot of ups and downs hahaha + Leo

14:34 A man with me

In conversation: James

  • Strawberry frappe!
  • Strawberry cake!
  • have you never been in contact with Shallotte all this time?
  • Shallotte has become an amazing Unholyc! + Leo
  • Are you really okay? + Leo
  • Are you laughing at me by any chance?
  • Turn around + Leo
  • Stay still
  • I’m just going to check who it is and the come back
  • …It’s just bothering me. I think I might know that person + Leo
  • I would have to say that he’s good looking
  • I love the fact that he’s friendly and sincere + Leo

Call: Leo

  • I was also curious what you were doing!
  • What am I doing right now? I’m sincerely talking to you
  • Yeah, the place was quite nice
  • I didn’t have a bad time. I want to do something with you
  • I have a lot of things to do when I get home
  • I’m thinking of relaxing

15:55 Suspicious Man’s Montage

Chatroom: James

  • Alright, I’ll see you again!
  • I felt like you were unhappy when we…went our separate ways… are you okay?
  • Is it someone we know? + Leo
  • Well, I don’t want to know anymore
  • Why didn’t you tell me right then and there? I didn’t even get to say hello… + Leo
  • He was wearing something strange? He must have been adorable…!
  • But that’s his charm + Leo
  • I don’t think Leo minded that we met today though?
  • That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Hahaha + Leo
  • Yeah. But I like you too, James

17:54 Leo’s doppelganger

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Did something happen to Leo? + Leo
  • What’s going on with Sol? + Sol
  • I think I know why… because he was doing something strange…
  • Leo was with me + Leo
  • Is Leo really the culprit… haha + Leo
  • It could be Leo’s brother…
  • Sol, can’t you do something about it? + Sol
  • How would you approach a problem like this, Hi? + Jung Hi
  • …Are you not close with your brother? + Leo
  • How about asking James for help?

19:22 Here’s to Leo!

Chatroom: Siu

  • I’m worried as well… what is going on…
  • Don’t worry, Leo will definitely succeed + Leo
  • With you looking out for Leo like this, I believe Leo will recover very soon! + Leo
  • We should support him at times like these and work extra harder!
  • Of course I will! + Sol
  • If you tell me what it’s about, then I’ll consider it!
  • That’s a great idea! + Leo
  • Um…you really think that will be enough?

20:03 I’ve never contracted like that!

Chatroom: Siu | Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

22:25 The man in the park

In conversation: James | Leo

  • …Did you come here because Siu asked you too as well?
  • Thank god it’s you. I was getting a little creeped out!
  • Call Leo over to resolve the crisis + Leo
  • (Explain to James)
  • Leo, calm down!
  • James, don’t taunt Leo! + Leo
  • waiting for Siu
  • waiting for you Leo. + Leo
  • Leo, it’s all thanks to you coming here that nothing happened. Thank you + Leo
  • I came here to plan your event. It’s a shame
  • I’ll always choose Leo + Leo

23:56 The scariest thing

In conversation: Leo

  • So even Leo gets hurt even though he’s so athletic + Leo
  • … is that really it?
  • Why are you staring at me like that?
  • Do you have something to say? + Leo
  • … Leo. You don’t have to put yourself through this.
  • Leo, just take it slow. We’ve got a lot of time + Leo
  • It must have been difficult…
  • Your family members should have been honest with you + Leo
  • When I saw you, my mind just went blank + Leo
  • What did you think about?
  • of course I am. I’m on the same page as you
  • No, I like you much more than that + Leo

Day 11

02:43 A conversation partner

In conversation: Leo | Agni

10:24 Leo overslept?

Chatroom: Sol | Leo | Jung Hi

  • No, I didn’t get anything either. T^T
  • Though he didn’t say anything, I’m sure he’s okay + Leo
  • Leo…! I’ve been wanting to see you the whole night…! + Leo
  • I was lonely but we talked for a long time last night so it’s okay
  • Ah, Leo… you’re embarrassing me… + Leo
  • Huh? Breakthrough? What do you mean? + Sol
  • Claude may or may not help us though
  • Is Claude that amazing? + Leo
  • Leo, cheer up!
  • … He seemed to be in a hurry… + Leo

Call: Jung Hi

  • Hi, good morning! You must be in a good mood?
  • I want to sleep more… Don’t disturb me….
  • Hi, are you close with Claude?
  • Claude doesn’t seem like a normal doctor
  • I think Hi can help Leo as well
  • Does Brother Claude have more connections than Sol?

11:59 You and my daily life

Chatroom: Leo

  • Of course, what about you Leo? + Leo
  • I’m not doing so well… I miss you too
  • No, I haven’t
  • Yeah, I have + Leo
  • I’m also lying down! Rolling to and fro~ + Leo
  • I’m sitting down. I have something to do. + Leo
  • I wish I could sit down T^T my legs hurt..! + Leo
  • My heart is always with you too Leo ><! + Leo
  • It doesn’t matter if you’re not next to me… T^T

13:21 An old gentleman’s visit

Chatroom: William

  • Who was Zenon again?
  • Who is this Eater again?
  • I feel like he’s been around for quite some time…
  • Maybe he’s younger than we think?
  • Then…why is he here all of a sudden?
  • What happened when he went berserk 20 years ago? Tell me in more detail
  • So it’s because I’m the Unholyc from the prophecy that Eater is going after me?
  • Are you telling me that I’m going to turn into a very strong Unholyc?
  • Yeah, I trust them as well!
  • You only turned into that because of me…

15:03 Finally ‘he’ came out!

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • Let’s define the meaning of being mature, Hi… + Sol
  • I like you the way you are Hi…! + Jung Hi
  • Did something happen Sol? T^T
  • No matter how busy you are, you still need to eat!! + Sol
  • Can’t I just stand in as your witness?
  • Leo, there’s no time to be embarrassed right now! You need to prove your innocence! + Leo
  • Yeah, it’s all Claude’s fault + Leo
  • Hh, Leo is acting like a little kid
  • What happened? + Jung Hi
  • So Leo calls Claude hyung??
  • I’m more worried about you and your safety + Leo
  • I’m looking forward to seeing Claude in action…! + Jung Hi
  • Is Claude a dentist? + Leo
  • What do you mean in the shadows?

Call: Leo

  • Doesn’t he already know who I am?
  • Just how much are you going to say about me?
  • Hm. I think it’s a bit too early
  • If it’s Leo, I know you’re only going to say good things, so I’m fine with it
  • You’re finally understanding your parents feelings. You’re growing up
  • Your brother keeps calling you?

15:31 I’ve been waiting

Chatroom: Claude | Leo

16:45 The name, again!

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • You make it sound as if we’ve already solved the issue…? + Jung Hi
  • I want to do something from Claude as well…! + Leo
  • I doubt that~! I’m sure you did a better job! + Leo
  • Well, James is an Unholyc, so there’s not much you can do about that… T^T
  • Who does he think he is to lecture you like that~? + Leo
  • He talked about me? What about?
  • Alright, I’ll be waiting. I hope you guys don’t fight over this competition!
  • Leo, good luck on your next shoot I hope you win! + Leo

18:56 Good friend but worries too much

Chatroom: James

  • I was wondering when you were going to contact me…!
  • Yeah, I made it back home safely and I’m having a great time hh + Leo
  • James is cute. Do you believe in fate? LOL
  • Thank you for thinking of me. I’m serious about it + Leo
  • I can’t tell you that. You’re his rival after all! + Leo
  • I did hear he wasn’t feel too great these days…
  • Actually, Eater’s after me, so… Leo’s looking for a way to save me
  • James? What’s wrong?
  • He’ll find it soon. He’ll be able to convince Dorian Gray + Leo
  • He’s asking Dorian Gray for help… I heard it’s not working out…
  • Don’t be sorry. I’m sorry for making you worried
  • …Leo was doing such a hard task? + Leo

19:43 M.a.s.t.e.r

Chatroom: William

  • Haven’t I chosen the menu for tonight yet?
  • Thank you always, Liam. You’re all I have
  • Oh! So it has something to do with James!
  • …What… I have no clue what you’re talking about…;; + Leo
  • That’s right…! That happened…! I forgot…!
  • As a result, nothing happened, so I didn’t want to worry you + Leo
  • Liam’s car…What did James do so wrong…
  • What? Are you praising James?
  • Leo said he’s working hard too…!
  • I only love Leo! + Leo

20:52 Real date

In conversation: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo | William

  • Fourth day? What do you mean? + Leo
  • Maybe you should focus on pouring your acme into me…!
  • Wouldn’t Liam be angry?
  • Yeah, alright. A date with Leo! This is exciting! + Leo
  • Where are we going by the way?
  • I’ve never actually been on a date before…! + Leo
  • Leo, can you tell me more about the day you filmed with James?
  • Leo, you’re amazing. You’re not only doing your job but you’re helping me as well. + Leo
  • Is that…are you jealous? + Leo
  • I’ve never contacted him first if that helps.
  • You dragged me here into the dark… you can’t mean…?
  • Oh.. right! We need to take a selfie! + Leo

23:16 A man on the scale

In conversation: Agni | Sol | Leo

Day 12

01:59 I want to see you

Chatroom: Leo

  • Leo? Why aren’t you sleeping until this hour?
  • Leo…! Are you okay? I was worried about you + Leo
  • Come to think of it, Leo’s got a rabbit, right?
  • Don’t try to fool around. Are you sure you’re okay? + Leo
  • You finally realised that Claude loves you!
  • Actually, I’ve also been waiting for your call all day long + Leo
  • Good night, Leo! Have a sweet dream~ + Leo
  • I’ll be patient all day long, too!

09:21 Unexpected help

Chatroom: James | Leo

11:38 He’s moving

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Did you eat something good for breakfast? + Sol
  • Don’t tell me it comes with a bad news as well…?! + Jung Hi
  • Wow! Sol! Congratulations! I’m sure you were really worried T^T + Sol
  • Leo, you’re also cleared of your charges. What a relief! + Leo
  • Huh? Leo, are you jealous that you can’t be with your brother all the time? + Leo
  • Didn’t you say… he was a dentist?
  • You should accept it while you still can, Leo!
  • If he’s so great as you guys say he is, what should we give him to thank him for his services? + Leo

13:54 Leo’s weakness

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Lol you really didn’t tell him yet? + Leo
  • Wow…I’m getting goosebumps… you were right…! + Jung Hi
  • I also do that when I’ve got something too big for me to handle… + Leo
  • You need to face the challenge head on, Leo! + Sol
  • Your brother is so frugal… + Jung Hi
  • Judging from Leo’s reaction, it seems like there’s more to it than meets the eye…? + Leo
  • So even the mighty Leo is afraid of something. + Leo
  • I see. Claude is very spontaneous, isn’t he? ;;
  • You think that’ll even things out with Claude?
  • I’ve always wanted to meet him too. Now you’re making me nervous!
  • I’ll talk to you guys later lol! + Leo

15:22 From rival to ally

In conversation: Seo Joon | James| Leo

17:02 A muse between the two

Chatroom: Seo Joon

  • Ah! Photographer Seojoon…! Hello! + Leo
  • Yeah, I am. Who might you be?
  • Hahaha I know that you’re quite the traditionalist + Leo
  • Well..we’re already talking so doesn’t look like I have much of a choice
  • Lol, you’ve got a funny way of approaching things. Alright, you’ve got my attention
  • I’ll hear what you have to say and then decide for myself + Leo
  • …I can’t speak for Leo but James and I are just friends + Leo
  • Did Leo say that?
  • If it’s the Leo in his current state, he’ll be able to showcase his mystical charm better than anyone I know + Leo
  • If you’re going for the noble look… I think James Rogers will fit the bill
  • If I’ve been a big help to you making your decision, I believe a picture of the two of them would be apt as a reward…
  • Don’t mention it. I’m rooting for them both and I hope that they both succeed. + Leo

18:43 Indescribable anxiety

Chatroom: Leo

  • Huh? Is that also a sign of the Black Sabbath? + Leo
  • Lol is today a special occasion? Why are you saying that all of a sudden?
  • Lol, so you two are finally getting closer?
  • You must have been extremely good…! I want to see as well T^T + Leo
  • We can be killed if we’re wounded enough but if we’re given enough acme, we won’t die of old age.
  • Not all Unholycs are immortal. Some choose a different life + Leo
  • I won’t become like that since I have you, Leo.
  • We won’t be able to know for sure since we haven’t heard his perspective on the matter + Leo
  • .. Leo, what’s going on? Did you figure something out?
  • Likewise. I’ll always work hard for you + Leo

Call: Leo

  • Leo, since you’re an adult, you need to know how to be alone.
  • Haha, Leo is like a baby. So cute!
  • I wonder. Since I just stay in my room!
  • I’m not interested in where James lives
  • I want to have more serious conversations with you though
  • Yeah, we don’t need to worry about that right now

19:27 Hide-and-seek

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | Leo

  • Does Sol even fight with his friends in the first place? + Jung Hi
  • If Sol is asking us this question, it must be serious + Sol
  • What T^T Maybe something really did happen?! + Leo
  • I’m fine. I’m sure nothing happened! + Sol
  • …That’s right…we’re right back to where we started…
  • It’s my second time but I’m still so nervous…! + Leo
  • Yeah! Leo, you can do it!
  • Even if you can’t pull it off, i won’t be disappointed so don’t worry + Leo
  • See you guys later!

21:29 A night without you

Chatroom: Sol | Jung Hi | William

  • Of course. I hope he doesn’t get hurt
  • I believe Leo can do it + Leo
  • A wise man once said a person with good friends is more often than not a good person himself
  • But still… I don’t want Leo to get hurt… + Leo

Call: Sol

  • I see that you called me again because you were worried
  • You must be really close with Leo
  • If we’re considering sincerity, then you’re just as sincere, right?
  • Leo may look like a carefree person, but this personality isn’t
  • I’m thankful to have you, Sol. I feel at ease
  • I feel like Leo would say the same thing

23:14 The most ancient immortal

Chatroom: Leo | James | Agni | Dorian Gray

23:59 Advice instead of death

Chatroom: Leo | James | Agni

Day 13

02:37 Missing

Chatroom: James

  • James? Why are you messaging me so late?
  • Yeah, I was sleeping… + Leo
  • Leo? No, he didn’t come + Leo
  • Well…I just woke up so I need to ask Liam to be sure
  • Did something happen to Leo? + Leo
  • Wasn’t Leo with you?
  • he might have. He’s quite athletic + Leo
  • Why did you leave Leo on his own like that…!
  • Please find Leo, James!
  • Yeah, I will! + Leo

04:29 A night letter

Chatroom: Leo

09:18 Disqualification of guardians

Chatroom: William

  • Is there something wrong?
  • Don’t worry! I can handle something like breakfast on my own!
  • You’re sick? Where?? How much…!
  • You get sick Liam?! Is that even possible?
  • Buy Liam’s health is more important to me!
  • T^T I wanted to nurse you back to health though…
  • Don’t think about these things and rest
  • You look cute when you’re small so it’s okay + Jung Hi

11:06 The late appearance of the hero

Chatroom: Jung Hi | Sol | Leo

  • I wouldn’t call that sleeping, you practically collapsed…? + Jung Hi
  • I was lonely because Leo wasn’t here yesterday + Leo
  • Actually Liam is very sick
  • It’s a big deal T^T! Liam is sick!
  • Leo texted me at dawn + Leo
  • James contacted me saying he couldn’t find where Leo was
  • ……Are you sure Leo is alright?
  • No, I was just worried. Are you all right? + Leo

13:28 A guest of a guest

In conversation: Agni| William | Leo

  • Open the door
  • Make sure it’s really Leo + Leo
  • Leo, you did it…!! + Leo
  • …Why is Dorian Gray’s butler here?
  • Lee, Leo….! Did you cheat on me…?
  • What did you do last night? And where were you?! + Leo

14:51 A form of love

In conversation: Zenon | Agni | William | Leo

  • Nice to meet you. I’m Mir
  • Zenon, Liam told you a lot about you.
  • Huh? This is… I think I know what it is!
  • Somehow it looks ominous… + Leo
  • Isn’t it wonderful to choose love over eternal life? + Leo
  • Apparently, there are many Unholycs who are against Zenon’s choice.
  • You’re leaving already? You could stay a little longer.
  • Thank you for your help. Can I formally invite you to our house when the matter is settled?

16:27 Who went where with who?!

In conversation: James

  • That’s right. Leo’s here + Leo
  • Yes! I forgot to contact you. Sorry!
  • Yeah. Agni’s here too. + Leo
  • Yeah. I was really surprised too.
  • Leo just did his best for us!
  • Leo is pretty ballsy after all. He’s amazing! + Leo
  • Agni trampled Leo? This Agni? What do you mean?
  • Thank you for telling me…
  • …Leo must have been in a lot of pain. + Leo
  • Oh, I know! James, thank you so much. + Leo
  • Of course James, I was worried about you too! Are you okay?
  • What chance…?
  • I’m sorry, but I’ve made up my mind, James. + Leo

16:28 A happy wedding**

In conversation: James | William | Leo | Sol

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. If you previously did not raise Leo’s favourability high enough in Days 8 to 12

17:53 Hi, a special correspondent

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Huh? You didn’t meet Sol? + Jung Hi
  • Yes! I met up with Leo. Where are you, Hi? + Leo
  • What do you mean a mess?
  • Hi! It might be dangerous so get out of there. + Jung Hi

19:29 A confession behind the wall

Chatroom: Leo

  • I’m worried about Hi and Sol + Sol
  • I’m worried because I feel anxious + Leo
  • It’s stupid to think about something that you can’t change
  • The fact that you’re trying so hard for me is good enough + Leo
  • Why would you say that to me?
  • If this is really our last moments together… I want to talk more with you more… + Leo
  • I’m glad you overcame your trauma + Leo
  • That’s not what you really want to say, is it?
  • …somehow it sounds sad. Is it just me?
  • I really like you, too. We’re…we’re on the same page. + Leo

21:21 The news is too late…!

Chatroom: Shallotte

  • Shallotte? Did I do anything wrong…?
  • I don’t know what it is, but I’m sorry if I upset you!!
  • Pierce must have been trying to protect you. It’s dangerous here.
  • It’s not all a dream…we came back in time
  • I’m with Leo + Leo
  • Agni and Leo are here with me
  • Yes. You can trust him because he’s a man of his word
  • I’m grateful to have him by his side + Leo

23:48 Too many guests

In conversation: Leo | James | Claude | Eater

  • Stop Leo
  • Walk in front of Leo + Leo
  • That’s a good idea!
  • I don’t really have anything to ask him though… + Leo
  • Guess what William calls you + Leo
  • Guess what Shallotte liked when she was young
  • Focus on the fight now! If you make a wrong move, James will be in danger!
  • I love you too, Leo! So please be careful!! + Leo

23:57 Dorian Grey

In conversation: Leo | Dorian Grey | Agni| Eater

  • Choose the one I love even if that makes me sad in the end + Leo

Day 14

02:02 A late-night meeting

Chatroom: Leo | Jung Hi | Sol | William

  • A lot of things happened here…hh + Leo
  • Everything has already been dealt with so don’t worry about it!
  • What do you mean you did nothing! Everything worked out thanks to you! + Leo
  • Your existence was more than enough. You’ve already done a lot for humanity
  • Did you know her Liam?
  • So Agni loves to prank people?
  • I want to talk to Leo + Leo
  • I’m sorry. I should do as Liam says

06:10 Finally again today

Chatroom: William

  • I was so nervous that I could barely sleep…!
  • Yeah! I slept really well! I feel great! + Leo
  • That’s just an impulse to kill…! + Leo
  • Thank you so much Liam. It’s all thanks to you that I made it this far.

07:00 First place!!!

Chatroom: Jung Hi

  • Sadly. William was the first. Hh
  • You must be tired. T^T thank you!! + Jung Hi
  • Thank you Hi… I also want you to be happy + Jung Hi
  • You’re really a great friend, Hi. Leo is lucky to have you. + Leo

11:19 Is it over now

Chatroom: Sol

  • How did you know Hi reached out to me first? + Jung Hi
  • Yeah, I’m just patiently waiting for tonight + Sol
  • It’s okay. Leo did most of the work! + Leo
  • I’m sorry that you had to go through that because of me….! + Sol

13:54 Timing*

Chatroom: James

  • Since we’re on the topic, how was your ceremony?
  • Frankly, I do feel weird
  • When I heard that from you, it did make me hesitate for a second…
  • It’s okay. We’ll still be good friends from here on out! + Leo

13:55 Our name is**

In conversation: Leo | James | William

→ Game Over: Comical Ending

** Only appears if you do not fulfil the prerequisites. To this ending, select ‘Since we’re on the topic, how was your ceremony?’ and ‘When I heard that from you, it did make me hesitate for a second…’ in Day 14, 13:54 Timing

15:01 Then and ever

Chatroom: Shallotte

  • Lol, wait a bit longer, Shallotte
  • It’s because he doesn’t want me exposed to any kind of energy + Leo
  • I see you’re interested in Leo as well? Hh
  • Yeah, Leo is…the only one for me + Leo

Call: Leo

  • I’m still talking with Shallotte
  • Why are you more nervous~
  • I’m curious what Sol is feeling
  • Hi as well?
  • I’m thankful that you helped me, Leo
  • And if anything happens again, I think I can do even better!

18:54 Second Coming-of-Age Ceremony

In conversation: Shallotte

  • Yeah. It was amazing + Leo
  • I want to go back and do it again

20:22 A fateful night

In conversation: Shallotte | William | Jung Hi | Sol

  • …No, I’m not ready emotionally…
  • Yeah! I’m ready! + Leo
  • No, I’m not + Leo
  • A bit….

Dark End: Some Eternity*

***Requirements: Miss and do not participate a substantial amount of the chats throughout the seven days. However, you must obtain enough favourability points for Leo in Days 8 – 12 to pass through his comical end in Day 13.

20:24 Normal End: My forever

In conversation: Shallotte | William | Leo | James

20:25 Happy End: Another way to make eternity***

In conversation: Shallotte | William | Leo | Pierce

***Requirements: Do not miss any Chatrooms or Visual novel modes for the seven days. Follow the bolded choices in this guide OR ignore all other choices from Jung Hi and Sol and focus on increasing Leo’s affection only.

17 thoughts on “Love Unholyc Season 2 | Fate (Leo) Walkthrough”

  1. I got the normal ending in Leo’s route how i get the happiest ending i was chosing options that increase affinity with leo tho
    Is there certain chat rooms that i need to make specific options?


    1. Hi mitsuba, you should not skip any of the chats and can try to focus all your options on Leo OR slightly raise Jung Hi’s and Sol’s points while focusing the rest on Leo. It should be able to get you the happy ending.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello otomellie, I’m aiming for Leo dark ending and currently have some trouble with passing the “happy wedding” comical end. Because we need to miss a lot of chats, around 70% ? to reach dark end but also have to raise enough affinity with Leo by 13th day. I kind of find it impossible, do you know how to get through that?

    I got all the other endings in Leo route thank to your walkthrough! Thank you so much for your time and efforts 😆


    1. Hi Weelie, 70% is just a gauge! You just need to miss a substantial amount of chatrooms throughout the game. What I did was to get as many affection points up till the 10th Day, apart from missing out on chatrooms that didn’t provide any favourability points to Leo. From Day 11-12, I only participated on visual novel modes and ignored the rest till Day 13, participating the chatrooms once again till I passed the comical end and ignored all chatrooms leading up to the Dark end.

      Hope that clarifies!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey i have a question. If i missed some chatroom for leo and I aim for happy ending, can i just use time ticket to participate the missed chats and get the happy ending?


  4. hi otomellliee. sorry for my bad english i am using a translator to communicate. I’m trying to get Leo’s dark ending but I’m not able to miss the chats if I lose them, I can’t play the other days without doing them. do you have any tips? and sorry again for my bad english


    1. Hi Mars, if you are talking about Visual Novel mode (the icon without the chat bubble), these modes cannot be skipped.

      If you missed them, you must pay 10 time tickets to continue the story. You have to balance getting enough Leo points while avoiding enough chatrooms with the exception of visual novel mode chats.


  5. thanks for the guide It helps me a lot with the game!! and I have a little question about the visual novels in the routes, If I didn’t miss any chatroom or any visual but there’s one that I paid 10 tickets to did it again bc I choose wrong in that moment. But the upcoming chat had not yet appeared, stills count like a missed visual novel?.. I really want the happy ending in leo’s route.
    please help ;;;


  6. I follow this guide pagr and i also missed some chats/visuals and still was able have Leo’s happy end. So thanks for guide!


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