Blood Kiss Walkthrough/ Guide

Blood Kiss is a mobile interactive otome game created by Lucydream and published by StoryTaco.Inc. The game was released on 31 March 2020. The game has a total of 6 endings - 1 normal ending, an ending each Dayn, Gray, Ruel, Eden and a hidden ending. General Guide and Tips There are several character’s endings… Continue reading Blood Kiss Walkthrough/ Guide

Dangerous Shelter Guide

Dangerous Shelter Guide Introduction Dangerous Shelter is a stat-raising otome game with over 20 different endings obtainable through the game. The game is published by Storytaco.Inc and developed by Lucydream. In Dangerous Shelter, the 'plot' or cutscenes are based on your stats and conversations you have when you work throughout your Schedule. Working allows you… Continue reading Dangerous Shelter Guide

Pre-registration for Dangerous Shelter now on

Having high expectations for this Part of the Dangerous Fellows universe, Lucydream’s newest game ‘Dangerous Shelter’ is now up for pre-registration! The game is slated to be out in English and Korean by end November 2020. Summary 10 years after the sequence of events in Dangerous Fellows, the world has now completely been taken over… Continue reading Pre-registration for Dangerous Shelter now on

Havenless Walkthough/Guide

Havenless is a mobile otome game published by Lucydream and was released on 31 August 2020. The game has a total of 6 endings, 1 normal ending, an ending each Shane, Noah, Samantha, Lance and a hidden ending. 3/10/2020 EDIT: Updated the slight changes for options in Episode 1-4, changes to Episodes and Night headers.… Continue reading Havenless Walkthough/Guide