maybe: Interactive Stories | Triangle of Kisses Walkthrough/Guide

Triangle of Kisses Walkthrough (Updating) General Tips Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours or watch ads randomly during Diamond choices. Complete Missions and earn Diamonds. Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently. You can progressively select other options and buy… Continue reading maybe: Interactive Stories | Triangle of Kisses Walkthrough/Guide

Mayday Memory Walkthrough/Guide

Dell made me cry. Mayday Memory is an interactive visual novel mobile game released by Lucydream. Released on 21 April 2020, the game has a total of 36 episodes and four different endings. Take Note: Mayday Memory is free to download however, players need to purchase the Energy Upgrade Lv.4 Pack (approx $13) from the… Continue reading Mayday Memory Walkthrough/Guide

Mayday Memory is now available!

Lucydream has released their sixth game, Mayday Memory! Published by, the female-oriented game was officially released on 19 April 2019. Mayday Memory is available in English and Korean. In the year of 2099, you play as Dell, a young woman who lost her memories three years ago. Now working as a private investigator… Continue reading Mayday Memory is now available!

Mayday Memory Pre-Registration now available!

Lucydream has announced the pre-registration of their newest game, Mayday Memory!  Set in the futuristic world, you play as Dell, the youngest detective of <Vigil>. Having to lost your memories three years ago, you now work with your colleagues to find the stolen memories of male superstar Ain. Unlike previous Lucydream games where you… Continue reading Mayday Memory Pre-Registration now available!

The Queens Number Walkthrough/Guide

The Queens Number: Jackpot is not my concern is an otome mobile game released by Lucydream. The English version was updated into the game on 20 January 2020. With four characters to choose from, namely, Freyr Wilder, Gon, Zhang Mo-wan and Aaron Hurt, the game has a total of 5 endings. The Queens Number has… Continue reading The Queens Number Walkthrough/Guide