Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

Ayakashi Romance Reborn

It took me ten limited-time story events to remember that Ayakashi Romance Reborn had a main story. When evil spirits destroy the peace and harmony of the place you call home, Ayakashi Romance Reborn wants you to know the power of friendship. Holding an ancient wand in your hand, get ready and be whisked away… Continue reading Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

Lately, I am addicted into playing mobile games about palace intrigue. Now that a new game about palace intrigue is out in English, even though it's not an otome game, let's play it! Combining dress-up, palace drama, petty infighting, kitties and handsome dudes all into one app, Beauty in Royal Harem only wants one thing… Continue reading Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

Otome Game Review: Dangerous Fellows by Lucydream

This is going to be my first review to start the year. Have a happy 2019 everyone! Do note that this review contains spoilers. If you have yet to complete the game, you might want to look at the walkthrough here. If Train to Busan was a movie about surviving a zombie outbreak inside a… Continue reading Otome Game Review: Dangerous Fellows by Lucydream