Akaseka English launch put on indefinite hold

Despite opening pre-registrations and holding closed beta with selected users, otome mobile game Akaseka formerly Singing in a Twilight World with You has now been put on indefinite hold. According to the game's official Facebook and Twitter announcement, Akaseka has been put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances. The international English version of the game… Continue reading Akaseka English launch put on indefinite hold

The Farm: Sassy Princess Review : Its a golden affair

Currently taking a short break from playing otome games to be a farmer in The Farm: Sassy Princess. Once upon a time, there lived a fourteen-year-old princess. One fine day, her father, King Brassicus commanded the princess to marry an old man. To the shock of the King, the princess refused and ran away! Filled… Continue reading The Farm: Sassy Princess Review : Its a golden affair

maybe: Interactive Stories | Royal Blood Walkthrough/Guide (Updating)

Royal Blood Walkthrough (Updating) General Tips Earn 5 Diamonds by watching five Ads every 24 hours. Select one of the guys right from the beginning and choose options that increases his heart points consistently. Chloe's Charm is important! Charm affects the affection increase of the three guys. It is good to invest on buying clothes… Continue reading maybe: Interactive Stories | Royal Blood Walkthrough/Guide (Updating)

maybe: Interactive Stories now available

Love reading romance Manhwa? This app is for you Manhwa lovers. maybe: Interactive Stories is now out in English! The app was released on 27 May 2020 by Cinamon Games. maybe: Interactive Stories are a collection of romantic, fantasy and thriller web novels that allows you to choose your fate. Stories include vampire romance Royal… Continue reading maybe: Interactive Stories now available

Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview

Ayakashi Romance Reborn

It took me ten limited-time story events to remember that Ayakashi Romance Reborn had a main story. When evil spirits destroy the peace and harmony of the place you call home, Ayakashi Romance Reborn wants you to know the power of friendship. Holding an ancient wand in your hand, get ready and be whisked away… Continue reading Ayakashi Romance Reborn Review – Overview