Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

Lately, I am addicted into playing mobile games about palace intrigue. Now that a new game about palace intrigue is out in English, even though it's not an otome game, let's play it! Combining dress-up, palace drama, petty infighting, kitties and handsome dudes all into one app, Beauty in Royal Harem only wants one thing… Continue reading Beauty in Royal Harem Review – Everything at once

A quick look at female-oriented mobile games in the Chinese market

Looking from the other side. I realised there hasn't been much attention on Chinese otome mobile games despite the surge of new up-coming games by Chinese developers for female gamers. Although some games may not get localised into English, I wanted to offer a glimpse of the upcoming games to look forward to in the… Continue reading A quick look at female-oriented mobile games in the Chinese market

Akaseka – Pre-registration now live

Akaseka, formerly Singing in a Twilight World with You is now available for pre-registration. Developed by GCREST, Digital Sky is the publisher of the game for Europe, the US and Southeast Asia. Akaseka is a title-matching otome game with RPG elements set in a fantasy world called Hinomoto. After the disappearance of Hinomoto's deity,… Continue reading Akaseka – Pre-registration now live

Mayday Memory Walkthrough/Guide

Dell made me cry. Mayday Memory is an interactive visual novel mobile game released by Lucydream. Released on 21 April 2020, the game has a total of 36 episodes and four different endings. Take Note: Mayday Memory is free to download however, players need to purchase the Energy Upgrade Lv.4 Pack (approx $13) from the… Continue reading Mayday Memory Walkthrough/Guide

Mayday Memory Pre-Registration now available!

Lucydream has announced the pre-registration of their newest game, Mayday Memory!  Set in the futuristic world, you play as Dell, the youngest detective of <Vigil>. Having to lost your memories three years ago, you now work with your colleagues to find the stolen memories of male superstar Ain. Unlike previous Lucydream games where you… Continue reading Mayday Memory Pre-Registration now available!