[iOS/Android] Love Plan by Ciagram now available!

Love Plan is a brand new mobile otome game published by Ciagram. The game was officially released on the 1st March 2019. Synopsis You have finally started to work as an Editor at LUMINOUS, a company that does fashion magazines. As part of your new project, you start working with model Haruto Ukita. However the… Continue reading [iOS/Android] Love Plan by Ciagram now available!

[iOS/Android] Reverse Tales of Genji by Ciagram has just been released!

Ciagram Co Ltd has just released their newest otome game, Reverse Tales of Genji. The story takes place in Heian Era, where you wish for the love of a man you cannot have. Stuck with a husband that you have no love for, you engage in evening diversions to erase the love of a man with… Continue reading [iOS/Android] Reverse Tales of Genji by Ciagram has just been released!